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Wonderful Meta-life.jpg
It's a Wonderful Meta-life!
Player: Quiet American
Origin: Mutant/Magic
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 40
Personal Data
Real Name: Confidential
Known Aliases: J, Tom "The Juvie" Cooper, Tom, Coop, Telemachus (Warrior Undercover Name)
Species: Human
Age: Confidential
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 140lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Assumed American
Occupation: Licensed Super-Hero, Zig Escort: "Scared Meta-Straight," Volunteer: "Zig Penitentiary Rehabilitation Out-Reach"
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Kings Row, Paragon City
Marital Status: Dating Team-mate Princess Powerfull
Known Relatives: Unknown, Presumed Dead
Known Powers
Claws, Focused Senses, Bio-Mechanics, Magic
Known Abilities
Super Jump, Frictionless Travel, Role-play: Leadership charisma, intuitive technology
Self-made lightweight body armor
No additional information available.

Tom "The Juvie" Cooper is Quiet American's first online role-play superhero created for City of Heroes MMO game and is played as a kid who has made many bad decisions in his past and is now trying very hard to pay for his mistakes.

Juvie came about when Quiet American took his love for Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, and the Marvel Universe, and combined equal parts Artful Dodger, David Copperfield, Tom Sawyer, Captain America, and Peter Parker, with a dash of The New Mutants.



Stubborn Juvie Disagreeing with Antonio

Juvie is very stubborn, and once he makes a decision it is difficult to persuade him to change his mind. Juvie is a solid leader who leads by example, offering a moral compass that is so strong that it creates an almost undeniable trust among his friends and peers. During battles it isn't uncommon to hear Juvie call out to people with encouragement, while offering post battle praise and advice. However, Juvie also has a quick Irish temper that has caused much heartache, pain, and sorrow in his past. This dark past is his biggest weakness, filling him with self-doubt, self-loathing, and an almost pathological fear of making a mistake that might lead to the another individual's death. Therefore, he is constantly raising the bar on what he expects of himself and others, and in the end, causing disappointment, frustration, and anger when he or his friends fail to meet those goals.

Powers Overview

With genetically superior, yet overactive teen hormones, Juvie isn't just turning from a boy to a man, but from a boy to a superhero. Powers rage within him, constantly shaping him to become something other than a mere human. Teeth-like claws manifest between his knuckles, his hearing, sight, smell, and touch have grown hypersensitive, and his physique is changing into an amazing example of "superhuman" or "meta-human" fitness allowing him to literally "leap a tall building with a single bound."

Recently, something has manifested an interest in Tom Cooper. Something magical, which is shaping his very being to become something even more than "meta." Azuria and Greg of MAGI and Antonio Nash of GIFT are whispering classifications of "Next-Human," and even, "Other-Human."

Juvie in his Civilian Clothing and showing his claws


Juvie's claws are made with a very strong tooth-like enamel, and they grow in rows down his arms, similar to shark teeth. He can display them like a cat would and tuck them back in between his knuckles; he can also "throw a tooth" for ranged attacks, with the next set in his arms taking the place of the old one.

Due to this constant need to replace lost calcium, Juvie has had to give up soft-drinks and coffee and now drinks milk almost exclusively.

Focused Senses


All five of Juvie's senses have become interdependent with each other, in a synaesthetic fashion. Like taste is connected to smell in most normal humans, so his other senses are connected. He can taste with his touch, hear with his sight, and even smell with his hearing. His entire body is like one large sensory organ, amplifying any sensation then directly connecting it to his reflex system. However, this ability is not autonomic, as he must concentrate to coordinate his senses this way. If he loses his concentration, or just doesn't pay attention, then he is blind to this "hyper-sense" and reverts back to normal perception.

Body Mechanics

Juvie's body is changing. His bones and muscles are growing denser, while his skin is growing slicker. His metabolism is hyperactive with specialized steroids, hormones, and antibodies that causes heightened fitness thought out his body, giving him a body of Olympic level training, while special adjustments have given him the abilities of almost frictionless movement as well as remarkable strength in his legs to achieve incredible heights and distance in jumping.


Juvie is very distrustful of magic, and when he first encountered it, he thought it was real "Creep show." He consistently tries to stay away from the stuff, however, events in his life seem to keep him involved in Paragon's magic community. This could be because magic surrounds Juvie, but not in an overt way. It's as if the stuff of magic is centering itself in and around Juvie's presence. Juvie has no control over this magic, nor does he fully understand why he has magic in him. Some experts at MAGI have been toying with a frightful possibility, that "magic" itself might be growing partially sentient and in so doing has chosen Juvie for some unknown purpose.


Character History Overview

Poster Merchandise Featuring New Red Power Leather Armor

Tom ran away from King's Orphanage when he was 12. Living on the streets, shoplifting what he needed, and keeping one step ahead of the "Skulz" and the Paragon Police Department, Tom had a pretty care-free lifestyle.

That is, until another street kid tried to steal his leather coat. In anger, Tom punched the other boy, but instead of a closed fist, claws erupted from his knuckles. In a blink of an eye the other boy was dead, and in shock, Tom ran away just as the cops showed.

After speaking with eyewitnesses, Blue Steel tracked Tom down to an abandoned chimney complex in Kings Garment Works. Tom tried to explain about what had happened, but Blue Steel was too intent on an arrest. Cornered, Tom lashed out, but Blue Steel deflected Tom's blow with his shield, knocking the boy out in the process.

When Tom awoke, he found himself in the Meta-Crime Ward of Juvenile Hall. Tom found he was not alone in his confusion, but that the hall was full of teens with uncontrolled powers who didn't understand what was happening to them. Taking the name Juvie, Tom united the boys in his hall and demanded hearings for himself and his friends.

Blue Steel listened to Juvie's plea, and contacted Antonio Nash about Tom's demands. Antonio accepted guardianship of Juvie, and arranged hearings for the other boys in the hall on the condition that Juvie spend the remainder of his sentence performing public service as a hero.

Now Juvie is himself a guardian of teens. Under Antonio's guidance, he's opened a Supergroup, The Artful Dodgers, dedicated to helping Meta-teens, run-aways and would-be heroes to look after themselves, each other, and Paragon City.

Current Role-Play Storyline

It's a Wonderful Meta-life!


An on-going role-play storyline that effects everyone in The Artful Dodgers. Juvie is loosing his grip on one of his powers and its making him go angry! That's right, angry, not insane! What is happening to him, and why? Who can help him? What will he do next? These questions and more are being asked and answered during role-play!

An Unexplained Power

The power that is causing trouble is he is attuned to magic, and he isn't suppose to be. His origin is mutant not magic, and his biological make-up is completely non-reactive to magical properties. Like a person with no art talent, or a tone deaf singer, magic should just be impossible for Juvie to control or perform, yet here it is!

How the Power Expresses Itself

The Trigger

Anger seems to be the trigger, and when he is angry, he can summon magical forces that overcharge his other powers to an incredible level. Also, his Anger feels good to him, it feels cathartic and freeing! However once he "gains control" over his emotion it turns to regret and sorrow.

The Summoning

Juvie can call on the magic in times of stress. He can feel it inside of him, and if exposed to magic text, or spells, Juvie can use the magic in him to manifest the spell that he is reciting. He can also send out the magic to touch others and help them do magic or help bolster their powers for a short time. However any use of this power voluntarily it very taxing and can put him out of commission for days as he recuperates.

Eyes of Dread

When anger triggers the power, Juvie's eyes being to glow red then exude trails of red power like fire. If looked directly at, his eyes are known to cause fear or dread in the viewer. However, most of this fear and dread comes from people who know Juvie very well and can not believe that Juvie can possibly express this level of vehement.

The Release

Once angered, Juvie lashes out at the closest thing he hates. He isn't insane, or completely out of control, and with great effort can redirect his anger away from those he loves and use it against those he hates, however, when the trigger happens, there is a moment where he might strike-out without thought.

Who can Help?

This is an on-going in-game Role-play story arc so anyone and everyone can participate in this story, all you need to do is read up on the story, see me in game, and join in on the fun!

Link to the Story so far

Link Juvie/Storyline/It's a Wonderful Meta-life

Past Storylines

Tom Cooper

"Tom Cooper" is a continuing short story written by Quiet American detailing the life and times of Tom "The Juvie" Cooper from the moment he arrived at "The Abigale Summerling's Home for Children" up until his first day as a hero for Paragon City. The story is being written in many styles with the first chapter, "Concerning the Birth of Tom Cooper" being an obvious homage to Charles Dickens, while the second chapter "A First Hand Account of Growing up in Abigale Summerling's Home for Children" is written in first person.

Link Juvie/Tom Cooper by Quiet American

Serving Time

This is the first ten or so levels of Tom's career as a superhero.

Link Juvie/Storyline/Serving Time

The Big Idea

Juvie opens The Artful Dodgers, and bag their first Arch-villain.

Link Juvie/Storyline/The Big Idea

Through the Looking Glass

Generally covers level 10-15 as Casval Regelis shows Juvie that there is more to crime then is drempt of in his philosophy.

Link Juvie/Storyline/Through The Looking Glass


Members of a new gang are brought through the "Scared Meta-Straight Program." Their dedication, discipline, and will power attract Juvie's attention. This curiosity leads him into direct conflict with "The Warriors." Meanwhile, Juvie's busy schedules keeps him from spending time with "The Dodgers."

Link Juvie/Storyline/Discipline

A Tale of Woe

One of the original members of The Artful Dodgers, Woe's Child becomes increasingly introverted until he runs away causing Juvie doubts about his "Big Idea."

Link Juvie/Storyline/A Tale of Woe

A Touch of Magic

Once Juvie stops "The Warriors" from achieving their goals, Juvie's investigations lead him deep into the world of the supernatural where he gets a feeling that more is going on then meets the eye.

Link Juvie/Storyline/A Touch of Magic

Prodigal Son

Woe's Child returns to The Artful Dodgers and his "new outlook on life" begins to cause problems for Juvie.

Link Juvie/Storyline/Prodigal Son

Ain't no Sunshine

As Woe's Child continues his assault on Juvie's friendship, Halloween falls like a hammer on Paragon City leaving Juvie in the dark as he looks for supernatural answers in Croatoa.

Link Juvie/Storyline/Ain't No Sunshine

The Council Kidnapping

The Council begins to get pro-active in their recruitment methods and Citadel asks The Artful Dodgers to look into it.

Link Juvie/Storyline/The Council Kidnapping

The Impossible Impostor

Woe's Child leads The Artful Dodgers on a wild goose-chase with the intentions of turning one of "The Dodgers" over to The Clockwork King, while hoping to fracture Juvie's hold as team leader.

Link Juvie/Storyline/The Impossible Impostor

Much Ado About Nothing

Casval Regelis surprisingly shows a softer side by introducing the group to his new girlfriend, Glassworks. With much poking and prodding, the new couple suggests that Juvie ask a girl named Tabatha out and soon there is much ado about nothing as dates are made and broken and hearts are lost and found. Juvie and Princess Powerfull realize that they have feelings for one another, setting off a series of events that brings about one of the longest lasting and most stable relationships in The Artful Dodgers' world.

Link Juvie/Storyline/Much Ado About Nothing

Crime and Punishment

With the defeat of The Impossible Impostor, Juvie galvanizes The Artful Dodgers into a force to be reckoned with by gaining front page notoriety when Juvie and "The Dodgers" stop The Freak Olympics. This event opens up Juvie and The Artful Dodgers to the unwelcome scrutiny by an investigative reporter named Jim Shooter.

Link Juvie/Storyline/Crime and Punishment

Warrior and Friend

Princess Powerfull is contacted by one of the leaders of "The Warriors," Alexander the Great, who wishes to be free of his gang. Juvie's cover as an undercover Warrior is almost blown, but manages to help Princess free Alexander with his secret identity intact.

Link Juvie/Storyline/Warrior and Friend


Juvie's touch with magic begins to show itself in unwelcoming ways when Azuira sends him on a quest for artifacts relating to the Oranbega. Little does Juvie know that Azuira's plans include MAGIC spying on The Artful Dodgers, while setting him on a course that my lead to the death of Woe's Child.

Link Juvie/Storyline/Temper

Enemies and Allies

Abigale Summerling A saintly figure in Juvie's life, Abigale ran a home for children in The Gish where she became known for her tireless social work against the encroachment of urban decay. She died young, just before Juvie was born, and her name is spoken with respect by all the older children in the orphanage.

Headmaster Abner Coverpot The Dickensian Headmaster who took control over Abigale's orphanage after her death. Coverpot renamed it "Kings House" and ran it like prison, dispensing physical and mental abuse among the children while welcoming the same elements of urban decay that Abigale had fought so hard against. Currently he is in forced retirement after a scandal that lead to multiple counts of child endangerment, abandonment, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Juvie's one time friend, Syd aka Fagin

Eric Luminosky, aka Lum Although a bully, Lum was a bright kid with above average math skills and reading comprehension; there was even talk of collage in his future. Then he got hooked on SuperDyne and all went to hell. Soon he became just another "thug" who would do anything for the next shot of Dyne. Lum recently OD'ed on Dyne during a Troll Rave. In Skyway, it's been said that he became the dumbest supa'troll on the street.

Syd, aka Fagin , The closest thing to a friend Juvie had as a child was Syd. A sickly kid who learned to survive in the harsh environment of King's House by becoming a mastermind at controlling people. Syd was ultimately responsible for sending Juvie on the anger filled hunt that lead to Clyde Hill's death, as well as the riot that lead to Juvie's and Syd's eventual release from Juvenal Hall. While Juvie became a hero, Syd migrated to Rogue Isles and took the name Fagin as both a joke and an homage to his one time friend and stooge, Juvie.

Huckleberry, Huck, aka Sprain Living on the streets in The Gish after the Rikti war, Huck joined The Skulls out of shear necessity for survival. Just as he was about to be inducted as a Bone Daddy, his loyalty came under question because he had never "made his bones." They told Sprain that if he didn't kill a random stranger, then they would kill him. Huck couldn't do it, so he ran. Shortly after, Huck met Juvie, Syd, Clyde, and the other boys who escaped from King's House. Juvie and Huck bonded like brothers. Huck taught the kids street-smarts, while the kids helped him hideout from The Skulls. When The Skulls finally caught up to Huck, the other kids were able to escape through a small hole in a fence, but the older Huck could only pass his leather coat to Juvie saying, "Keep this till I get back." Huck hasn't been seen since.

Clyde Hill Clyde's life was so unimportant that it would never have warranted a foot note, if it wasn't for the fact that Juvie killed him. When Syd thought Juvie was getting to suspicious of his illegal dealings, Syd thought it was time to get rid of Juvie. Syd knew that Clyde didn't like Juvie, and that Clyde was a bigger and better fighter then Juvie, so Syd set it up for Clyde to steal Huck's leather coat away from Juvie in the hopes that the two would get into a fight. Although Clyde was the obvious favorite to win, the stress of the situation brought out Juvie's latent mutation, and instead of hitting Clyde with a fist, Clyde got a face full of razor sharp claws. Clyde's death is the most important moment in Juvie's life.

Blue Steel showing support in the Paragon Times

Erin McGuyre Juvie's first girlfriend, Erin is a runaway from upstate New York who came to Paragon shortly after the Rikti war. Little is known about Erin other than the fact that she dumped Juvie shortly before Juvie was sent to Juvenile Hall. Now a Skulls girlfriend, Juvie still runs into her around The Gish where they have little to say to each other.

Blue Steel Blue Steel arrested Juvie and brought him to Juvenile Hall after the accidental killing of Clyde Hill. When Juvie organized the entire ward to a sit-in for meta-teen rights, Blue Steel was called in to negotiate, however, the negotiation turned violent when Syd escalated the sit-in into a full fledged riot. Only the cool handling of the situation by Juvie helped keep things from getting out of hand. In the end, Blue Steel agreed to Juvie's demands as long as Juvie performed Public Service as a Hero of Paragon under the guidance of Antonio Nash. Blue Steel then took Juvie under his wing both to mentor him as well as keep an eye on him. When Antonio Nash told Blue Steel about Juvie's "Big Idea" Blue Steel readily agreed, believing Juvie's charisma would bring all the rotten eggs into one basket where they can be watched. At the start, Blue Steel put up a front of fully supporting The Artful Dodgers, however, when push came to shove, Blue Steel started showing his true colors when he arrested Juvie on suspicion of illegal activities. During a three day interrogation session, Blue Steel told Juvie that the PPD was only using The Artful Dodgers as another Juvie Hall. This angered Juvie to the point of dissolving their mentor-ship. Now Blue Steel openly watches The Artful Dodgers for illegal activity while Juvie's relationship with him has become a strictly parole professional one.

Antonio Nash Antonio became guardian of Juvie when Juvie began serving his time as a hero to Paragon. At first Antonio and Juvie distrusted one another, but as time went on, Antonio realized Juvie's honest desire to do good was genuine. Soon Antonio was giving more trust to Juvie by covering for him without asking questions, pulling in favors and donations from his contacts at GIFT, and eventually going head to head with Blue Steel in defense of Juvie and The Artful Dodgers . Now Antonio Nash has become more then Juvie's parole officer, more then just a friend, but is a true guardian and family member for Juvie.

Princess Powerfull aka Emily Emily and Juvie are a match made in heaven. Emily has been living on the streets for most of her life, running from gangs, the law, and herself, but when she joined The Artful Dodgers she learned how to trust again. Soon she became the "Strong Center" to The Artful Dodgers' teams as well as the "Strong Center" of Juvie's emotional storms, bringing calm to his hot temper. Princess has always been there for Juvie, and Juvie makes it a point to be there for her.

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