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To the enemies of the queen, the very last thing they see is a pair of baleful glowing eyes.
Tal'yn Shar Cyruuk
Player: [@Obsidian Tal'yn]
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Stalker
Security Level: 41
Personal Data
Real Name: Tal'yn Shar Cyruuk
Known Aliases: Shar, Tal, Tal'yn
Species: Vyr'omnai (Pale)
Age: 223 (Looks 22)
Height: 6ft 5in
Weight: 230 lbs
Eye Color: Fiercely Glowing White
Hair Color: Scarlet Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: Vyr'omnian
Occupation: Shar (Royal Assassin)
Place of Birth: Paah-Shorah (Vyr'omnian Royal Capital)
Base of Operations: Rogue Islands (Nomad)
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Queen Tyrania (Aunt, Enemy)
Known Powers
¥ Innate Control of Red Shadows

¥ Grand-Master Swordsmanship

¥ Flight

Known Abilities
¥ Complete Camouflage in Shadows

¥ Naturally Enhanced Strength

¥ Initiate Level Shadow Powers (Offensive)

¥ Void Steel Katana

¥ Vyr'omnian Battle Armor

¥ Shadow-Steel Throwing Knives

°Carries a small black flute with him, won't ever detail its origin.

°Despises the Circle of Thorns, openly kills its members for fun

°Has a soft spot for women, particularly those that have had sexual abuse in their past

°Has been seen with a young seer/fortunata (Dimensional Shift)

°Is accused of forty-five counts of murder, each being a convicted sex-offender

°Voice sounds like it is hollow, yet filled with pain

Looking for Contact

Looking for: Need anything, friends, enemies, etc... Would also like someone to be the seeress

Interested in: Stories, in game role playing, role playing teams.

WARNING!: This character is considered mature due to themes of, Mutilation and Gore, Obscene Descriptions of Demons, Mentions of Rape, and Potential Sexual Innuendo. If you find any of these themes offensive please move on to a different character.

Note: That the rape portion is avenged, not done by him.


"Shar of the Queen"

For two centuries Tal'yn has served under the Vyr'omnian queen as her Shar, and for two centuries his skill has been unmatched by those who previously held this esteemed title. Keeping all the terrible little secrets the queen had in her closet was not easy, many skilled infiltrators had come and gone with the "unspeakable truths" but each and every time Tal'yn had found and killed them. Very few people knew there was a Shar, even fewer knew that it was a male, and only the queen knew exactly who it was. Upon reaching maturity Tal'yn far surpassed his trainers expectations and earned his proper rank at the queens side.

The Shar

Tal'yn hates seeing women injured, he hates seeing them victims of mens over-active libidos, and he particularly hates rapists. There are many other things that Tal'yn hates but it is easiest to sum it up in those words. Highly skilled with his sword, trained for centuries to harness the primal "Red Shadows" (Shadows of the Shar as it were) armored in a light skin-suit and occasionally seen in his ceremonial battle armor, He is not a man to take lightly.


Generally speaking Tal'yn is a quiet person by choice, despite being considered a "villain" by the police Tal'yn is only considered so due to his killing of men he finds attempting to do the unthinkable. Rather warm to people that can carve their way into his trust, he is willing to die in a moments notice to protect his friends and family, but this is not afforded to his enemies who more often than not find their throats slashed in the middle of the night.

Personal Honor

A lot of his personal honor is staked on a law from the queen herself that any male must defend a woman in need. Other than following his queens edicts (Despite having issues with said Matriarch) he finds the laws of the "Bright-World" to be inferior to the commandmants engraved into his mind.


Currently Tal'yn only has one ally in the world, that being the seeress he protected back when he was a praetorian, now turned fortunata. (Ghost Widow Patron Power, unless a player wants to be her)

Powers & Abilities

Tal'yn was trained by the finest swordsmen in the Vyr'omnian empire, his ability to adapt to the various styles of swordplay was nothing short of magnificent. His proficiency with the Katana grew larger each day, as his tutors even had rogue Vyr'Abyssn, Vyr'Toran, and Vyr'Sheirank amongst their numbers. Eventually he surpassed each and every one of his masters, his studies in martial arts began that day and continued until he was well over one hundred and twenty five. Honing his body into the perfect weapon was easy, mastering the very elements of the "Vyr" was harder. All Vyr'omnai have basic control over shadows, but Tal'yn needed to control it to an incredible degree. Constantly focusing the shadows to conceal his body, to mask his presence and even help him avoid danger was something that nobody but someone as talented as he could do.

Centuries Honed Swordsmanship

Training since his youth to become, and even surpass the greatest swordsmen of the vyr, Tal'yn has quickly learned every form of sword based combat available to him in the void-realm. Making him one of the deadliest warriors to ever walk the barren surface of the blackened world.

°Considered the finest swordsman the vyr has to offer

°Master of the forty-eight styles of sword-based combat

°Can wield every form of sword from Gladius to Flamberg

Mastery of Martial Arts

Trained well in martial arts, Tal'yn can hold his own easily against the people of the "Light Realms" but not against those that specialize in it. Several styles of combat even known to the surface were taught to him, although with a special Vyr touch.

°Can fight on par with most martial arts masters of the Vyr, but not necessarily win

°Prefers his katana over his fists

°Uses his fists to interrogate prisoners of war

Grand Master of Shadow Control

Training with the Vir for several decades Tal'yn has learned nearly unparalelled control of shadows. Taking control of the red shadow shows how much his control has been mastered, due to the red shadow being able to devour the flesh of the unwary.

°Considered one of the most powerful shadow controllers, just under the warlocks of his people

°Uses his shadows to conceal himself, and even take the brunt of any attack dealt to him

°Is currently trying to master using said shadows to attack opponents, but no luck so far


Born with massive feathered wings, Tal'yn is a standard Vyr'omnai in that he can fly. What sets him apart from others is simply at the speed in which he can pursue enemies.

°As with any Vyr'omnai, has wings and is able to ascend and descend in the air with ease.

°Raven black and shadow grey feathered wings, creating a unique pattern in the world of the Vyr

°Can fight midair.

Naturally Enhanced Strength

As his shadow control increased so to did his physical strength, despite being armed with an amazing weapon if he cannot cut through what it can then it is as useless as a bone to a cat to him.

°Able to hit stronger, faster, and cut cleaner without gaining any un-necessary muscle mass

°Leg strength is great enough to lift him high into the air and run faster than normal beings

°Prefers to strike with precision but can sometimes take the brute (or in this case Scrappers) way out.

Power Grid
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  Energy Projection
  Fighting Skill


Tal'yn travels very light in equipment, only keeping on him a dozen Shadow-Iron throwing knives, a few containers of rations, and several dozen vials of poison. Out of the equipment three things stand out the most.

Void-Steel Body Suit

Forged by the combined effort of all four people, the skin tight body suit offers optimum mobility, while sacrificing nothing when it comes to durability. Void-Steel containing the protective properties of Impervium with a few added bonuses for those of the Vyr. It is said that only the blade that Tal'yn was given in tandem with this suit is sharp enough to slice through it, and even then it would take an incredible amount of force.

°Impervium-like protection

°No restrictions to mobility

°Custom fitted, even down to the size of the wing slots

°Colored as black as the void, trimmed with a deep grey

°Amplifies wearers shadow control by half.

Runecarved Void-Steel Katana

Forged by the greatest of Vyr'omnian blacksmiths the Void-Steel Katana is a wicked scythe-style blade, with a tanto-type tapered edge near the point to give it an extra bit of cutting power. Affixed to a katana-style hilt the blade is a marvel in its cutting power alone, just as with the Body Suit the Katana offers the wielder unparalelled cutting power while not sacrificing a heavy weight for it. Adding to the already substantial threat of the weapon are a series of runes across the blade of the sword, placed there by the Vir himself the runes add to the wielders strength, endurance, and even allows the weapon to channel shadow power through its victims.

°Katana style weapon, folded Void-Steel and longer hilt

°Scythe shaped blade, and tanto point allow it to have extra cutting surface to the blade

°Made of Void-Steel so as tough as impervium but as light as a feather

°Vir-Carved runes amplifies the wielders natural abilities and allows the wounds to become infected by shadow magics

Shadow-Steel Throwing Knives

Forged by Tal'yn himself, these nastily curved daggers are forged from the lesser form of Void-Steel. Able to be consumed into shadow and returned to his hand these weapons adds so much to the already deadly warrior, giving him a bit of ranged combat abilities.

°Made of Shadow-Steel, stronger than steel but half again its weight

°Vicious curved shape, barbed tip, and poison injecting edges cause the victim to become paralyzed

°Able to be retrieved by filling it with shadow magics.

Stories of the Vyr

"I am her will made manifest,"
"I am her hand within shadows,"
"I am her sword amongst knives,"
"I am her tool, and her pawn"
"I am her Shar, and she is my Queen"
-=The pledge of the Shar=-

Dirty Secrets

"When belief is built on lies,"

"When trust is shattered,"

"When your world is destroyed, what do you do?"

After surviving his many years of training, Tal'yn had been given his rightful role as the blackened hand of the queen. Along with the many gifts of his trade, Tal'yn was given the obligation to carry out missions that would lead to his questioning of the reason behind his loyalty to her majesty. Simple secrets such as affairs with various Vyr'omnian nobles were quite common, taking blackmail materials from said nobles was even more common, but there were several secrets that did not sit well with him, his role in the assassination of the former leader of the Vyr'Sheirank druids, his hand in the furthering of hostilities between the Vyr'Torank and the Vyr'abyssn, and even going so far as to assassinate the princess of the Vyr'abyssn. Nothing, however could prepare him for the secrets he was about to un-earth.

It is common knowledge to the Vyr'omnai that the previous ruler, King "Toranask" was assassinated by the previous Shar. Said assassin was banished from the Vyr'omnian territories even after confessing he was hired to do so by the current queen. However when a secret so black is left out to rot in the open it tends to reek far longer than it should, it was upon the fourty-fifth celebration of the queens ascension that the old Shar returned, with a decree that the "Traitor queen will die in four days" and it was this decree that would shake the very foundation of Tal'yns belief in the queen. Three days, and several iterrogations later, Tal'yn had finally found the means in which to track down his predecessor. Following a rich noble to an abandoned building on the outskirts of the sheirankan forest netted Tal'yn his target, and so very much more. His target, a corrupt noble, a sheirankan war-beast, a torankan warlord, and a abyssn princess sit at a table heatidly discussing something of utmost importance. Hearing only bits and pieces of the conversation Tal'yn made out the words "Shar" "Nephew", and "Betrayal" before he burst in, swinging his blade in an arc to catch both the noble and the war-beast in its cold embrace. It took several moments for both to realize they were dead, and in those few heartbeats, the rest except his predecessor lay headless at the edge of the table. Taking the challenge both Shar engaged each other in a whirling, slicing, whistling dance of death. One wielding twin blades of shadow-steel, the other wielding the incredible Void-steel, both clashing heavily in the air as the shadows danced as they sought to destroy the other. Somehow Tal'yn was not able to surpass his shadow control and they invaded his mind.

In the realm of his mind, secrets and terrible truths invaded his senses. Amongst them was the terrifying truth that his life was in the traitors hands, yet somehow he didn't feel threatened, just terrified. One thing stood out to him, the constant reference to the queens sister. Yet to his knowledge the queen never had a sister, yet somehow there were mental images, memories of the woman, and even more disturbing yet the birth of her son. Feeling another presence in his mind, he turned to the whispy image of the former shar, who clarified that his entire existance had been a lie. His mother was the queens sister, making him in turn near-royalty which in and of itself was not too unheard of. What made this truth terrible was that his mother was killed by the Shar so that her majesty could seduce and assassinate the king, due to his interest in her sister rather than her majesty. "I killed your mother" is simply all that filtered through Tal'yns thoughts, his mind filled with a blood curdling rage that shattered the shadow control momentarily and allowed Tal'yn to drive his blade to the sword-guard into his opponents heart.

What troubled him even further was the final words of his opponent "Finally.... a release from these terrible memories, enjoy them.... fool!" and with his final will he placed every single dirty secret of the queen into Tal'yns mind. Treason, Betrayal, Murder, and even the crime of being turned into a weapon by his aunt... now his darkest enemy

Coming to a Resolution

"Does blood call for blood?"

"Would it make me no better than her?"

"Does it even matter anymore?"

"What would my mother wish?"

"Why do my hands shake with vengeful rage?"

Seeking Vengance

"She took my mother,"

"She took the happiness in my life,"

"She took my will to rebel against her,"

"She will take my blade, through her withered black heart!"

A Shar Lost

"Soon, her empire shall fall"

"Soon, I will take her head"

"Soon, My mother will be avenged"

"Soon, this vengeance will be ended!"

The Exiles Plight

Stories of after his exile. Emerging in Praetoria

-=Coming Soon=-


-=Coming Soon=-

Gravest of Crimes

-=Coming Soon=-

Innocence Lost

-=Coming Soon=-

Blood Rage

-=Coming Soon=-

Eternal Vigilance

-=Coming Soon=-

From the Pan, into the Fire

These sections detail his time working amongst the rogue islands and paragon city

-=Coming Soon=-

Brutality Amongst Civility

-=Coming Soon=-

From Shar to Wraith

-=Coming Soon=-

Working with the Spiders

-=Coming Soon=-

Attention of the Widow

-=Coming Soon=-

Ascension to Incarnate

-=Coming Soon=-


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