Foxtrot Company

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Foxtrot Company
Founder: Unknown
Side: Villains
Motto: We are the new children's crusade.
Leader(s): Foxtrot Charly
Logo: Star with military wings
Group Colours: White and black
Levels: All
Play style: Regular
Roleplay: Expected
Timezone(s): Any
Recruiting: No
Contact: D.F.B. Crew
No additional information available.


The Mission

Foxtrot Company's origins are supposedly just after the first "Children's Crusade," in which boatfuls of young people hoping to spread the word of Christianity found nothing but death and enslavement at the hands of those they sought to help. Since then, children are often the silent victims of war, oppression, and terror... used as cheap labor, as bartering goods, or to unsavory and terrible ends.

The Company aims to fight against child exploitation to their last breath, but unlike so-called heroes, they aren't afraid to get their hands dirty in the process. Under legal definition the group is a militaristic terrorist cell, in which underage child soldiers carry out surgical ops against anybody they've deemed to be harmful to children.

Generally they're on the money in this judgment, and have shut down a number of slavery and pornography rings to the delight of the public, but their modus is that of excessive violence to instill fear in their enemies. "This is not a war we can win," their then-current leader said in a rare, anonymous interview some 20 years ago. "But by illustrating in graphic detail what can happen to you if you raise a hand to a child, we can prevent a great deal of the evil in this world. Threat of deplorable violence will keep them in line. Acts of deplorable violence will take them out of line, otherwise."

The Twenty-Five

The core of Foxtrot is made up of 25 members, all of whom use one letter from the military alphabet as their call sign.

Current members are:

Allies and auxiliaries


In an effort to distance themselves from the self-destructive control freak loons that are Arachnos, Foxtrot Company sought a better location for their base. It was connected via teleporters, so it wasn't like it had to be physically housed on the Rogue Isles, after all.

During one of her many web crawls, Charly happened to notice that the "sovereign island nation of Sealand" - in actuality a former military platform abandoned by the British government and established by a tax-dodging brit - was being sold on eBay, and the current price was well within the company's budget.

To make a long story short - and gloss over a few unsolved homicides and accidental deaths entirely unrelated to anything - a week later the Company had their only slightly used semi-mobile new headquarters towed to international waters off the Grandville coast.

In a move that both Romeo and Juliet swear on their respective parents' graves[1] was something both of them individually came up with at the same time, the two spymasters somehow managed to wrangle official recognition from the UN as a sovereign nation - a monarchy, in fact, with Charly at its head.

Nobody, least of all the United Nations council, has any real idea of just how they managed to pull it off, and questions directed at the pair are less than useful. Romeo just smirks, and Juliet smiles pleasantly before explaining that all it took was sweet persuasion of a kind word... "As well as half the bribery budget of the past year, six major favors called in, eight cases of blackmail and two late-night burglaries with a specially prepped virus to ensure that neither a particularly recalcitrant representative nor his reactionary secretary would be able to attend the vote...".

However, the exact numbers of each vary every time she speaks of them, and none of the subjects are ever mentioned by name. People have by now learned to shrug and move on.

This is how at age 16, Charly became Queen Charly the Awesome. first monarch of the Principality Formerly Known As Sealand. She enjoys issuing royal edicts on whim, such as mandatory Hawaiian Shirt Thursdays, violation of which are supposedly punishable by death, more likely punishable by a pint of yummy Death By Chocolate. Her loyal subject obey her every decree to the extent that they feel like it.

The Principality maintains peaceful relations with its neighbors, and its spokeswoman assures us that the highly sophisticated radar and sonar arrays as well as the exceedingly thick surface-to-air missile launchers and the depth charge tubes are simple security precautions against maritime predators...

  1. The fact that neither Romeo nor Juliet would shed a tear if their biological parents were to die horribly is not generally mentioned in polite company.
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