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Uncrushable X
Player: @The X
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Scrapper
Threat Level: 46 and climbing
Personal Data
Real Name: Confidential
Known Aliases: None
Species: Fox-Human.
Age: 31
Height: Roughly 6'1
Weight: Confidential
Eye Color: Right eye is green, left eye is Cyan.
Hair Color: Orange in all forms. Her power-suit has fake white synthetic hair.
Biographical Data
Nationality: Confidential
Occupation: Mercenary
Place of Birth: Kings Row hospital
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Mastery of swords, powerful regeneration
Known Abilities
Custom made black sword. Powersuit contains a plasma blade.
She has a weakness for strong women like herself.

Part One: Origins

X was born in a hospital in Kings Row. Uncrushable X.... is actually her birth name as far as anyone knows. Born to a street walker and a boss in a gang known as the Skulls, X had one hell of a childhood. By the age of 7 she was already being taught how to live the thug life by her father who she only knew as "Bonesnap". He'd wanted a son, and let that fact known to her daily, but as he took her along on various raids against other gangs like their rivals, The Hellions, he began to notice that she wasn't bothered by the violence at all... even interested. The following years were a blur of mass destruction. She really blossomed when she hit the age of 17. Her father had been gunned down three years previous by The Hellions and in her time she'd grown very fond of bladed weapons, earning herself a reputation for brutally dissecting anyone who opposed her.

Naturally, the skulls leaders became afraid of her power, thinking she would attempt a takeover of the gang. They sent a large force of thugs after her, news reports would later confirm ten known victims when they had counted up the body parts. X dissapeared from Paragon after the event. She was afraid, knowing now they would not stop until she was gone or dead. She'd visited he rogue isles once with her father. It was his idea of paradise, running a small gang of his own to live the high life, but he never fulfilled it, and neither would she.

She was lost in the rogue isles, arriving first in Port Oakes with nothing but her clothes and a dull sword to her name. She caught a break as a catgirl circled her on a beach near the arena. X had not yet been introduced to the wonderful world of Pocket D and it's ever interesting inhabitants. The catgirl seemed quite pushy, revealing rather quickly that she aimed at having her way with X. What she didn't count on was the quick response of a leaping cleave to the head after an unwarranted grab of X's crotch. The catgirl fell over dead, obviously, and X moved over to inspect the body. She seemed intrigued by the concept of a half-breed human, never in her imagination would she have thought she would come to be one herself... but that debacle would enter her life years later. For now she searched the body of the girl thoroughly, peering under the tail for a moment and remembering stories from her father and how he used weaker men to smuggle drugs into the Zig through...yes, that. Her mind came back to reality and she furrowed her brows. "...." ....longer she stared "....fuck that... I aint cavity searchin no corpse". That proved to be a wise decision as her murder was witnessed by a few citizens. Little to her knowledge it worked in her favor, the public killing earned her a brand new reputation and influence in the perception of the locals.

She quickly learned she could use this to her advantage and was, days later, offered a job to kill someone. The rest from there is history. She went from group to group taking freelance jobs to kill rivals, threaten them for protection money, guard their own business, and endless other things, slowly but surely making her the efficient loyally hired killer she is today.

Part 2: The Transmogrification of The Uncrushable X

X was 26 at the time. She had earned herself quite the reputation as a killer. She had worked for nearly every major villain group at least once in her life now, and usually that involved killing members of a previous employer after her time expired with them. Indeed, she had no true loyalty but to those that had her currently hired. People joked that even her own father would not be safe if he were alive and she were hired to kill him. The funny thing was that even heroes had heard of her exploits. The longbow started a rogue operation, one of many, and hired her to wipe out a number of their enemies bases. After this, word spread among heroes as well of her efficiency in wiping out the villain bases. Various heroes turned to her for help in taking down particularly strong 'super villains', or even just using her as a tool to scare off small groups of rioting gangsters. She seemed amused by it.

On this day X happened to be working for a villain, a villain who was using a secret identity because he did not want her to know that he was one that she had "betrayed" upon her contract with him expiring. His life, or what was left of it had been ruined by her vicious shutdown of his operations, and his reputation as a villain had been shamed. Little did she know, he had a terribly dastardly plan to set her up all these years later. He sent her to a cave under the false pretenses that he wanted her to accompany his thugs to a circle of thorns base to steal a magical artifact that he wanted from them.

Upon arrival to the base X took the lead, the thugs following behind her, though she thought it was strange that they took extra care to not kill any of the cultists. She led them through the cave until they came too a room with a large altar, stained heavily with blood fresh and old. Scattered about the room there were rituals being performed all over. X suddenly felt a chill run down her spine as they all saw her and continued their actions without the slightest of worry. A circle mage appeared from behind the altar, grinning deviously.

"Welcome, my dear X"

She heard the thugs behind her chuckling and turned to look. They had all donned dark green robes, holding crossbows of various shapes and sizes. She tightened the grip on her sword, realizing she had been set up but it was far too late. Her grip gave way much to her surprise, her katana falling to the ground.

"W...what did you do do me.."

The mage simply chuckled with his thugs behind her as he walked over calmly and plucked a dart she had not even noticed from the back of her neck

"Prepared you for your big debut of course... tie her up"

He waved a hand at his lackeys and began to walk away. X's vision blurred, his back being the last thing she saw before she hit the ground.

She awoke that night, feeling very strange. It took her vision nearly 20 minutes to work right.... and this orange light.... where was all of this light coming from.... she could not see her own arms or legs. But... wait... as her vision focused she realized there -was- no orange light. Her eyes widened as she realized her arms and legs -were- the orange light. Her arms, legs, and everything she could plainly see aside from the tip of her breasts and the extremities between her legs were coated with a thin layer of soft orange fur. Needless to say, she freaked right out inside her head, refusing to believe what she was seeing for a good ten minutes at least, sure that she had been given some hallucinogenic drug. Shortly after, she noticed that her neck was collared by a thick piece of metal which was attached to a long ten foot chain, which was then attached to the wall behind her. She slowly stood up... her motor functions seemed the same at least. She noticed a clear crystal protruding from the wall in the corner of her little rock cell and walked over to it, looking into the crystal which seemed to be used as a crude mirror. In the dim light she looked, and touched her face. What she saw was not her own face that she had known and come to love but that of some fox creature. She then figured out she could move her ears, tilting them and moving them around at will. Horrified at this she backed away from the crystal into a wall and sinking to the floor as she was chained alone in a dark stone room, completely nude and transformed. For the second time in her life she was completely helpless.

"....what have they done to me...."

Part 3: X's Imprisonment and Escape ((WARNING: STORY IS NOT SAFE FOR WORK. In fact, it's not safe for anywhere!)

She was left in her cell for weeks, not a soul to interact with. Occasionally, a stone entrance would slide open from the top of the cell and down the tiny hole would float a bowl filled with.... something... she did not want to know what it was. Her first time encountering it she did not know what to make of it. She stared at the bowl for a long time, clearly hungry. A voice echoed in her cell, though she saw nobody


She didn't eat what was in the bowl, ignoring the voice. And again...


Every time she heard the voice her hunger just got worse, her stomach rumbling as she thought about how she hadn't eaten in days. She crawled over to the bowl reluctantly and sniffed its contents. It didn't -smell- terrible. She picked the bowl up and brought it to her lips to take a sip... it didn't -taste- all that terrible either but she couldn't help but wonder just what it was.... and what they were putting in it. After a long hard debate she decided to just eat whatever was in the bowl.... after all if she didn't eat she was going to die anyway, she just hoped that nothing would happen to her that was worse than death.

She went on a week like this, getting two meals a day of the same substance in a bowl with no interaction with anyone but herself and the room she was in. The room was empty save for that crystal and her chains, most of the time she slept, or moped to herself. One day the magic door that kept her caged in this stone room vanished, and in it's place stood the circle mage that she encountered when first entering the cave.

"They always told me the great Uncrushable X was quite a fox... but I had underestimated!"

He let out a bellowing laugh, amused at his own pun. He then looked to her and raised a hand, unhooking the chain from the wall and hovering it to his hand. Her captive chain had now become a sadistic leash, which he promptly used to yank her across the floor as he turned and talked as he walked

"I've always wanted a servant I could have do my dirty work, but I cannot trust you can I? Brainwashing you might work... however you would lose all knowledge of your weapon and that would make you useless again. What to do... what to do... I suppose I could use you to breed demons..."

A number of demons in the room behind him perked up at this sentiment, a Behemoth seeming most interested at this as he watched the fox woman being dragged around.

"No, for now you will do things for me personally. Sit, or I will make you"

He pointed towards a chair as they arrived in his personal office room, the table in front of it scattered with books, parchments, small artifacts of all sorts, and an ink pen sitting in spell ink. She obeyed in a humiliated fashion, moving to sit on the chair in front of the table.

"Good girl, now then. You shall be my personal scribe and assistant... you shall perform rituals as ordered by me, and scribe anything I say onto spell parchments should I want it scribed, understood?"



He threw his hand to the right, even though seven feet away his powerful gravity magic hit her in the side like a ton of bricks and sent her crashing into the wall near her with a loud groan of pain


She returned to the chair, shaking from the cold dampness of the cave and now her pain. These actions continued for about two months, the mage forcing her to scribe his spells, set up rituals to watch various other captives suffer immensely until they gave up information or died, and was even made to fight another female captive to the death for the amusement of the acolytes. The demons in the base constantly gave her looks full of sinful desire, clearly wanting to use her for their own lustful purposes. However, she was always kept from this by the mage. He seemed to enjoy having her around... after all most everything he used to do was now done by her as he lazily sat around and watched with pleasure, occasionally using his magics to torture something when it tickled his fancy.

Daily, X tried to think of ways to escape her captors, and daily unable to find any way to do so. Her chains were solid, she would need a powerful magic to remove them or some heavy duty tools and someone to use them that she trusted. She was watched constantly by the mage, and if he happened to not be watching there was surely a demon somewhere that was lusting over her.... and then it came to her.

She waited day after day after long day to hatch her elaborate plan. Finally a day came when the mage had to leave the base to conduct a deal with another villain group and left her chained in his room with a few acolytes to watch her. She knew the acolytes guarding her that day, and knew what they really wanted to see.

"Excuse me... could you come in here for a moment? I'm.... not feeling so well"

Her acting was terrible, and the acolytes sensed it right away, but what they didn't know is that was her plan. They entered the room, one of them lowering his hood and smirking, the other doing the same. The first on the left spoke

"You are not sick fox girl.... you're not going to fool us that easily"

"Yeah!" The second quickly chimed in

She made a pouty face, letting out a deep sigh and this time acting very well as she looked up

"You're right... I'm not sick... I'm just so lonely! All this time in this cave and.... I haven't had sex or touched myself once..."

She continued the act by spreading her legs apart lewdly and stroking at her sex between them for both the men to see. The second, less intelligent, man stood there with his mouth open and eyes wide. The first man was still skeptical but was clearly affected by her extravagant actions.

"L-look here... we know what you're trying to do and.... you're not gonna get it.."

The second man chimed in quickly again

"Yea--Wait.... she aint? BUT LOOKIT HER! SHE WANTS IT!" He jumped up and down like a child throwing a temper tantrum "I aint touched a woman in YEARS, MAN! I NEEEED THIIISSS" He pleaded desperately to his partner.

X continued her show, getting up on all fours and looking back at the two men over her shoulder, crouching low and raising her backside in the air and shaking it from side to side

"...." the first man appeared speechless at the the sight.

"I'M TAKIN' IT MAN.... I'M TAKIN' IT!" He quickly began to untie his robe, throwing it open and casting it aside, leaving him in a white shirt and brown boxer shorts. Around his waist was the standard acolyte belt equipped with a crossbow and a sacrificial dagger. Just after casting aside his robe the first man gave him a massive backhand to the side of the head "WHADJA DO THAT FER" He rubbed his head and pouted

"...look... you know we can't do this... the boss is gonna know"

"But... but DAYYYMMMMM..." the second man stomped his foot frustratedly "Just look atter....You REALLY gonna pass that up? SO WHAT IF THE BOSS KNOWS?! He aint never said nothin bout fuckin her has he?"

".....NO, but that's not the point! She's -HIS- you daft moron. That's like stealing from him! You'd be skinned alive when he found out you stole from him"

Both men went silent then as they looked to the fox woman. She had begun to think her act was failing... sensing she was losing their interest.

"Come on... I won't bite.... and my mouth is extra long..." she said in the most seductive voice she could possibly muster as she turned back around and sat with her legs spread again, bringing one hand to play with her right breast for their eyes to see. Her free left hand traveled back down to her womanhood and sank a finger all the way in to the knuckle before pulling it out and bringing it to her lips, pushing it in there. She was humiliated and disgusted with herself but she simply couldn't show it in her face, she had to keep up the act... had to escape somehow...

Both men looked at each other then

"Alright, but I get her mouth" said the first acolyte as he quickly unstrapped his robe and tossed it aside, his undergarments the same as the second man. He then removed his clothes and his acolyte belt, leaving them with his robe as he strolled over to X, grinning deviously "I sure hope you like it rough..."

X panicked inside her mind as the first man removed his weapon belt. Her plan had backfired as a sense of regret began to attack every nerve in her body.

"WWEEEEE DOGGY....I'mma enjoy this! I'm callin seconds on that mouth boy... and -does she EVER- have a purty one..." The second acolyte said as he shifted his boxers to free his penis from beneath the fabric as he walked over to join the first man.

And there it was... the break she had been hoping for. His weapon belt was still on as he strolled over to join his partner. She looked to both of them and said shortly "Why don't you both take it... I'd love nothing more..."

They both grinned and stepped up to her, pressing the tips of their filthy members to her fox muzzle, and the first man spoke "Get to it then bitch. Gahahaha! Get it? Because you're a female dog and... just suck it goddamnit."

Finally in reach... she quickly reached up and grabbed the dagger at the left side of the second mans hips and drove it directly into his chest, the highest she could reach from this position. Her other hand was already reaching for the crossbow and the first man froze in shock for a split second "SHIT, I KNEW IT!!!" and he turned and sprinted back for his own weapon belt. The second man screamed in pain as he dropped to his knees before her. She struggled to free the crossbow from his belt and the first man got to his weapon before she could. He aimed and fired without hesitation, but thinking quickly she used the already dying man as a human shield, ducking behind it best she could as the bolt struck him in the shoulder-blade, causing another cry of agony. She finally wrested the crossbow from his belt and planted the loaded bolt right between the eyes of the first man killing him instantly. She then removed the dagger from the chest of the other man and jabbed it upwards into his jaw and brain before removing it a final time, letting his body slump at her feet....and then there was silence. Her eyes were wide; Her fur was spattered with blood from her knifing of the man and she was in complete shock.

She did not have much time to rest, however, as shortly after a behemoth master came lumbering into the room upon hearing the cries of the man. He shortly surveyed the two dead men, gathering what had happened and gave a sinister grin "Weaklings... don't know how to take a woman.... HAHAHAHAAAAA......" He lunged forward, brandishing his clawed hands and gashed her across the left eye before she could react. She cried out in pain at the deep wound, blindly stabbing at the demon and hitting it in the base of the neck, leaving the dagger lodged in there. The demon bellowed out an angry growl, ripping the dagger out "You're going to regret that..." and tried to gash her again. This time she dodged out of the way and his claws found the loop in the wall her chain was attached to, freeing her unintentionally. Her eyes widened and she grabbed her chain, leaping onto the back of the monstrosity and pulling it tight around his neck, crushing many of the natural armors made by its body and began to choke it viciously. Because of the sheer force of her adrenaline fueled choking the demon collapsed in seconds, his neck nearly crushed in half by he force applied. Again she sat there, panting heavily and straddled over the lifeless demons back, wide-eyed and full of adrenaline.

After a moment to collect herself her eyes moved to the weapon case in the other corner of the room, normally well out of her reach. She stood up and took the knife from the other mans belt, prying off her collar and the chain attached to it before going to the weapon case. She raised he dagger high and brought it down on the reinforced glass, shattering it in one mighty blow. Her hands reached in shakily and took the black sword in hand. As she looked at it she felt a calm wash over her, as if all of her troubles were behind her.... and they were, all three dead bodies were right behind her. She suddenly smiled at her carnage.

"I hope you liked it rough.... fuckers.... now for your friends..."

She lowered the blade to her side, her smile fading into a face full of pure hatred. She strutted calmly from the room and proceeded to create a scene that could only be described as Kill-bill-worthy carnage (Reference vid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdjuS17DGlA, because it's a perfectly awesome scene ;) )) until she exited the cave, leaving her former mage master to find it upon returning from his deal.

Part 4: X's quest to become normal again

More coming soon!

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