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MatthewMoore is....

... 25 years old.

... male.

... also named Matthew in real life.

... always in the mood for roleplay.

... only interested in those who put EFFORT into their characters.

... enjoys a long, complicated story.

... has a tendency to play with one character at a time.

... fond of gritty, "real" settings.

... isn't really enamored by "superheroes" so much as "vigilantes".

... content to let the superhero name be what it is: An alias, and not a primary moniker.

... interested in his character developing relationships with a few others.

... a user of email and instant-messaging for communication.

... happy with powerful characters, but prefers accuracy.

... not really a fan of PvP unless a roleplay situation calls for it.

... a Christian, born and raised. I'll never bring it up for any reason.

... time-restricted due to dialysis, so isn't always around.

... not able to return Tells or Emails in-game, so should be contacted in other ways, or invited to a team.

... not a biter--unless you want him to be! ;)

... okay with Erotic Roleplay, if it develops a character relationship. Sex for the sake of sex though, isn't really my thing.

... not crazy about thinking of his characters as from the City of Heroes universe, so much as his own.

Out of Character


Matthew "Dragonscar" Moore - Primary protagonist. My first ever character for the superhero genre and most-evolved and developed by far. Started as an OC for a (poorly written) Teen Titans fan fiction. Gradually worked out from under ANY universal allegiance, and now has his own universe that I've crafted for him.

Essentially all incarnations of him having to deal with a man known only as "Crimson" or "The Red Man" granting him powers with the intent of inventing the next step in human evolution. This goes wrong, however, when the "Chosen Children" escape from his grasp. The story revolves primarily around the Chosen being hunted to extinction, and trying desperately to survive and make lives for themselves.

Alexei Creminov - AKA: "Crimson" or "The Red Man" for the death that follows in his wake. Primary antagonist for the "Chosen Children". Original incarnation was virtually unstoppable and could manipulate nearly any non-living matter, but proved to be rather uninteresting. Current incarnation is essentially a "black hole" for life energy, and can kill normal people with a touch.

Became Death incarnate following a botched energy experiment, and now consumes all life essence around him uncontrollably. Created the "Chosen Children" in the hopes that their new levels of bio-energy would be so potent and durable that he could feed off of them without killing everything around him. Hopes to one day sate his ever-expanding, withering "hunger", without consuming himself in the process.


I'm looking for someone who is willing to help share and build a story with me. I expect to take part in both my own tale, as well as contribute to those of others. People who want to play with me should know that I'm not one of the fans of the goody-two-shoes heroes like Superman or Captain America. I want to deal with issues. I want to provoke thought, and leave an impact.

Characters similar to Batman or the Punisher are my realm of comfort. These characters are "real". They deal with actual issues you and I care about. They're the ones who have to put forth effort to achieve their goals, not just punch someone into next week, and they're the kinds of people I care about.

If your character is perfectly happy and leads a charmed life, beating up bad guys with his/her pinkie finger, that's fine, but it's not particularly what I'm looking for. Everyone has problems, be they real or fake, or there's just nothing to latch onto, if you ask me. Something at some point in your character's life HAS to have gone wrong.

I want to explore the "what-went-wrong's" with people. I want you to be invested in my character, as much as I want to be invested in yours.

Oh, and ... please try and at least have a basic grasp of the English language and grammar. Nothing spoils a roleplay mood for me more than having to try and decipher exactly what someone has posed or spoken to my character. This means no "h@x Sp33ch", using appropriate capitalization, periods, commas, and distinguishing an action from dialogue.

I'm really not THAT anal about it, but if you're telling a story, I want it to be legible.

Story ideas

Most of my story concepts revolve around meeting someone, preferably a girl hero--even better if she doesn't necessarily WANT to be a hero--or if they do, have problems with the field. This would help our characters find some common ground quickly. Introductory scenes that I've had in mind are of one of our characters jumping in to help the other when dealing with a large crowd of street thugs. Perhaps they run into one another at the police station, or a bar, and a fight breaks out between one of our characters and some of the patrons.

It's up for discussion of course--these are only a few things that I've thought of. If your interest is piqued, feel free to offer your own ideas. I'm pretty open to possibilities, and being in the limelight isn't a big thing for me.

Further development could consist of developing a relationship of some kind, whether it be hostile, friendly, romantic--whatever. I'd rather leave that up to our characters, though.  :)




Closing Words

Please feel free to IM me or email me if you're interested in hooking up. Leave a message in the discussion area if you prefer.

PLEASE NOTE, THOUGH! I may not necessarily reply to Tells or Emails in-game. I'm a Free Player, and since NCSoft decided to start sucking, such accounts are very limited in what I can communicate with. If you page me in-game, I'll probably try to invite you to a team or something so I can respond.

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