Jack Travers

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Jack, with her favorite coffee.
Jack Travers
Player: @Jack Travers
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Jacquelyn Diana Travers
Known Aliases: Alice, Jack au Diable
Species: Human
Age: 21
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 155
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: Rogue Islander
Occupation: Leadin' the Dodgers, Cold Case Consultant, PPD
Place of Birth: Cap au Diable, Rogue Isles
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Datin' Casval
Known Relatives: Andrew Travers (Father, missing); Tina Travers (Mother, age 39); Dustin Travers (Brother, age 16, imprisoned)
Known Powers
Regeneration, Raw Magic (Light-based)
Known Abilities
Throws a mean punch
Cell phone, Gold Lock, Juvie's Leather Jacket
No additional information available.

Jack Travers is a street-sweeping vigilante, the first RP character I created for City of Heroes, and she found her home on Virtue as part of The Artful Dodgers. Based on the awesome experience I have had playing her, legions of new ideas for RP characters on CoH have been popping into my head. Originally a Pinnacle-ite, I have fallen in love with Virtue and play here almost exclusively now.



The Artful Dodgers Supergroup Click here for the Guildportal page

Casval Regelis (Dating)

Stripling (very close)

Dustin Travers (Sibling)

Voicebox "Veebox", the Freakshow Tank Smasher

Officer Hart, of the King's Row PPD Gangs and Street Violence Task Force

Arbiter Sands?


Jack is angry, stubborn, and difficult. She has very strong ideas about justice and punishment and tends to be very unforgiving of flaws and mistakes. Though Jack guards herself carefully, she also hates lying and will be jarringly frank when questions are asked.

In the past, she was uninterested in meeting new people and very slow to trust, though her friendship with Stripling and responsibilities as the leader of The Artful Dodgers have changed that. Beneath her angry surface, Jack is guilt-ridden over her failure to protect her brother Dusty and has very conflicting and sometimes hypocritical beliefs.

She would balk at being described as a hero. Rather than being concerned with invading aliens or exploding planets, she focuses on getting Skulls and Hellions off the street. She often gets embroiled in the clerical aspect of running a teen rescue organization, and finds less and less time for fighting on the streets.

Jack's Journal Entry giving a bit of insight into her views on apologies, atonement, guilt, and labels.


Jack grew up in Cap au Diable, where dark power leaking from the Power Transfer System acted like tainted water, digested by the residents of Hallowed Hills. The adults, their systems already formed, were not as affected, but the children in the neighborhood became dependent on the dark energy. It changed them, and once the neighborhood was shut down by Aeon's men most of them grew weak and died.

Jack is one of the only survivors of a childhood in Hallowed Hills. The contamination of the leaky pipes had made her a leech; for most of her life, she pulled power and energy from those around her to sustain herself. However, the cost was exponential, and the toll on Jack's body would have taken her to an early grave. However, on Christmas 2009, Casval Regelis offered to help her out by letting her draw in his Light Magic to burn out the dark powers of Bat'Zul.

Jack was cured of the demon's influence and saved from an early grave, but she had left Casval without any magic of his own. She now seeks to learn how to use the magic she took from him.


For quite a while, Jack was able to convince herself that she was simply a very skilled brawler. Those who watched her fight would occasionally report sightings of thin black tendrils, but she could dismiss this hearsay without too much trouble. Eventually, she came to understand how to use the demonic leeching power, and accepted her abnormal abilities.

Now that she is no longer using the demon's power, her offense is sporadic and unpredictable. She is still learning how to use Casval's light magic, and can only reliably use it when there is a target she can direct violence at. No longer a powerful threat, she seeks to regain her status as a feared streetsweeper as quickly as possible. Unfortunately for her, learning to use the raw energy inside her will require patience.


Jack's body regenerates at a highly increased rate, and takes other measures to protect her from harm and keep her up in the fight. Most of Jack's regeneration is done by instinct, but if she concentrates she can trigger her body to increase her reconstruction rate for a brief period of time.

Character History

Jack's life in convenient breakdown, from her childhood until the present day. Each section has links to pertinent journal entries.

Hallowed Hills

Jacquelyn "Jack" Diana Travers was born on August 11th, 1989 to Andrew and Tina Travers in Cap au Diable, Rogue Isles. She grew up in Hallowed Hills, a planned community designed for some of Dr. Aeon's top scientists and researchers. Healthcare, education and transportation were free for residents. In 1994, Jack's brother Dustin was born.

As soon as Jack was old enough to begin developing a moral code, her relationship with her mother Tina began to deteriorate. While Andrew Travers was home, Tina was a fine mother. As Dr. Travers' work began to call him away more often, and for longer periods of time, Tina began to revert to the drunk and drug-filled ways of her youth with the Skulls.

Jack and Dusty were close as children, depending on each other when there was no one else around. When Jack was ten, and Dusty six, Dr. Travers disappeared along with almost all of the other scientists housed in Hallowed Hills. The kids stuck together until word of their mother's condition got out, and then they were each remanded into the care of the state.

Jack was shuttled around to many different homes, as she was a very difficult child, before finally being placed in a community care home. She lost touch with Dusty a little at a time until finally she was unable to locate him at all. Hearing he might have gone to Paragon, Jack left the Rogue Isles at age 15 to seek him out.

The Disappearance

Overview: For two years, Jack's activities were untracked and her whereabouts unknown. Until now. Ages 15-17.


Arrival in Paragon

Jack arrived in Paragon in January of 2007. Within a week, she met Tom Cooper, founder of a home for wayward and at-risk meta-teens. Along with Infliction's End and Starlight-Girl, he invited her to stay with the Dodgers. Within moments, she had shown her gratitude by dragging Juvie's dark past into the light and rubbing it in his face.

The good Dodgers did not toss her out, and she has been among their ranks ever since. Her anchor to the group took the unlikely form of Stripling, a bizarre young gray boy with an S&M past. He was a strange match for the violently normal Jack, but they found things in each other that they desperately needed.


A final moment of peace before confronting Stripling's past.

Overview: Jack gets deeply involved in Stripling's dark past, spawning a lot of heartache, a trip home, and an epic final battle against Stripling's nemesis. Also, love.

Jack sets off on a journey home, touring the Rogue Isles in search of the Carnivalle du Synn. With the misinformation supplied by Stripling and quite a bit of bad luck, she ends up finding both more and less than she came looking for. Her regenerative power fails her, assassins stalk her, and ghosts of the past crop up around every corner.

This story is a companion to Stripling's Monochrome, taking place concurrently. Finally reunited back in Paragon, Jack, Stripling, and the Artful Dodgers must fight together to finally close the curtain on the Carnivalle.

Read "Justifying the Ends," which details Jack's journey through the Rogue Isles.

Read Stripling's Monochrome, which details the situation back in Paragon.

Demons and Nightmares

After a moment of peace that was all too short, troubles begin once more for Stripling, Jack, and the Dodgers.

Eyes of Fire

Jack tries to help Juvie with a supernatural problem while juggling a kidnapped brother, a runaway boyfriend, an overbearing arbiter, and substitute-teaching a group of angry teenagers. Naturally, she fails at all all five.

Xenophobia is Overrated

Jack spends time fighting the invading Rikti, only to find out she hates the Vanguard much more for what they have done to Juvie and Stripling.

Desert Rose

Jack blossoms as a leader under the tutelage of Arbiter Sands, but at what cost?

Destination Unknown

Jack accepts two incredible gifts from Casval which leave her both weaker and stronger. At age 21, she finds she must rediscover who she is and what she wants.

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