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Just because I'm a demon doesn't mean I'm not good
Player: Baseload
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Silindria
Known Aliases: None
Species: Succubus
Age: Unknown
Height: 3'10"
Weight: Confidential
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: None
Occupation: Hero
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: Lower Planes of Hell
Marital Status: Confidential
Known Relatives: Kor'tan (Balrog) and Kalidria (Succubus)
Known Powers
Firey Melee/ Firey Aura
Known Abilities
No additional information available.





When Silindria was born, the oracle Vel'siri predicted that the child, conceived by a Balrog and succubus, was destined to become the greatest demon the lower planes had ever known. Because of this, Silindria was given the finest treatment any demon could know. She was trained by the greatest fire shapers, taught the arts of combat by her father, and skilled in the ways of seduction and manipulation by her mother.

However, it seemed that the one thing they could not instill in the young demoness was the blood lust and desire for chaos that most demons possessed. Ves'liri assured them that this was natural for her as her destiny predicted. He told her masters that her true spirit would eventually shine and make many people proud. What he did not tell them though, was that she would not be making the demon realms proud.

Vel'siri's vision did not show Silindria as a great ruler of the demon realms however. Instead, it showed her as a great savior of the realm of man. When she was conceived, a pure spirit had somehow found its way to the lower planes and placed itself inside her. Such a merger would have meant death for the young girl, but Vel'siri saw to that. He knew he had a great part to play in her destiny as he had to keep her alive long enough to learn what she needed before making her way to the upper world. He was able to mask her spirit so those around her would not detect the good within her. he also spun a web of lies to protect the girl from suspicion.

Fortunately for him, his reputation as an oracle was practically spotless and her parents and tutors, believing him, continued her tutelage. They were not disappointed. Her skills in the demonic arts seemed to excel as she seemed gifted, with a natural aptitude the demonic arts.

However, Silindria did not share in their love for her ability to cause death and chaos. In fact, she hated what she was becoming and tried to fight against her parent's wishes. Her parents, seeing this as a challenge (not realizing their daughter was in fact a being of good) decided to have her harvest her first soul early. They believed the sudden carnage that might erupt from this would bring out the darkness they thought was inside her.

Scared, Silindria turned to Vel'siri who she hoped might help her. Unfortunately, Vel'siri was nowhere to be found. And, when the time came to harvest her first soul, she panicked and ran. As she fled the office of the man she was sent to kill, she ran into Vel'siri, covered in blood and holding a glowing orb, the soul she was sent to reap.

He explained to her what he knew of her destiny and that it was his duty to see it through, no matter the cost. He gave her the soul and told her she must play the part for a little longer and then, she would be ready to make her way to the world of man, where her true destiny awaits.

And so she did. She returned with the soul and was praised by her parents. For the next few years, she played the part as best she could with Vel'siri's help, improving her skills and preparing herself for her true destiny. However, one fateful slip was all it took to bring things crashing down around them.

When she was sent to harvest souls, Vel'siri always secretly accompanied her to perform the wicked deed (Despite Silindria's objection). When she would return, she would be asked to tell the tale of her deeds, a skill she found herself lacking. So, one night, when she was sent above, her parents sent along an imp to keep tabs on her. They wanted a first hand account of their daughter's amazing skills. But what they discovered was treachery and deceit.

Upon her return that night, she was gifted with the head of Vel'siri, killed for his treachery when he returned before her. With Vel'siri's magics gone, the purity of her soul was revealed. Kor'tan was outraged and sent his guards to capture Silindria so that he could torture that purity out of her and either make her a demon or kill her in the process. He cared little either way.

However, her parents taught their daughter well. She realized then that she may not have the capacity to take an innocent's life, but the demons before her were another matter. Silindria made short work of her father's guards and fled the palace, making her way to the surface world as she discussed time and again with Vel'siri.

However, despite her kind nature and good soul, Silindria had another challenge before her; acceptance in the world of man. She was met with fear and slight persecution as she wandered the surface world. Understandably, a demon amongst humans was a thing to be feared. However, Silindria was not about to give up. She believed in Vel'sir's prophesy and wanted to do good here. She tried on several occasions to obtain a hero license, but was turned down each time. She believed this to be due to her demonic heritage and nature (She was still a succubus after all,just not a soul sucing one). However, she strove to prove that just because she was a demon didn't mean she was not one of the good guys. Eventually, news crews caught footage of her saving a busload of people from a rampaging troll. In light of this, her application was reviewed once more and she was given her license.

Her destiny had begun


Silindria prefers to have nothing to do with most of her family. Mainly her mother and father. Given her betrayal, she fears they would prefer to see her dead than welcome her back with open arms. Until recently, Silindia cut all ties from the Underworld she ever had, finding herself alone. But, when she met Sera, all that changed.

While working on a mission against the Banished Pantheon with members of The Legendary and Riot Force, Silindria met the heroine known as Gehirngeist (a.k.a. Sera). Their attitudes we similar that they became fast friends. Realizing how well they worked together, the duo began to be seen together more frequently, both with other teammates and alone. The true details of what sparked their romance remains a mystery. But neither of the ladies were shy about showing it.

It wasn't long after that that Alicia came into their lives. Originally a spellcube created by Sera, the artificial construct became a dear and loved member of the family, considered to be Sera's daughter by 'birth' and Silindria's by extension. Though she only had a small part in creating Alicia, Sil considers her her child as much as any mother would. Sil's not sure where this motherly instinct suddenly came from, but she's definitely not fighting it. Especially since a new child entered their lives not long after Alicia.

During a ritual Sera was performing in an attempt to give Alicia a human body (As a spellcube, she was stuck in a suit of armor created by Sera and her brother), blood from both Sil and Sera was used as part of the creation process. It was thought that all of the blood was used to create Alicia's new body, but one drop escaped the process. When Silindria entered the mystic circle Sera was using once the ritual was complete, the spell-charged blood latched onto Silindria and entered her body to work the magic it was programmed to. However, when confronted with a living host and demonic life force, the spell took a different turn and instead "impregnated" Silindria.

Unaware at first of the magics inside her, Silindria and Sera discovered the new 'child' when the spell started using Sil's own body as raw material to create the body. Fortunately, Sil's healing flames were able to stem the damage being done while the spell took effect. Also, given the mix of magics inside her, the spell took longer to complete. Approximately one week later, Silindria gave birth to a little bundle of joy; Kelindria. Through the twisted magics that brought her into this world, Kelindria's life was threatened to end a week later if it wasn't for a Kheldian's dying wish (See Kelindria for details).

Not long after Kelindria's life was saved, Silindria had a fortunate run in with one of the few blood relatives from the underworld that didn't want her head on a stake; her cousin Feydor. Masquerading as a hero named Dredd Omen, Feydor was on the lamb from his parents as well. Seeking refuge, Silindria offered him a place in The House; a request he gladly accepted.

The House of the Wayward Soul

Realizing that there may be others out there like her, creatures either persecuted for what they are, or beings who, because of their origin, were seeking shelter where the city gave none, Silindria began work on the House of the Wayward Soul; a safe haven for anyone who is looking for a place to rest, or just looking for friends like themselves. The House's doors are always open to anyone with no evil intent, be they patrons, or allies.


Firey Melee / Firey Aura

Taking after her father, Silindria has been trained since birth to bend flames to her will. Being a succubi, Silindria prefers doing a number of things "up close and personal" and combat is no acception. To that end, she chooses to wield a sword of crimson fire, enjoying the rush of personal combat. She has also learned to manipulate the flames to protect her body from harm. She is also capable of tapping into the ambient heat of her surroundings as well as opponents to refresh her and heal her wounds, an action she sometimes takes regardless of the situation, claiming she gets a tingling rush from the sudden heat.

Recently, Silindria has also learned to mold the flames into fireballs to take down opponents that flee from her blade. she's slowly working on improving this technique for close quarter fighting as well.

Other Abilities



Being a succubi grants Silindria the gift of form alteration. However, having Balrog blood within her as well, she is capable of size alterations as well as tailoring for the right occasion. She has discovered the ability to tap into her father's lineage and take the form of a fearsome demon, a form she tends to prefer in combative situations and her current lover, Gehirngeist prefers in bed.


Regardless of form, Silindria's wings are capable of bearing aloft her weight, though not at incredible speeds like many flying heroes. However, it's something Silindria never seemed to care much about improving.

Enhanced Physical Capabilities

As part of her training as a child, Silindria had to learn to take all kinds of physical abuse. "One cannot simply wade into melee and expect to never be hit", her father would often say, usually just before landing a surprise blow that would send her reeling. Despite the cruel training, Silindria ended up becoming physically tougher, able to withstand a good deal of punishment.


Part of her talents she learned from both her mother and father was the ability to command. Silindria has taken this ability to heart as best as possible as she tries to rally her allies during battle. Unfortunately, she feels she's not as good as she could be and sometimes chooses to loose herself in the battle rather than worry about what her allies may be doing.


House of the Wayward Soul



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  1. This is a constant evolving work in progress. I tend to re-work things as I re-read them.
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