The Breakouts

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Clancy Callahan, Mason Maddox, and Derek Prewitt, are three ex-cons gathered together by Kenneth Rockwell, an outcast Arachnos agent looking for redemption. Kenneth plans on molding The Breakouts into one of the most feared criminal groups in the Isles.

The Neverending Story

OOC Info

Pretty much anyone is able to join, with a few "exceptions":

  • Arachnos Operatives - With Webspider harboring a grudge against Arachnos for what happened to him, Arachnos operatives probably aren't eligible to join. This does not mean VEATs can't join. If your VEAT isn't actually a member of Arachnos, or they were a member but have revolted against Arachnos, you're in the clear. Heck, even people that are posing as eager-to-prove-themselves villains, but are actually Arachnos spies are free to join, it would make for good RP.
  • World Domination Villains - Those guys like Dr. Doom and Lex Luthor that only want to take over the world. It'd not that these type of villains can't join, it's just that, from an RP standpoint, they probably wouldn't want to join. If you're that type of villain and you want to join to further your own agenda, then great.

The Hideaway

The Hideaway is the base of operations for the Breakouts. It's an old warehouse that Clancy found while out exploring. They saw it as the perfect place to begin their rise to power. After they concluded that they would be staying there for the time being, they immediately set to work on acquiring the necessities. There is no rhyme or reason to the types of objects the Breakouts stole for their base. Webspider went for important things such as weapons and generators. Hideout brought in the money and places to store it. Bioshift and Halfway? Well, they went after stuff that they thought was cool, whether it served a purpose or not.

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