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Moon of all nights,

Luna Rey has always been terribly shy. Especially in crowds, she usually needs coaxing to even speak. Though terribly sweet, she often feels awkward about recieving compliments of any sort. There is possibly more to it than just simply being nervous, however. It seems she has some sort of past events that prevent her from coming out of her shell. Regardless, not much is known about her past, seeing as for the most part, she tries to avoid speaking of it.

Luna will often speak highly of her father-- a hero in his time before retiremen. Though there was always a sadness in her voice. Moon-grey eyes hiding a rough past, she at least gained some skill from it. Her father taught her to be proper, and that her mannerisms were always to be perfect. Along with politeness, he brainwashed her into learning how to use a gun. When holding the cold metal, it seems the girl's life would be perfect-- as a murderer.

Illuminate this night for me,

While Luna grew up learning how to handle a pistol, she didn't really have any other unexplained powers. At least until her father became abusive. The loss of his wife during Luna's birth, the girl's father had found solace in alcohol. And soon, blaming his child for his wife's 'murder'. Missing her target by the slightest would earn the girl a great deal of punishment. Headshots were the only acceptable mark, now, only lethal force was tolorated.


Luna began regularly cutting herself with small blades on the inside of her wrists. Though when it came to firearms, it was easy for her father to recognize and see them. After that idea was beat out of her, she decided somewhere else would have to work. Her hips now covered and littered with unhealable scars. Luna could never wear anything that didn't cover her waistline again, but she accepted that, being as shy as she was, anyway.

Though abuse didn't come without a cost, she did seem to have some hidden talents. Her mind quick and clever, fast to block her father from harming her any longer. Attacks came at all hours of the night, though, and the best she could do was try to keep her door from being beaten in.

However, all good things must come to an end. And Luna's father would learn the hard way.

Tell me if she is the queen,

With nowhere to go, and bills to pay, Luna left. She wouldn't be called a murderer. Not of her own father. She took what cash there was and fled to Paragon City. It wasn't long before she was exploited-- not for her horrid deed, but for her looks. Without her glasses, the girl was easily mistaken for a model. An agent booked her immediately.

Modeling was all the girl had dreamed it was-- of course she was never the right weight for them, she was simply modeling clothes. Of course a turn for the worst was yet to come-- it was Luna, after all.


Her agent found she had been cutting her hips and upper thighs, and that wasn't kosher for mainstream work. He decided to take her in a different direction. People payed well to see women beaten and bruised, and he was the kind of person to capitalize on such a thing. Luna was dressed in anything but what one could call clothes, hair made a mess and makeup melted down her face. She felt abused all over again. But the money was good, and she couldn't back out. She had a small apartment- and a contract to keep.

While free from work, the girl took a stroll to Atlas, simply exploring the area, when a small group caught her eye. They seemed to be searching for recruits-- and she did know her way around a gun. Perhaps life was taking a.. less sinister turn.

And the owner of all my love.

As Luna joined together with The Gestalt Factor, she found herself openly welcomed almost immeidately. She had never been used to people acknowledging her for her skill, and not her work in the "modeling" industry. She tried to keep her status as a beaten and bruised modeling whore under wraps, but when it started effecting her work, she had to admit to it. Her father had been brought into question, and she had to find a place to harm herself. Locked in the bathroom, she started cutting once more, and the cycle started over again. Though many of her co-heroes tried to suggest therapy and other means of stopping (such as rubber bands on her wrist to snap,) she couldn't keep from her addiction. There was only one way to free her from this sort of self inficted abuse.

The team gathered on a night they knew Luna's agent, Enzo, was going to be watching his other models. Photographers, assistants, and make-up artists lined the warehouse that Luna usually worked in, waiting for one of their most prestigious shoots. However, Luna was late, and Enzo took it upon himself to keep his models hostage until he knew what was going on. Little did Enzo know that the Factor had created a plan to attack and bring the horrible, sweaty little man to justice. They attacked- damaging equiptment, hindering the assistants and arresting Enzo for his odd modeling ring. Luna had stayed behind with Matt, who kept her from leaving their base, or harming herself.. Mostly by scaring the everloving shit out of the girl. Regardless, the modeling ring was broke, and Luna was free of her fat, disgutsting assailant.

While Luna proceeded to try and find proper modeling work, she still had to uphold the image of a hero. Something she found rather difficult. She knew she was no hero-- her father had trained her to shoot to kill, not shoot to maim. She practiced when she could to aim for anywhere besides the skull; wrists, ankles, etc. Eventually she got it right and was soon taken along on missions. She grew a small bond with some of her co-heroes, and even started to trust them.

Moon moon, darling nocturnal moon,

Soon, however, things became too easy. This wasn't right. Luna had found a modeling job with Suicide Girls, but it wasn't cutting it. She constantly found herself a wreck over being happy, or delighted with herself. She would continue to harm herself if she got too excited over the money she was making, or if she made a new friend. She was self destructive, and it was crumbling down on her.

While her Praetorian Cover Model had begun to show her face, Luna slowly fell into the background. Soleil was bright, perky, and happy to see everyone, unlike Luna. Her perfect opposite. Thought Soleil and Luna became close, it weighed on her that she'd never be as perfect, and soon grew to be a nuisance. Luna distanced herself from everyone, only keeping the bare minimum of contact through her communicator. She would show occasionally in the D for idle chatting, though she would always end up leaving upset, heartbroken. After a catfight with Candy, Matt's girlfriend, Luna started to lose herself even further. Candy left her face badly beaten, and while this rolled in the cash, it made Luna re-think her personality. Perhaps she simply needed to cut others out.

Luna had found some sort of comfort with David, the other David, and Noel. For the most part, she spoke to them as if nothing was wrong. Though after a trip to the hotsprings in Nerva, Luna seemed to cut both Davids from her list. A later mission, Noel had given Luna the go-ahead to revert back to her gun-slinging tactics of her father, and shoot to kill. She ended up shot, wounded, and unsure of who to trust. She was out of options.

Luna went missing for days, the only real lead anyone had was a note left for the Factor. It was signed by a local doctor of a mental hospital, stating Luna had checked herself in. Whether she'd ever return to her life of heroics or modeling.. was really up to her mental stability.

Blessed little scatterbrain.

"Sublunar" - Sleepthief
"Luna" - Juanes
"Beautiful Like We" - Joydrop
"Mountain and the Sea" - Ingrid Michaelson
"Low Place Like Home" - Sneaker Pimps
"Little Razorblade" - The Pink Spiders
"Let Go" - Frou Frou
"Kick Ass (We Are Young)" - MIKA & RedOne
"Don't Blame The Moon" - Io Perry
"Black Eyed" - Placebo

♥Luna has a small tattoo on her upper right hip.
♥Luna doesn't drink.
♥Luna is near-sighted, thus she always wears her glasses; or in combat, contacts.
♥Luna's ulimate dream is to feel loved. (How Disney of her!)
♥Luna has been diagnosed as a delusional psychotic with severe depression and anxiety. (Fascinating!)

♥Luna is the SADDEST CHARACTER her player owns!
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