Total Justice

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Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology.
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Total Justice
Player: @Deadflame
Origin: Unknown
Archetype: Brute
Security Level: Unknown
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: TJ Quake, TJ Pain, TJ Decay, Terra Jones
Species: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Height: 5'7
Weight: 150lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Silver
Biographical Data
Nationality: Unknown
Occupation: Unknown
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Unknown
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Known Abilities

Total Justice is the amalgamation of five clones, each with a distinct personality. Originally, the purpose of her existence was to spread the cure to a virus which would be released in the year 2035. Since curing the majority of the population, she has dedicated her time and energy into The Challengers.


Terra Jones Project

The Terra Jones Project (TJP) began in the year 2040. A doctor by the name of Terra Jones was assigned the task of researching a virus that infected the majority of the super powered beings on Earth. The virus had effectively de-powered thousands of super heroes and villains. Obtaining a sample of the Paragon Protector DNA originally created by Crey Industries, Dr. Jones was able to find a cure by re-sequencing the DNA. Unfortunately, due to an incident with Crey Industries in the early 2020’s, she was unable to move forward with her research. In order for the TJP to continue, she needed to clone herself with a portion of the re-sequenced DNA. Unfortunately, cloning was banned in the 2020's. One of the many people funding the project, a woman by the name of Cassandra Stone, contacted Dr. Jones and offered an alternative way to proceed with the project. Cassandra had befriended a Mender over the years and suggested Dr. Jones send her research to the past. By doing so, a younger Dr. Jones could start the project much earlier and possibly circumvent the virus by offering the cure before it spread. Dr. Jones agreed.

She was able to send her research back to 2011, just as she was in her first years of university. A much younger Terra began working with Crey Industries. With help from Crey, she was able to start cloning soon after obtaining the research information from the future. Originally, there were several oddities displayed within the clones and it was discovered that there were some anomalies in the DNA sequence. Because of this anomaly, all of the clones (except for one) were destroyed and the project suffered a slight set back. The young Terra wasn’t able to fully understand the research sent from the future due to the fact that she hadn’t studied in many of the fields her future self had. Frustrated, she turned to a man by the name of Mr. Shade, who is well known within Crey Industries. He was able to speed the process along. Four clones were created and their DNA sequence showed no sign of the anomaly.

The Clones

Each of the clones had developed individually and were named accordingly. The first of the clones was named TJ Quake. Her DNA sequence had given her the ability to form a diamond-like stone on her skin. Eventually she was able to manipulate the stone to create weapons. Quake had incredible willpower and was nearly unstoppable in a battle.

The second clone was named TJ Pain. She too was able to produce a diamond-like stone on her skin, but it was green in color. However, Pain also had the ability to manipulate electricity. Even small amounts of static within the air were enough for her to unleash massive amounts of electricity. Her personality was very dominating and she enjoyed pain of all levels.

The other two clones were kept in stasis while Quake and Pain developed further. The idea behind this was, should Quake and Pain develop symptoms of the anomaly, the DNA of the other two could be altered before awakening with a possible solution.

Ultimately, Mr. Shade freed TJ Quake and she joined The Infiltrators. Pain was diagnosed as clinically insane and escaped the lab, eventually moving on on to create a massive organization named the Pain Corp.

TJ Quake and The Infiltrators

Mr. Shade assisted TJ Quake in escaping the Crey Industries lab she was being kept at. The purpose of this was to enlist Quake in a group he was putting together. During her escape, Quake was assisted by Red-Havok and Foxy Ferret, two of the first to be recruited by Mr. Shade. Quake became a force to be reckoned with as part of the Infiltrators. She routinely showed strength and loyalty to not only Mr. Shade, but Orthrus as well. As time went on, Quake encountered a new clone. This clone was allegedly one of the originals that had been destroyed. She had apparently escaped and began working with TJ Pain. Qauke asked for Mr. Shade’s help investigating Pain Corp and Decay’s appearance. He originally agreed to assist her, but after some time it became apparent that he had other intentions. Quake began to lose faith in Mr. Shade and her loyalty started to fade.

During a mission to Guatemala, the Infiltrators learned that Mr. Shade had been dishonest with the group from the beginning. Quake confronted Shade immediately after the mission. He dismissed her concerns and commanded her back to duty. Distrustful of Shade as well as the Infiltrators, she disappeared.

TJ Pain and TJ Decay

TJ Pain secretly broke into a bank in the Rogue Isles and stole a small fortune. Using the money, she quietly played the market and very quickly quadrupled the money she had stolen. It wasn’t long after she created a company named Pain Corp. Hiding behind a seemingly legitimate company, she began her own research into cloning and used her own DNA to start the process. It wasn’t long before she found TJ Decay and enlisted her help. Unfortunately, Decay’s DNA had begun to deteriorate. The anomaly within her DNA had started to spread and it was becoming toxic. Upon further investigation, Pain realized Decay’s DNA was actually mutating into a virus; the same virus they had been created to stop. Due to this interesting discovery, Pain hacked into the Crey Industries database and stole all information pertaining to the TJP. Hidden within the files were blueprints for a device. The blueprints were hidden in the files sent by Dr. Jones from the future. The device was the last piece to the puzzle. Pain began working with Decay to build the device. They were able to work quickly without Quake around to interfere.

The Device

After a three month hiatus, TJ Quake returned to Paragon City. She had been following Pain and Decay’s work for several weeks, but had decided to wait it out. Upon the completion of the device, Quake enlisted Red-Havok’s assistance in bringing down Pain and Decay. Unfortunately, Pain had been unable to determine what the device was for or how to make it functional. In a last ditch effort, Pain had setup the device in an abandoned warehouse to lure Quake to assist with it. The plan worked, but Quake wasn’t there to help. She was there to stop Pain and Decay once and for all. While confronting Pain and Decay, Quake and Red-Havok were interrupted by two other clones. They were the clones from stasis. Someone had released them.

The Joining

All five clones stood near the device. Unknown to Quake, Pain and Decay, a man by the name of Voltium was a few blocks away attempting to open a portal. When he unleashed his energy, a shock wave was sent through the city for several blocks. This shock wave activated the device Pain and Decay had built and a massive surge of energy enveloped all five clones. Red-Havok was knocked backwards from the blast. When he came to, he noticed a ball of energy with a single body floating in the center. As it came to rest on the ground, his eyes adjusted and he could see a woman. As the light subsided, he recognized the face. It was Quake. Or so he thought. The device had fused the clones into one entity.

The Cure

The clones had amalgamated into a new personality. She called herself Terra Jones. The thoughts of all five clones are alive and well inside her head. Each one is a piece of this new clone. The clones from stasis were apparently aware of the device and what it’s purpose was. This new Terra Jones now knew as well. Each clone was created as a piece to the cure. In order for the cure to exist, it needed to be formed using the device. The new Terra was the cure. Her body radiates with the cure. Anyone within a ten foot radius would become immune to the virus. This was the ultimate goal for the Terra Jones Project.

Total Justice

The completion of the TJP meant Terra needed to spread the cure. She needed to reach as many people as she could. She left Paragon City once again and traveled around the world. During her time abroad, it became apparent that Quake’s personality within her was dominating. She felt an overwhelming need to return to Red-Havok and Foxy Ferret. Out of loyalty to her friends, she returned and joined Red-Havok’s newly formed team, The Challengers. She has taken on a new look, distinct from the original clones and has taken up the mantle Total Justice.

Due to the fact that TJ Pain no longer exist as an individual entity, Total Justice has taken over day to day operations of Pain Corp as CEO. She has full access to the company and its treasury.


Total Justice radiates with an aura carrying the cure to the Dynatos Virus. Along with the extreme super strength, she is able to attack using kinetic energy. The energy she is able to release is so extreme, she literally burns with power.

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