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    Veritas, Inc. is a sinister organization focused on the manipulation of the truth.

The organization's mission statement is as follows: “Veritas, Inc. is an organization focused on the engineering of the truth. We make what are falsehoods into truth, and we distort the truth to make it false. We work primarily through the media, which includes television, magazines, and the internet. We create, alter and destroy documents and records. We create witnesses, silence witnesses and eliminate witnesses. We stage events and assassinations the world over. We do what is necessary for our clients.”



Nadia Ivanovich created the first branch of Veritas, Inc. in 2003 in St. Petersburg, Russia. She did this by gathering five friends and acquaintances. By name, they are Bradley Braddock, Hui Long, Danica Skala, Alexa Wright, and Isaak Harkov. She explained what she wished to do. She wanted to start an organization which engineered the truth, because she believed it could be quite profitable. Anything else that may have motivated her is not openly spoken about. Publicly, Nadia is seen as a humble and secretive person. To those she keeps close, she is viewed as a sadist, ruthless and cruel despite being soft-spoken and quiet. She is known as the 'Sponsor' to nearly all Veritas employees, because while maintaining the secrecy of the actual organization is important, the safety of its main source of funding is even more vital.

By 2005, the St. Petersburg branch had grown to over twenty employees. It had connections to virtually every major media outlet in Russia, and many in the surrounding European nations. The Sponsor was correct in believing it could be profitable, so she decided to expand upon the business. She sent two of the original five Veritas members to start new branches of Veritas, Inc. in Los Angeles, California and in Kyoto, Japan. Alexa Wright leads the Los Angeles branch, and Hui Long heads the branch in Kyoto. The expansions grew even faster than the St. Petersburg branch had. The Sponsor decided to form the Overwatch to oversee the activities of each Veritas branch, and to expand upon them. Each of the original five members were immediately appointed. In 2006, Danica Skala departed the St. Petersburg branch to form the fourth branch of Veritas, Inc. in Prague. Danica's personal connections led the branch to become the largest in the shortest amount of time. The Prague branch remains the largest to this day.

Isaak Harkov (also known as Mindwalk) left the St. Petersburg branch in 2007. He made his way to the Rogue Isles to establish connections among brokers and the major organizations that reside there, with Longbow and Arachnos being the largest. He spent a year laying the foundations.

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