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"I was born to disappoint."

"I don't have low self-esteem. I have low esteem for everyone else."


Name: Kyle

Global Handle(s): @Jupi Knight and @MUCHO LOL

Origin: USA

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Birthday: February 17

Sign: Aquarius

Height: 5'5-5'6

Body Type: More to love!

Occupation: Former dog groomer, current housewife

Marital Status: Taken

Skin Color: Pale (Caucasian)

Hair Color: Brunette

Eye Color: Blueish grey

Favorite Animals: Giraffe, elephant, octopus, frogs, jellyfish, squid, dinosaurs, deer (most all artiodactyla)

Quirks: Rarely serious, keeps her phone with her at ALL times, phone charm obsessed, easily tired, easily angered, protective, highly anxious, hypergargalesthesic, loud/rude, vulgar, slightly OCD, vegeterian

Likes: Her boyfriend, peering into other's lives (reality tv-guilty pleasure), DRAMA, sleeping, Batman, video games, all colors, "odd" creatures, horror genre anything (games, movies, books), good sense of humor, fruity smells, cookies, Domo-Kun, perverted people and conversation, being cold, surprises

Dislikes: Emo fucks, people who think they ttly awsum when they're not, people who RP that they work at the D bar, big egos, people who use "O_o" faces during rp conversation, people that drag on about how bad their life is, hot weather, animal abuse, being sick, power outages, internet glitches, the Kool-Aid man, the smell of smoke and beer, feeling unaccomplished, people who cannot tell the difference between IC and OOC, people who get OOCly mad over IC conversation, bad grammar, bad punctuation, inability to type correctly. Mostly, stupid people.




  • My internet, just like any one else's, is shit. So if I disappear in the middle of a conversation, just wait. It usually takes me the time to reboot my laptop, reload the game and the map I was on. My laptop is slow, senile, and shitty. So if I am mishing with you, please don't bitch and whine. I know laptops are rubbish for games. In the case that I do not return within 20 minutes, likelihood is that something else happened: power outage, internet died, server down, etc. Just find me later if you want. I won't rip of your head and shit down your neck. I'm totally friendly.
  • I take that back. I'm a raging bitch. You honestly don't want to get on my bad side. BUT! Feel free to approach me if you're able to actually type and are capable of full thoughts and sentences!
  • I reserve the right to completely and utterly fucking ignore you if you can't type like a normal person. I also know that I have broken the fourth wall ICly because of this-- but it's usually out of frustration on my part, not anger or hatred. Please understand the difference.*
  • Some of my banners for my character pages were made by Mike. Including this one.
  • Half my character pages are unfinished and I know that. In fact- not a single page is finished. So bear with me as I find the time in life to maybe, possibly write about these fictional characters I love so much.
  • * = Read this about five times.



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