The Pact of Absolution

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The Pact of Absolution
”Make the pact, and guide your darkened soul to the light of absolution.”
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Casual RP
Secret Society
Reformed Villains

The Pact of Absolution is a noble covenant that takes in those souls corrupted by a dark past and re-forges them into champions of justice. The Pact functions both as a center for rehabilitation and a supergroup in its own right. While the group is made up entirely of reformed villains and criminals, the Pact is a force for good in Paragon City. Some, however, are uneasy with its choice of members.

The Pact of Absolution is a casual RP group that maintains both an air of seriousness and of light-heartedness. We’re small and new, but we try to be as charming as possible. Our ultimate goal is simply to have a good time, and we enjoy both serious, story-driven RP and light-hearted, character-driven RP. If you are interested in joining the Pact of Absolution, contact @RE-Sullivan (Edgefall), @Yottahertz(Forest of Dread), or @Zephyrfall(Kyodai Saburo) in game.



Name Origin Archetype Player
Edgefall Natural Scrapper @RE-Sullivan
Forest of Dread Magic Dominator @Yottahertz
Kyodai Saburo Natural Mastermind @Zephyrfall
Urania Antares Technology Mastermind @Kiribachi
Altair Aquilon Magic Defender @Zephyrfall
Kiribachi Technology Brute @Kiribachi
Sanguine Surge Magic Corruptor @RE-Sullivan

Policies, Conduct, and Other OOC Business


At the end of the day, all we’re trying to do is have fun, so keep that general rule in mind. We expect all members to be respectful and mindful toward each other—while it’d be great if everybody liked each other all the time, sometimes we do get on each other’s nerves. We’re not asking that you be a ball of loving kindness and puffy rainbows, we only ask that you respect each other and remain peaceful.

Resolving Disputes

If you find yourself and another member (or other members) of the group at each other’s throats, please refrain from tearing your shirts off and starting a brawl. We ask that you first try to come together and resolve the issue tactfully and professionally. If this is not an option, please don’t start attacking each other. Speak to an Exemplar, Symposiarch, or Enforcer of the Pact about the issue, and we’ll all work together to get things going smoothly again.


Now, @Yottahertz, @Zephyrfall and I (@RE-Sullivan) are all pretty foul-mouthed folks, so we’re not asking you not to swear. What we do ask, however, is that you not use these terms in such a way as to direct aggression toward another player. Using them facetiously or jokingly is fine, too, so long as it’s clear you’re not being a jerk. For example, you’ll often see @Yottahertz and I calling each other “fucker”, “shitter”, and other such things, but that’s simply part of our interpersonal vernacular.

Bottom line: swearing’s fine, so long as you’re not doing it to hurt people. Also, if you don’t think somebody will react well to being called “Count Fuckington of the Shit-Boat Division”, even if you’re joking, don’t do it. Respect your fellow players, and try not to be a jerk.

Those guidelines apply to other words, as well, but I thought I’d mention swearing in particular since a lot of people can get hung-up on whether or not they’re allowed to swear. Obviously you’re still not allowed to be a jerk even if you’re using normal words. And, of course, racial epithets and the like are verboten—they have too many cultural and social connotations to risk using even jokingly.


While we push for having people log on at least once a week, we know that sometimes that’s not possible. We ask that you log in at least once every twenty-one days. After fourteen days of inactivity, an Exemplar, Symposiarch, or Enforcer of the Pact will send you an in-game global email warning you of inactivity. Once you reach twenty-two days of inactivity, the character will be kicked from the supergroup, and we will send you an in-game global email notifying you of this. We have no problems reinviting you and reinstating the character’s former rank (up to Disciple) once you become active again.

If you know you will not be logging in for a while, send an in-game email to an Exemplar, Symposiarch, or Enforcer of the Pact to notify us beforehand. We ask that you provide us with an estimated date of return. If you’re not back by the date you specified we’ll send you a warning email and proceed normally.


Because roleplay is an integral part of the group, it’s probably good to lay down a few guidelines for it.

Chat Channels: Supergroup chat is IC, long-range communication. All members are given a communication device to keep in touch with other members. Talking OOC is perfectly acceptable, so long as you use [some] (form) ((of indication)) OOC: that you are.

Text Fighting: If done in the base, feel free to trash the place up a bit! After all, cleaning and maintenance staff exist for a reason. Mr. Kyodai’s workers are exceptionally talented at restoring the base if damaged. Just try to keep it reasonable—i.e.: we’d prefer it if your character abstains from setting the meeting room on fire on a regular basis. Also, if a character starts showing too many violent tendencies, don’t be surprised if Dr. Forest calls them into his therapy corner.

Godmoding: It’s not cool. Don’t do it.


Every member is allowed a total of three characters in the group (special exceptions may be made for temporary, strictly-RP characters).


Don’t worry, we don’t have a uniform. However, we do recommend having a costume slot for a more casual outfit—whatever the character’s comfortable in, really. Dr. Forest’s group therapy sessions are often attended in this casual wear.


These are described first as IC, then OOC.

Enforcer of the Pact

The Enforcer of the Pact is the figurehead elected by the symposiarchs. The Enforcer directs ceremonies and serves as an embodiment of the Pact’s ideals. The current Enforcer of the Pact is Edgefall.

This is the red star. Not really much to say about it, since that’s fairly absolute. In practice, though, it’s just Symposiarch with a different title.

Roles: Conducting events, base design, leads along with the symposiarchs
Requirements: Be elected by the Symposiarchs to represent the group


The Symposiarchs are fully redeemed souls who have taken it upon themselves to be a leader of a certain division of the Pact’s operations. The Symposiarchy is responsible for making the major leadership decisions of the Pact. They are the council that leads the group.

The Symposiarchs ultimately make executive and administrative decisions, as well as organizing events for the group. Along with the Exemplars, the Symposiarchs are in charge of disciplinary matters. The Enforcer of the Pact is, in practice, a Symposiarch.

Roles: Organize events/plot, make various leadership decisions, oversee the group, interview recruits
Requirements: Be heavily involved in arcs and stories, be highly trustworthy, be highly responsible, be awesome in general

The Symposiarchy

Division Leader
Security Vacant
Medicine and Rehabilitation Forest of Dread
Finance and Domestics Kyodai Saburo
Science and Technology Vacant
Magic and Sorcery Vacant
Public Relations Vacant


The Exemplars of Absolution are heroes who have shown extreme devotion to the Pact. They are fully redeemed, and have inculcated themselves into the core membership of the Pact. They report directly to the Symposiarchy, and carry out its decisions.

Exemplars are our officers. They’re not quite part of the group’s leadership, but they’re extremely helpful in running the group. They’re basically Disciples who have shown themselves to be responsible and trustworthy enough to be given some part in the leadership and oversight of the group. They are allowed to invite and interview recruits, as well as kick members if need be.

Roles: Oversee the group, interview recruits
Requirements: Be heavily involved in arcs and stories, be highly active, show enthusiasm for the group, be trustworthy, be responsible, be a positive role model for other members


The Disciples of Absolution have achieved total redemption. They are the role models for Seekers and Acolytes. They have absolved themselves from the darkness of their past, and help others do the same.

Disciple is the most prestigious common rank. There aren’t really any responsibilities that come with it; it’s just a reward for being awesome.

Roles: Set an example for other members
Requirements: Earn 50,000 prestige, be active, be a positive role model


The Acolytes of Absolution make up the majority of the group. They are redeemed souls, working with other members of the Pact to do good for Paragon.

Acolyte is really the basic rank. What else is there to say?

Requirements: Earn 5,000 prestige


The Seekers of Absolution are those who have just been accepted into the Pact. They are on their journey to redemption.

This is the “probation” rank. It’s just a separator to see if new members are going to stay with the group.


This section will be a summary of all major arcs played through by the group. Occasionally, we will have short pieces of fiction accompanying these synopses.

Act I: The Birth of Absolution

Chapter I: The Forging of the Pact

Though Edgefall serves as the leader of the Pact, she is not the group’s founder. That honour goes to Kyodai Saburo, whose altruistic spirit sees the potential for righteousness in all beings. A man formerly connected to the Tsoo in clandestine ways not known to even Edgefall, Mr. Kyodai has walked the path of darkness many times before. Through self-actualization, he tore himself out of the darkness and forged a new path. He knew that if he could do this, then others could as well.

Mr. Kyodai knew of another who had been once been a warrior of the Tsoo: the hero Edgefall. Edgefall had been a Tsoo enforcer and heavy in her late teenage years, but had since begun to walk in the light. Mr. Kyodai sought her out and presented her with his dream: a society of heroes, all redeemed evildoers, criminals, and villains. Mr. Kyodai told Edgefall of his dream to show the world that evil is not absolute; to show the world that absolution is a journey that can be made by all.

Together, Kyodai Saburo and Edgefall created the pact of absolution, an oath that would begin a quest of penance and redemption. The oath was as follows:

I vow to follow the path of right and abandon the shadows of my past. I make this oath of penance; I make this pact, to guide my darkened soul to the light of absolution.

Mr. Kyodai and Edgefall were the first to make this oath. They named their group after the oath, christening it the Pact of Absolution.

While Kyodai and Edgefall had plenty of money and plenty of optimism, they only had two members to fill the roster of this group. It was time to search for souls in need of salvation. It was decided that, since they aimed to rehabilitate criminals and evildoers, they would need a psychiatrist of some sort to offer consultation and counselling for the Seekers of Absolution. However, this doctor would also have to be a capable combatant, as he or she would inevitably become a core member of the Pact.

Edgefall, an expert in stealth and tracking, took it upon herself to find such a person. Within a week, she had located Forest of Dread, a man equally eccentric and brilliant. Dr. Forest soon became the second of the group’s symposiarchs—redeemed souls who captain a division of the Pact’s operations. Forest of Dread became the Head of Medicine and Rehabilitation, serving as the Pact’s chief medical officer as well as serving as a psychiatrist. He also oversees “rap sessions” between the members of the group.

Soon, the Pact saw its first initiates: Altair Aquilon, Urania Antares, and Kiribachi. Now, with a core group of members, the Pact of Absolution was ready to start spreading the word.

Chapter II: Growing the Light

This chapter is still unfolding!



Meetings are held on Wednesdays, at 8:00 PM EST. Meetings may also be called suddenly by Symposiarchs.

Announcements kick off a meeting. The Enforcer of the Pact and the Symposiarchy stand before the gathered group and, well...announce things. This also includes various ceremonial activities; any promotions during the week are mentioned, and those to be promoted are told of this and asked to step forward to accept (or, for Exemplars and Symposiarchs, potentially decline) their role.

After announcements, the group moves into a more casual stage for informal discussion. Here, the group talks about the events of the week and discusses its next moves.


When a potential initiate is found, he or she is invited into the Pact’s base and taken to the meeting room. There, the initiate is interviewed by an Exemplar or Symposiarch to determine if the environment provided by the Pact is right for them. After the interview is over and if the recruit is initiated, the interviewer introduces the Seeker to the group over the communication system and invites people to come meet their new ally.

Rap Sessions/Group Therapy

Occasionally, Dr. Forest conducts an informal group therapy session in the meeting room. All members of the Pact are invited to relax and discuss their lives and path to karmic rehabilitation. Rap sessions are most commonly attended in casual wear, i.e.: as the person behind the mask. This is done so that members can connect on a deeper level.

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