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[NPC] Franchesca: Starflier! That's like awesome to the power of totally radical!

[NPC] Crey Cryo Tank: Holy --- It's Starflier!

Starflier is a new hero in Paragon City, but she shows great potential and instincts for crime fighting.

((Starflier is my namesake hero, and sticks close to the classic ideal of a superhero. No emo, no crazy dark revengering, just good old crime fighting and protecting the innocent. She's been re-rolled a few dozen times, but I definitely think she fits best as an energy blaster.))

Airborne avenger!
Global Defenders Defender
Player: @Starflier
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 50
Identifying Data
Real Name: Sarah Gordon
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Age: 20
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 125 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Auburn
Additional Data
Place of Birth: Paragon City, RI
Citizenship: American
Current Residence: Paragon City, RI
Occupation: Student
Marital Status: Single
Legal Status: U.S. Citizen
Known Relatives and/or Associates
All deceased (First Rikti War), Dr. Robert Werner (adoptive father)
Known Powers
Energy Blast, Energy Manipulation
Training / Abilities
Hand-to-hand fighting skills
Portable Rapid Regeneration Device
Masthead Herobox.jpg
"In all corners of the Globe"


Early Years

Before the Rikti War

Prior to the first Rikti War, Sarah was just your average kid. Twelve years old and not a care in the world. She lived in Baumton with her mother, father, and older brother. She showed no signs of mutation, and enjoyed a normal, if uneventful life.

Her father was a surgeon, and her mother an ER nurse at the Steel Canyon Medical Center. They preferred the city life, and so kept a rather luxurious apartment in Baumton, rather than move to the suburbs like most of their coworkers. Raymond was a well respected surgeon, and enjoyed his work. He worked hard to maintain a balance between his job and his family, knowing how hard it could be growing up the child of a workaholic. He met Anna-May at the hospital during his first few days in residence, and they were married a year later.

The Gordon's had two children: Eric and Sarah. The two were close friends, being the only children their age in the apartment building. Eric, being two years older, was constantly looking out for his little sister and trying to keep the energetic youth out of trouble.

Sorting through the wreckage of Baumton.


When Baumton was destroyed, the apartment building Sarah lived in was reduced to rubble, killing her family. Sarah's latent mutant abilities came to life as she tried to dig them out from the ruined building. Each punch reduced massive chunks of concrete to dust. In the end she saved eight lives, but couldn't save her family.

Sarah was adopted by her father's best friend, and family physician, Dr. Robert Werner. He has cared for his friend's daughter as though she were his own and tried to give her a good life. He has also been instrumental in helping her understand and develop her abilities.

A Hero is Born

At just eighteen years of age, Sarah registered as hero. Since the Rikti killed her family she has been determined to help others and keep the same kind of tragedy that happened to her from happening to others. She took the name Starflier in honour of her brother who had always wanted to be an astronaut, flying among the stars.

Her costume, commissioned by Dr. Werner and designed by Serge is simple, yet effective. It allows for freedom of movement and readily identifies her as a hero. Standard hero fare, the lightweight Kevlar will stop most small caliber rounds fired from as close as 10 feet away, and an insulating top layer protects against heat, cold, and energy attacks. The mask protects her identity, and was designed specifically to not inhibit her peripheral vision. The white and blue were taken from her family's old coat of arms.

Under Ms. Liberty's watchful eye, Sarah has developed into a much more effective crime fighter. Taking down several drug trafficking operations in Atlas Park and King's Row has given her a newfound confidence and sense of purpose. The ability to fight criminals is one thing, even regular people can do that, but it's the other stuff Sarah has to learn: how to get information, how to track down villains, and how to piece everything together.

Sarah has largely been working by herself in the early stages of her career for a number of reasons. She's new to the 'game' and a little unsure of herself; she's also shy, which doesn't mix well with some of the more outrageous personalities of Paragon City heroes. While she gets a handle on using her powers responsibly, she doesn't want to put other heroes needlessly in danger.

Recently, Sarah has earned the right to wear a cape. She has updated her costume with Serge's help, and looks forward to flying around the city.

Strutting her stuff.

Civilian Life

Being a hero may be Sarah's calling, but it is not the sum of her ambitions. Having graduated from high school, Sarah is now enrolled in molecular biology at Paragon University. She hopes one day to better understand her mutation, and help others with mutations better understand their own powers.

A brilliant student, Sarah is attending Paragon University on a full scholarship. As long as she keeps her grades up, she won't have to worry about working a job just to make ends meet. Dr. Werner would be more than willing to pay for her education himself, but he knows she's too proud to ask, and so he just tries to help her in other small ways. Given that she doesn't need to sleep, Sarah needs to work extra hard to keep from getting bored. This extra time allows her to not only fight crime, but put in extra work for school.

Sarah Gordon, 20

Sarah is stunningly beautiful, but shy and reserved nonetheless. She maintains a small group of close friend from school who are unaware of her hero work. She remains single, preferring to focus on her studies and her crime fighting for the time being.

Among her new friends at university are several photography majors. On a few occasions she has accompanied them on projects, and finds it a fascinating art. She has taken it up as a hobby, and given her abilities, has managed to find some spectacular shots.

She remains close to Dr. Werner, and continues to work with him to understand her powers. She cares deeply for the doctor, even if he hasn't replaced her own family in her thoughts.

Sarah has begun to develop her heroic persona to be quite different from her secret identity. In costume she is confident, outgoing and always ready to meet a challenge head-on. While she knows this would never keep her close friends from figuring it all out, she hopes it will keep the public in the dark.


Sarah's powers are a direct result of her special genetic mutation. This mutation resulted in her cells developing quite differently than those of most human beings. Sarah's cells absorb sunlight for nourishment, much like those of a plant. Furthermore, she is able to channel and redirect this energy. Even small amounts of radiant light will recharge her body, meaning she is quite capable of doing battle, night or day.

It has recently become apparent that this mutation is even more extensive than first realized. Her mutation has eliminated her need for food and sleep, as her physiology becomes more complex, and more alien.

Energy Blasts

Sarah's main offensive weapons are her energy blasts which are capable of delivering highly devastating blows to her opponents. She prefers to use these blasts from range, keeping herself away from harm. Sarah is slowly learning how to safely release more and more energy with each blast.

The concussive force behind each blast of energy is likened to the shock wave from an explosion and can knock even the largest of opponents on their backsides. While she mainly uses enough energy to send opponents flying, Sarah is quite capable of using more energy in each blast. The extra energy comes in handy when battling robots and other non-sentient enemies.

Recently Sarah has found herself able to release a massive charge of energy, quite literally levelling the battlefield. While this is extremely effective, not to mention impressive, it leaves her completely drained of energy for a short period of time. This leaves her vulnerable to any enemies surviving the blast.

Energy Manipulation

Sarah is able to manipulate her energy reserves for more than just ranged blasts though. She uses a controlled flow of energy to achieve flight, and can also channel it into her fists for devastating hand-to-hand attacks capable of knocking down or disorienting enemies. This was how she pulled survivors from the ruined apartment building, using concentrated energy to destroy concrete blocks into little more than dust and pebbles.

Sarah is slowly learning more and more ways of using her energy powers for crime fighting, and it can be certain there's much more impressive feats to be seen in the future.

Starflier sporting her new cape.


Sarah is currently field testing a prototype Portable Rapid Regeneration Device, a new invention of Dr. Werner's which is capable of healing wounds almost instantly. Initial testing has been remarkably positive for an early prototype.

Update: Dr. Werner's PRRD is now in it's fourth iteration and is able to duplicate, to a degree, the regeneration technology found in most hospitals.


To improve her abilities and herself, Sarah is constantly training herself. For this she prefers Boomtown, her old neighbourhood, long ago deserted by decent people. Here she can let loose with her powers and try new things. It is here, against the clockwork oscillators and outcast bosses that she has begun training in aerial combat. Becoming accustomed to utilizing a third axis of movement has been more difficult than Sarah originally thought, but practice does make perfect afterall.

Physically, Sarah is in great condition. Every morning before class she runs around the perimeter of Steel Canyon. With all the criminal elements in the area, it's thought to be a dangerous run, but in reality there are so many heroes patrolling the area that very rarely does trouble occur. Sarah no longer participates in sports, although she was on the track team in high school, winning a number of medals in statewide competition.

But using powers, and being in shape are only going to take Sarah so far in her training. On advice from Dr. Werner she has come to realize that she will need to start teaming up with other heroes. Enemies are becoming too powerful to take down by herself, and furthermore there is much that she will learn only from working with other heroes.

Halloween 2008, or, How the Boys Learned to Stop Worrying and Fall for Sarah Gordon

New school, new friends, and new opportunities. That's how Sarah viewed her first semester of university. She found the school easy enough, and soon found herself some friends she really liked. The opportunity came up at Halloween when it was announced the group was going on a pub crawl dressed as super villains.

Sarah's new friend Michelle picked up the costumes at a local shop and gave everyone their new identities for the night. To say the shy and modest Sarah nearly freaked out when she saw hers would be an understatement. Only by the gentle reassurance of Michelle and Jack Daniels was Sarah able to step foot in public dressed as the evil Black Swan.

She was quite the hit with the guys. The other girls, not so much, although their snide remarks were mostly drowned out by the sound of jaws hitting the floor.

In the end Sarah had a great time. She's since gone back to the reserved girl her friends know and love, but it's only a few months till next Halloween...

Sarah drops evil and jaws in her Black Swan Halloween outfit!

Halloween 2009, or, No Big Deal

Halloween 2009 came and went, although certainly less traumatic for the second year student. The gang went out as video game characters and Michelle once again picked up the costumes.

By now Sarah new what to expect, and left Michelle somewhat disappointed when she donned her Lara Croft outfit with little trepidation.

Michelle simply vowed to try harder in 2010.

Keeping up the good work as Lara Croft.

Halloween 2010, or, A Mime is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Michelle, seeing that Sarah wasn't the timid thing she'd met first year, decided against trying to shock her with some ridiculous costume. She couldn't know exactly why Sarah had grown so much, but she was glad to be part of it.

More importantly, Sarah met a guy at the frat party they headed to late that night. They didn't speak much, Sarah takes costumed identities seriously, but they danced for hours before she and Michelle left the party. She is still trying, subtly, to find out who the man dressed as the Phantom of the Opera was. A football player perhaps, judging by his size, but it was the eyes that drew her in.

Career Highlights

A young hero, new to the game, Starflier has nonetheless left a mark on the underworld of Paragon.

- The Vahzilok Pollutant Plot, Jill Pastor

- Lost and Found, Montague Castanella

- The Clockwork Captive, Carla Brunelli

- Find Missing Fortune Teller, Hugo Redding

- The Freaklympics, Marvin Weintraub

- A Path Into Darkness, Colleen Nelson

- Revenant Hero Project, Gordon Stacy

- Project: World Wide Red, Crimson

The Global Defenders

Starflier has recently joined the international supergroup known as the Global Defenders. She had reached a point in her crime-fighting career where working solo was no longer prudent given the powerful villains she was now facing. Through one of her contacts she was put in touch with Irish Night, leader of the group.

As a new recruit Starflier has made it a priority to become involved with the group. Among other thing she has taken to learning as much about the systems aboard the Enigma, the Defenders' space station, in an effort to improve upon them and keep them in operational status. Sarah enjoys working on the Enigma, and welcomes the newest hobby to occupy her 24 hour days.

Sarah has uncovered evidence of a new criminal organization moving in on similar operations in Paragon City. During her recent interrogation of Crey and Council members, she learned of at least four separate attacks on facilities run by high tech criminal organization within Paragon City, and also the Rogue Islands. With little evidence to go on, Sarah is hoping the resources of the Global Defenders will help her make headway in her investigation of this new threat.

Following her initial probationary period with the team, Starflier has been promoted to full Defender status. The vote of confidence from the group's leaders have given her a renewed feeling of confidence in her own abilities.

Conservative and confident, Sarah proves that not everyone hates a mime.


((The following are some of my own characters which are included in the 'Starflier Universe'. Basically these characters all exist in the same continuity as Starflier. This list is mostly for my own use for works of fiction and MA arc characters and does not include members of the Global Defenders or other peoples' heroes/villains unless noted.))


- Dr. Jeffrey Stern/Planet Smasher, Earth/Thermal Controller, University Professor (Astronomy), hero identity unknown

- Dynamite Jack, Inv/EM Tanker, Construction Worker, secret identity unknown

- Company Girl, DP/MM Blaster, CIA operative, identity unknown to non-agency personnel

- Suzy Homemaker, Emp/AR Defender, Nurse/Socialite, nurse identity known, socialite identity unknown

- Midnight Might, Elec/Dark Scrapper, Mercenary/Socialite, identity known


- Dr. Desolator, Fire/Dark Corruptor, Mad Scientist, identity unknown

- Wrecker Wren, WM/SR Brute, Mercenary, identity known to public

- Santa Muerte, Necromancy/Poison Mastermind, Mental Patient, identity known to public


- Favourite band is The Dudes, a Canadian indie rock band she saw in concert during a high school field trip to Toronto, Ontario.

- Is told she looks like actress Olivia Wilde.

- Tested IQ of 155.

- Favourite food: Chili Cheese Dogs with extra Onions

- Favourity drink: Chocolate Milk

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