Specimen 8

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8 Portrait.jpg
8 perched in contemplation. It is the ABSCENCE of evidence that marks its presence. Track the void.
Specimen 8
Player: @The Cheshire Cat
Origin: Science
Archetype: Stalker
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: N/A
Known Aliases: Classified It hides its face from me, but its names are known
Species: Unique
Age: Chronological age 6, biological age 26
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 120 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Purple
Biographical Data
Nationality: Rogue Isles
Occupation: Ninja
Place of Birth: Classified
Base of Operations: Grandville
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Classified
Known Powers
Exists slightly out of phase with the rest of the universe, ability to enhance this effect to step outside of time and space entirely. Minor control over netherworld powers due to instruction from Ghost Widow
Known Abilities
Superhuman speed and reaction time, high strength and stamina, ninjitsu techniques for focusing her mind and body.
Ninja blade and various ninja equipment (Flash powder, caltrops, etc.)
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I'm not sure how to tell this story in a straightforward way, 8 is one of my most complex characters and I'm still working out her intricacies. So instead, I'm going to tell her story the same way I always picture it in my head; Not simply a narrative about her, but conversations. Recorded by the little fly on the wall, the ghost in the Machine.

Who is this that haunts my dreams? The unknown factor drives me mad.

On Birth

LOG DATE: 02/13/02

C: How is project R-71Z coming?

T: Everything is moving on schedule, Countess. The samples have been divided and used to create 12 specimens. We uh... we aren't sure what the final product will be, but through genetic manipulation we've managed to make them humanoid.

Countess: You aren't sure? This is your pet project. If something goes wrong you'll be the one to hang for it.

T: Nothing will go wrong, countess, I assure you. Whatever the final result, we have an intensive training regimen already planned out, and we have manipulated what genes we do recognize in such a way that we will be able to control them.

Countess: Keep your reports coming in regular intervals. And don't think that some new "Anomalous material" project will distract me from your previous failures. Your future with this company, among other things, is resting entirely on the results of R-71Z. I hope for your sake that they do not disappoint.


LOG DATE 05/06/02

T: Project log, R-71Z, anomalous material recovered from unknown craft. Project lead Taylor. Specimen growth continues at accelerated rate. All specimens developing as expected, although specimen #8 is showing unusual readings. Will need to investigate this further, all specimens should be identical - their genetic code is identical, and each was infused with an equal share of the recovered material. Perhaps material wasn't uniform as assumed? Another issue for further investigation. Countess breathing down my neck, not sure what she expects, I told her at project start that it would take 4 years before the growth process completed. She keeps sending money, though, so not too much of a concern so long as that keeps up. Taylor out.


LOG DATE 11/14/04

To: [CLASSIFIED]@Biotech.Crey.org Even my powers can only reveal so much...

From: Taylor@Biotech.Crey.org


Subject: R-71Z

Attachment(s): 1161_R.jpg, 1452_A.jpg

New developments regarding the project. Unknown craft was definitely Rikti in origin, as confirmed by comparison with captured ships from invasion (See attached photos). It was a scout ship maybe? Not really my area. Anomalous material recovered from ship NOT Rikti in origin, however. Most likely they something they had found and were studying themselves. Looked at the data recovered from the ship computer but it's a garbled mess, not sure if it's encrypted or just damaged in the crash. Specimens all developing as female, we did not pre-determine gender but as they're all identical, it would follow that they would all develop as the same gender. I don't believe it will have any impact on the viability of the project. Nearing awakening date soon, down to months from years. Should have those "Results" you were hoping for.


To: Taylor@Biotech.Crey.org

From: [CLASSIFIED]@Biotech.Crey.org

Subject: Re: R-71Z

Your reports are not coming in as often as I would like, Taylor. You are fortunate that so much has already been invested in this project or I would consider such a lack of information reason enough to pull your funding. I am sending a technician Smith to assist you in overseeing the project. Since you cannot be bothered to keep in contact, you will no longer be required to. These names mean nothing to me, yet they cloud my focus. Where is the one referred to as the 8th? Smith is to be given full access to all your files, he will be reporting directly to me.


LOG DATE 11/15/04

AD: I've received more info on that little project from our mole. I don't quite understand your interest in this, but I'm not about to question your judgment.

LR: A wise move. You were not granted your post by accident. What have you learned?

AD: The ship was Rikti, as you suspected, but the material they recovered was not. Our own research has turned up some interesting possibilities as to its nature, but I'm not comfortable discussing those over this channel.

LR: Agreed. We will meet later to discuss it in person. Anything else of relevance?

AD: All the subjects are female. The e-mail suggested that it wouldn't have an impact on the project but I suspect that line was included for my benefit, not Crey. I think he's concerned about the specimens reproducing once they're active.

LR: Should he be concerned?

AD: It's too early to say for certain, but it's not something that should be ignored. Worst case scenario it wouldn't be too much of a task to sterilize them. The discoveries I've made tie into this as well.

LR: As always, you have served me well. I will contact you later about the details of when we shall meet to discuss the more sensitive areas of this project.

AD: Thank you lord. Glory to Arachnos.


On Childhood

LOG DATE 04/15/05

T: Project log, R-71Z, anomalous material recovered from unknown craft. Project assistant lead Taylor. Wake up day, girls. A bittersweet moment for me, Crey has it out for me, demoting me on my own damn project. It doesn't matter, all will be forgiven when this is finished. All debts will be paid in full.

S: Project log, R-71Z, anomalous material recovered from unknown craft. Project lead Smith. Subjects released from accelerated growth chambers, initial training begun. I do not fully understand the intricacies of this project as Taylor does, but the fact that the specimens are showing separate proficiencies concerns me. My understanding is that all 12 specimens should be identical in every way, they should not have preferences. In particular, Specimen #8 is showing extreme prowess with blades. Skill is far greater than data predicts. She would make an ideal candidate for wet ops. Smith out.


LOG DATE 04/26/05

*This blurry videotape seems to be security footage from inside a Crey compound.*

*Voices heard from off camera*

G: ...Don't have any business here. You're not Crey personnel. Leave immediately before I call security.

H: We are acting on orders from Lord Recluse himself. You don't want to hurt your business relationship with Arachnos, do you?

G: You don't have any power in Paragon, you thugs. You get one more warning, leave now or security will drag you out in chains.

*Taylor walks on camera*

T: What are you doing? They are expected you idiot. Let them through.

G: I'm under VERY strict orders from Smith not to let any-


*G is heard grumbling. Moments later, two bane spiders and a huntsman join Taylor on camera. Taylor turns and begins to walk down the hallway with the Arachnos soldiers following*

T: I don't appreciate the short notice on this. It will be very difficult to explain your presence here to my superiors. Nobody outside of Crey is supposed to know about this project.

H: Well, we have our sources. *The huntsman laughs*

T: If you compromise this project, or my position on it, huntsman, I will make it my personal mission to hunt you down and tear out your skull. You have been warned. *The group rounds the corner and disappears from the camera's field of view*


LOG DATE 04/27/05

To: [CLASSIFIED]@Biotech.Crey.org

From: Smith@Biotech.Crey.org

Subject: R-71Z security compromise

Attachment: GPS.exe

Arachnos thugs came in earlier, demanding to be shown around. They threatened to start shooting if we didn't, I didn't have much choice to comply, the project is too sensitive to risk a fight with security damaging the specimens. I'm beginning to think your suspicions about Taylor are correct, but this may prove to be a boon to the project. As I noted in my last report, Specimen #3 is showing a talent for leadership. I may be able to convince her to coordinate an effort among the specimens to keep track of Taylor and to report back to me on his activities. 3's anger concerns me, I'd rather keep her personally hands off, but the others listen to her. I have attached a program connected to a bug I placed on the huntsman. You may deal with them at your leisure.


To: Smith@Biotech.Crey.org

From: [CLASSIFIED]@Biotech.Crey.org

Subject: Re: R-71Z security compromise

Proceed with your plan. If Taylor is a traitor then I'm not concerned about what will happen should the specimens decide to take things into their own hands. You know enough about this project to continue on without his assistance.


LOG DATE 04/29/05

G: ...sus CHRIST! What the hell did she do to him?

G2: I don't know. God, I think I'm gonna throw up. *Sounds of shuffling as if shifting position*

G: Which one is that anyway?

G2: I can never tell the damn things apart. Hey, hey you! Yeah you. What the hell number are you?

3: ...Three

Smith: *Panting* Goddammit. What happened here?

G: Number three over there made a mess, sir.

Smith: Is that Taylor?

G: It WAS Taylor.

G2: Oh God, I'm going to go get cleanup right NOW. And then I'm going to go throw up.

G: Hey, Chuck! Make sure they bring a mop!


LOG DATE 05/02/05

AD: Our mole in R-71Z says the technician he was scapegoating has had an unfortunate accident. He may not be able to contact us until he's able to hack another account. The agents we sent planted the device, however, so his reports are less necessary now.

LR: Good. I have a meeting with the Countess, I believe I shall make mention of this little project of hers we have been following. Keep me updated.

AD: Yes lord. Glory to Arachnos.


LOG DATE 05/24/05

*This file seems distorted, as if damaged*

All that remains of this one is presented. The rest has escaped my grasp, it is ethereal now.

...ight is clearly the best of the bunch. Strongest, fastest, smartest, yet seems content to follow. Exactly what we were looking...

...is smart, but shows more initiative than we would like. She would make a good employee but I would not recommend her for field work. Her v-ent outbursts could be a problem if she's not kept in check. Perhaps...

...settled by how much damage she managed to do with her bare fists...

...eel as though Taylor may be haunting this project, new anomalies are popping up at an -rming rate, especially in specimen number ei...

...mith out.


LOG DATE ??/??/??

This one does not seem to belong. I am confused. Did I record this?

*A woman with long, purple hair sits on what appears to be a throne. A large blade is in her hand, pointed down into the ground. She rests idly on the chair. Her clothes are simple white scrubs, stained with blood. The blade drips blood into a pool on the floor. Bodies surround the throne, many of them split into parts. Piano music plays softly in the background, but it does not sound as if it originates from a point inside the video. The piece is Chopin's Prelude in D flat major. The camera slowly zooms in on the woman's face as the music crescendos. She has a slight smile.*

On Life

LOG DATE 10/25/05

D: This is officer Daniel Fisherman, the date is october 25th, 2005. Interrogation of suspect in the murder of Jane Doe. State your name for the record please.

*There is a short moment of silence in the recording* To whom are you speaking, officer Daniel Fisherman?

D: 8? That's it?

C: You can never get names out of these people, Dan. Just write it down and we'll get this over with.

D: Fine. You have been read your rights and have chosen not to have an attorney present, correct?

*Another moment of silence*

D: Very well. We'll begin then. What were you doing before you were arrested last night, at around 11 PM?

*A long, silent break folows*

D: ...Huh. I wasn't expecting to get a confession out of you so quickly. If you would sign a statement to that effect then we're done here I guess.


LOG DATE 10/25/05

AD: Yes lord, the silence on R-71Z is unusual, I am attempting to contact our mole as we speak.

*A few clicks and a beep*

AD: Hmm. Well this explains a great deal. Are you still there?

LR: I am here.

AD: The specimens escaped from Crey custody yesterday, apparently leaving a bloody trail behind them. Everyone involved in the project, including our mole, has been killed.

LR: Where are they now?

AD: Specimen #8 seems to have just arrived in PPD custody. Apparently she has just signed a confession to the murder of an unspecified number of Jane Does. Her sisters, perhaps?

LR: Most likely. An unspecified number? Some of them may still remain.

AD: Yes lord. She has accepted the full sentence for five homicides, her only condition for signing the confession was to leave the actual number unknown. I wonder why?

LR: Have a few Sanction operatives investigate it. Report directly to me if they uncover anything worthwhile. They are sending her to the Zig, I assume?

AD: Yes lord.

LR: Good. Contact the team leading the breakout tomorrow. Have them add Specimen #8Point me to it, Spiderto the list. When she arrives her fate will be in her own hands. If she is worthy of my attention then she will earn it. Until then, she is just another destined.

AD: Yes lord. Glory to Arachnos.


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