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Notes: This was written and corresponds with the events of The Liberty Bowman capture storyline. Writing was done by Ransim.


Operative Compromised

Monday, January 7, 2008 - 1548 EST

"Trevin!" Ava's voice was obnoxiously loud over the com unit in Trevins ear, "I need that surveillance on Agincourt this century, stop bullshitting and go! And remember keep it quiet.."

Snapping back Trevin cut her off before she could continue that same old lecture, "Yeah I know I heard you the first 50 times, nice and boring, watch longbow, don't beat anyone up, don't pick any fights and get the hell out as soon as I can. " Not waiting for an answer he switched the comm off and hit the activator in front of him, less then a second passed and he found himself standing in Nerva Archipelago.

Grumbling to himself about damn women and hating doing this boring shit Trevin kicked a can into the water before stopping to take a look around him. About 700 yards across the water he could see the fortified walls of Agincourt jutting against the gray sky. Forms moved through the sky near the installation, the skies were always swarming with Longbow Chasers and airborne Longbow Patrols, otherwise known as Eagles. This was the center of Longbow's self proclaimed war on the Isles, a heavily fortified island, the only entrances a small bridge from Crimson Cove, or over open water.

It was a short hike from the teleporter beacon to Crimson Cove, a small island to supposed heroes, erected here by Longbow. Subconsciously Trevin flipped on the stealth field to his suit as he approached, the world shimmered for a second then returned to normal. It was a neat trick, he'd modified the suit after watching Ava do something similar, the field wrapped him in a cloak of moving energy, unless they were really looking he was all but invisible to most people. It was a nice trick, and came in handy, especially at times like this.

Crossing the bridge was uneventful, most of the bridge abandoned except for the turrets that ignored him and continued their blind scanning. The guards on the bridge didn't even seem to notice him as he passed. Trevin smirked to himself making a variety of rude gestures and faces towards them as he passed. Snatching a donut from a open box near a guard booth he strolled into Agincourt taking a moment to look around. The longbow were obviously on high alert, as he first entered the base he could see several shipping containers their hoisting cables still attached. Near them walked a lone Officer, taking notes on a pad from the shipping manifests attached to the side of each container.

On the other side of the base he could hear the sound of air wrenches echoing along the stone walls. Mechanics worked diligently on several chasers in the hangers. The rest of the base was almost a chaotic ballet, longbow running back and forth, dressed in their trademark red and white, some shouting orders to others.

"What the hell has them running like headless chickens, " Trevin muttered to himself before tapping his comm unit lightly, opening up a silent encrypted transmission to Tron-ic back at headquarters. He moved quietly between the shipping containers, taking several moments to let the live feed transmit to her for recording before moving to the next container. While this would be a live feed, his suit would also retain the records in memory until deleted.

The shadows around him lengthened as the time passed. Finishing recording recording the last container manifest Trevin looked up to the sun dipping lower in the now somewhat clear sky. Taking a last glance around the hectic base Trevin switched his comm off with a smug grim, thinking to himself, "Yeah and she said I couldn't be..." as he turned to leave he found himself walking directly into the Officer from earlier.

Reacting lightning fast Trevin grabbed the larger man to silence him. His hand slid over the Officer's mouth but at that same moment the jarring sound of gunfire loudly reported off the stone walls around him. He'd been fast, but in a last ditch attempt to warn his compatriots the officer had grabbed his rifle setting off a wide shot that rang across the base.

Cursing aloud as the other Longbow, already keyed up for a fight rushed to his location Trevin roughly kicked the Officer away from him. Pushing backwards he leaped on top of one of the containers looking around for an escape. Overhead a low buzz few louder, from experience he knew this was signaling the approach of the airborne Eagles.

Ducking instinctively Trevin kicked the nearest Longbow Rifleman leaping onto the container after him. The Rifleman flew back slamming into a group of Longbow with a loud crash. The rest didn't relent and continued to pursue the intruder.

"You guys want more?"

Flinging himself at the oncoming Longbow Trevin verbally issued a command code override to his suit forcing it to dump and overwrite the stored memory residing there. His body hit a nearby Officer with his full momentum sending them body tumbling for a moment, catching his balance on another Rifleman, Trevin slammed his fist first into the rifleman's stomach and again into his head. Leaning sharply to the side to avoid a fist aimed at his head, he grabbed the fist of the woman carrying a flamethrower. With a bit of effort he swung her in a wide arc knocking a large swath of the others nearby down.

Trevin had the tactical advantage in this situation, at close range his suit was designed for this sort of beating and it only put them closer to him. Thankful for a moment for the sparring bouts with Ava and others, he fought on against the seemingly unending torrent of Longbow. Time seemed to stretch on forever, while only lasting 10 minutes it easily felt like an hour before the Longbow seemed to pull back some from him.

Breathing heavily against the ventilator Trevin could feel blood pooling around his fingers, the skin rubbed raw by the suit and the constant friction. A break formed in the crowd, and thinking he would have a chance to escape Trevin was instead greeted by a sight he really didn't want to see.

Three ominous figures marched towards him, dressed in signature Longbow red and white, they wore a conical half helmet with a special ventilator. These were the heaviest hitters Longbow had, Ballistas. Floating above the three Ballistas was a Warden hovering, the air around him seemed statically charged.

Trevin watched them approached, the Ballistas were bad enough but the Warden was a wild card, this was probably going to go badly. Rising up to his full height he raised his fists laughing at the approaching Longbow, "Takes four of your bastards huh, fuck you guys, bring it, I've taken everything else you've dished out."

It was the Warden that hit him first, electrical energy lancing out and spider webbing over his body. His suit suddenly felt much heavy as a good portion of its energy was drained. Cursing under his breath Trevin lunged forward with a yell slamming his fist into the first Ballista sending him flying, turning quickly he nailed the second Ballista with a quick jab to the side. The third Ballista however came up behind his slamming him hard over the head with an overhand hit as the Warden, now recharged for another electrical hit nailed him again.

Falling first to his knees he sank to the ground his vision going black, his last thoughts on the emergency teleporter and hoping the damn thing would kick in.

Hands Tied

Monday, January 7, 2008 - 1158 EST

Ava stared at Tron dumbfounded, she wasn't sure if she was infuriated more at Trevin or her. Tron continued to laugh in a melodic, almost childlike tone, she obviously found Trevin's plight to be highly amusing. She had related the events to Ava in a matter of fact fashion right down to how many Longbow were involved, 75 ground troops, two 12 man airborne patrols of Eagles and 3 longbow chasers.

Given Trevin wasn't currently available for her anger she turned it on Tron instead her eyes blazing, "You think this is funny? He's a comrade, but beyond that he's now a potential liability, and we're now down on a person for the main team."

Ava's fists clenched at her sides knuckles gone white, Tron seemed unmoved, "He's not a liability, he deleted the records from his suit, and anything he might tell them would be easily countered. You said it yourself boss lady, he was reckless and this was bound to happen." A smirk began to play over Tron's face.

The punch came without warning, but Ava's fist never found purchase in Tron's face. She strained her fist stopped in mid punch against a black cloud, her fingers began to itch and she yanked away quickly glaring at Tron. "You'd hit me? I advise taking your own advice and think a bit more before acting, the cash is nice but to be honest you amuse me too much and my curiosity wants to see where this will go."

A cold chill traveled down Ava's spine, when she had invited Tron and Drake to join, she had thought she knew what she was getting into. Now she questioned the sense in that move, a need for powerful allies or not, but that was something to deal with later. She watched for a moment as Tron moved to walk away, "I won't apologize, you know I care about each person under me, whether you do or not doesn't matter, just do the damn job. I want to know where they took him, what they plan to do, and when he's transferred to the Zigursky holding for trial."

Tron shrugged and otherwise didn't respond as she disappeared towards the command and control room. Ava swore and punched the wall near her before slumping down against, "God dammit Trevin I said quiet, not get the whole damn base after you."

Longbow was already on high alert and if they took this as a terrorist attempt on their Agincourt holdings it could be bad. With the pending the closed congressional hearing tomorrow regarding Liberty Bowman this could be potentially explosive. Trevin was going to have to cool his heels for awhile, she only hoped Longbow was overtaxed enough right now that they didn't transfer him to Paragon immediately. She knew Trevin wouldn't betray her, but it didn't stop her from feeling like she was betraying him to leave him there. But after that whole nightmare with Photinus this was bound to happening sooner rather then later.

"Later would have been better." She muttered to herself and stood up walking to her office in a fog to send a message to the other Archon X command staff with the information on the capture and a notice to all staff that no action would be taken at this time to aid Trevin and no one was to speak with reporters or the media on the subject.

Her last message was sent to Bridget and Brendan with as little information as she could offer but still have them understand, it simply stated, "The hothead finally did it."

Who says prisoners should be complacent?

Tuesday, January 8, 2008 - Etoile Isles - 1100 EST

The sharp smell of cleaner hit Trevin first followed by the tingling almost burning sense in his cheek that extended down to his toes on one side. Sitting up suddenly he reached for his head he realized his mask was gone, a sharp pain lanced through his skull forcing him the lower his head again with a groan. Chancing to open his eyes he realized why, he was wearing only his socks, undershirt and boxers.

Something dark speckled the undershirt in places, it took a moment for his eyes to focus before he realized it was dried blood. He figured the lightheadedness was bad, concussion or worse, he hoped it wasn't worse, because he obviously wasn't at headquarters. Cursing below his breath trying to ignore the flaring pain in his head, the burning numbness down his side from the icy floor, or the aching pain through most of his body.

Pushing off the floor carefully and slowly he stood looking around the mostly bare room. A single slitted stone window closed in with Plexiglas and only about 3 inches wide and a foot tall the only feature besides the large door bearing two closed slots. Above him he could see the security camera a red light blinking.

Taking the first step carefully, the vertigo mild, Trevin crossed the room, aware of the camera following him. Looking over the door, it lacked anything, at least on this side, to get a grip on. Turning again to look at the camera Trevin flipped it off, frowning at the bloody state of his hands, his knuckles were torn, dry blood in patches and trickled lines covered his hands.

"I know my rights, you better let me use a damn phone." Trevin yelled at the empty room, "You can't keep me here. I want a lawyer."

Angrily he kicked the door and almost fell over at the pain lancing up his leg, cursing out loud and reminded himself "Damn no suit."

Cursing he began pacing the room trying to figure something out, it was only a matter of time before Ava or someone came for him. He paced for awhile longer, the time passing without anything but the light outside dimming to show it was passing. How long had he been out? How long until someone came looking for him? Had his suit destroyed the records? Questions banged in his mind and he suddenly sat down in the far corner of the room, stooped on his haunches watching the room.

They weren't coming, he was on his own this time, Ava's words echoing in his mind about the incident with Photinus, she couldn't help him, not directly at least. At the end of the day the mission came first and she couldn't compromise everything by attaching herself to this. She'd warned him and he hadn't listened.

Standing up again angry at him reminding himself furiously he didn't need any of them, they were nothing but a pain in his ass, he'd get himself out of this mess on his own.

A noise from the door was almost deafening in the silent room, Trevin's head snapping in the direction of the sound. The sudden instinctive movement forced him to grab the wall as vertigo hit him again. Swallow hard he pushed down the rising bile with a shudder and looked up wiping his mouth with the back of his hand and subsequently onto his undershirt.

The woman that walked into the room was pretty, in a plain, everyday sort of way, when you've been doing the hero thing for awhile normal just doesn't catch the eye much anymore. But something about her eyes seemed off, they were harsher then her appearance let on, no nonsense and sharp like that of a predator. Trevin shudder inwardly remembering the lizard creature that had attacked him, the scars on his face aching suddenly.

In her hands she held a briefcase, and behind her came two Longbow operatives her voice matched her eyes completely businesslike and dangerous, "If you'll follow us Clout, or should I say Trevin? We have several questions for you." She smirked a bit, it seemed misplaced more of a smirk that belong in the bedroom them in a jail cell, "I'd advise not resisting, they are authorized to use whatever force necessary to subdue you."

Trevin glared at her across the room, "Go to hell, I want my lawyer lady I know my rights."

"Obviously you do not, you are not in Paragon, things work differently here, given you are for all intents and purposes a prisoner of war." her smirk faded a bit as the two Longbow operatives walked forward.

Trevin lowered his stance raising his fists an angry look in his eyes, "No war that I knew of, I want my damn lawyer, I'm an American citizen."

"An American citizen who was caught assaulting a Freedom Corps facility in the Etoile Isles? Didn't you know American citizens aren't allowed here without specific authorization?" The operatives each grabbed one of his arms as she continued, "Just a few questions and we'll see if this is all just a... misunderstanding."

Realizing a fight, without his suit, against both operatives was a bad idea Trevin offered the woman another glare and walked with them to a small room down the hall. Nothing in the hallway eluded to whether he was still in Agincourt of elsewhere, the room they entered was plain, a simple desk with two chairs, a mirror on one side. Double sided he guessed and shot a smart ass face at the window followed by the universal sign,

Grabbing the chair on the side of the table opposite the mirror Trevin turn it around and sat down crossing his arms over the back of the chair and resting his chin on his arms. The mirror showed he looked as rough as he felt, dark rings circled his eyes and he could see a bit of dried blood on his neck and speckling his shoulders. Head wound he assumed, he couldn't remember the last several moments of the fight so well.

The woman sat across from him, neatly in the chair setting her briefcase on top of the table. With two soft clicks the case opens and she pulls out several papers. Obviously unmoved by his obnoxious behavior she leans back in her chair crossing her legs holding the papers in her hand looking from them to him, "You have such a clean record, well that is without counting the various charges of assault on Longbow operatives here in the isles we've been able to connect to you since your arrival here."

Trevin didn't reach and she continued looking up from the paper, "Seems you have a girl in Paragon? Mandy I believe she goes by, seems she's affiliated with the same organization as you, the Hyperion Force."

Tilting his head Trevin eyed her for a long moment, "Yeah what of it? She has nothing to do with this."

"Oh but she does," that disturbing smile crossed her lips again, "See we've been having trouble with a certain group of so proclaimed vigilantes, who are no better then the rest of the criminal element here. We believe that group is tied to a Ms. Ava Mannheim, funny Ms. Mannheim is married to Brendan Aft, the current leader of the Hyperion Force, and according to our records is responsible for your current access to the Etoile Isles under the auspices of a work release."

Trevin scowled at her, "Sounds like a hell of a stretch to me. Just cause she employs me doesn't mean she knows what I do on my down time."

"So you're saying Ms. Mannheim has no connection to your little incident yesterday?"

Unable to stop his frown, he'd been out a large portion of a day if she was telling the truth, "Yeah thats what I'm saying."

"Well you have quite a list of charges your facing on your own." she turned the top paper in her hand and slid it across the table to him.

The charges on the indictment sheet took up half the sheet:

Conspiracy to Contribute Services to Foreign Terrorist Organization (31 C.F.R. §§ 595.205 & 595.204 & 50 U.S.C. § 1705(b))
Conspiracy to Provide Material Support & Resources to Foreign Terrorist Organizations (18 U.S.C. Defendant. ) § 2339B)
Providing Material Support & Resources to Foreign Terrorist Organizations (18 U.S.C. §§ 2339B ) & 2)
Conspiracy to Levy War Against the United States (18 U.S.C.§ 2384)
Using and Carrying Firearms and Destructive Devices During Crimes of Violence (18 U.S.C. §§ 924(c) & 2)
Conspiracy to Murder U.S. Nationals (18 U.S.C. § 2332(b))
Conspiracy to Commit Acts of Terrorism Transcending National Boundaries (18 U.S.C. §§ 2332b(a)(2) & (c))
Conspiracy to Destroy Property (18 U.S.C. §§ 844(f), (i), (n))

Trevin blink at the list, "What the hell I didn't do any of this, well okay maybe destroyed some property but it wasn't that damn fancy."

Leaning forward she gave him an empty attempt at a sympathetic look, "I know, so let me help you, just tell us what we need to know and we can see about getting these charges looked at."

Standing up suddenly Trevin threw the chair he had previously been sitting on across the room, "Why not listen to the words coming out of my mouth, I don't know have anything to tell you, these charges are bullshit, and you're bullshit and I want my one god damn phone call." Trevin leaned against the table his hands pressed flat knuckles going white.

Across from him the woman was still unmoved, "I"m trying to help you here and you're being quite rude and unreasonable. I don't think you quite grasp the situation you're in. You are an enemy combatant, a prisoner of war to be indicted for terrorist acts against your own country. You have no rights, you have no friends, none that is except me."

Trevin sworn at her and shoved the table in her direction. He didn't even see her move as she stood grabbing her briefcase in mid air, her free hand stopping the tables forward momentum. "Have it your way, but don't say we didn't try to be nice."

He watched dumbfounded for several long minutes as she crossed to the door lunging after her as she moved to step through the open door. The door slammed shut before he could reach it, slamming his fists on the door with a curse he screamed out a string of obscenities and threw the chair he'd throw moments before at the double sided glass, ducking as it rebounded back at him.

Breaking News: Popular Humanitarian CEO Arrested=

Ava Mannheim Taken into Custody for Questioning

Reported Midday attack on Agincourt suspected reason

Founders Falls - Paragon City, RI - 01/08/07 - 2300 EST

Around 9:20 PM EST Ava Mannheim, also known as Ava Adore, the humanitarian owner of the well known genetics research firm, Archon X, walked into the Longbow headquarters in Paragon City, RI turning herself in for questioning. The questioning is believed to be related to an attack late Monday on the the Longbow facility in Nerva Archipelago, reportedly by the hero known as Clout. Clout is currently in the employ of Archon X as security and received his authorization to enter the Etoile Islands for work related purposes. Brendan Aft, husband to Ava and leader of the quirky super group known as Hyperion Force, was unavailable to comment.

Escorted to the facility by the Devin Boudreaux, a well known Longbow operative, it is believed that he was the arresting officer on the case. Devin Boureaux is the husband of Bridget Queen, the immensely popular heroine. They are both close friends with the erstwhile couple, and both Ms. Queen and Mr. Boudreax have been unavailable for comment. Known for for her vigilante acts in Kings Row, Ava became a media darling after a high profile trial and her registration with Hero Corps. She has been in and out of the news since for her disappearance last year, her heroic deeds during the 2nd Rikti War, and her surprise marriage to Brendan Aft.

More recently she has made headlines for her vocal dissent of the military actions by Freedom Corps through Longbow in the Etoile Islands. She has also been a prominent figure behind the push for better medical coverage by hospitals for mutants. Archon X regularly provides free genetic screenings and profiling support to many hospitals and clinics in disadvantaged communities around the world. These screenings help identify mutants and their specific mutations to allow for better medical treatment of illnesses. She has also donated many of her own hours in the creation of devices for those with hindering mutations to suppress the mutated gene and allow those people to live normal lives.

Ava gave a brief statement to reporters on the scene, she emphasized her dismay at the current situation, and reiterated that she and Archon X would provide whatever aid necessary to get to the bottom of the attack. She provided words of support for Clout, "He has a strong will, and a good heart." but also noted her concerns, "While I condone no attacks on anyone unprovoked, I question the validity of these accusations based on Longbow's own self styled justice as judge, juror and executioner against innocent citizens of a foreign sovereign nation.".

Longbow operatives and Freedom Corp officials declined to answer any questions citing the sensitivity of the case.

Neo Trick Shot: Public Relations Extraordinaire

Bridget rushes down the stairs in the front her downtown penthouse. Though shes no stranger to the flash of a camera and the chatter of the press. She is caught off guard by the assault of questions

“Are you and the accused close?”

“Did you know your own husband brought Mrs. Mannheim in?”

“Are you and Mr. Aft supporting this vigilantly group of miscreants?”

Even thou she was caught off guard the few questions she did hear helped clue her in on the reason for this bombardment of the press, that and her keen eyes caught the head line of the paper that one of them had griped tightly in there hand. With great composure and finesse she waved them off with a statement.

“Come now, you all better check your sources and make sure what your spouting off isn’t trash. I know a thing or to about how things work around here and honestly seems to me like your all counting your chickens before they’ve hatched.” She smiled softy and with grace and ease thank to her wonderful balance and agility, was able to navigate down the stairs though the crowd.

With flip of her hair she turned from her car and said “Trust me things are not nearly as dreadful as they have been made out to be. Mrs. Mannheim is model person and great hero.” Stepping in and rolling her widow down as she closed the door she added, “You can quote me on that.”

Caged? Or maybe not...

Founders Falls PPD Station- Paragon, RI - 01/08/07 2340 EST

Ava drummed her fingers on the cold metal table in front of her watching the two way mirror and occasionally the doorway benignly. An hour had passed and short of the desk officer who had done her paperwork after Devin arrived with her, she'd not seen another living soul. Beyond the room however she could feel them, the pulse of the people around her, their harried emotions as they rushed around. It wasn't a small surprise that she'd thrown them for a loop, they weren't expecting her to turn herself in so easily, and the building was slowly turning into a pressure cooker waiting to pop as the tension built.

While the building had a dampener for her outward telepathic abilities it didn't do much to soften the overpowering flow of emotions around her. Typically Ava struggled to keep her ability to sense the emotions and strong feeling and thoughts of others out, tonight however she'd let open the flood gate.

Three floors down she could feel the despair and self incrimination of the woman who'd learned hours before that her boyfriend was cheating on her. She felt the rage of someone else two stories above her, angry at losing a bet with a coworker. Amid all that noise however she could feel it, the growing tension of a few people as things began to move out of their carefully planned control.

As the clock moved to 10:45 she heard the door click and the sound of metal resisting for a moment as it opened and a puffy eyed, overly tired looking woman entered followed by the familiar faces of her lawyers, Brownstone & Edelstein. Albert Brownstone was a hawkish looking man in his forties with a perpetual frown and stern look of disapproval. Madalyn Edelstein however was an attractive woman in her early 40's with a soft welcoming smile and pleasant friendly eyes. They were easily one of the best law firms on the east coast, perhaps even in the US, hired specifically due to the controversial nature of Ava's business and research. Each of them knew as much as they needed to know and understood the finer points to client confidentiality.

It was the overly tired woman who spoke first, her lips set into a thin hard line, "Mrs. Mannheim, your lawyers are here," her tone was clipped, "I would like to begin with a few questions if that is alright."

Albert Brownstone cut her off offering his card to her his eyes set and cold as he stared the woman down, "Actually I believe you won't be asking my client anything Mrs..." he trailed off looking to her name tag and after a brief moment looked back to her, "Mrs. Langley."

He walked away from her setting his briefcase down and flipping it open removing a packet of papers holding the envelope out to her. "Mrs. Mannheim and Archon X, LLC is more then happy to comply with your investigation into her employee Trevin, to the fullest extent which the law allows. However your basis for subjecting my client to your questions and holding her here is merit less."

Stunned to silence at first by his almost predatory demeanor the woman reached forward hesitantly taking the folder. Opening it she leafed through it, after several moments she closed the folder, her lips set back into a hard thin line. "Mr. Brownstone, we're holding Mrs. Mannheim for both her connection to her employee, and for her presence at the scene of a recent murder. She's a person of interest to us and as such we would like to question her about these events.

Edelstein stepped forward with a friendly smile setting a hand on Brownstone's shoulder, "Its quite alright Albert, as long as our client is okay with answering their questions there shouldn't be an issue." She looked to Ava with the same broad smile, Ava however knew it was an act, she was the good cop after all in their good cop bad cop routine, "You do understand Mrs. Mannheim that you do not have to answer any questions unless you want to."

Ava nodded, "Yes I am well aware of my 5th amendment rights, I'm more then happy to help however, I'm afraid I don't know anything that would be helpful to them." Smiling finally she looked to Mrs. Langley, "After all I'm more then happy to do whatever is necessary to help my country."

The woman frowned, her eye twitching slightly as she walked towards the table, "Fine then lets get started."

Public Appeal


0530 AM EST, Paragon City, RI -

After a daring early morning rescue, the missing hero, the Liberty Bowman, has been transported to the Cygnus Medical Center in Peregrine Island according to a Vanguard representative in the war zone. Shortly after in a press conference, Longbow Operative Devin Boudereux, detailed a highly organized joint task force under his command composed of elite operatives from Longbow, the JTFH and the Shinsengumi 6th Squadron. This task force infiltrated a rogue Freedom Corps base located in the war zone and rescued the Liberty Bowman, however details of why he was there, or how this base managed to hide his presence have remained unanswered.

Freedom Corps brass however has confirmed details will be revealed at a press conference later this morning, according to their press secretary, "Our first priority right now is ensuring the Liberty Bowman is attended to and documenting all details of this mornings successful raid." Heroes operating in the early morning hours on patrols in the war zone noted the large presence entering the unsuspecting building on the west side. However neither Freedom Corps or Vanguard has been able to substantiate claims that the task force was joined by several notorious criminals.

This raid came just as reports were breaking in the media of excessive human rights violations, and charges of other criminal activity by Longbow operatives in the Etoile Islands. Reports have included both shocking audio, video and photographic evidence of suspects undergoing excessive physical brutality including a video of what appears to be a small girl hospitalized with 2nd and 3rd degree wounds over her entire body after a Longbow operative mistook her for a criminal. While actions of these sorts by Longbow in the Isles have been noted in the past, most recently by Ava Mannheim, the former hero known as Ava Adore, they have never included such shocking and comprehensive proof.

These most recent allegations came anonymously to several media outlets throughout the world and as of yet no one has stepped forward to claim responsibility. Freedom Corps has declined to comment, only to state that they have many powerful enemies that would stop at nothing to end their crusade against evil in the isles. Congress has however put the allegations under serious consideration, combined with this early morning raid in the war zone, and they have canceled an early morning hearing with Freedom Corps representatives.

In other related news, the hero Clout, captured earlier this week in a daring raid against the Longbow facility in Nerva Archipelago, Agincourt, has been transferred to the Ziggeraut's holding facility pending his arraignment. Several prominent figures in the city have speculated that Clout's presence at the Agincourt facility is possibly tied to the rescue of Liberty Bowman. The heroine, Neo Trick Shot, has spoken out for his release and a review of the evidence and charges against him, and a growing group of heroes here in the city is speaking out for Clout. Freedom Corps however has declined to comment citing the pending case.

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