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Web of Ruin
Founder: Black Arachnophilia
Side: Villain
Motto: '
Leader(s): Black Arachnophilia, Operative Darkwolf
Logo: Unknown
Group Colours: '
Levels: '
Play style: Casual
Roleplay: RP-Lite
Timezone(s): Any
Recruiting: actively recruiting
Contact: @Gold Danger Ranger, @Jade Defender, @Scourge, @Warp Master
No additional information available.


The Web's Inception


The Web of Ruin is an Elite Division of Agents, Arbiters, and Operatives of Arachnos, dedicated to the usurption of Governmental organizations across the globe.

"Arachnos Roots"

Arachnos is one of the main factions in the City of Heroes/Villains universe. This villain group of dark origins resides today more or less permanently in the Rogue Isles and is the personal tool of Lord Recluse in his neverending fight with Statesman. Having sub-divisions of specialists, immense resources and no few powerful villains in his ranks, Arachnos can be considered a true army. Despite its immense power (or perhaps because of it), life in Arachnos is not easy and the fights between the different inner factions seem to be something relatively common. Arachnos only believes in the survival of the fittest and is not friendly towards costumed villains. Sometimes allied and mostly hostile to villains, this villain group can be found in City of Villains by a player during his whole career. Arachnos soldiers feel even less love for heroes, and will attack them on sight. In City of Heroes, a Hero who wishes to fight them will have to go to Faultline, Siren's Call, Rikti War Zone or Recluse's Victory, or enter mission in Bloody Bay, Siren's Call or Warburg.


For young villains, their greatest ally is also their most dangerous foe. At the bidding of Lord Recluse, Arachnos has broken possible destined ones from the Zig. Once free of this prison, Arachnos agents feel no compulsion to help as these ‘Children of Fate’ make their way in the dangerous world of the Rogue Isles.

Built upon the notion that only the fittest should survive, Arachnos was formed in the early part of the 20th Century in Italy. Although the true history of Arachnos remains shrouded, this organization was around long before “Il Recluso” wrested power away from its original founder, “The Weaver”. It remains unclear exactly how Lord Recluse took over the global network of Arachnos though betrayal and murder surely played a role. After taking over, Recluse subtly shifted Arachnos’s priorities and interests to better suit his own ideological goals.

After ruling Arachnos for many years, Recluse went underground to weave his web of deceit before eventually emerging as the “legitimate” leader of the Rogue Isles. Now he controls the Isles and is, technically at least, considered a political figure—though he privately relishes the rare times he’s able to get blood on his hands. Ruling a nation has allowed Lord Recluse to create armed forces, purchase military hardware, and even research alien technology. Covertly, his agents have spread throughout the world, he has spies or contacts in every major “villain group,” and Paragon City is the juicy fly wiggling at the fringe of his growing web. Recluse will not rest until he has wrested the City of Heroes from Statesman’s grasp.

Lord Recluse now rules Arachnos with an iron fist demanding blind loyalty and unswerving devotion from those who survive long enough to serve him. Under his guidance, Arachnos has become a multi-faceted and deadly group.

While Arachnos agents will ignore minor infractions, major crimes draw immediate action. In the eyes of Lord Recluse, anyone reckless enough to commit murder, grand larceny, or acts of mass destruction is either uncontrollable or powerful enough that he wants to control them directly. Woe to the Arachnos agent that crosses the line far enough to bring the dreaded Arachnos Arbiters into the matter.

Outside the extensive military organization, every island has a civilian Governor and a military Marshal. The Governor decides the island’s domestic affairs while the Marshal rules all matters of security and defense. In a dispute, the Marshal has seniority. Both are appointed directly by Lord Recluse. Failure is not tolerated, and turnover is quite high, particularly among the Governors.

Today Lord Recluse is a tyrant, ruling all of Arachnos in order to maintain tight control over the Rogue Isles. As he protects his territory from the meddling of Longbow and other do-gooders from Paragon City, Recluse also prides himself in being one step ahead of Statesman and the Freedom Phalanx as he continues to weave his intricate web.

Arachnos' advanced and somewhat futuristic technology is put down to a menagerie of scientists, mad and otherwise, the dreaded Arbiters inventions, such as the Power Mace, and the enigmatic Orb Weavers, who create drones and robots such as the Arachnobots.

Main 2

WoRimage3.jpg WoRimage4.jpg

Tools for RP/Chat

We're 50/50 on the roleplaying/Out of character talk. If you absolutely must speak out of character, make sure to put double parenthesis around your comments, such as ((afk)).

  • The Scripting for the ((OOC)): startchat bind is as follows;
    /bind [ "beginchat ((OOC)): "

(note: it is important to mention that there must be a "space" after the : and before the " at the end of the bind, also there is no spaces between the shift+enter.)

  • Another fun Bind is the AFK bubble message, useful for displaying RP info about your character while you are typing, it is as follows;
    /bind enter "afk <your message here> $$startchat"

(note: it is important to inform you that the <,> brackets are not necessary for the bind, nor are the words "your message here" instead type the message you wish displayed above your character whenever you begin to type or are AFK, and also that a "space" must be after the afk, and before the $$.)

  • You can add some fun Macros with this Binding, allowing you to identify your current target (in game brackets) into your speech! It is best to demonstrate this Binding with an example;
    /bind F7 "local Your Crime Spree ends here $target!"

(note: It is important to mention that the "$target" part of the bind (which identifies in text your current target) needn't be at the end of the bind at all, or be followed by the "!". Insert the "$target" part of the bind, whever you wish the target to be identified in your macro. It is also important to mention that the ("local) beginner need not be local, in this example it was used to automatically say this bind in the local channel, there are many different channels... The Bind requires a "space" after the channel and again before the "$target".)

  • You can add emotes into your binds simply by dividing the parts of the bind with "$$" and beginning the emote with a simple "e". Example;
    /bind shift+i "local Your Crime Spree ends here $target!$$e point"

(note: It is important to mention that there are no spaces between the end of any part of your bind and the $$e, beginner of your emote.)

  • You can also add your own powers into your binds with "powerexec_name <<the power>>", you can find <<the power name>> in your Powers list tray from the pop-up menu... Example;
    /bind shift+i /powerexec_name steamy mist

(note: It is important to mention that unlike emotes, powers do have spaces between each word in its name. Nor do you need to use the <<, or >> in your binds.)


Web of Ruin is Coalitioned with DOOM inc.


(story teasers, tidbits, etc)

The Web's Leaders

The Web's Members

The Web of Ruin Lair


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WoRbase4.jpg WoRbase5.jpg

WoRbase6.jpg WoRbase7.jpg

Members Gallery

This is a local Gallery of some of the exciting things we do daily in the Web of Ruin! Be sure to check back here regularly for all the newest updates and events, as the site is updated weekly!

File:WoRaction1.jpg File:WoRaction2.jpg File:WoRaction3.jpg File:WoRaction4.jpg File:WoRaction5.jpg File:WoRaction6.jpg File:WoRaction7.jpg File:WoRaction8.jpg File:WoRaction9.jpg


If you are just learning about The Web of Ruin, you should take a look at our WoR Costume Gallery, with plenty of costume design images of all the great Arachnos designs in CoH! Its Your first step to creating YOUR Uniform and joining the ranks today!

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