The Street Weevil

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Fear the Weevil!
The Street Weevil
Player: Baseload
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 18
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown (Prefers 'Weevil')
Known Aliases: None
Species: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Height: Roughly 4'
Weight: Approx 120 lbs
Eye Color: Unknown
Hair Color: None
Biographical Data
Nationality: None
Occupation: Hero
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: House of the Wayward Soul
Marital Status: Confidential
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Claws / Regeneration
Known Abilities
No additional information available.

The Street Weevil[1]




For Weevil, life began approximately 6 months ago when he awoke in a dark stench filled tunnel beneath the streets of Paragon City. Confused and alone, Weevil wandered the underground tunnels for what seemed like days, living off the scraps he could find. The first few weeks, Weevil felt what fear was like as he found himself fleeing from villain after villain who use the tunnels for their nefarious schemes. He kept away from those scary people until one unfortunate incident turned his life around.

It was during his first scrape, with a batch of Clockwork (or Tick-Tocks as Weevil calls them) that he discovered a pair of claws apparently built into his forearms. It didn't take long for him to adapt to this sudden revelation as he found himself the victim no longer. He also discovered during the fight that he possessed incredible recouprative abilities. This only served to bolster his resolve further, steeling his will against the notion that he was merely prey for the scary things that stalked the sewers.

And so he began his one bug(?) quest against those who invaded "his home". Eventually, his activities caught the attention of the surface dwellers when a group of "colorful people", as Weevil described them, came down into the tunnels to take care of a "Patch-men" (Weevil's term for Vazshilok) problem only to find the problem solved, sliced and diced by some unknwon force. when Weevil spotted them, a pang of loneliness washed over him and, without thinking, he came out form his hiding place hoping to make new friends.

Instead he was met with fear and hatred, claiming he was some kind of monster, especially sicne Weevil had not developed enough with the english language to explain himself. Scared, but not shaken, Weevil fled back into the tunnels. But, dispite his first encounter with surface people, Weevil was determined to venture outside and learn about the above world.

Realizing colorful clothing must make a difference above, Weevil began to make himself a costume with whatever he could find in the sewers and tried his best to learn what he could of the english language. After weeks of scavenging and spying (He would spy on colorful people wandering his tunnels), his costume, patchwork as it was, was complete and he began to look for a way up. However, in all his enthusiasm, he forgot something vital to his survival; food. Weevil loved to eat alot (Hyper Metabolism) and in all the excitement to reach the surface, he forgot to pack up what food he saved up for the trip.

Survival instincts kicking in, Weevil wandered the tunnels, venturing farther and farther underground, away from his goal of the surface world. But his instincts were to strong to resist, so he pressed on, hoping to find food soon. What he ended up finding was heaven below Earth. Squeezing through a crack in a tunnel wall, Weevil found himself in a room far more oppulent than what he was use to. There were all manners of comfortable places as well as a large white box (And several small ones) that held all manners of food. Seeing as how no one was there, Weevil declared the place his by scavenger rights and set it up as his new home.

Unfortunately, his new home's former occupants were none too pleased when they discovered some manner of nest behind the bar and a large, humanoid, and apparently defensive insectoid defending what he claimed was his. At first, tensions were high as another insectoid (rhino Beetle by the looks of it) threatened to punt him to the surface if he didn't get out himself; a threat Weevil would not take lying down. However, the arrival of the places owner, Silindria, put a stop to the impending hostilities befoe they escalated and caused serious damage to the place.

Silindria listened to Weevil's story (A heartfelt story of survival she called it) amd, in the first act of compassion Weevil ever had, invited him to stay with them at her House. Ovejoyed that he finally made friends, Weevil agreed and became the newest member in The House of the Wayward Soul. With Silindria's help, Weevil was able to not only get a Hero's License to allow him to keep fighting against people like those who indvaded his tunnels, but a new costume to fight crime in (Silindria threw the old one away, but Weevil retreived it secretly for sentimental reasons). He now wanders both the surface and underground worlds, protecting his newfound friends and the place he now calls home.

Family and The House of the Wayward Soul

While Weevil's origins still remain a mystery, he consders those in The House his family. Though he has not had a chanceto meet everyone, he would gladly defend them against any threat. He's especially found a strange friend in the big rhino bug ___________ after being introduced to what Weevil calls Puntball (PvP Arena).


Weevil is always curious about the world around him. Being only 6 months old, he's a surprisingly fast learner and always looking to experience new things. Especially if food is involved. thanks to his Regenerative abilities, Weevil's metabolism is off the charts. He doesn't eat often, but when he does, it's usually alot. and he can get a little defensive if someone tries to take his food.



Weevil is unsure of how the claws in his forearms got there, but he was glad they did. Time alone in the sewers fighting off all manners of scum gave him plenty of experience in using the blades to the best of his abilities. when he was tested for his license, those administering the test were impressed with his level of control, most likely assuming a sewer dwelling mutant insect would go berzerk on his targets.


Weevil's regenerative abilities are either a gift of his creator or a side result of his possible mutation. The downside to this ability is that Weevil possesses some kind of hyper-metabolism. While he doesn't have to eat often, he does tend to consume several times his weight in food per meal. He tries to off-set this by eating whenever he can.

Other Abilities

Super Speed and Leaping

Another metabolic blessing is the hyper speed and incredible Leaping capabilities in which Weevil was blessed with. Other than eating, Weevil enjoys taking runs/leaps all over the city, exploring new places and meeting new people.


House of the Wayward Soul



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  1. This is a constant evolving work in progress. I tend to re-work things as I re-read them.
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