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Origin: Magic
Archetype: Corruptor
Threat Level: 25
Personal Data
Real Name: '
Known Aliases: none
Species: humanoid feline
Age: '
Height: 4'
Weight: '
Eye Color: green
Hair Color: red
Biographical Data
Nationality: '
Occupation: '
Place of Birth: another dimension
Base of Operations: '
Marital Status: Unwed, but in a relationship
Known Relatives: all deceased
Known Powers
Known Abilities

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Savah is another MUD character that was brought over into CoX. She had a long history on the game, which sadly, closed after 10 years in operation. She is an Elementalist mage, specializing in Air type spells, but with a solid knowledge of the other Schools, plus some skill in Necromancy, Illusion and Transformation, among others.


Character History

Savah was born in a small farming village near the trade city of Irrem, in the world of Matierra. She lived on her Aunt and Uncle's farm along with her parents and older brother, whom she worshiped as only a little sister could. Her people were not human, rather a humanoid race of Canids known as Lupines; occasionally mistaken for lycanthropes. A generally peaceful, if somewhat stubborn race, infamous for having horrible tempers when provoked. Life was hard, but good for the family, and Savah grew without many cares or worries.

That abruptly changed one day in the summer of her 14th year. Her older brother, who was almost 18, had plans to join Irrem's guard, and trained endlessly, even letting his tag-along sister wave a blunted sword at him. Fate was not kind to them that day, and in a freak accident he tripped, falling on the sword in Savah's hands. Although blunted, it still embedded itself deeply into her brother, mortally wounding him. Terrified, Savah screamed for help, but no one heard her, since they were practicing in one of the fallow fields. Again she cried, pleading for anyone to help. Then, someone appeared, a man she'd never seen before. He stood over her, unmoved by the scene, and offered to raise her brother in return for her promise to serve him. Savah agreed, but to her horror her brother stood up, seemingly transformed into an undead creature. She fled towards the village, followed by her brother, who was ripped apart by the villagers when they spotted him. Now in shock, Savah could only stare at the corpse until the stranger reappeared. He bent down, picked up one of the dead Lupine's fingers and gave it to Savah, as a memento, and reminded her of her promise. Numbly, she followed him, not caring where he led her, until they arrived at a dark temple; a shrine to Dulac, the God of Lies. The stranger then revealed himself as one of the twisted deity's mouthpieces and welcomed Savah to her new home.

The Temple
The years she spent at the temple were constant misery for the young Lupine. She was witness to countless acts of depravity, sin, torture and filth, but oddly, no one physically accosted her. They merely threw tomes and scrolls at her to study, occasionally indulging in emotional abuse instead. Her fear of undead began upon seeing her brother ripped apart, and the members of the temple often would lock her in a room with the shambling creations of one of the Necromancers for company, laughing at her screams. Her mentor, to whom she had been assigned upon her arrival, was an alcoholic wretch of a man, who never cared whether she was around or not, only noticing her when she was in the way or when he had need of her superior sense of smell to detect poisons. In his indifference, he also never participated in the mind games inflicted upon Savah. But, he was also dissatisfied with his life and had plotted for years to escape. One night, in a drunken stupor, he told her of his desire to escape, and the two formed an uneasy partnership. This arrangement was not to last. As was common in the service of the Lord of Lies, betrayal and rivalry was rampant. Savah's mentor had a rival


She is, for the most part, a pretty amicable sort, looking upon much of her new home with a curious wonder and fascination.


Caraecyn - Friend and Teacher
Sidorn - he served as her reluctant tour guide when she arrived, and doesn't like her


Fire Blast

Storm Summoning

Additional Powers


Weaknesses and Limitations

-Savah is still adapting to this dimension and finds her magical abilities somewhat limited.

Roleplay Notes

-In her usual form, that of a 4' humanoid feline, she is sometimes mistaken for a child. She will use this to her advantage, often wheedling treats from store owners, or sneaking into the movies. She is fascinated by cartoons of all sorts.

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