Spirit Suit

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Spirit Suit.jpg
Spirit Suit back in 1986.
Spirit Suit
Player: @RobotoHQ
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: '
Personal Data
Real Name: He does not have a real name, he is not a true creature.
Known Aliases: Blue Suit, Suit, Spirit, Ghost, Transparent, Trans
Species: Dimensionally created creature.
Age: He has existed since the start of time.
Height: ???
Weight: ???
Eye Color: Black and transparent.
Hair Color: Black.
Biographical Data
Nationality: ???
Occupation: Hero, Defender of Viz and Vaz.
Place of Birth: Somewhere in a dimensional rift.
Base of Operations: Resides everywhere in Paragon City.
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Ability to change the human mind, energy blasts.
Known Abilities
He only wears his blue suit.
Respect the suit.

((This character has been deleted. --Holygiant 19:43, 2 August 2010 (MST)))

Spirit Suit's history

Born as a ghostly being at the beginning of time, Spirit Suit floated for thousands of years among the dimensional rifts. He was just a simple black transparent being at the time. No suit. He was mostly lazy for that time, he didn't see a single other being among the entire rift. This could last forever, and it really does. Not until 984 BC on Earth did Spirit Suit get out of that rift. He was in space now. The Galaxy. He lived nine hundred earth years out on a barren planet. Even then he had grown bored... But there was hope and excitement for him yet. He had found Earth. There, he came to the Romans, and they cherished him greatly.

Time on Earth

He thought that these people were rather strange. He wondered who they were and more importantly, who was he? He watched them do everything they did. Every battle he'd find a hill or ledge to sit on and watch instead of actually battling. That would be interrupting the balance of humanity. But this is also where he learned that rule wasn't quite necessary. He met two men named Viz and Vaz. Viz had a scar on his left eye while Vaz had a scar on his right. They had held the world on strings for all this time. They are the keepers of the world. They are the peacekeepers, ones who keep balance. (this section is being edited)

1900's and becoming Spirit Suit

He wasn't always Spirit Suit. He was just a spirit before. It wasn't until 1910 that he found the blue suit. He awakened to the morning sun, staring out across the bay. He was living in Near. Near, NY. It was a small city, mostly still under construction so he commonly heard the hustling work of the construction workers. He would sleep wherever we could, this time it was an apartment rooftop. He walked around the streets. He saw everyone with their dresses and suits, and figured he really had to fit in somehow. From the money he had found, he was able to buy a suit. A black suit. He tried to put it on, but it was to dark. He looked like himself all over again. He didn't like himself. So he had an idea. He crafted the greatest suit he'd ever seen. Blue. Blue for freedom! But we've got trouble in Near City... Someone was shot the night of October 14th. But it wasn't any normal gunshot. They shot them with some sort of acid that could potentially burn the victim alive. Nobody knew who the victim was. Everyone in the town was worried that they'd be the killer's next target, and they would be essentially vaporized. But they didn't have to fear anymore. Spirit Suit came speeding to the crime scene. He was alone. Alone with a dead body. He turned around and... Bang. A gun fired right through his stomach. He looked down at his stomach and said, "Hey, you ruined my suit!" He rose up and shot the armored man with energy, making him fly back towards the wall. (this section is being finished.)

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