House of the Wayward Soul

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The House of the Wayward Soul
Leader: Silindria
Group Colours: Green and Black
Levels: All
Play style: Casual
Roleplay: Frequently (Encouraged)
Timezone(s): Any
Recruiting: Any Boarder Rank Member
Contact: @Baseload

The House of the Wayward Soul is a fictional supergroup of heroes role-played in The City of Heroes MMO on the Virtue Server. The concept behind the House is that it acts as a sanctuary for those ostracized by society yet possess a desire to do good in the world. Because the House has an Open Door policy, members of the House can be of any genre.

The House of the Wayward Soul was started after it's owner, Silindria, found herself in the human realm with no where to go and no one willing to take her in. Despite the colorful people she met when she first arrived, demons apparently have it a bit rougher when it comes to finding acceptance. Eventually though, after much trial and tribulation, she was granted Hero status. Realizing that there may be others out there who have found or may find themselves in the same position and understanding how difficult it is for them to find acceptance, Silindria decided to form a group dedicated to help the wayward and lost to find their place in the hero community.

And thus was born the House of the Wayward Soul.

Any member of The House is capable of inviting new recruits. It's best to try and work often with other House members when possible and get to know the other members and how well you'll work within the group.

We also expect each member character (With some exception) to be active at least once every 2 weeks. If for some reason you cannot be on, simply post something on the forums and we'll be sure you are not removed. We also understand that sometimes, life isn't fair and may not always present you with the perfect opportunity to let someone know. If, for this reason, you return and find yourself removed from the House and have a perfectly good reason, just email Baseload or post on the forums and we'll try and get you back in.

The House also asks that members stay in supergoup mode as often as possible. The more prestige we can obtain, the better the Guardhouse will become. The House does not have standard Uniforms that need to be worn nor do we require the logo to be displayed. The individuality of your character is important and we want to encourage this.

Naming Standards
In order to keep the naming of characters within group standards, please consult the following:

1. Keep the names clean. Also, Leet speak and other letter substitution will not be allowed.

2. Please refrain when possible from using published characters and make sure to follow the rules of copyright. No character can be named for or in reference to a published film, television, or comic book character. Given the open recruitment policy the House maintains, we will be keeping an eye out for any names that might blatently violate this rule. If a member is found to be in violation, we will email them and ask if they wish to change their name or replace their character. If no reply is given after a week, the character will be removed. Homages are acceptable so long as the name is altered in some fashion to seem original.

3. The House understands that there are some names people just want as it's appropriate for the character. The use of . or - is acceptable and should just be disregarded when RPing.

The House's members to act with a degree of maturity and responsibility. We do not tollerate spammers, flamers, or beggers. If you neded help with something, ask a member and they might be able to help you achieve whatever goal you have.

Role Playing in Local chat may be an exception to acting civil depending on the RP situation.

Role Playing
CoH is a MMO 'RPG'. While we do not ALWAYS require a House member to be Role-playing 24/7, we do ask that you keep in character in certain channels.

If something needs to be posted Out of character (OOC), please be sure to use brackets [] {} () around the text. This is an unwitten standard for text based RPing.

Local - Please try to keep in character here whenever possible.
Broadcast - Given the natue of this channel, most context will be OOC. While brackets may not be needed, it's always good practice.
Supergroup - This is normally OOC
Team - RPing is up to the individual team members. Try to keep to the OOC brackets when possible.
coalition - Try to keep in character as much as possible here as the Coalitions we do have tend to RP as well.
Tells - This is up to the individual.

Characters and Alts
Each member is allowed only one character in the super group, unless their rank allows for more. For example, once a member reaches the rank of Patron, the player may choose to add a second character to the super group.

Note: Older members may have more Alts as they were needed to earn the initial prestige for base building.

Ranking and Benefits
Through hard work and effort, as well as the respect and recommendation of their peers, members are given the opportunity to advance along the group hierarchy. There are five ranks within the group that a member can seek to earn: Boarder, Patron, Member, Employee, Manager.

Note: Players may be increased in rank outside these guidelines by any Employee or Manager as Officers see fit.


With great power comes great responsibility. And managers ranked members have proven this time and again. Managers are the backbone of the leadership in the House and the ones whose responsibility it is to make the tough decisions. Members of the House are made this rank by invitation only and do not hold themselves to the criteria for previous ranks. Displaying excellent leadership can earn a member Management status regardless of rank.


This is the second highest rank within the House and one of the driving forces of leadeship amongst our members. Employees have a voice during Supergroup meetings and much of their advice may be taken under advisement by the Managers. To earn the rank of Employee, a member must be level 50 or have earned 500k prestige or more. This is on a 'per alt' basis. Older members have been grandfathered into this rank for leadership purposes. Players who achieve this rank will be allowed a second Alt character in the House.


The middle rank of the House, a Member has shown incredible dedication to the House and it's members. A Member is a great responsibility as they must not only serve as a willing follower, but also serve as a guide and mentor to those beneath them. After earning 100K prestige or obtaining level 50, a character may be promoted to Member.


Once a Boarder has passed their 30-day period and has earned 25k in prestige, they may be increased to this rank by anyone Employee ranked or higher. At this rank, a player is considered to be an excellent member of the House, showing dedication and skill in RPing and personal interaction. As a Patron, players will be allowed to bring in an alt to be included in the group.


This is the introductory rank within the House. Boarders have full access to base facilities but are kept at this Rank for 30 days. During this time, a Boarder is judged based on how well they interact with other members (OOC and IC). If one is found in violation of the rules of the group or are nothing more than a disruption, they may be removed without notice. Boarders are also allowed to invite new players as well. But please keep to the limits of Alts as listed in the above guidelines.

Current Coalitions
In order to help maintain the peace and prosperity of Paragon city and do our best to fit in to society, The House of the Wayward soul has formed alliances with other groups they believe possess similar ideals.

Joining the House
If you have read the page and think that you might be right for the House or are just looking for a place to rest your head, send a message to @Baseload. Or, look for any current House members as anyone is capable of recruiting.

We also have a forum located at:

Please feel free to check us out and join the forums if you have questions.

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  • Please note that all of the above information is a work in progress and may change as time goes on.

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