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Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology.
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Hamidon's Fury
· Science Brute ·
Super Strength
Player: @Red-Havok
Super Group
· Other Affiliations ·
The Young Challengers
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Real Name
Alex Fairhurst
Ultamon, Ulty
Paragon City, RI
US Citizen, with no criminal record
Adventurer, Crime Fighter, Student
Legal Status
· Known Relatives ·
Martin Fairhurst (father), Alice Fairhurst (Mother)
Physical Traits
Human/Devouring Earth Hybrid
Apparent Age
5'3" (9' when transformed)
100lbs (5,000lbs when transformed)
Body Type
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Super Strength, Size Morphing

Alex Fairhurst was an ordinary boy, until an accident changed his life forever! When a rogue test subject nearly killed him, his life was saved by an experimental strand of DNA being developed by his father. The DNA gave him incredible strength as well as resilience, and the ability to increase his size from a small child into a towering behemoth. ULTAMON was born!

Alex's dream of being a superhero has finally come true, but he now has to learn that being a hero is not just about power and fame; responsibility and integrity are what really makes a hero great.

Unfortunately, he is learning this at everyone else's expense...


spaceProfessor Martin Fairhurst was a top R&D specialist employed with Longbow. Fairhurst helped create many weapons - both offensive and defensive for use by the Longbow Special Forces. He was eventually put in charge of a new super soldier program run by Longbow to combat the ever encroaching Devouring Earth monsters. The monsters were by products of the being knows as The Hamidon - a self aware nucleus of untold size and power.

spaceRecently, The Hamidon had not only been evolving geological and fungal creatures, but turned it's attention to humans. As a result, the Devoured were created. Unlike the other monsters, the Devoured were made of flesh and bone yet they had identical abilities held by their counterparts: great size and incredible strength as well as a high tolerance to damage. With the help of Longbow forces and some willing heroes, Professor Fairhurst captured a number of specimens from Monster Island - a place where some of the most fearsome Devouring Earth monsters were found. Using DNA samples from each creature, Professor Fairhurst intended to create a unique DNA strand. This ultimate monster DNA would be synthesized and used on Longbow participants to create beings of great power, much like The Hamidon did so with the Devoured.

spaceNaturally, the Longbow R&D Facility was hidden in a secret location... hidden to just about everyone except those with close ties to the Facility. Professor Fairhurst had a son, Alex, a thirteen year old boy who attended Paragon Junior High. Alex stopped by, unannounced to visit his father after school. Alex went to check out his father's laboratory hoping to find him there. The room was empty, except for a number of containment vessels with strange creatures inside. Alex recognized these things from the news. They were Devouring Earth monsters. He enjoyed seeing footage of Xanatos, Ascendant, or The Havok Brothers fighting these creatures. Alex fantasized for a moment that he was the hero who captured these monsters. He acted out his imagination, swinging wildly around the lab. Alex's fun came to an end when he accidentally hit a computer console and released the monsters from their confinement.

spaceAlarms went off, and Professor Fairhurst went back to his lab. He found a large group of Longbow operatives fighting against the newly loosened Devouring Earth creatures. They Monsters were subdued, but at great cost. Alex was fatally injured before the Longbow forces could save him. Professor Fairhurst would not accept it. He took his son to another lab, and sealed the room. He had one chance. The unique, untested strand of DNA might be the only thing that could save him. It was a gamble.

spaceProfessor Fairhurst injected Alex with the ultimate monster DNA, and Alex slowly returned to life. The new powers coursing through him felt very strange, but he had never felt better. In the following days, Alex was closely monitored. Professor Fairhurst found that the DNA was a success. Not only did it revive his son, but it gave him new abilities. He was incredibly strong, like the Rocky Sentry, and had the resistances like Herders and Guardians. He was also able to increase his body mass - relative to his own. Alex had all the attributes of individual Devouring Earth monsters, all at his own disposal. Alex had become the ultimate monster.

spaceDetermined to use his powers for justice, Alex demanded his father create a uniform, fitting of his new-found powers. Professor Fairhurst built Alex an armor, that would enhance his abilities even more, and give him everything he would need to battle on the streets of Paragon. The suit was also built of memory technology, so it would grow and shrink as Alex needed. Alex was ready to finally become a real super hero, but first he needed training. He was trained by Longbow agents for three months, before being handed over to SERAPH and worked under the tutelage of Rebecca Brinell. When Alex was deemed fit for hero duty, he registered under the call sign ULTAMON - the ultimate monster...


With Alex claiming himself to be "The Ultimate Monster", he sought out to prove this claim by personally defeating other so-called "Giant Monsters". There are many strange and fearsome creatures in Paragon, and it's surrounding areas, and Alex is determined to defeat them all.

So far he has defeated the following monsters:

Ultkraken.pngThe Kraken





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