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The Widow's Web is a group of all female mercenaries who take contracts against terrorist organizations, war lords, and other threats to humanity. We are well organized and very professional in the field and in the office. We go after the untouchable using our abilities, training, and deception to fulfill a contract. We only deal with professionals and anything less is a waste of our time. We keep all information and intel gathered classified, and will never divulge information at anytime to anyone. We take our work very seriously here at The Web.

OOC Note: The Widow's Web is a themed heavy roleplay group of all female mercenary characters (male and female players) that made it's first apperance in Issue 11. This is an adult themed group due to story content, language, and violence. Players must be over the age of 18. This group is designed for players to have fun and to help them develop their character. Please respect and be courteous of each person in the group. Everyone is expected to get along inside the group. Visit our site at Not an ERP group, so if you are looking to join for that, be prepared to be disapointed. Sorry, but we are a heavy RP group of professional women who RP Government contracts with plots to thwart terrorist, drug smugglers, and threats against humanity.

Founder: Anastasia Petrova
Side: Rogue Isles
Motto: What happens in the Web, stays in the Web
Leader(s): Anastasia Petrova,Serpents Fang, and Widow Morgianna
Logo: Spider Web
Group Colours: Black and White
Levels: Open to all threat levels.
Play style: Heavy RP
Roleplay: Yes, all types welcome.
Timezone(s): Various
Recruiting: Yes
Contact: @Nuclear Winter
-Other notes-

Ratingsymbol ao-1-.gif

Violence, Language, Drug Reference, Alcohol Reference, Tobacco Reference, Sexual Themes

  • Prestiege not required
  • Must be atleast 18.
  • Not an ERP group.
  • NO DRAMA WELCOME! We play the game to get away from drama.


The Widow's Web WS1.jpg

Our agency employs the very best femme fatales in the Rogue Isles. We have no ties to Arachnos, Malta, Council, or any other organizations. We are independent with no political ties to anyone. We hire only the best female assassins, spies, saboteurs, and mercenaries. Our agents follow a very strict set of guidelines, and always conduct themselves in a professional manner. Agents who lack maturity are disciplined. If they do not straighten up then they are terminated.

We do not take contracts out against children! When A Widow decides to have a family she will leave the agency to focus more on their family. This business is not family oriented, and our agents take dangerous assignments. We will not have an agent risk orphaning their child.

We are discreet in our ways, and do not explain ourselves to Anyone. The Widow's lives are private, and they tend to keep their personal lives to themselves. We are professionals in what we do and we do it well. We do not share information with anyone outside of the agency, and sometimes mislead others in order to accomplish our task. After all Widow's can be very deceptive.

The Widow's Web keeps all clients and business confidential; business is never discussed outside of the Web. We do not share client information with anyone including our alliance members.

The Web is our base of operations, a secure facility in Saint Martial of the Rogue Isles.

We are not an escort service, dating service, or anything else of the sort. Do not make the mistake that we are. It could be the last mistake that you ever make.

Employment WS7.jpg

At The Widow's Web we hire women of all types and backgrounds. However, we hire only the best, and will continue to challenge your skills and abilities once hired.

If you think you have what it takes, and are able to follow the rules and guidelines below, please feel free to submit your cover letter, resume' and references. Be sure to list your abilities, why you are interested in our agency, and a time you would be available for an interview.

You should expect a reply, with a time and date for an interview. Please be punctual, and dress professionally.

The Web is looking for strong, confident, professionals who can conduct themselves in a business like manner.

OOC Note: In game tells should be sent to @Nuclear Winter.

We do not hire minors. You must be at least 18 to be considered.
Rehire- If an agent leaves the agency and decides to come back they will be hired back as a Widow Recruit. This is only if the agent did not leave on bad terms.
The Widow's Web Application.

What we are looking for.

Rules of The Web WS3.jpg

Anastasia Petrova, A.K.A. Sniper Widow. Founder and Director of The Widow's Web.

Our agents are expected to be professional at all times. You are always judged by the people you come into contact with. They judge you on your appearance, your actions, even the company you keep. That being said, they are also judging the agency and the rest of us as well. You as agents with the Web will need to always follow a strict list of rules and obey them at all times. If not you will be terminated.

1.) The Widow's Web hires women who can keep a professional appearance. You as agents will be expected to always dress nice when out in public. Underwear is to be worn underneath your outfit, not as an outfit.

2.) As stated above, we are judged on your actions.

(a.) Never start problems or fights.
(b.) Sit like a professional. Do not sit or crouch on a bar where people eat or drink.
(c.) Anger causes stupidity, always keep yourself under control at all times.
(d.) Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.
(e.) Please, have respect for yourself. We do not hire whores.

3.) Your personal life is your own. Keep private and personal matters off of the comm. Use your phones. This rule also applies to our coalition chat.

4.) Never discuss information on a client or a target.

(a.) When you are talking in public, never use names. Client and target are how you communicate with others outside of the Web.
(b.) Remember our motto. "What happens in the Web, stays in the Web." This goes for clients as well as anything else in our agency.
(c.) Most of our agents keep to themselves. Please respect that.

5.) Never date a client, or a target. Not only is it unprofessional, but it is also inappropriate. You risk the clients saftey by doing this. Dating clients also makes other think that I run a dating service. The Widow's web is not an escort service!

6.) In areas where you may come in contact with a hero or another villain (such as Warburg) Widows are expected to follow the rules of engagement. Do not attack an enemy unless provoked. The only area this rule does not apply is in Siren's Call.

7.) We keep business professional in The Web. Do not bring unwanted drama into our agency. This goes for our alliance members as well.

Our Ranks WS4.jpg

Widow Reserve- These are reserve members of The Web. They are sometimes called upon during operations or other assignments when needed.

Widow Agent- Applicants, after an interview with either the Director or a Mistress Widow, are hired on as an Agent. This is the best of the best, but these agents are not as high as Elite Widows. As of January 1st, 2009 Agents are now allowed to have their own clients and perform their own contracts as long as it does not conflict with the strict rules and guidlines within The Web.

Widow Specialist-

Widow Mentor- These Widows show potential at becoming Executives and are looking to lead others in the field. They lead smaller groups in training and field assignments. Along with doing their work as a Specialist, these Widows look to pass on their knowledge to others within the agency.

Widow Executive- Executives have more responsibilies than Mentors. They are responsible for more of the business side of things at The Web. They interview new recruits, work on training programs, and work on getting contracts. They also have their own work in the field, and help train Mentors in becoming Executives if they desire to do so. Executives are team leads and along with the Director will lead groups in the field during operations.

Welcome to The Web WS12.jpg

The Widow's Web operates out of an office building known simply as The Web. It is located in Saint Martial. Still somewhat under construction, this is where our agents meet, take classes, and lounge. Clients are also welcome within its walls to discuss contracts and other business. Occasionally allies will swing through for business or pleasure, The Web building has it's own lounge and spa area for our agents to relax in after a hard day of work.

The Web offers teleporters to all of the Isles and to the Ritki Warzone. There is a medical facility where agents injured in the field can get treatment. A large and powerful computer database is located here, continually indexing realtime data targets and other persons and groups that the Web has interest in. There is also a safe to store rare salvage, along with an Invention workbench and research terminal. More resources are planned for future expansion. All agents are allowed to use the resources The Web provides.

The Web contains various security features, both in the ingress/egress area and in the secure storage area. All personnel are screened for dangerous devices, compounds, or biogenetics (virii and bacteria) on entry. The vault is only accessible from within a fully-screened "man trap" enclosure. We take security seriously here at The Web.

C.H.A.R.L.O.T.T.E. WS2.jpg

Charlotte's hologram at Architect Entertainment.

Training programs are developed by CHARLOTTE and are based off of intelligence gathered from government agencies, networks, and other places she can manage to find through the World Wide Web. CHARLOTTE is able to get information on any type of threats as well as look for a way to handle them.

CHARLOTTE is the brains of The Web. She controls the defense systems, security, and even the climate.

Training Programs




Services WS8.jpg

The Widow's Web offers a number of services to it's clients. Of course The Web will not take any contracts against children or that would cause a child harm. This is nonnegotiable and the agency, as always, stands by it's policies. The Web reserves the right to decline any contract from a client for whatever reason. Clients are expected to not interfere with any contracts they may have with The Web. Failure to do so will result in a breach of contract and void said contract.

Alliances WS10.jpg

Friends and allies are always welcome along for training excercises, operations, and our fight against evil. Individual contracts are at the agents discretion. We work with professionals who are well organized. We do not ally ourselves or take contracts with terrorist groups, crime syndicates, or anything else of the sort. No exceptions!

OOC Note: Our alliances are with other adult groups with mature players. This does not mean cyber. If you consider Adult RP only as cyber than this group and coalition is not for you. We only allow mature groups to be in our coalition. Thank you.

Threats WS9.jpg

There are many threats in the world now days, and The Web is sometimes called upon to face them head on. Contracted by governments around the world, The Widow's Web does what others and their military forces cannot.

Córdoba Cartel- With leaks in certain government agencies, the Web is sometimes contracted to go after Santiago Córdoba and his cartel. One of the Colombian Cartels who are responsible for trafficing drugs and weapons to Paragon and Rogue Isles. Cordoba has his own militia, body guards, and it is even rumored his right hand man is ex CIA.

Red Seven Resurected- At the begining of the Cold War Soviet Russia began a program to create it's own heroes to serve and protect the Communist state. After the Cold War Russia tried to hide any existance of the program and hired an elite assassin to terminate members of the project. It's return is somewhat a mystery even to Russia, and certain parties are interested in getting to the bottom of who knows of the program. Anastasia is the last and only survivng member of the original Red Seven, and her agency has been called upon to solve this mystery before another war breaks.

New World Revolutionaries- Various cells make up the NWR terrorist organization who operate around the world. NWR blames capitalist countries for the coruption and social alienation of Third World countries. Their strength is in the thousands with sympathizers and supporters around the globe. Their affiliations are unknown, but they are well funded and use experimental weapons and tech. Their goals are to have all Third World debts wiped clean and the withdrawl of all millitary occupation from First World nations. They are responsible for various acts of violence throughout the U.S. as well as the rest of the world.

The Crimson Shadow- A Japanese clan of theives and assassins led by Miyamoto Takagi. The Widows will sometimes come in contact with the Crimson Shadow who may be after someone under the protection of The Web. This group is merciless, and will stop at nothing to fulfill a contract. They will kill whoever gets in their way innocent or otherwise. One thing that is sure, The Crimson Shadow is a nuisance to The Web and it's clients.

The Bratva-

Operations WS5.jpg


Mature Content

The following section(s) contain prose, images, or concepts of an adult nature. Those under the age of legal consent, or those who may be offended by such content, should refrain from reading.

  • Violence
  • Offensive Language    
  • Gore, blood, and viscera
  • Adult situations    

The war on drugs has been an on going war with many cassualties on both sides. The United States had been after Santiago Cordoba for the past 30 years. When CIA agent Michael Murdoc goes undercover to work for the Córdoba Cartel it is not long until he sees where the real money is. He bribes old friends and colleagues into feeding him information from various agencies. With many failed attempts at strikes against the Córdoba Cartel, the United States contracts The Widow's Web for a black operation in a desperate strike against the cartel responsible for smuggling cocaine across the US boarder. With the help of their allies from Sin Enterprises, The Widow's Web is successful in bringing in both Santiago Cordoba and Michael Murdoc. The United States takes full credit for the capture and seized drug shipment. The Widow's Web and their allies are paid, but do not recieve any credit. They of course do not mind, and know that it is their job.


Name Archetype Organization Position Team
Midnight Wicked Mastermind The Widow's Web Team Leader Bravo Team
Heather Takai Stalker The Widow's Web Intelligence Officer Bravo Team
Patricia Grant Corruptor The Widow's Web Field Medic Bravo Team
Icebreaker Annie Brute The Widow's Web Reconnaisance Bravo Team
Widow Morgianna Widow The Widow's Web Assault Alpha Team
Bunnie Cybot Brute The Widow's Web Assault Alpha Team
Sniper Widow Corruptor The Widow's Web Assault Alpha Team
Shivan Wrath Corruptor Sin Enterprises Assault Ally
Dead Man Dane Stalker Sin Enterprises Assault Ally
Mitsuko Yubari Corruptor Sin Enterprises Assault Ally

The agency's computer was hacked into by Anja, the original Sniper Widow, who was found working side by side with the terrorist organization, New World Revolutionaries (NWR). It was believed that Anja Fuchs was killed by Anastasia Petrova a few years ago when Anja was sent to assassinate all former Red Seven members, a metahuman group created by Russia in the early 50's during the cold war originally created to protect it's citizens. They were eventually trained in combat and were split to operate in different regiments throughout the late sixties and early eighties. Anastasia defected in Afghanistan during the eighties along with Mikhail Petrov. During the crisis in Bosnia, the Russians began wiping out any evidence to the existance of Red Seven. Now The Web faces a new threat with an organization with cells operating around the world.

When The NWR threaten Paragon City with a biological threat, The Widow's Web is called in to stop them. With help from their friends and allies from Sin Enterprises, The Web is fully prepared to handle this threat against humanity.


Name Archetype Organization Position Team
Sniper Widow Corruptor The Widow's Web Team Leader Alpha Team
Widow Firebrande Corruptor The Widow's Web Medic Alpha Team
Black Shiva Stalker The Widow's Web Reconnaisance Alpha Team
Gutter Sniper Solider The Widow's Web Assault Alpha Team
Sorceress Morgianna Dominator The Widow's Web Assault Alpha Team
Lacey Hart Brute The Widow's Web Assault Alpha Team
Shivan Wrath Corruptor Sin Enterprises Assault Ally
Xia Xia Brute Sin Enterprises Assault Ally
Tommy The Bull Brute Sin Enterprises Assault Ally


FAQs WS6.jpg

Q: Will the Web be moving over to Champions Online?

A: No way. The group stated here and will end here when the game does. I started this group and would not have if I was not going to commit to it. Not leaving friends and group members behind, or dividing my attention between two games. We also have plenty of ideas and plans for missions, and RP events.

Q: Why are there so many rules?

A: You do not have rules, you just have chaos. This group is run like a business, and like all businesses they have rules. This is all for RP to add realism to the RP in our group. If someone in the agency were to break certain rules they could be fired, or asked to resign.

Q: Are you a villain group?

A: No, we are not. The Widow's Web walks a fine line in a grey area. Mostly our group focuses on helping people, but yes they make a profit from it most of the time.

Q: Why dosn't The Web allow men?

A: The single sexed environment actually helps keep the agents more focused and relaxed. Many of our members have come here and are glad they are not being viewed as a sexual object. Even the ones who play lesbians respect and do not act inappropriately to other members. We also do not allow FUTA, sorry.

Q: Do you take Solider's of Arachnos and Widow's in The Web?

A: Of course, we have a spider theme partially for this reason.

Q: Is The Widow's Web a group of Lesbians?

A: No, although some members are lesbians not all of them are. Anastasia dosn't care about sexual orientation as long as they can respect the rules of the agency.

Q: Is there ERP in your group?

A: Yes, there is some ERP within the group, as with all groups. Our RP is not centered around it though. We are very fortunate that our members are private and use discretion taking such things to team chat or a private area. Most likely you will not see anything even in our building. Members must RP other than just ERP, this is not a meat market.

Other Information

This group is designed to be a strictly themed all female mercenary for hire group. The characters in this heavy RP group should be strong, confident, and professional. This is a business, so members in the group should be professional in their actions, and follow the rules of the agency. These rules are made for RP reasons, and to help us all to have fun. This is a more mature group on the Virtue server for more serious players who don't want to RP petty fights in Pocket D, but to help them expand their creativity with their character story wise. Our enemies are player created and we often use Architect Entertainment to do our arcs, training missions, or operations. This group works more so around Mission Architect. This helps cut down on alot of drama, and including our allies and friends in the missions helps our coalition come together. We also do social events such as parties, dinners, etc. to also bring our coalition together more.

The Web will not form an alliance with another group as an enemy. This never made any sense and also causes alot of unwanted drama. I would rather see our alliances come together than argue with one another, keyword alliance.

Anastasia is a business woman. Keep in mind, Anastasia follows a strict code. She is also a solider who watched the one man who was worth anything to her killed. That being said when someone comes up to her and whines about someone calling them a name or anything else trivial, she is going to get upset. It's RP and she has had a rough life, so do not be offended OOC if she tells your character to stop crying. I believe that goes the same for everyone in this group. The Web is for professional women who have skills in assassination, medical, computer espionage, etc. These are tough women who conduct themselves with a business like manner to create their clientele.

This is not a group that hangs out in Pocket D and looks for fights. That is not what we do, or what we are about. Pocket D is not a Warzone. It is just a bar where characters can socialize and talk with one another from both the Isles and Paragon. Widows are expected to use this place to meet possible clients, allies, and use it for socializing purposes only. Not a place to pick fights. Clients are welcome to discuss contracts with you in your offices or even for a drink at our lounge. The Web building is very secure for discussing business.

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