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Origin: Magic
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Shara de Volk. (Gaul.)
Known Aliases: Confidential
Species: Warrior Demoness. (The purpose she was made.)
Age: N/A Has died and been reanimated for thousands of years.
Height: Six foot, five inches. (6'5")
Weight: 192 pounds. (534 with armor.)
Eye Color: Dark Grey.
Hair Color: Heavy Crimson
Biographical Data
Nationality: N/A
Occupation: Warrior / Field tatics / Torturer for Widow's Web.
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: The Widow's Web
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Extreme Strength, Tough skin. (Doesn't burn or break on impact, but can be cut.)
Known Abilities
Volkshara was a warrioress and has commanded teams of warriors in her life. She is almost an expert in battle tatics. She also is a master at torture and pain suppression. She only feels pain when she decides it.
Only Armor. (Her armor weighing around 340'ish pounds.)


The Rebellion

Volkshara, living in discontent had spent many years taking orders and commanding without reward. Her patience grew thin, pulled taut by the thousands of years fighting for one she believe to be the true visionary of her clan. Dulzorn. Dulzorn was the command of the east legions of the fire wastes where Volkshara was created from many warrior souls that had collected over the centuries. The crowding becoming to much as they condensed them creating her after a two year spell was cast.

Dulzorn took Volkshara under his wing. He was much like a father,.. as one can be on her plane. Dulzorn and Volkshara both felt the years of unrest, fighting without end and without the spoils of war that were taken by the prince. The prince collecting everything of value on their one planet plane.

After many years past, the two grew inpatient, unable to live with their growing rage against the Prince. Dulzorn and Volkshara took up arms against the Prince. Leading a massive army against his equally strong force. After two months of fighting, the Prince took victory. He beheaded Dulzorn... keeping his still much alive head as a trophy. The surviving army was executed. One each day to remind all those of the price of Betraying the prince. Volkshara was cast from their plane to earth, with a human form forced upon her.


Volkshara was cast naked onto earth. She was quite human in every way. Her body weak and frail. She spent a month in meditation. Her focus on her form as she slowly 'willed' back her old form. Her horns finally beginning to grow back with her skin toughening. Her blood growing cold once again. Many months pass as she begins to feel as herself once more, training her reformed body to be as it was.

The Widow's Web


The Widow's Web Volkshara continued to train. Seeking after blacksmiths and those that can recreate her armor with metals she found on earth's plane. She began to feel like herself.. still weak, but much closer to her old form then the one cast upon her by the Prince.

After a few more months she came in contact with 'Sniper Widow'. Volkshara was taken in. She now teaches torture and pain suppression.. as well as lead field teams and battle tactics when needed. She has gained the trust of many and dedicated her life to The Widow's Web finding herself as a Mistress Widow (highest rank).

Keeping Control


Volkshara is doing her best to keep control of her demoness' habits and desires. Her motions are all focused and calculated. She is knowing at times to have fits of blood lust and erratic behavior for no reason, though it is growing quite rare. She is seen as quite cool and collected though a rare outburst may send her into chaotic demon behavior.. though witnessing such a thing is extremely unlikely unless you are close to her.

Powers and Abilities

Volkshara is incredibly strong. Yet she is still in training. This means her strenght is quite hard for her to control. At times she is unable to use it. Her skin is also quite thick and tough. It doesn't burn from fire and is normally never broken unless cut with razors or sharper. (When she has control Volkshara can lift 5 + level tons of weight when fully trying.) Volkshara is also skilled at many forms of 'non-martial art' bladed combat, never using her strength in a 'raw' fashion. She is also skilled in battle tactics and strategy. Her many years as a battle commander clearly show when leading a team.

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