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I'm Cybernetic, not Robotic. Call me a robot again and I will remove your head and use it as a foot-rest.
The Umbral Raven Talon
Player: [@Obsidian Tal'yn]
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Stalker
Security Level: 36
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown (Rumored to be Sharr Karas)
Known Aliases: Project URT-19032, Talon, Raven Talon, Visor, 19032
Species: Cyborg, Praetorian Human
Age: Unable To Be Told (Sharr: 23)
Height: 6ft 3in
Weight: 300+ Lbs (Equipment and Enhancements)
Eye Color: Changes (Retinal Scramblers)
Hair Color: Raven Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Praetorian
Occupation: Mercenary
Place of Birth: UCI Labs (Unknown for Sharr)
Base of Operations: Unknown
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None (Sharr was an orphan)
Known Powers

°Grand Master Training in the Katana

°Programmed with Ninjitsu Subroutines

°Elite Expertise with Explosives

°Unknown Mastery of Martial Arts

Known Abilities
°Heightened Reflexes

°Superior Olefactory Senses

°Nanite Improved Eyesight

°Myostatin Related Muscle Hypertrophy

°Blackened Impervium Katana

°Experimental Nanite Infused Body Suit

°Umbral Corp. Visor

°Umbral Corp. Retinal Scramblers

°Experimental Hard Light Projector

°Various Grenades and Throwing Weapons


»Hates pure robots with a passion, thinking they are weak

»Despite a cold personality, is more human than machine.

»Has no memory of his past, and is deeply troubled by this

»Always looking for a technician, preferrably female to help with maintainance.

Warning!: This profile contains very mature topics. Gore, Torture, Open Swearing, Potential Sexual Innuendo, and Racisim towards Robots.

Looking for Contact
Looking for: Need a technician preferably female, any kind of super group, also need a tech (or magic) based nemesis
Interested in: Stories, in game role playing, super groups.


Umbral Cybernetics Inc. Model: URT Number: 19032.(Infiltration and Elimination Specialist)

The Cyborg

If rumors are to be believed, the cyborg known as Umbral Raven Talon was once a highly skilled martial artist with skills nearly unparalelled of his time. Equipped with advanced camoflaguing devices, bladed and explosive weaponry, highly enhanced integrated materials, and a quiet personality: Umbral Raven Talon is a marvel of his parent companies skill with cybernetic enhancements. Outfitted with nanite generators, and plenty of hidden goodies Umbral Raven Talon is known for covert strikes into the hearts of villains, but also occasionally siding with them depending on how high they are willing to pay. Truly a mercenary at heart, Umbral Raven Talon prefers to use his abilities for heroes, but will on occasion step into the role of the ruthless cut-throat villain.


The Umbral Raven Talon, is normally a very soft-spoken and quiet man. Normally will only pipe up when someone is in trouble, he needs to, or is near those he trust (That list being rather short due to his past with UCI). Generally speaking he is hostile to robots, will openly question about how they came to be, whether they have emotions, and whether or not they are inferior to cybernetic organisms. Cybernetic or not Talon does have a weak-spot for women, not exactly the most overt in come-ons, he is male and he is open about that fact. Unless performing villainous deeds, Talon always conducts himself as a very honorable and kind gentleman.


The Umbral Raven Talon was created (Cybernetics were) by UCI,

UCI stands for Umbral Cybernetics Incorperated, a leading rival to the formerly famous Obsidian Robotic Enhancement Firm. During the development of the Clockwork program, UCI rose as a high class company. Offering both cybernetic prosthetics to those that need them, and military class cybernetic enhancements UCI was very good at what it did. But as with any rise, there must be a fall. Rumors of kidnappings, illegal experiments, murders, extortion, and fraud were the first signs of this goliath of a conglomerates' fall. Producing high end cyborgs was just another business day to them, however competing with Anti-Matter, and Neutron ended them like so many other robotics, cybernetics, and even prosthetics firms. CEO of UCI "Ghilbert Roffleisthen." was found in his high-rise appartment five days after the lab closed, hanging from a belt suspended from the ceiling. It was said that there was a note in his hand, but any PPD investigators that looked found nothing, nothing but what looked to be a chevron branded into his palm.


Koda Wolf: A member of a species that is blind and subserviant to males, seems to be quite interested in the little wolf-ling.



(Sharr Karas, prior to cyborg-enhancement)

Enhanced Strength and Endurance: Myostatin Related Muscle Hypertrophy

Born with a rare musculuar mutation, Sharr was graced with strength greater than a normal human and endurance that would make many pale in comparrison. Body mass including under two percent body fat, his muscles were hardened like rocks, giving the already formidable martial arts master a threatening boost in lethality.

Innate Mastery of Martial Arts

Ever since his youth, Sharr was trained by many differing masters in the various arts of hand-to-hand combat. Varying from simple styles as Karate, Tae-kwando, and Sambo. To advanced forms of martial arts such as Fu Jow Pai, Ninjutsu, Shotokan, and Hapkido. Totaling out to about forty three different masteries of martial arts.

Elite Explosives Removal and Usage

During his time amongst the PPD Sharr was one of the most valuable bomb-removal units, picking up on how to assemble and create new types of explosives from the many resistance bombs he had dismantled. Bomb removal squad members paled in comparrison to the martial artist.

(Talon after Cyborg-enhancements)

Grand-Mastery of the Katana

Gifted with a program that enhances his reaction time Talon is a highly skilled swordsman beyond comparrison even to the Tsoo. His musculuar mutation also helps with this as it gives him amazing cutting abilities, and due to his reaction time not only enhanced by his transformation the blade becomes an even deadlier tool thanks to the visor.

Advanced Ninjitsu Subroutines

Already skilled in Ninjitsu, Talon has had said skill in this martial art exponentially increased due to advanced programming from UCI that gave him the mastery of several of histories greatest Ninjitsu practicers. Already deadly with a blade Talon is a force to be reckoned with even unarmed, his stealth unparalelled even without the hard light projector.

Translator Program

Built into his brain is a single small chip that allows him to translate almost any form of communication in the known universe, making him a very valuable diplomat to some races that just can't be understood.



Sharr Arc

This arc in Talons past gives light to the time when he was searching for who he was prior to the demented experiments done to him, up to the time when he finally accepts himself as simply Talon.

Did they go too far?

For many years the rumors of a surviving UCI cyborg ran throughout the PPD and even the Resistance, that said Cyborg had yet to be programmed and even more intriguing is that said cyborg was the masterpiece of deceased master of cybernetics "Ghilbert Roffleisthen." Intrigued and even enamored by the machine many investigative teams came and went over the years, but none maintained interest after hitting dead-end after dead end. Except for the PPDs' very own investigation squad number four. Headed by Interrogator Tricia Shaan, the mixed group consisting of powers division and T.E.S.T members who had irritated their superiors. However for several weeks they found nothing more than what was already known.

The Facts

Thrust from the public eye, the disgraced cybernetics company designed one last project before vanishing into the great business void of the world. However this one last project was to revolutionize the cybernetics industry, rumors persisted that the company managed with many prototypes. All of which had been destroyed in testing to see if they were the "One" that most major factions of Nova Praetoria was seeking, however none of them were up to par.

Another of the many facts known is that the only way one could control this "Superb Cyborg" was to activate him, so all the major factions were in a race to not only find but activate this legendary machine-man.

The Search

Looking through everything UCI had its fingers in the investigation squad had yet to still find a solid lead on the machine, even the techno-mancers in their midst knew nothing more than what little research had gained them. Yet on the day they were to give up they were able to catch a single Resistance member, who seemed to be in-the-know about the hidden machine. After many hours of torture it took a single act of kindess to cause the hardened resistance veteran to crack, they gave him his freedom. He gave them the information he had on the machine, which took them to an abandoned lab in the Imperial City. After hours of searching they found one scrap of information invaluable to their search, clutched in the hands of a desecrated corpse was a small flash drive with nothing more than a riddle in it. "What was once risen now has set, amongst the dawn of neutropolis' grip."

Hours later the squad found itself at the eastern edge of Neutropolis where previously un-seen was a partially submerged lab, shaped like the claw of some ancient avian predator was the entranceway, with password in hand the squad found it's way deep in the bowels of the forgotten UCI lab. Even though the power of the lab was long since shut off the lights within it worked perfectly, entering a small testing hall they could not believe their eyes, there he stand. Covered in dust and grime of years, the metabolism and cybernetic parts of the man kept him barely alive, but for some reason he was in optimum condition according to the computer in front of him. Just as Shaan was about to send the activation code to the cyborg, a group of resistance open fire on the group, several powers division members dropping dead. Just as it looked the bleakest one of the powers division hacked the terminal and activated the cyborg, costing them their life. His first few words as he was resurrected were heartening to the squad, and devestating to the resistance "Long.... Live.... Cole!" moving as fast as lighting he quickly disarmed and killed the nearest resistance member as if he were a gnat that needed to be swatted. Dispatching his enemies in similar fashion the cyborg quickly turned the tides of battle to one favoring Coles' men.

The Terrible Truth

Months after the incident with his activation, 19032 started his grim work as one of the many assassins employed by Cole, Taking high risk jobs against all forms of enemies to the emperor he completed every task with a one hundred percent efficiency and success rating. Working even with the praetors to bring in the many enemies of Cole, yet he seemed oddly ill-at-ease. Shaan was far from sitting on her ass and doing nothing, even going so far as to start looking into the machine-mans past. Three months after her start of the investigation, it seemed as if nothing would happen. Just like the case before 19032's past kept eluding her, until one night she returned home only to find the lock disengaged. Taking care to arm her gloves the iterrogator slid into her home to find nothing amiss, until she walked to her desk and found a manilla evelope, and a single shadowy black feather on top of it. She never heard him coming, the cyborg she was investigating quickly placed her in a disabling hold and whispered in her ear "Find Me.... Help Me.... Free Me!" Before she could wheel around and hit her assailant he vanished as if there were nothing there.

After Sufficently checking to see if there were any more unexpected visitors the interrogator went to work in deciphering the file in front of her. In it the lost information of a mysterious cyborg, yet as she opened it, the contents read about a different member of the PPD. Detailing the service and dismissal of one Sharr Karas, a former member of Powers Division. During his few years of service the man had been known as a martial arts genius, skilled in forty three forms of hand-to-hand combat, and according to his file a rampant streak of insubordination, which made no sense as his entire profile screamed discipline and control. Saying the wrong thing about the wrong person got him thrown out of his position and dumped unceremoniously out to the streets of Nova Praetoria, living as a vagabond must have been hard for him, but nothing at all left any form of connection to the mysterious cyborg she had previously been researching. Frustrated Shaan slept on it while the shadow returned to read the file, leaving with a small whispered "Thank You."

Deciding to treat the file as a lead Shaan went about the standard investigation of the fallen PPD member, finding much more than just a simple mistaken word or two. Apparently Sharr had been one of the few who actually kept quiet during missions, even refusing to talk after. Putting two and two together Shaan looked deeper into the seedy underbelly of the whole story, the former captain Tamar Vermais. Dismissed with a full pension and a large amount of personal power, Vermais had many cases that ended with him. Either by accusing him of illegal operations, cold blooded murder, and various other kinds of shady deals. However his biggest scandal was the firing of several dozen PPD members for "Insubordination" and summarily leading to the execution to a full half of them. After several days of investigating deeper into the actions of Vermais, a trail was spotted on Karas. After taking part in a "Highly Classified" mission, he had been dismissed from the services at the PPD. Left destitute, without a pension, and left with nothing left to him other than his highly polished skills in martial arts. T.E.S.T and the Seers kept an eye on him for a few months but out of nowhere he disappeared, and suspiciously near the UCI lab where 19032 was found.

Before she could do any more investigation of the scene where Karas was last seen, she ducked behind a dumpster as she heard the whirring of a PPD concussion glove. Not a moment to soon as as soon as she ducked the ground where she was standing was blasted by an blue-force that sent the garbage flying. Risking a look around the corner she spotted the unbelieveable, Former Captain Vermais and several PPD members she did not recognize. Shout out accusations and threats of death Vermais continued to have his men hail the area with concussion shots, even hitting a passerby into traffic nearly causing the poor childs death. Suddenly a muffled scream came from the location of her assailants, followed by piercing screams and the sound of something incredibly sharp whirring through the air. Looking once more, what she saw was a scene of unparalelled carnage and damage. Seeing no sign of the mysterious "Assistance" she ventured out to look at the bodies. Vermais' throat was slashed with what looked to be a garrote the other four were taken apart by a bladed weapon assisted by massive amounts of strength. Before she could fully take in the sight, a familiarly metallic voice sounded behind her, "You found me.... But search no longer... Farewell Tricia." Before she could turn around she felt a dull pain in the back of her head and everything went black.

Hours later she found herself in a hospital bed, handcuffed to the rails, only mildly suspected of their murder she got off with nothing more than a four day suspension once she revealed the true killer, URT-19032. However he could not even be found by the seers, his tracking device turned off. It was as if Tricia had released a terrible revenant of vengance upon the city, but as the days ticked by nothing was ever seen of him. One week later a single black plume was found on her pillow after she returned home from a hard days work, a plume, a single note and a data disk, containing information recorded from a UCI computer. Horrified by the data in the disk she simply sat and stared off towards her front door. Monitor data of the cruel experiments performed by UCI, taking homeless and destitute people and turning them into weapons against their wills. Even going so far as to put behavioral inhibitors, dead-man switches, and psychic control nodules in the victims brains. No anisthetic or pain killers were used during the experiments, dubbed "Too Expensive" to be used on vagabonds and disgraced officers. Fatalities were a every-day thing for the experiments to make UCI cyborgs, and even worse was that the finished results, without the destruction of the inhibitors in their brain would forever seem nearly robotic rather than human beings with enhancements to make them better. Near the end of the disk a man, who matched the description of Karas was tortured and prodded on the gourney, and after all was said and done, the poor man nearly dead with exhaustion was affixed with a visor of black impervium, and glass of a deep dark red, his screams etching their way into Tricias' mind. She clicked it off before it could finish, the scenes she had seen so absolutely horrible that she would not forget them even to her dying breath. What is worst of all is that Emperor Cole not only knew about it, but sat in during one of the experiments, Sharrs'. So ended the mystery of 19032, the one who took up the title of Umbral Raven Talon, upon the release of his inhibitors.

Emergence to Paragon.

Talon Arcs

These to-be-written arcs are depicting the time after his acceptance of the fact he is simply the Umbral Raven Talon.

-=To Be Continued=-

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"Character Themes"

Sharr Theme

Five Finger Death Punch - Undone

Reasoning: Due to his focus on trying to remember his past I figured something denying it would suit, Simple as that.

Talon Theme

Avenged Sevenfold - Clairvoyant Disease

Reasoning: Talon doesn't care after he finally accepts himself as a new being rather than Sharr with enhancements.

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