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(last update 12/07/2007)

A hopeless CoX addict, after migrating here from the Sammich group.

Global: @Mynxed

I play mainly on the Virtue server, and in addition to lurking on the global channels "Virtue Badges" and "Virtue United", I also run my own global channel which acts as an extended friendlist, by the name of "Awesomesauce". Seriously, everyone in there is awesome, in that they don't suck, aren't asses, and are fun to play with/be around.

I'm also associated with the D.F.B. Crew, who are min/maxing geniuses (And also RPers) and never get tired of all the dumb questions I ask.

I'm a huge badger on my main, heroside only. I'll go insane on badgering on more than one character. @_@


Mynxed, lvl45 BS/Regen Scrapper. My first character, and my main, and my badger, he's completely nuts and has a bad fashion sense. After an undisclosed incident, he went from crazy mad scientist, to even more crazy mad scientist catguy with a sword. He's dabbled in many, many things, from mad science, bad science, occult arts, demon summons, mutagens, genetic modification, psychic self-remodeling, prayer, and fad diets to try and revert the process back into just human.... unsuccessfully.

Nina Flay, lvl23 Grav/Emp Controller. Polite, professional, and keeps things very close to her chest. The second character I've made who I really dig, between her and Mynxed, they're the core of the little universe I'm creating here at CoX. She uses a pair of gauntlets, in conjunction with a very specific pair of goggles, to manipulate gravity eddies and control teleportation effects, and, as an offshoot of her own teleportation work and the existing medi-port hospital systems, can reroute quick medical effects through her teleportation system to aid wounded allies. Whether or not the hospitals know or approve of this is unknown.

Kami-O, lvl15 Storm/Dark Defender. A creation of Mynxed, he/it is a self-aware sentient AI with a robotic shell and a power core that can be used to manifest decidedly non-robotic superpowered effects. He was created to do 'the boring stuff' for Mynxed, but promptly left to pursue it's own path of valor and heroics. He's been somewhat adopted by Nina Flay, who gives him the occasional maintenance and sheltered downtime he needs, but he tends to operate solo.

Jared Flay, lvl10 Grav/Energy Dominator. The brother of Nina Flay, he's a victim of her superheroing reputation - an innocent bystander during an attack on her. He's been gaining a reputation as an up-and-coming villain in the Rogue Isles. He's exhibited powers similar to the ones Nina Flay channels through her self-made gauntlets, and he's admitted to being a cyborg, implanted with much of the technology Nina Flay has pioneered and tested.

Magical Girl Ichigo, lvl21 Robots/Dark Mastermind. A villain with heroic roots, she was part of a fledging superhero team that went MIA two years ago. Then she popped up in the Rogue Isles, with expanded powers and a robot army. (And I'll never get her costume perfect, dammit.)

Characters I don't care enough about yet to go into detail: Volkaiser, Weapon Ecks Dee, Directors Cut.

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