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Stone Melee/Regeneration Brute
A Medicine man’s elixir gave young Harry Hapeshwe the ability to control dense woody growths that sprout from his body... and remarkable regenerative powers that have kept him alive the past century. He has put his body of hardwood and stone on the line for decades now, keeping a sacred oath to fight crime and injustice as... Oaken-Man!
Former Virtue Characters
Invulnerability / War Mace Tanker
Mind Control / Force Fields Controller
Born a century ago and preserved by potent magics, Alastair Victor Cromwell has already outlived his beloved wife and scores of other heroes. Decades after he began, the Old Man continues to take up the Sceptre of Kings to mete out justice and protect the helpless as The Imperial!
Electric Armor / Super Strength Brute
It’s hard to make a living building custom cars in the rough and tumble Etoile Islands - even when you're rockabilly badass Max "Hellcat" Jones. So, you take the odd jobs to pad your pockets: running a chop shop, transporting illegal goods, even hiring out as hired muscle. Truth be told, you’d rather get to work becoming known (and paid accordingly) as the world’s finest old school hot rod builder.
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