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Currently accepting applications, please visit our forums!
A role-playing supergroup found on the Virtue server.
Contacts: @Andy, @Graffiti Samurai, @Night Stride, @T-Pill.
Global Channel: Tomorrow Project

About The Tomorrow Project:

The Tomorrow Project was organized as a school for training new heroes and providing a base of operations for other crime fighters in Paragon City. Funded by Dr. Goren, the Project is led by qualified trainers and instructors with a variety of skills and experiences.

Students can receive general or specialized training to enhance their abilities as heroes. All members of the Tomorrow Project are encouraged to participate in field exercises, classroom instruction, and other activities to improve the use of their powers. The Project is registered with City Hall and Freedom Corps as a training facility and can be currently contacted for possible membership.

The Tomorrow Project is a roleplay supergroup on the Virtue server in City of Heroes. If you are interested in applying, please reply to the application thread which be found here. Use the template provided and include any additional information you think might provide more insight into your character. Once we have reviewed the application, an officer will contact you as soon as possible to schedule an interview in-game. We encourage a variety of character concepts but super-violent or villainous types might not be a good fit for the group. Additionally, the minimum age for characters to apply to the Project is fifteen years old.


Description here.

Mutant Headmaster: - Dragonine (@Night Stride)
Natural Teacher: - Graff (@Graffiti Samurai)
Magic Specialist: - Haunted (@Andy)
Group Liasion: - Zeal Drain (@T-Pill)
Healer: - Smoking Mirrors (@Oak)
Public Relations: - Vandalous (@Unhearted)
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