The Eternal Symphony

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The Eternal Symphony
Player: The Symphony & Psyrun
Origin: Love
Archetype: Brute/Blaster/Corrupter
Security Level: 100?
Personal Data
Real Name: /
Known Aliases: Baerun & Psylyn, Bae & Psy, The Golden Goddess & The Purple Martyr, The Creepy Twins, Children Of the Corn, Sanguine Dolls
Species: Homo Superior
Age: 2019-06-29
Height: varies
Weight: varies
Eye Color: varies, often Hazel with a thin ring of purple around the iris or vice versa
Hair Color: varies, often a mixture of purple and blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: unclear, previously U.S. American and Etoile/Nation respectively
Occupation: self-employed
Place of Birth: St.Martial
Base of Operations: St.Martial
Marital Status: /
Known Relatives: /
Known Powers
Auto-hemokinesis, Matter-manipulation on a molecular level, Complete control over their own bodies (Dissolving into liquid form, Becoming immune to poisons, drugs or diseases, Splitting into separate bodies, Achieving low level super strength, speed, reflexes, perception, etc.) Perceiving and "touching" trans-dimensional energy patters that fall under the umbrella term "souls" with their blood, Disintegration and processing of matter and energy into more blood, Very limited capabilities of opening up dimensional rifts to a pocket dimension and from there back to Primal Earth, Uncanny affinity for psychic abilities, Passively producing high amounts psychic energy
Known Abilities
Self sustaining on generated psychic energy, Limited reconstruction of disintegrated matter, Shape shifting, Pseudo-Teleportation, Telekinesis, Pyrokinesis, Telepathy, Mind reading, Mind control, Psychic altering of perception, Creation of psionic constructs, Self taught coding and hacking on a medium scale, Acrobatics, Proficient in stock trading, Fluent in English and German
None. Each and every object they carry is technically part of their anatomy
The resulting gestalt consciousness of the individuals known as Baelyn Ramsey and Psyrun merging into a single entity.



     "Why is there no 'Love Origin'?" 
            -Baelyn's player during character creation

Given that this/these character(s) came about due to the merging of two already quite powerful ones, they are STUPID overpowered. We, the players (No this isn't one person dual boxing and no, Baelyn as a character has, as of yet no VV entry), are aware that this might be viewed as troublesome though believe that this is somewhat balanced out by the fact that they are only ever forcefully intervening when all other options are exhausted, at least as long as they believe that there is hope to resolve conflict peacefully. Additionally, they tend to be a little detached... more eager to bring their love to those individuals that seem to be in need of it, than to actually interact with the world at large, even it they sometimes try to force themselves to try and do just that. They also share Psyrun's ideals of never reading anyone's mind without their consent, unless they're clearly holding information that could help prevent harm and her unwillingness to use mind control at all unless left with absolutely no other choice. Furthermore, they do have clearly defined weaknesses.

Public Info

Having only recently sprung into existence, The Eternal Symphony has yet to make its mark on the world. They are referring to themselves as a hero, yet they aren't officially registered as such. Both of the individuals that make up this gestalt consciousness, Baelyn Ramsey and Psyrun, were, in their previous lives, known as or at least suspected to be criminals and mass murderers though, which gives ample reason to be highly wary of them.


Recent reports have suggested that there is a sort of cult forming around them at the center. The following individuals of note have been confirmed to be connected to this cult activity:


-Perianna Morrow

-The Latex Symbiote


How to make your very own Sanguine Doll!

What happens when two sapphic superpowered psycho teenagers fall in love? They become a symbiotic gestalt of course! This new entity, born out of the sacrificial love of Psyrun, made out of hemokinetic blood with disintegrating properties and psychic powers, is an oddity even in Paragon City! The psychopath Baelyn was seen serving at a homeless shelter? The crazy Psyrun was gone? Or wait! She was running around with blood tendrils now!? What the fuck is going on? Is this the worst possible scenario or does love actually conquer all?

The mutant Baelyn Ramsey was being manipulated by a sliver of an alternate reality version of herself that was brought to Primal Earth by Malta researchers in hopes of utilizing her as a weapon. In the reality she came from, she consumed the entire milky way. This version escaped the lab she was being held at and found Primal Baelyn, merging with her and awakening her powers early. Baelyn did keep overall control, but the occupant manipulated her in subtle ways, trying to steer her into becoming more powerful so she could eventually overtake her body, while making her believe that consuming souls was the only way for her to stay alive. When Primal Baelyn met her fellow mutant Psyrun and fell in love, they discovered that the psychic energy the latter was producing passively on a constant basis, was more than enough to sustain Baelyn for all eternity. In a moment of intense passion, Psyrun urged her love to consume her, fully willing to give her life, believing that freeing Baelyn from her need to consume people would allow her to become a through and through good person. Neither of them were sure what would happen but with Baelyn's unwillingness to just let Psyrun as a person fade after consuming her body and soul, their minds became one and the Symphony was born, swiftly locking that vile alternate version of Baelyn away within themselves, after her motives became completely transparent now that Psyrun's psychic mind reading powers became part of the newly born being, so she could no longer cause any harm.

Personality and Appearance

Either seen as a single or two separate young girls, both of which seem to share traits of both Psyrun and Baelyn, there is no doubt about the fact, that these two are in fact one and the same. When split in two, they more often than not finish each other's sentences, speak at the same time or one says something while the other offers the accompanying gestures and/or facial expressions. When not making a conscious effort to remain fully solid, they seem to be leaking blood. It never really clings to or soaks into anything and shortly after leaving them, makes its way to rejoin their body/bodies, both of which are strewn with small blood tendrils, that occasionally wiggle about a little. They present themselves as highly social, friendly and caring. They appear to be quite eager to share their, quote: "Love, happiness and contentment" with others, which arguably, at least in some cases, appears to border on an open sexual invitation. Nonetheless, it is hard to argue that they don't seem to radiate an almost enlightened vibe, which of course makes them seem even creepier to some than they already do.

Powers and Limitations

((Consider this OOC information. Your character knows what you experience or find out in game. This is simply intended to serve as a reference and to clarify on possible confusion.))

During their fusion, no power of either individual has been lost, resulting in an entity that represents either an invaluable ally to this planet and dimension or one of its greatest threats.

They are able to perceive souls if actively reaching out with their blood (which means any part of their anatomy) to "feel" them. When absorbing one, it will arrive in the Symphony, their shared mindscape, remaining there as an echo of the person it once was. They can also bring other minds into this "place" which in its physical form, is a giant blob of flesh floating in empty space, shaped into a human heart and surrounded by a psionic construct that has a more romanticized heart shape. This is their true form, their true body. The ones they wander around in on primal earth and wherever else their journey takes them, referred to them as their Sanguine Dolls, are always connected to it by what boils down to umbilical cords, feeding them with their unique blood. This blob of flesh resides in a personal pocket dimension, the umbilical cords always present but in between layers of space, invisible and untouchable unless forced into the third dimension. If so, they can potentially be severed, and the rift closed. If doing this to all of their dolls that reside on Primal Earth at any given moment, they would take about a week to reopen a fresh rift through which they could extend their umbilical cords to create new dolls. They are most likely to be found out by powerful and perceptive psychics realizing that their mind isn't actually residing within their physical brain(s), though they are quite good at faking this to be the case, as well as those that, whether due to powers, technology or magic, can detect disturbances in base reality, which would be perceived as the air behind their backs flickering heavily, as if staring into the distance during a hot day.

They are to quite literally be made solely of blood which they shape and reform at will, into a fully functional body, at times even two or more at once. With this high control over their own anatomy, they can appear virtually in any way they want or to strengthen their muscles, allowing them to achieve low to medium level super strength and speed. One might ask why they don't do this permanently, to which the answer would be: Efficiency. The more mass their dolls have, the more blood is needed to sustain them. Their natural state is liquid blood and as long as even a single molecule of it remains, they can fully regenerate from it, their unseen umbilical cords always remaining attached to whatever is left of them, to resupply the remains with new blood. This way they can even send out a single droplet of blood and in an instant dissolve their entire bodies, making them reform at its location, effectively pseudo-teleporting by rapidly sucking up their blood-bodies on one end and then circulating them into the new location.

Due to the disintegrating, if desired, properties of their blood, they can break down almost any and all matter and energy, including pseudo matter like light or even metaphysical energy (e.g. psychic or chi) and even a trans-dimensional one, namely souls. Given that their ability to deal with trans-dimensional energy ends right there, they are pretty much defenseless against the arcane, unless of course it is used to invoke energy or matter they can absorb.

They can also reshape their blood into the matter they absorbed, allowing them to carry around a whole wardrobe full of clothes, their cellphone and who else knows what as part of themselves. While they can make slight alterations to objects they absorbed, for example absorbing a white teacup and making it reappear as a black dessert plate, they aren't able to create independent life. In theory, they could use biomass to create something that at least looks like a bunny and even make it hop around, but it won't be able to do anything on its own without their active input. They also can't absorb random electronic scrap and form it into a fully functional computer, though this stems more from a lack of knowledge than power. While they can absorb energy, it takes a lot longer for them to break down than matter and they can't reshape it into what it originally was. This means they won't fire back laser beams after being blasted at with an energy rifle. They might absorb some of the shots, but will more likely try to block or evade... or possibly try to get whoever is shooting to stop by befriending them in the middle of the firefight.

Their blood can also be used to alter mass by rapidly consuming and then reshuffling it on a molecular level. Effectively, this means they are able to heal others, yet they don't really have much medical knowledge, so trying anything beyond fixing a broken limb or other "superficial" wounds is something they'd rather avoid in fear of making things worse. Potentially though, the could completely alter any form of matter to any degree, completely changing someone's appearance for example.

The mutation of Baelyn Ramsey's blood provided her with immense power but also presented the predicament of her having to feed on huge amounts of matter and energy to stay alive. This issue was solved when she became one with Psyrun, whose soul now acts as a reactor, converting small amounts of the mass or energy they still need to absorb on occasion into comparatively much higher amounts of psychic energy, which the Symphony as a whole uses as sustenance to stop it from digesting itself. This means that a lot of their psychic potential is being used to keep themselves alive and without a need to devour souls, which in the past were an easily accessible, highly nutritional source of food for Baelyn, which her evil, alternate reality version manipulated her into consuming exclusively so she would grow faster.

That being said; the dolls created by the Symphony do have Psyrun's mutated amygdala and are capable of using all of her old psychic abilities if so desired, leeching the required psychic energy from their pocket dimension through their umbilical cords. The more they do though, the less the Symphony can use to produce sustenance, which may lead to long down times during which they require a lot of rest, to make up for this.

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