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Ninja Kaige with almost-transparent psionic blades. Imminent death never looked so good.
Player: @Vandellia
Origin: Natural, but is actually a low-level mutant (I wanted the throwing knives.)
Archetype: Stalker
Threat Level: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: Kaige Rickman, Sherri de Montange, "Laurel", Rhianna O'Barr, Nicola/Nicole Dawson, Nicole Frost, Faith Thomson, Laura de Jong, Nika_Matveyev plus many, many more.
Species: Human
Age: 21
Height: Confidential
Weight: Confidential
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Long and scarlet
Biographical Data
Nationality: Presumed American
Occupation: Depends on her mood
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Unknown
Marital Status: Single. Hates everyone but you.
Known Relatives: Possible twin sister
Known Powers
Low level telepath
Known Abilities
Stealth, stabbing people (fighting style close to Sayoc Kali, with Tsoo and Arachnos additions) lying, stealing and manipulating.
Cellphone, smokebombs, caltrops, blinding power, small cache of drugs, custom created gauntlets with psionic blades (claws), sai, katana and a grappling hook, magical artifact which prevents demonic pregnancy, Shamash' scroll.
No additional information available.

"You fool!" croaked the frog, "Now we shall both die! Why on earth did you do that?"

The scorpion shrugged, and did a little jig on the drowning frog's back. "I could not help myself. It is my nature."

Then they both sank into the muddy waters of the swiftly flowing river.

"It's not my attitude. It's the way I am."

Kaige tends to trust no-one and keeps her true personality guarded - even from herself, most probably.Her personality shifts like mercury, according to who she is talking to. While many people believe they know her, the reality is that they know only what she wants them to see and for most cases she is happy for things to remain that way.

The only thing you can really be certain of, is that if you are not part of her circle of confidantes, and if she feels you have wronged her in some way, no matter how nice and polite she is being to you, she's probably plotting your death.

She has a bit of a reputation for 'hating' women. This is not /entirely/ true. Kaige just hates everyone.

She is manipulative, calculated, utterly ruthless and unforgiving, driven to excel at everything she does and use every skill and asset at her disposal.

She also has a good - (if not strictly ethical) - head for business, banking and figures, is fluent in four languages (and knows enough to get by in several others.)

"Remorse for what?" ~ Charles Manson

Kaige is an assasin, a thief and a liar. But she does have morals, even if they are abhorent to most people.

She does not consider many people her friends, but those she does are off-limits to any of her schemes and manipulations, and she will be entirely honest with them. Course, if they let her down, all bets are off. No-one holds a grudge like Kaige.

Kaige generally divides the world into four categories:
People who are useful to her.
People who are not useful to her.
Demons and vampires.
Buildings and stuff.

People who are useful to her can be so in many ways. They could become friends or allies, or they could become a target. People she deems useful to her she will always acknowledged - although not always politely.

People who are not useful to her will be ignored, for the most part.

Kaige is incredibly uncomfortable around those of a demonic nature, and refuses to work with them - and in many cases, be anywhere near them. She hates everything about them, from their culture, desires, mannerisms and feeding habits, right down to their irritating habit of having the audacity to exist in the same universe as her.

She enjoys her vocation as an assassin and views herself as Darwinism in action - if someone deserves to live, they will.

Rare, security camera footage of 'Unseen' Scarlet, following a large-scale inhumation. Her 'code name' was issued to her by Longbow and she is unaware of it's existence. Her official Arachnos designation was Red Back.

Kaige's follows a strict code of conduct in assassination. She considers it absolutely unforgivable for an Assassin to kill (or as she refers to it, "inhume") for any reason other than being paid to do so (unless, of course, it's her and she's annoyed, in which case that's perfectly fine.)

Of course, to distinguish herself from common hitmen, she also demands that she is paid a very, very large amount for her services. Kaige believes that an Assassin must always act with style. Without style, she's just an expensive thug.

When preparing to service a client, she always dresses stylishly - because it would be a terrible insult to anyone to kill them when you were badly dressed.

She will give the client (she views a victim as the client) a sporting chance, and tends not to accept contracts on those who are unable to defend themselves (though for her purposes, anyone wealthy enough to afford bodyguards is considered able to defend themselves, whether they have actually hired any or not).

With this in mind Kaige strongly disapproves of firearms, poisons, mechanical and chemical weapons preferring to get in close to her target and grant a personal service, paying particular attention to detail.

"The average woman would rather have beauty than brains, because the average man can see better than he can think." ~ Author Unknown

•Telepathy: Kaige is a low level telepath. Her rudimentary skills are limited to picking up on surface thoughts, and altering people's perception on whether or not she is there, as well as minor alterations to the perception of her appearance (hair or eye colour, for example). Her telepathy has helped to turn her into a fairly impressive fighter - capable of reading the thoughts of the person she is fighting against and avoiding their attacks with ease.

Any attempts to push her telepathy beyond it's limits causes her considerable pain and exhaustion, which can last several days.

She has used a psionic amplifier of Breaker's design and technology given to her by Reag to create a set of custom-made gauntlets, furnishing her with a set of psionic blades. The unfortunate Arachnos techie who helped create them, met a rather abrupt end.

Rather than being a rip-off of Psylocke's abilities, these blades /are/ physical, have no psychic effects and are capable of cutting through flesh, bone, metal and concrete.
•Stabbing: Her telepathy isn't strong enough to be used as a mental attack, so Kaige's weapons of choice are her specially-created, technologically designed psionic blades contained in a set of custom-made gauntlets. She has also been known to use a set of stolen Viper claws, a pair of Sai and a Katana. Basically, anything with a blade.

She uses a fighting style which is a blend of Sayoc Kali, Tsoo, ballet (yes, ballet) and Arachnos techniques.
•Other weaponry: Kaige carries caltrops, smokebombs and blinding powder to supplement her psuedo-ninja skills. She also uses an Axe stolen from her first kill, a Nemesis Staff, a device to prevent mind-control and a number of throwing knives and shurikens.
•Mystical thing: An ill-advised trip into Breaker's mind left her with the ability to use part of his power to use soul energy for external effects.

·Random skills·

"Death and taxes may be inevitable, but they shouldn't be related." ~ J.C. Watts, Jr.

•Freakin' hot: Kaige considers her looks to be the biggest weapon in her arsenal.
•Business sense She shows an amazing aptitude with business matters - particularly with regards to finance and taxation (and their associated loopholes). No-one has asked her how she came by this particular knowledge, and it's doubtful she'd tell them if they did. Either way, she's successfully dug Reag and Bane Spider Tau out of investigations using this little-known, but very useful skill.
•Untraceable Kaige is very good at what she does. It's hard for people to find traces of her existence legally, let alone pin any of her work on her. She also likes to take on different identities and disguises - both long and short term - for her own amusement, but also to avoid complications.
•Languages: Educated by a governess, Kaige is fluent in French, German, Arabic and Italian. She also knows passable Japanese, Spanish and Russian. Unfortunatley, the player is /not/ much good at any language outside of English (and even then it's a bit hit and miss) so if it ever comes up in RP, please be gentle with me.


“The greatest weakness of all is the great fear of appearing weak” ~ Jacques Benigne

An incident with a psychopath has left Kaige with metal joints in her ankles, elbows and knuckles, and scars on both sides of both palms, wrists, elbows and ankles. The joints are weak and can be a little tempremental.
Along with a portion of Breaker's power, she also picked up a trace of an addiction and can exhibit symptoms close to withdrawal - especially if she doesn't use the power regularly.
Kaige will take just about any drug offered to her, just for the hell of it.
Any attempts to push her telepathy beyond it's limits causes her considerable pain, confusion and exhaustion, which can last days.
Kaige hates psychics and the majority of women. The hypocrisy is not lost on her.

·Character History·

"There is just one life for each of us: our own." ~ Euripides


With Kaige's somewhat pragmatic approach to the truth, there are several versions of her early life drifting around. Frankly, she's in no rush to share.

·Appearance on the Isles, and the Blackwolves·

Kaige doesn't call herself Scarlet - although many other people do. She answers to most nicknames that are a variation on the colour red, since people don't tend to be that imaginative. Especially Longbow, Arachnos and Police Officials, who nicknamed the elusive assassin 'Unseen' Scarlet. Kaige would probably be annoyed if she knew.

She's known to have joined a gang on the Isles calling themselves the Blackwolves and to have acted as their recruiter - for no clear reason. While in the Wolves, she was relentlessly pursued by a Bane Spider who claimed she was a former Blood Widow called Nicole Dawson and made a powerful enemy in the form of Jordan Vailo - her former employer, and one that she later killed with the help of the gang.


With Vailo dead, Kaige found herself conflicted - knowing there was no logical reason for her to stay with a group of punks. Conflicts with varying members of the group saw her move out of the gang's safehouse and beginning to suspect that the future would see her doing another vanishing act.

Agent Nicole Dawson.

However, she tried to stick it out until Bane Spider Tau's attempts to return her to Arachnos saw what remained of the Blackwolves abandon their safehouse and scatter across the Isles. Kaige made no effort to rejoin them, although she did choose to remain on the Isles. Some time later, she took it upon herself to hunt down the Wolves who had not managed to get themselves killed, and ease their passage into the next life.

She is known to have signed up with the Vanguard (she was bored) and taken full advantage of the access to heroes, weaponary and contacts this has given her - in fact she seems far more interested in those than actually fighting the Rikti.

·Tau's Revenge (Nicole Dawson)·

"With all due respect, fuck you, sir." - Colonel Sam Daniels, Outbreak

As part of her ongoing feud with Bane Spider Tau, Kaige was granted a favour by a contact, who arranged for her status on the Arachnos wanted list to be withdrawn. Changed from 'wanted' to 'recently captured and interrogated - no longer considered a threat', Kaige was later visited by Tau who congratulated her on 'winning' their game. Naturally, Kaige was perfectly sporting about the whole thing, taking every opportunity to rub his face in her victory.

Tau was not best pleased, and shortly afterwards, Kaige vanished.

A few days later, someone looking an awful lot like her appeared on the Isles in an Arachnos uniform.

She remained under the control of Arachnos for nearly three months and during that time was a model agent, making numerous attempts on the lives of her former associates.

Kaige in her Arachnos gear.
·Kaige returns·

"Passionate hatred can give meaning and purpose to an empty life" - Eric Hoffer

Frustrated by her inability to break free of the Arachnos brainwashing, Breaker kidnapped 'Nicole' and eventually zapped her with a device of his own creation called a Psionic Amplifier.

The device temporarily amplified her own telepathic abilities and enabled her tell her true memories from the lies Arachnos placed in her mind. While it did not remove the memories and did leave something of a mess in her mind, Kaige was firmly back in the driving seat.

Unsure of her next move, she remained in Arachnos as Nicole Dawson and considered her options. Having discovered that the former Blackwolves had abandoned her to her fate and she had nowhere to turn, she was left with no alternative but to remain in Arachnos.

After a few weeks, she approached an Arbiter and came clean. Surprising even herself, she negotiated a unique position in Arachnos that enabled her to remain with the organisation and use her hatred of the group to their advantage. She was charged with the responsibilty of 'dealing' with those members of the organisation that had become corrupt or counter productive to Recluse's vision.

She remained with Arachnos for around eight months by choice, until...

·Not becoming of a lady·

"Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat." - F. Scott Fitzgerald

A new face?

As most things do, it started with a contract. Slightly unusual - Shamash Sin hired her, to kill him. He hoped in doing so it would force Kaige to accept the fact that she was not a cold-blooded killer and in fact, nutured a softer, loving side.

But he'd underestimated her personal ethics - that a contract must always be honoured - and before long her blades were embedded in his throat.

But Shamash wasn't human and he was soon reborn. But her actions had left him distraught and in an attempt to end his life, succeeded in a ritual that ripped out what remained of his humanity.

He came looking for Kaige, there was an inevitable fight, which he won. He believed he had beaten her to death - and he wasn't far wrong.

Kaige took the event as the opportunity to fake her own death, taking on a new identity and allowing - for the time being, at least - the world to believe she is gone. In the months that followed, the Arbiter she reported to, the Widow who had brainwashed her and those who had sought to control her in Arachnos all met unfortunate ends - everything to shaving accidents, to accidentally stabbing themselves repeatedly in the face with their own Widow blades. A terrible tragedy.

Today, Kaige walks the Isles as Laurel taking on work as an assassin-for-hire or merc, cursing up a storm, drinking like a fish, taking far too many illegal substances and generally behaving outrageously. It's a lot more fun than she was expecting.

In her new guise, Kaige has been hard at work, plotting the slow death of anyone who's annoyed her over the last few years.

·Associates and affiliations·

"True friends stab you in the front." ~ Oscar Wilde

Kaige and Tau in a rare moment of solidarity.
Kaige and Breaker - a match made in hell.

Bane Spider Tau - Tau is her own reflection and she's painfully aware of it. Since he appeared in her life, Kaige has thoroughly enjoyed taunting and toying with this Spider. But 'Monday' was a little more cunning than even she was anticipating. He was responsible for shattering her mind, brainwashing her and returning her to Arachnos, and is one of many reasons she chose to fake her death and start anew as Laurel.
Breaker - Kaige honestly has no idea how she feels about Breaker. She knows he's stalking her and she knows he's just a little more interested in her than is entirely healthy. She even knows that she probably shouldn't wind him up, but dammit, she lives for seeing that vein in his temple throb with annoyance. He's dangerous and she knows it. Despite his obvious shortcomings, she has a lot of respect for him and his abilities, and Breaker is one of the few people Kaige truly considers her equal. Of course, none of this stopped her from smashing her way into his head and stealing knowledge and power from him.
Shamash Sin - Clearly besotted with her, Kaige inadvertently used him used to help fake her own death, before discarding him entirely. It wasn't her original plan, but dammit, it worked.
Vertigo judy - Just about the only woman that Kaige can tolerate for more than three seconds. Judy's vulgar, rough, undisciplined, uncultured and dresses in a pink thong and dog collar. She's so far removed from what Kaige considers to be 'female' that she considers her some kind of alien creature, to be studied carefully, and learnt from. Judy and Kaige had plotted to destroy a mutual enemy - who had the good grace to shuffle off the mortal coil without their assistance - and have remained 'associates' ever since, despite occasional drugging and blackmail. She spends a lot of time with her, leading people to speculate that they may be more than friends. Kaige will abruptly add these people to her client list, free of charge.
Thorn Bandit - Co-conspirator, friend (sort-of) and handy thief with an eye for a good scam. She trusts him about as far as she can throw him, but at least the feeling is mutual.
Romeric - Hired Laurel on a retainer, for reasons Kaige can no longer remember. Still, it's free money, so.. what the hell, right?
La Conquistadora - Another, rare female associate for Laurel. Kaige thoroughly enjoys winding her up by displaying a lack of Spanish history and accusing her of being Mexican, Portuguese or Puerto Rican. ~~ "Are you kidding? She's the greatest incarnation of all things EPIC since the Trojan War! You would need a poet to describe her with any accuracy. Half this PAGE should be a SHRINE to her. Also, dude, she is Spanish and Venezuelan-Colombian, how could you not know that!?" - Mysterious, anonymous, totally incognito 4th-wall breaking profile vandal!
Kazimer - Hired Laurel as a merc, and tasked her to kill an associate of hers. She's accepted the job, but hasn't decided whether to play the targets off against each other, or add her blades to the arsenal of one party, or the other. Things are certainly starting to look up.

·Desperately seeking RP·

Due to a few important people in her life dropping out of the game, I'm currently desperately seeking people and schemes to get involved with. These include heroes and villains to scam, rip-off or take on as nemesis, as well as people who could become associates of hers and work with her on various jobs. Because I tend to lose the will if I'm hanging around the D waiting for people to talk to me, I don't tend to log her on as often as I could do.

If you'd like to work something out, catch me in game, or email me at notacatgirl@yahoo.co.uk and I'll love you forEVER.

Bounty hunters, people's she's wronged in the past, heroes who think they can change her, Arachnos...We can figure something out, yo.
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