Terpsichore's Girl

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Terpsichore's Girl
Player: Yuki
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: '
Personal Data
Real Name: Kira Malone, Jr.
Known Aliases: KJ, Terpsighore's Daughter
Species: half-human
Age: 31 (Appears 16)
Height: 5'6"
Weight: Slim
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Professional Dancer & Hero
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Sonny Malone (Father)
Kira Malone (Terpsichore) (Mother)
Zeus (Grandfather)
Mnemosyne (Grandmother)
Calliope, Clio, Erato, Euterpe, Melpomene, Polyhymnia, Thalia, Urania (Aunts)
Danny McGuire (godfather, deceased)
Known Powers
Martial Arts/Fast Reflexes
Known Abilities
Black belt equivalent in a variety of arts, from Tai Chi to Muay Thai; Professional dancer; Session singer; Model (specialty is legs and feet); effectively immortal (stopped aging at 16, while she decides whether she wants to pursue her divine heritage, renounce it and become fully mortal like her father, or remain a demigod like her uncle Meathead..err.. Heracles; more money than she knows what to do with
Anything she wants, if it's available to the average civilian or registered hero, she can afford to buy
Is the daughter of the surviving partner of Xanadu, a night club in Los Angeles that opened a few months before her parents married


Coleridge, Eat Your Heart Out!

It was the late 1970s. Disco was king, and an unknown artist painted a mural of the Muses on the side of a building in Los Angeles. That mural became a reality nexus, and the artist who painted it was assigned Terpsichore as his Muse. The artist (Sonny Malone) and Terpsichore fell in love, but before their love came to a head, she had been able to inspire him to join with Danny McGuire, a retired big band leader, to restore and update an abandoned art deco auditorium and transform it into a night club named Xanadu.

Sonny and Terpsichore married, with her using the name Kira to disguise her divine origin, and on August 8, 1980, their daughter (Kira Junior, or KJ) was born. As Sonny's friend and business partner, Danny became KJ's godfather and favorite uncle. As she grew, KJ was encouraged in her love of dance and music, and when Danny died, KJ sang at his funeral.

Honey, I Might Have Forgotten To Tell You...

KJ stopped aging on her 16th birthday, and learned in one marathon session with her mother that she was:

Given that she has over 50 divine half-brothers and half-sisters, and nearly 60 mortal or demigod half-brothers and half-sisters (and then you get into the more distant relations), she can't really look for advice from anyone in her family. She's already so impressed by her grandfather that she refers to him as "He Who Can't Keep It In His Pants", and by her most famous half-brother so she refers to him as "Meathead". Subtlety is not (yet) one of her strong points.

Not knowing what to do, KJ decided to take her time and not decide right away. That was fifteen years ago, and in that time she's finished college, become a professional dancer, a model (photographers prefer to take shots of her legs and feet), and a successful session singer, doing studio work for everyone from Robert Palmer to The Strokes. However, as her father became older and she hadn't yet reached a decision, KJ decided to move to Paragon City, in hopes that her experiences there would help her reach a final decision. She has her parents' blessing, and regularly calls them up for marathon gab-fests, to update them on what she's up to, and get updated on what they and the club are up to. Xanadu will always be her true home, but Paragon City is home for now.

So This Is What Being A Hero Is Like?

KJ's experiences in Paragon City so far have inclined her to think there are far too many people in the hero business who aren't having enough fun! Seriously, if your heart isn't in it, why bother doing it at all? She's decided that as long as she's going to be a hero, she's going to enjoy what she does. And if that means dating that hot Blood Widow she met on the Pocket D dance floor, who's been doing television ads encouraging heroes and villains to work together to fight a greater danger that threatens all of Earth, that's what she's going to do! Or if it means trying to give that nice martial artist who was mercilessly teased by a pĂșca back his self-confidence, she's going to do that, too!

There are just too many people being grim and depressed, on both hero and villain sides of the law, for her liking. If you can't do what you do with passion, why do it at all?

Things You Never Realized You Wanted To Know About A Demigoddess

(This is where you can add your questions for KJ, or tell people the things you think you know about her. She reserves the right to comment in reply. If you leave your name, she may even answer you in person.)

I heard that KJ is a lesbian
Well, at least that's better than the people who don't look any farther than my face and think I'm under age. Still not true, of course, but I don't get nearly as annoyed. And my ex boy- and girl-friends will all join me in giggling over it.
Are you as big a slut as your grandfather?
You'll never find out.

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