The Seekers of Oblivion

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When the mighty Overlord Abyst returned to Earth, he was in a weakened state and without the resources of his homeworld. As his return happened at the same time Arachnos began Operation Destiny, he was able to gather and organize a number of superpowered beings into a cohesive group known as the Seekers of Oblivion. This power base provided Abyst with the support and protection that enabled him to rid himself of his initial protective wards of dark magic, and begin channeling his true powers while in this dimension. In exchange, the Seekers were given money, technology, magic items, and opportunities in the Rogue Isles. The group made its base beneath Port Oakes, near a section of abandoned sewers and an intersection of minor ley lines.

In time, the Seekers of Oblivion gathered more of the fatalistic dregs of the Rogue Isles, elevating it to a nihilistic cult. Some of the members grew tired of Abyst's overbearing and inhuman nature and the cult-like feel the group was developing, and went their own way. Others, especially new arrivals to the Rogue Isles, used the group as a safe haven while making a name for themselves and learning their way about the Isles.

During this time, Abyst learned of the mighty organization known as The Corruptors of Paragon. After some period of negotiations, Abyst joined their ranks as a Defiler (essentially a subcommander), and appointed Black Jack Rackham as the Despoiler of the Seekers of Oblivion (the highest rank, save for that of the Overlord himself). Abyst continued to use the Seekers as a personal power base, while he was engaged with the Corruptors. This support, combined with his machinations within the Corruptors of Paragon, allowed Abyst to become one of the Lords of Corruption after the previous one fell.

In mid-late 2007, the Corruptors of Paragon were targeted by Arachnos, and effectively disbanded for a time while the Lords of Corruption went into hiding. During this period, Abyst organized the remaining Seekers of Oblivion for a final stand against the Arachnos forces hunting him. In the battle Data Loss and Corrupted Sapling were apparently destroyed, and Black Jack Rackham was banished by Scirocco's magic. Handler Jack was appointed the new Despoiler of the Seekers of Oblivion, and ordered to construct a new base. However, for all intents and purposes, the Seekers of Oblivion had served their role at that point, and were effectively disbanded. The few remaining villains went their separate ways, and cultists dispersed.


Originally formed for mutual benefit for the members, as well as providing a personal power base for Abyst (though most members were not aware of this). It later turned into a nihilistic cult, as the dregs of the Rogue Isles began to seek out the group (though in limited numbers).

The Seekers of Oblivion HQ

The original headquarters was located beneath Port Oakes, near an abandoned section of sewers and the intersection of minor ley lines.

Following the Arachnos assault of '07, Handler Jack was tasked with constructing a new base beneath Cap au Diable. As the group ceased to have any cohesion at this point, the new base was essentially Handler Jack's personal lab and hideout.

Allied Groups

For a time, the Seekers of Oblivion were allied with the Corruptors of Paragon (primarily due to Abyst's joining the latter group). Some members of the Seekers joined the ranks of the Corruptors, but following the Arachnos/Corruptor conflict of '07, the remaining Seekers were left to their own fate and the relationship between the two groups dissolved.

OOC Notes

The Seekers of Oblivion started as the villainside SG for The Seekers. When it became apparent many of our members did not care for playing redside, the Seekers of Oblivion ceased to be an active group, and the active villain players were encouraged to find new groups. Among these was The Corruptors of Paragon.


As the group has been disbanded, all individuals listed below should be considered former members of the Seekers of Oblivion.



AC Sparks



Black Comet

Black Jack Rackham

Blood Stinger

Corrupted Sapling

Data Loss


Fission Fatale

Fractured Fairy Tale

Handler Jack

Johnny Cinderheart


Lady Psi

Machine Master

Magnus Mercury

Maximillian Wolfe





Rogue Jester


Tempus Mark XV

Timothy the Titan



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