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Sierra's new look: visible!
Sierra Foxtrot
Player: @Meagen
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Stalker
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Age: 16
Height: 4'9" (145 cm)
Weight: 115 lb (52 kg)
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: black
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Mercenary
Place of Birth: US
Base of Operations: Kingdom of Sealand
Marital Status: Single (dating)
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
martial arts (self-taught)
Known Abilities
concentration, writing
stealth ops gear, smoke bombs

"I followed you."
"I saw no one."
"That is what you may expect to see when I follow you."

Sierra Foxtrot is a girl from a background of bullying and peer rejection who unexpectedly developed a natural affinity for martial arts and grew into a dangerous mercenary.



Member of Foxtrot Company. Fiercely devoted to Foxtrot Charly and protective of her.

Recently began dating Luna Samson, much to the distress of Janie Gunn.


Extremely quiet, shy and withdrawn. It's difficult to notice Sierra even when she's not being deliberately invisible, and she likes it that way. When she speaks, her voice is quiet and hesitant, barely above a whisper.

Doesn't get angry easily, but when she does, it quickly grows into a deep, burning hatred of whoever drew her ire. This hatred can last for weeks, and helps rather than hinders her ability to focus. She speaks even less than usual, but projects her anger rather than the usual non-notability.


As unlikely as it may seem, Sierra Foxtrot is an ordinary, unaugmented human. Her only outstanding talent is a natural ability to focus her concentration at a level that most martial artists must train for years to attain.

Sierra is also a writer. She has described her experiences in Foxtrot Company extensively, carefully destroying every entry as soon as it was written. She secretly hopes she will be able to reproduce her account and share it with the world someday.


Sierra can perform most of the feats common to advanced martial artists. Piercing steel with her bare hands, avoiding any attack up to and including heavy gunfire, instantly healing wounds on her body, are all possible for her with enough concentration.

By focusing on her wish to remain unseen, Sierra can become completely invisible. This appears to be a mind-affecting ability, except it also works on robots, mindless creatures, most psions, and even seems to extend through security cameras and other imaging systems.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Sierra's intellect is contemplative, she's not as good at quick thinking. She prefers to take her time to analyze a situation and focus her strength. If discovered, her first instinct is to run away. If she is forced to fight and does not have time to concentrate properly, her blows become a lot weaker.

Even though her abilities have developed spectacularly during her stay with Foxtrot, her self-esteem is taking longer to recover. She still has trouble speaking out if there are too many strangers around, and doesn't really believe she can offer any unique insights into any conversation.

Additionally, she is currently going through puberty. As most teenagers, the wildly fluctuating hormone levels in her body can easily overwhelm her ability to reason.


Custom-tailored Vanguard light armor. Basic special ops field gear. Smoke grenades. Always has several concentrated food bars and one pocket-sized book related to European history.


While on a rare training trip to the forests of British Columbia, Foxtrot Charly and her team came across a young girl who had apparently been wandering the woods for some time. Charly offered her some food and a kind ear, and eventually got to hear her story.

Unlike most members of Foxtrot, the girl who who would become Sierra was not a victim of forced military service, sexual abuse, or horrible experiments. She lived a comfortable life by most standards, always fed, clothed, and sleeping every night in a warm bed with not a gunshot to trouble her. What made her unable to enjoy her situation was the constant tormenting by her schoolmates. Through a combination of her social awkwardness and the natural cruelty of the adolescent mind, she was quickly relegated to a pariah. She was habitually bullied, shoved against walls just trying to get from one class to another, and incessantly, mercilessly taunted about every aspect of her appearance. Her homework was taken away, her possessions stolen or destroyed, her uniform rumpled, torn and rubbed in mud nearly every day.

She was unanimously blamed for anything that went wrong, and since it was always her word against that of ten or twenty people, not a single teacher believed her. Her parents, in turn, got their news from the teachers and also refused to believe their daughter.

After a few unsuccessful attempts at defending herself, the girl simply lost the will to fight, and became increasingly meek and withdrawn. Her only escape were the hours spent in the vast library in her house, reading books of history and fiction and forgetting about how miserable she felt most of the time. No matter how bad the taunting and the shoving got, books gave her some solace. With the summer approaching, it seemed like she could just barely be able to live through the last few years before seeking refuge in the mysterious promised land of "college".

That lasted until the day when her parents announced they were sending her off to a summer camp.

With nowhere to go to escape from the bullying for the better part of a month, the young girl wished she could simply vanish from sight. To her astonishment, it seemed to work - as long as she concentrated on not being seen, all the other kids would completely fail to notice her even if she was right in front of their noses.

Unfortunately, when they couldn't find her, some of the bullies decided to have some fun by destroying her things instead. As she watched, horrified, her favorite book that she had carefully hidden was found and the kids started talking about burning it.

Her wish to be unseen transformed in an instant to fury, a desire to strike out and hurt them back. She struck out, catching the bullies by surprise, rendering them unconscious with just a few well-placed kicks. Then, horrified at what she had done, she grabbed her book and ran into the forest.

Charly brought the girl back to camp, where Romeo and Zulu set to work checking her story. While the intelligence operatives operated, the girl had the unique experience of being around people who did *not* treat her like either a nuisance or a target. It quickly transpired that the kids she had attacked were not seriously hurt, she was not suspected of being responsible (as she wasn't seen anywhere nearby), and that she was free to go back to her family.

The girl, however, decided that having friends who supported her and a cause to fight for was well worth the occasional mortal danger, and so begged to be allowed put her newfound abilities to work in the children's cause.

Current Status

Sierra is quickly growing into a confident young woman. Her determination to see the Rikti beaten is helping her focus on her training, and her relationship with Luna is helping her deal with the usual problems of growing up. And what can be a better influence on an adolescent mind than good, wholesome lesbian sex and kicking aliens in the face?


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