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Player: @Redwinged
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Dominator, Corruptor
Threat Level: 50, 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Unpronouncable
Known Aliases: Stinging Tundra, Bitter Tundra, Wendigo, Winterwolf, Psychowolf
Species: Icarnus
Age: 15?
Height: 7'4"
Weight: 480-560lbs
Eye Color: Yellow
Hair Color: Gray
Biographical Data
Nationality: Unknown
Occupation: *blood smear*
Place of Birth: Skyway City, Paragon, RI
Base of Operations: St. Martial, Rogue Isles
Marital Status: "Tasty."
Known Relatives: "Yes. No. Maybe. All. None."
Known Powers
Ice Control
Known Abilities
"AIEE!" -- Anon. Longbow Officer

"When the wolf is happy, the world will be sad." --Unknown Mystic

Considered an urban legend or a myth by most, though fairly well known in the villain and hero communities. Notable for her outlandish behavior, and odd mannerisms, besides the fact that she appears to be a 7'4" tall wolf. She has a reputation for being exceptionally brutal, torturing and horrifically maiming her victims before finally letting them die. As has always been true, her mood, attitude, behavior, and mannerisms are mercurial and frequently change.

Tundra is an extremely visible and well known supervillain, and classified as an extreme threat by both heroes and villains. In her own words, she is neither good nor evil; she simply is.


Recent Events

Reappearing in the Rogue Isles, Tundra seems to be even more bloodthirsty than before. It is unclear if this is deliberate manipulation of opinion or actual behavior. She has also been sighted repeatedly around the Vanguard base in White Plains (Rikti War Zone) as well as Paragon itself, primarily in the Talos Island area. To the surprise of many, her mannerisms seem far more refined and matured. She has even been genuinely helpful to others on several occasions. However, she is still a 'killing machine.'

Much of her brutality seems to be focused on the Rikti, and Vanguard has documented her literally dismembering several with her bare hands. This has been taken as an indication that she is significantly more powerful than before. She has also been observed exhibiting control over flowing water, something not previously seen. However, she appears to actively avoid Astoria, and has severely injured two individuals who asked her to aid them.

Plans Within Plans

Tundra has proven to be extremely intelligent and a quick study. Combined with an ability to appear however she pleases, this has led to a tremendous amount of confusion and conflicting information about her plans and goals. Longbow has identified no less than 32 people they believe to be appearances of Tundra, while Vanguard has identified 6. However, none are confirmed. The result is a tremendous amount of speculation and guesswork, in large part due to the threat Tundra presents.

In reality, very little Tundra does is unplanned. She is not a schemer, but rather, one who prepares meticulously after examining the situation and possibilities. She is also very generous with spreading misinformation, knowing that certain agencies will be forced to act even if they have no reason to believe it. She continues to behave in a reactive fashion, as well as engaging in unprovoked and spontaneous activities and attacks. This makes it extremely difficult to differentiate something she has planned from a random attack.

Threat Evaluations


Tundra is classified as an 'Alpha' level threat, the highest possible classification. Recruits and inexperienced operatives are expected to immediately evacuate upon a confirmed sighting or attack. Any threat made by Tundra against any Longbow operation is treated as real, requiring the immediate deployment of senior operatives and significant reinforcements. Deadly force is not only authorized but explicitly required against Tundra at all times, and normal rules of engagement are suspended.


Files on Tundra are vast and detailed. She is classified as an 'extreme' threat in the event she should decide to stop cooperating with Vanguard. She has repeatedly affirmed her agreement with Vanguard's objectives and methods. Lady Grey and Dark Watcher are both openly cautious of her loyalty, but are willing to work with her since she has proven extremely effective. Most lower ranking Vanguard avoid her, and new recruits are actively kept away from both Tundra and the results of her battles. For official operations, she is often requested (never assigned to) the most experienced Colonels and Rangers, who describe her as terrifyingly brutal but also efficient and a very good 'team' player.

It is noted in her file that under no circumstances is anyone to attempt to issue or frame instructions as 'orders.' Tundra has been known to react with moderate violence to perceived attempts to control her, but will readily acquiesce to requests. There are even specific examples. "Instead of 'we need you to attack this outpost,' use the phrasing 'we identified this outpost. Is this something you would like to help with?' NEVER say 'I order you' or 'Superior Officer ordered us'."

Paragon Police Department

PPD has an absolute non-engagement policy with Tundra. In the event Tundra is sighted, PPD officers are to immediately radio for super powered backup, establish a safe distance, and only observe. If Tundra engages first, standing orders are to engage in self-defense and attempt to flee. Several PPD hard shells have been modified to withstand extreme cold specifically for Tundra, but have not been tested. PPD psychics are cautioned to NEVER attempt to read Tundra's mind.

Freedom Phalanx

The Freedom Phalanx maintains an active file on Tundra and considers her to be not necessarily the most dangerous but certainly among the most persistent threats in the world. She is ranked higher than even Nemesis in terms of being a continuing threat, largely due to her persistence and quick recovery. Because it is known she can and will actively re-form herself within minutes after her body is killed or destroyed, lethal force is explicitly recommended. Freedom Phalanx Reserve members are cautioned to never attempt to read or manipulate Tundra's mind, as the images and her psyche alone have been proven to cause extreme harm.


Arachnos considers Tundra a threat to operations and stability, but Lord Recluse has prohibited 'kill on sight' orders for her, for unknown reasons. She has been shown to generally establish a good working - albeit purely transactional - relationship with those she considers equals or peers; specifically, Arbiters and Patrons. Everyone else is simply 'food.' Nearly all lower level commanders have disregarded the prohibition, as prior to that, successfully surviving Tundra - much less actually killing her - guaranteed a significant promotion.

Known Associations

Tundra is known to have associated with a number of villains and heroes in the past. However, she has kept a low profile, other than notifying the world that "Dies Irae has never left. Not knowing of action is not inaction. Go take a bubble bath." She is frequently active within Vanguard, and her results are well respected, though her methods often are not.

She is believed to be friends, if she even has such, with Wildcharge. She also has some relationship with Kyle Helsing, but it is definitely not friendship.

Tundra in Paragon

Tundra has been sighted in Paragon multiple times over the past year. Often she appears only briefly to brutally decimate groups, seemingly at random, and then is sighted in the Isles shortly thereafter. There are persistent rumours that she may have taken up vigilantism, or even heroism. However, she is not officially licensed in the Isles or Paragon. The truth is simply that Tundra goes wherever she pleases, and neither side is willing or able to keep her in or out, nor will they license or recognize her as anything other than a threat.


Tundra is a known - and at this point - thoroughly documented example of an 'Icarnus,' a portmanteau of 'Incarnation' and 'Icarus.' Icarnus have no relation to the Well of the Furies, though may become Incarnates themselves. What they are at a fundamental level in virtually all known cases is a previously non-existent creation of magic, and nearly all of them are the direct outcome of incredibly powerful spells gone wrong. The core of an Icarnus' mind and personality are essentially seeded from the type and intent of the spell. Bodies are self-actualized using their inherent nature, making all of them capable of shape-shifting to an extent few can match. Intelligence seems to vary widely, and is hypothesized to be linked to the complexity of the spell.

All Icarnus are inherently immortal so long as they do not exhaust their supply of magical energy. Various methods are known to be employed to increase or maintain their reserves, but all are extremely protective, as cutting them off from their food supply would render them vulnerable. Attempts to dispell Icarnus have never been successful, for reasons which are unclear - prominent mages have described it as 'akin to a magical short circuit.' However, causing one to exhaust their energy has been definitively proven to 'kill' them.

At this point, M.A.G.I. and Arachnos have confirmed that she was created unintentionally by the Circle of Thorns, in an attempt by a misguided or foolish mage to create and cast a spell which would either encase all of Paragon in ice or under dozens of feet of water. The partially collapsed chamber in which the spell was discovered in 2010, and confirmed as her origin point in 2011. However, details remain sketchy at best due to the catastrophic damage to the cave system and lack of survivors. Even the date of creation is questionable, and it is possible that Tundra was created at the height of the first Rikti war, or even earlier.

Among Icarnus, Tundra is nothing short of a legend. Numerous attempts have been made to determine the scope or limit of her powers in pursuit of a method of containment or to cut off her 'food' supply. (Theories that her penchant for eating humans is the source have since been debunked.)

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