The Invictus Imperium

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"Cui Bono?"

((The Invictus Imperium is a newly formed RP heavy VG. The Imperium is inspired by comic book villain groups like the Crime Syndicate of Amerika and the Hellfire Club. The main theme of the group is acquisition of power in all it's forms, with a neo-Roman/Latin operational theme. Potential characters should match the modern comic book character theme. Please see our forums for any further questions and to apply to join the VG. Forums and an application to join can be found at

The page here is under construction. Please bare with us. ^_^))

In Nomine Vis Vires

The Invictus Imperium is a new organization formed by the mysterious man known as Agonus. Created to pool the resources of it's members in an effort to amass greater power in all it's forms, the members of the Imperium are held to a high standard. Learning from past mistakes, while the Imperium is very open about it's goals, joinig the group is no simple matter. While agents of the Imperium all have their own agendas, they must work together to match the greater numbers of the heroes of Paragon City.

Known Members


Operative Medea

Commander Blake

Former Members

Black-Mercy (Deceased)


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