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A once successful gang that wreaked havoc upon Paragon City, is now lost in history after only four years.

NOTE: This page is a work in progress and is incomplete.


History of the Gang

The Early Years

Three former members of the Hellions(Corey Howlett, Joseph 'Lil Blaze' Simpson, and Sean Baldwin) decided to form their own gang, after being ridiculed because of their age. With Corey's innate ability to organize and plan out missions, Sean's quick reflexes, and Blaze's pyrokinesis, They soon began committing crime under the collaborative moniker of 'The Wolves'(In Homage to Corey Howlett). Despite the fact that Corey was only in his first year of highschool(as well as Lil Blaze and Sean only being two years older), These three had managed to accomplish many robberies and muggings without being caught by the police due to their combined cunning. For the first year of their crime spree, They had managed to pin their heinous deeds on the Hellions and the Skulls. The three dropped out of school to live a life of crime.

First Step to Progress

The first crime these three ever committed after leaving the hellions was a robbery of a clothing store in Skyway City. The Hellions were hot on their trail, but three friends alluded the Hellions long enough to plan out this mission. Sean distracted the female cashier by pretending to be an indecisive customer who came shopping alone, while Lil Blaze prepared a fire in the back alley waiting for the staff to notice something. Corey acted as a decoy who 'accidentally lit the trash on fire with a cigarette' pretending to be worried about the fire.

Sean rushed to the scene with the cashier watching the flames Lil Blaze had created. He would then knock the cashier out cold while Lil' Blaze shot carefully aimed fireballs, taking care of the remaining staff. Corey returned to impersonate one of the staff members as he raided the cash register in a manner so calm that no sudden visitor would suspect a thing. Immediately, all three of them left the scene of the crime, planting weapons that would incriminate the Hellions.

Soon, everybody had heard about the crime, unaware of the real culprits. Corey and Sean had the money and decided to remain anonymous of the crime. However, Lil' Blaze told his friends about the act, bragging about Corey's cunning and the perfect execution much to the chagrin of the others. Soon, every delinquent gathered around Corey and Sean, offering their help and services. At first, Corey wanted to kill Lil' Blaze. However, Sean convinced him that it was a brilliant idea to allow them to become bigger. Soon, The wolves increased from just a select few to several hundred, offering protection to former members of gangs like the Hellions and the Skulls.

Prime Time


After several months of successful robberies of stores, Corey became arrogant and decided to let the Wolves be known. Although Lil' Blaze agreed, Sean was extremely against the idea. Despite the disagreement, all three decided eventually to just go with the idea, due to the numbers of the gang growing rapidly. Soon, a newer member joined the Wolves and proved himself to be an asset. Johnathan Brody was deadly due to his skill with firearms and his ability to control metals and his loyalty would ensure their safety. The three founders decided to allow Brody to hang with them as one of the leaders. This had little effect due to the loyalty of the majority of underlings.

Brody used his power to assist them even further, executing robberies with relative ease. With four of the most influential mutants banded together, they had everything any rival gang would fear. Brody was soon the talk of the Wolves and received favor from Corey and Lil' Blaze. Sean, however, was more wary of Brody. While this slight feeling of doubt did no damage to the Wolves as a whole, Brody and Sean disliked one another and this became evident in Corey's eyes.

Unfortunately, Brody had taken part in his last mission for a long while. Cautious by nature, he tried his best to select only the best of the Wolves. They took on a small job at a pawn shop, raiding the store of all of it's valuable goods and money in hopes of selling them on the black market. However, two PPD officers noticed someone walk into the pawn shop with a shady description of a member of the Hellions. Following a hunch, The two officers called for backup with an almost immediate response. Soon, officers surrounded the pawn shop. The rest of the members tried to hold them off. However, On Brody's command, they left with the goods leaving him to attempt to single handedly deal with the police. Despite Brody's best efforts, he was soon arrested and sentenced to 5 years in Ziggursky Penitentiary.

The fall of the Wolves

One fateful day would prove to be the end of the Wolves. Corey decided to rob another electronics store in an effort to keep his skills from dulling. He had chosen the right location and the right methods. However, there was one fatal flaw that ruined his plan. He was there at the wrong time. What started out as a clever robbery fell apart when Tobias Norton and his father, Prof. Anthony Norton, arrived at the scene. Quick to observe that there was something wrong, Prof. Norton called Corey out. Corey then ordered his underlings to kill Prof. Norton. Despite succeeding in killing him, his men also injured Tobias, destroying his right shoulder with well placed shots intended to hit his father's heart. Out of pity, Corey decided to let Tobias live. Within several weeks, The Paragon Police Department went on a hunt to take down Corey, with the goal of imprisoning him. Eventually, a majority of the more powerful members had been arrested. And with Norton's help, Corey was finally apprehended. This was the end of the Wolves as the remaining members who escaped arrest had either went clean or joined other gangs.

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