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King of the Vyr'omnian Lore

If you're stopping by my page to check out who I am, or are trying to contact me in game just drop me a note on my discussion, that will bring you to my attention!

Otherwise I guess the general self introduction is needed, the name is Joe. I have been playing CoX on and off for about 4 or so years, and no matter how many times I leave it brings me back in. I suppose it is because the creation of a character can get most personal here, and even going so far as to allow me to make my own people. Yes the Vyr'omnai are entirely my creation, they were posted in other places before but at all times it has been my 100% self created things. Need permission to make history, or lore? Ask!!!

Feel free to brainstorm with me on rps and whatnot via Yahoo/MSN, at!


Umbral Raven Talon Cybernetic Assassin... and Pervert

Suns Dying Breath Morbid creation of an alternate dimension where the sun was destroyed by magics... Depressing guy in other words..

Sjhenad Mistrunner Main Character, Slave-Gladiator turned hero... Tiger man.


Lost Huntsman Huntsman Tal'yn before rejoining Arachnos, vanished from his post at fort hades (know the name... yeaaah, CoT around the rim did it)

Huntsman Tal'yn Tal after returning to his post as a huntsman, Webmaster

Dragheri Vir Corann The royal warlock of the Vyr'omnian Queen


Tal'yn Shar Cyruuk Assassin with a cruel disdain towards sex-crime convictees and rapists.... also plays the flute.


(None so far)


[Vyr'omnai:] Sadly these are only my footnotes, the Vyr'omnai have so much more to them that it is staggering how much TLC I put into the people of the Vyr... Also created the other three major factions that reside in the Vyr.

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