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Sarin, a short history

   Sarin was discovered in 1939 in Germany by two scientists developing a stronger pesticide. After the chemical Tabun (called GA, also a nerve agent) was pulled from the shelfs because it was too toxic to be used commercially, its possibilities as a chemical weapon were found. This led to the discovery and creation of three other nerve agents: Sarin (GB), Soman (GD), and Cyclosarin (GF). Sarin was the only one to ever be produced en mass by governments for the use in chemical weapons. In 1991, under UN Resolution 687, Sarin was classified as a WMD, and in 1993 the Chemical Weapons Convention outlawed the production and stockpiling of Sarin. Today, Sarin has no use outside of that of a chemical nerve agent. It is appoximately 500 times more toxic than Cyanide.

Effects of Sarin

   As with all nerve agents, Sarin works by blocking Cholinesterase, and enzyme that hydolyzes Acetylcholine and stops the nerve from firing an impulse. By blocking the enzyme, the nerve will continually fire an impulse, resulting in a number of short and long-term symptoms: difficulty breathing, pupil constriction, runny nose, loss of memory, bowels, and/or memory, nausea and vomiting, seizures, paralysis, high fever, foaming of the mouth, coma, and death. Even in small doses, Sarin can have irreversible effects on the body.
   Death can occur within one minute of ingestion or skin contact of a lethal dose (~1-1.7g), unless its antidotes are administered. Said antidotes, Atropine and Pralidoxime, work by both treating the physiological symptoms of Sarin poisoning and regeneration of Cholinesterase. Death can occur within 15 minutes of inhilation of a lethal dose of Sarin (100mg-min/m3)




Side Effects

   Not necessarily a bad thing, but do to her body's change she is no longer affected by any known nerve agent. Since they all work the same way (inhibiting the Cholinesterase enzyme), her body is immune due to its production of Sarin.


   Because of the way her body has mutated, neutralization of her Sarin-producing glands would likely incapacitate her, possibly even kill her. Ingestion or large area skin contact of a strong alkali, such as Sodium Hydroxide (Lye), would deactivate the Sarin through a hydrolysis reaction, converting it into harmless sodium salts.



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