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"I am not the man they were, and I will be fighting my entire life to repair the damage which they have caused, this is my task and I carry it with me always."


The story of Spell Slung is not one that can be taken lightly or in pieces. Like his creation, the story must be told from the start, including all of the pieces involved in that.

Our story therefore begins, in one part, with a being known as Artekera, another, with a man named Zeal and finally, a being known as Herrek, at this time, the start of our story of course, only one of these beings existed, that creature, was Artekera.


Aleoth, once a being of wisdom, creation and beauty. The being responsible for the birth of the Kaleshkan people, and their demise. Aleoth, is a being of immense power, akin to our own gods. Millenia ago, Aleoth formed the dimension of Kaleshka, an alternate universe to our own, populated by humanoid beings. These beings, were created in care, and kindness by Aleoth. Aleoth's children grew, and prospered, he imparted the gift of magic onto his children, and thus watched them flourish, guided by his gentle hand, the Kaleshkans grew to an incredible civilisation, spanning several planets in their own solar system.

However, the Kaleshkans began to lose faith in Aleoth, his power, was begining to seem naught in comparrison to their own, they rose up against their creator, and using the very gifts he had given them, struck him down. Aleoth was sealed in his own dimension within the Kaleshkan universe and left to rot.

Over time, Aleoth's name was forgotten in history, new Gods rose in his place, and began to take their control over the Kaleshkan people, forcing them into their unknowing servants. The Kaleshkans began to care for their gods, as though their entire existence was simply to cater to their every whim. To this, Aleoth's rage grew, he shattered the prison holding him and struck out against these new gods.

Weakened from his generations of imprisonment however, Aleoth was simply batted aside by the newer dieties of the Kaleshka. They named him Artekera, a word, meaning pitiful in the Kaleshkan language, and banished him from their dimension. It was at this point in time, that the second piece of the puzzle comes into play.

The now named, Artekera, vowed he would free his children from the grasp of these lesser gods, and set out on his banishment, to find a being which would be able to assist him in his endevours, something with as much hate and disgust as the new gods of the Kaleshkans, perhaps then, Artekera would be able to understand these creatures, and by understanding them, learn to destroy them.


[For full information, see Zeal's page.]

Artekera's travels took him across many worlds and many more universes, though he could never seem to find a being quite right to learn from, that was until he chances upon Primal Earth, a being, known as Zeal Relaren, around eighteen years of age, a human male. This bald ape descended creature harboured more hate and resentment for everything in existence than Artekera had ever known, more so than that of the new Gods to the Kaleshkans. This being, was the perfect example of what Artekera needed to know, the way to understand the new ways, and with that, a way to topple them.

Artekera made his descent towards the planet, viewed the beings actions, then attempted to take over it's mind. However, the difference between human minds and Kaleshkans appeared to be far greater than Artekera had originally believed, the hate, anger and disgust of Zeal's mind completely overpowering him and absorbing him.

Zeal, now in control of powers above his own intelligence, began to exact more hate and aggression against the world. Releasing beasts manifested from his own hate and Artekera's creation against his home town of the Sleepy Meadows. Over night, the town was massacred, not a living thing remained except for Zeal. Satisfied with his work, he began to move into more underground activities, various murders in the evening, robberies, destruction of property, before being finally apprehended by the anti-meta human project in the UK.

Finally under control, Zeal began to toy with his jury, tried and tested, he appeared guilty, yet the verdict which came through the doors was NGRI (Not Guilty through Reasons of Insanity). Zeal was sent to a specialist control unit for individuals with powers and mental illness associated with those powers. Artekera, now able to do no more than mutter in Zeal's ear, could muster no strength to move the boy from the cells, Zeal's twisted mind confusing any signal that got through as a desire for destruction.

Before long, the staff decided they were unable to deal with Zeal's condition and referred him to an Arachnos run medical facility in Mercy Island. Here, Zeal made his escape, freeing several of the other inmates to cause confusion between the guard, before slipping out of the Ward dressed as one of the murdered watchmen for the area. Zeal began to test the limits of his abilities, stretching them to their capacity, the lawless environment of the Isles, allowing Zeal to cut loose and really find his abilities true meaning.

It wasn't long before Zeal's actions caught the ire of various villain groups in the Isles, the thorns in particular, seeking to use Zeal's gateway like abilities to call forward their own masters. This of course, was not on Zeal's agenda, after playing into their trap, he took great delight in tearing them apart limb from limb until being informed of the location of the thorn tree and various other infromative pieces of magical information around Paragon and the Isles. With that, Zeal tore the remaining members from his path, collecting every book, artefact and relic he could muster before leaving.

Soon after, Zeal realised his place. Artekera's words had shone through, the new desire, to destroy the Kaleshkan people, not the gods which now enslaved them, but the people themselves. Afterall, a god with no believers, is weakened beyond worship. Zeal opened a gateway to the otherworld, and began to tear them apart. Artekera watched on in horror from his mental prison as his children, the only things he had ever tried to protect, were decimated before him.

This, was the catalyst for Artekera realising a loop hole out of the situation he was now in, a catalyst of magical energy, would be enough to shatter the bond holding him to this, creature, enough to shatter the binds for him to escape, or at least have a fighting chance at taking control. Artekera spat the idea of visiting the thorn tree countless times into Zeal's subconscious, appealing to Zeal's lust for power and destruction. Artekera convinced Zeal of the untold bounty of power the thorn tree would release should it be destroyed. Zeal, bought into it. Artekera had never steered him wrong before, this time, would be no different.

The human found his way into the inner sanctums of the Circle's chambers, delving deep below the earth in Nerva, until finally finding the resting place of the thron tree. Raising his hands, Zeal began to summon his creatures, however, instead of his usual beasts, Artekera was manifested in it's full form, tearing Zeal with it into another dimension.


Upon de-spacing in a new dimension, Artekera and Zeal began fighting for survival against one another, Zeal's dark abilities still showing through despite Artekera having been seperated from his form. The two tore across the dimension of Raleshak, causing massive destruction in their wake.

The Grand Council of Raleshak noticed the magical intrusion the second the two breached the barriers of their world. Steps were taken instantly, and the High Mage Herrek was chosen to face the beings head on in their fight. Upon his arrival on the scene, the high mage was dumbfounded by the cataclysm being caused by the two beings, in a last act of desperation against them, he began casting a ritual to bind both beings in a single body.

Artekera, noticed the magic being charged by Herrek and quickly decided that a fate where he was destroyed would at least allow him to be with his lost children. Artekera fueled every ounce of energy it had left towards Herrek's spell, allowing the High Mage to save the people of Raleshak, and grant Artekera it's final rest.

The result of course from the Spell, was most unexpected, the fusing of the three beings into a new one, not a combination of the three, but a new being entirely, created from minor aspects of each, the result was slung from the battlefield from the power of the spell towards the Grand City. The result was Spell Slung.


Spell's creation was not a simple enchantment or conjury. His creation involved what appeared to be a split second judgement made by one individual with rippling repercussion. Herrek's sacrifice, Artekera's desire to save his creations and Zeal's desire to cause nothing but torment, created one individual, an individual in the guise of Herrek, with Aleoth's heart.

The council, welcomed their hero with open arms, Herrek, or so it seemed, had vanquished the two beings fighting, however, when it was revealed that Spell had been formed in place as a prison, the Council moved for a singular vote, to expell the abomination with the title of Va'Serash Tyrfing, The Abomination Weapon. A beast that should never be allowed to exist within the dimension of Raleshak.

Spell was sent to the place that was pinned as the origin of the original beings that invaded Raleshak, and the dimensional barriers of the city sealed beyond re-entry.


The life of a hero is never easy, nor is it generally simple. Spell Slung was thrown into this world amidst chaos and darkness, striving to hold onto what shred of light his soul truly had left, though all the time he gained, was simply borrowed, the dream of a dead God. Aleoth, now at peace after avenging it's children, left only a shred of it's power within Spell's body, and over time and use, that power had been drained.

Spell looked out over the still waters of Founder's Falls, a light smile traced across his lips. He had known this day would come for some time now, and despite fevered efforts to find a remedy, he had decided to let the universe run it's course. Taking a breath, he closed his eyes, simply letting the light from the sun dance across his skin with the reflections of the water below him.

Quietly he began to talk to himself "Aleoth is at peace... and though I know this world has lost one of it's greatest heroes with the death of the Statesman... I suppose I should feel guilty about leaving... but I don't. I've lived on borrowed time, time stolen from a life I should never have had in the first place... Though, I would not trade that for the world... the experiences I've had, the people I've met" he smiled slightly more to himself "and the love I've felt... all of that was worth it. I appologise to all who I failed to help or shall fail to help, but there are so many others to take our places when we finally fall, that in the end, I know my shoes will be filled..."

The mage looked up at the sun, opening his eyes once more "Taryn, I wish to thank you most of all... you taught me what it is to be human, what it is to feel, to care... and to love. Though I wish our future were still intact, our time together will always be. That is to say, that I love you, and that is not simply a word or a saying that is not truly felt, I do... with every fibre of what remains of me in this world, I will always love you for what you showed me."

With that, The Spell Slung pulls his hood over his head, and as the sun sets, his physical form begins to unravel, no pain met the mans form, simply blissful closure, pure magical energy slowly dissipating outwards, twirling and twisting, as the last dream of the dead god Aleoth, finally ended. All that remained in his position, was a small silver chain, attached to which was a small hand crafted silver T with a tiny green gem set into it.



"I uhm... Taryn is... well that is to say, Taryn is special to me. I'm not sure how to explain it, but then, it's difficult to explain any emotion. The easiest thing to say is that Taryn is the person who picks me up when I'm down, she is the one person in this world that makes me understand why I fight for what I do, and I would do anything for her. She is my cake."


"Wolf is most likely the best friend I have in this world, or any world for that matter. Honestly, I'm not sure why we're friends, but then I suppose that doesn't matter. He's a strong willed individual, and a lot of the time is as awkward as I am with certain things, so it makes understanding him easy enough I suppose. Fact of the matter is, if Wolf needs help I'll be there to give it, like any friend would."


"I don't know if Light is my friend, though I'd like to think she is, she's a strong willed individual, Like Wolf... I wonder if that's why they're compatable... but then I've never seen any other side to her, Wolf is fond of her, so I imagine that there must be more to her than simply a strong mannered alien... Either way, she seems a nice person."


"This... woman, let's call her that, is an odd one. Even by my standards, I find it difficult to understand her. On one hand, we are supposed to be allies, yet on the other, she seems dead set on trying to either kill me or fight me. I hope that this conflict never comes to pass, I would not wish to be held accountable for such a mistake. Perhaps this is a sign that she likes me... though I hope not, they do say that women show aggression occasionally when they're attracted to you..."


"Ayla is a sweet girl, she's an alien, similar to me I suppose, I'm not from here, which is why I get on with her so easily, that and I'm apparently one of the few Sentry members who can udnerstand sign language... and I really don't have an issue with her telepathy. Either way, Ayla is young and I feel she needs someone to look out for her."
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