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ShadowWings/Project Kiros
Player: @DuskChameleon
Origin: Mutation/Natural
Archetype: Blaster/Arachnos Soldier
Security Level: 50/50
Personal Data
Real Name: Raien Storms
Known Aliases: ShadowWings, Projct Kiros
Species: Lycan
Age: Unknown
Height: 6'11"
Weight: 140lbs
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Confidential
Place of Birth: Praetorian Earth
Base of Operations: Steel Canyon
Marital Status: Single and looking
Known Relatives: Arbiter Death[>_> Shadow is Death's Ancestor] Dusk Chameleon[Son]
Known Powers
Electric manipulation, flight,
Known Abilities
Mystical abillties of all sorts
Gun,wand,and a lot of magic books
Is seen hanging around the D

"Life does have its pros and cons, the pro for me is there's a lot of sexy heroines out there"-ShadowWings No,this doesn't mean he is a perv >_<



ShadowWings is much different. Recent events might have added to his personality, but otherwise, he isn't changed. Words to describe him: Funny, charming, caring, sarcastic, asshole, and much more. He can be so much in one day. He is just a mood/personality shifter you could say.


Electricity Manipulation- No one knows how he got the manipulation of the electricity. Some say by magic, some say by blood. Who knows, its quite a secret.

Flight- He,after mastering his flight ability had no use for his wings.


Much was quiet in Praetoria’s Kings Row and things seemed alright. There had been a child born, a unique child. This child was Raien Storm or NetherWings as he would become. He was currently resting when his parents heard the fear that they had Tyrant and the evil Phalanx. They rushed to find their child in the arms of Dominatrix. Soon the child was taken away by the evil Ms. Liberty. This was the beginning of NetherWing’s life.

Throughout the years, Raien was raised to be powerful, and he became favorite of Infernal and Diabolique. He hung out, however, with Dominatrix more so, for some reason. He began to become a powerful assassin. It was one day that he saw a beautiful, but deadly girl. It was the Praetorian version of his future Primal Earth girlfriend, Ruby Strike. They fell in love and soon, after Tyrant set up a trial for them, they married. Years later they had a child. NetherWings however was assigned for an assassination. He was going to murder the Freedom Phalanx of Primal Earth and take it over. He gave his wife and kid one last goodbye and left for the task.

However, things were not as easy as seemed. He hid on Peregrine Island waiting for the right moment. But there came a problem…ShadowWings, the Primal Earth version of NetherWings. Of course the two met and entered a battle. They were equal in power and then ShadowWings played a trick on him and in a quick thought, cast a spell to fuse the two. NetherWings was struck hard and fled as he changed, becoming just like ShadowWings. Then he realized that Tyrant was just using him and he vowed to take him down. This was the beginning of a new age.

New Life

Of course, with both powers over lightning and over the Netherworld, the new ShadowWings was quite a foe for villains. He made himself widely known and quite liked. This drew eyes of all kinds of females who wanted a strong man for their husband, but Shadow had an eye on Doctor Myrror Ryven, an expert on technology who wanted Crey dead. They begun working together and slowly they fell for each other, and soon after that married. Of course, Paragon did not like happiness. So the course of action taken was Myrror dieing. This tore up Shadow/Netherwings, causing them to agree to truly fuse. They became a powerful being bent on protecting the city.

Of course, the heart always yearns for love when it does not have it so it would seem that another girl, a figure in Shadow’s past, had caught his eye and this time with a more powerful love. It was a daughter of an elf duke, Sarah Saldaina. In his past, ShadowWings was royalty of the neighbor land to that duke’s land. But he lowered himself to serve the duke, and saw much of Sarah, falling for her. So it begun with him reminding her who he was and they slowly fell in love again, and within days, they were engaged. As time passed, Sarah became pregnant, and Shadow could not have been a happier man. Sadly enough the Greek Gods had to jump in and the child was taken from the womb, tearing Shadow up. He became distant and his soul began to break oh so slowly. But for our dear Netherworld Lycan, this was not the end. Indeed it was not, because very soon after, he met an old friend, Melody. A flame relit and the two fell in love. They were the more passionate lovers of all. Once more, in less time then a year, the two married and Melody became pregnant. Of course Paragon simply does NOT like a happy heart.

So, what did it do? It caused both to be separated and caused another rift in Shadow. He was slowly trying to heal and so he did...for now. He was going to enter a whole new trial of his life when he began working with the Youth League.

Endless Trial

For so long, Shadow yearned for a lover, his looks shifted and he became known as the Nether Shifter in other worlds. His race, his looks, he could change those with a mere thought. This allowed him to love once more with this new ability. He fell in love with a demoness named Ruby Strike and she fell in love with him. The two shared a passion for awhile, and that awhile was one hell of a time for Shadow himself. Through his times in the Youth League, he made friends with Nyak and the two pranksters begun a battle that would never end. Of course, Ruby decided to break up with Shadow and his course of action...stabbing himself with a sword. But yet, this was a mere trick by Shadow, and he knew that his plan had gone all wrong, but yet...when do plans go right? That is when, shortly after, Shadow left the Youth League, deciding to let his Nether Shifter powers rest for a bit.

But yet his heart could not stop yearning for love and weeks passed. His trials soon came and he disappeared, and the world seemed quiet without the shifting lycan. Unknown to Shadow, his life was about to take a very, very rude turn when he got back. It was in the form of his descendant, John ‘Death’ Starkweather.

Secrets so Dark

ShadowWings returned and he had spotted a girl which he had fallen in love with at a very fast rate. Her name was Jei Mi and she was a reformed villain. The two had a rocky relationship, and short to be at that. John Starkweather had come into the picture and he was known as Arbiter Death. Shadow constantly let Death’s presence be known and he was a nuisance to Death himself. But Shadow did this for John’s own protection. You see, Shadow was the ancestor of Arbiter Death, much to his despise. In a trip to Dark Astoria, he explained it and fires sparked after that. Things got extremely dangerous as Shadow did what he could to stop Arbiter Death. Through all this, he was becoming more aware of his destiny.

Months passed and he met one Heartless Katana, a girl working for the Army of Sparta. The two were becoming good friends and things looked well for the two. The soon became very good boyfriend and girlfriend and Shadow was taking his time with her this time, but Death begun to jump in the way of all the plans Shadow had. Events passed with enemies made and during his time with Katana, he met his next lover, Wynter Maiden. The two knew pain and it was only a matter of time, and a matter of events to happen. The events that brought to them dating was simply this, Shadow had tried to convince her to help Death by letting them in the base. She refused and soon after that, she slapped him, and they broke up.

Shadow was torn once more, and he left, to relax in the D. There he talked with Wynter Maiden and the two became great friends, but alas, fate would push it to be more then friends. However, Shadow knew not that the Netherworld part of him was stirring, awakened by Shadow’s pain. It was waiting for the right moment to take over, and henceforth, the Nether-Heart saga of his life began.


Soon after the events with Katana, Shadow and Wynter began dating. However, they had a few enemies coming at them. One was Red Slasher X, a very nasty and perverted man. There was also Achilles I, an ex boyfriend of Wynter Maiden. These two proved for hard times with Shadow and Wynter and in conclusion of all the happenings with these two, after having received a gift from Shadows only 2 days back, she broke up with him. This triggered the Nether part of him to coat his heart and soul to protect it.

Shadow fled to unleash his anger and sorrow and he was never the same since that day. The Nether part of him began to speak to him, giving him advice. Throughout the next few weeks, whenever he saw Wynter, it would be like he was looking through her. However, Strife Smith, a good friend of theirs, got them to speak to each other and luck by the stars, Wynter wanted to give him another chance. Therefore, Shadow and Wynter dated for a very longer time. Wynter’s younger sister, Valerie, soon came into the picture. Shadow did all he could to protect the two and he was beginning to be liked by Valerie. Too bad, the Nether part of him had other plans.

When a girl named Harlequin of Death came by, the Nether took control, the two were seen by Wynter, and everything went out of context from there, how the Nether-Shadow planned it. He let Shadow take control, things went downhill from there…, and the final key was taken, as Daria broke up with Shadow, and so the Nether reared in, and unleashed his influence upon the body. Shadow was changed from henceforth and he knew what he must do.

The Past Returns

In a turn of events, Melody, one of his wives, or ex-wives, came back and they have started anew in a whole new marriage. Shadow has been restored with this restored relationship and he has decided to become the true him, one of the 7 Nether Lords. His power over the Nether has caused his magical powers to soar to expediential heights. He is known as Lord Cor’zar now and is willing to summon the great powers of the Nether to save his wife, and a chance for a new family. His arsenals of spells are mostly dark spells to kill, curse, and much more. It is known in lore that the 7 Nether Lords were good at controlling the darkness and were masters at magic and swordsmanship. Shadow can summon the ancient blade of Cor’zar at his will and he is using it more and more to attack his foes swiftly to send them into the Nether where their souls may be taken.

Changes of the Lycan

After just days of being back together, Shadow and Melody have learned that Melody is pregnant, two months in. They are overjoyed about this one and are planning to stay away from heroing, for the sake of safety. Another thing done is that they have joined up with S.D.I Wolfcry Division. Shadow is happy they now have a place where they can raise the child.Of course there is more, Shadow has been making new friends and meeting old ones. One of the old ones he met was Lady/Baroness Abigail. Learning she was engaged was something more for him. He met her lover, Dr. Kazz and now their good friends. Alongside this and his promotion to Leader of the PPD Elite, Shadow has a civilian life too, as CEO of Storm Technologies. Of course, he also has adapted more to the magical side of him and uses his magic more often then before...

But, he left PPD Elite, and for awhile was of Hyperion Force. But he left when he started receiving telepathetic messages. He joined with United, a group lead by Star Gleam and High Jinks. The voices stopped for now but it has Shadow on edge because of this. Over time, his edged personality faded and he joined up with the Templars of the Abbey, knowing they could help him for the time being. Now, Shadow is trying all he can to make the world and his life better for the future child of his, who is only weeks away from birth. Alongside this, he has been feeling that the fusion is wearing off, something that can not happen. He has a few plans for this but time will tell on what happens.

Shadow’s Love Interests [Past and Current]

Doctor Myrror Ryven- His first love interest, Doctor Myrror Ryven was a slowly building relationship. It ended cruelly when stress took Myrror. It was just the beginning of a trial of heart for Shadow.

Sarah Saldaina- A daughter of a elvish duke, Shadow lived long to remember her from his past. The two were passionate and where you saw Shadow, you saw Sarah for the most part. The two were even going to have a kid, but sadly, the Greek Gods jumped in and tore that dream apart. But before the repair could be made, the two divorced, sending Shadow spiraling once more.

Spectrette- Ah yes, the longest by far relationship Shadow has had. Another old friend and a flame relit, the two were more passionate then any other couple seen before. But, their training and other stuff separated them for a long time. Now, Melody is pregnant again and Shadow plans to be there for her all the way.

Heartless Katana- Katana, another girl he was going to marry, but sadly...fate had other plans. This ended with a sweet slug to the face and Shadow knew he could never earn her trust again, nor the Spartan’s trust at all.

Shadow’s Friends

Shadespawn- Someone he met during the times in the Justiciars, these two have been friends for awhile, a bit naughty at times but that’s just the nature of people who have known each other and kind of give off something to others.

Avenging Crow- A ex-Centurion and a good friend now, these two talk from time to time also.

Dr. Kazz- The lover of Lady Abigail, Shadow and Kazz talk from time to time at the D. Some might say this is a friendship that would prove interesting if Arachnos falls.

Strife Smith-Good friends that have known each other for awhile, these two still chat for awhile and they seem to be conducting plans lately, for what, well that is unknown.

Shadow’s Group Affiliations [Past and Current]

Hyperion Force- His latest group he has joined, already making slight conversation with his interviewer for the group. He plans for this to be his permanent group, unless something forces him from them. But now he has left them, something having come up to want him to leave before it bit his ass.

Youth League- When he was a younger guy, he spent his time with the Youth League, and met many friends there, Nyak and Ruby Strike being two.

The Justiciars- Where he met Melody, or Spectrette, either name works. This was also a good group for him, spending much time with Melody more so then the group unless it was a meeting.

S.D.I- Only spending a few days in the Wolfcry Division left him to think they in the end were going to hold him back in some way, he broke away from them.

Freedom Centurions- His own group, the Centurions was a good group, a assembly of heroes under three leaders. But soon it began to die off and Shadow let it die, for now.

Silver Guard-Quite the fun group, he loved his time with them and knows someday, somehow, he might return to them. But for now, he remains with the Force.

United- Lead by Star Gleam and High Jinks, Shadow has joined this group in hopes of giving himself a better name, as rumors are starting to spread, and he needs to clear them up. Also, he has decided United might be able to help him soon in a problem that is worrying Shadow of late.

Rumors and What People Say

Have something to add, like a rumor, or what your character thinks of him? Add it here! =D

"ShadowWings is an example of my 'good-side,' nice, caring, benevolent...but at the same time a nuisance. It's also quite ironic that we try to kill each other daily, and unfortunate..."- Arbiter Death

Nyak: You know, I really don't know why I still take ShadowWings as an Idol. I mean, he IS a perverted jerk.

Some person's name I don't remember: Well, you ARE a jerk to everyone.

Nyak: Oh, yeah...

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