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Honey Wilder[1] was working at one of Aeon Corp's laboratories in Cap au Diable, where she was involved in experiments researching the properties of plants collected from Bloody Bay[2]. Despite rigorous checks for contamination, a bee entered the facility along with a batch of plant specimens. The bee had gorged itself on the nectar of one particular plant and had been transformed into a larger, more aggressive creature. When Honey approached the plant to cut some samples the bee stung her, flew away some distance and exploded in a shower of spines and green ichor.

Knowing that if anyone found out what had happened to her she would probably be locked up somewhere and tested and experimented upon for the rest of her life, so Honey kept quiet. She cleaned up the remains of the bee without anyone noticing, claimed she wasn't feeling well and went home. She barely made it home before falling asleep, and when she awoke almost 24 hours later she had transformed into a strangely alluring bee-girl.

What most people might have considered a curse or disaster seemed just fine to Honey. She didn't even think much about it but started experimenting with her new powers right away. Perhaps it was her scientific curiosity or maybe it was just a side-effect of the poison but she didn't feel afraid or uncertain. She knew instinctively that she had to find the plant that the bee had been feeding from, so she returned to the laboratory that night.

As soon as she came within sight of the plant it started moving, as if it was a part of her. She could control it just as well as she could move her arms and legs. With the aid of the plant she easily subdued the security guards and cleared out of the lab before anyone else arrived to investigate. Fortunately her physiological changes were enough to fool all witnesses and nobody recognized the insect-girl as the timid lab-assistant.


Wildhoney can physically transform into an insect-plant-woman hybrid creature, with bright yellow skin, antennae, black hair and chitin, and sharp stinger-thorns. In this form her metabolism is through the roof and she moves in a blur of speed. To maintain her metabolism she must feed on the nectar produced by the plant-part of her hybrid body, or any other substance rich in sugar[3].

The spines which cover her arms and body are hard as steel and can be launched with great speed and force through muscular action[4]. Wildhoney's incredible metabolic rate causes spines to grow back almost immediately. The spines are covered with a strong acid which will burn through armor and other protective gear in order to create a vulnerable spot for Wildhoney's spores to enter an enemy's bloodstream.

The plant symbiote usually resides within her body in the form of sporelike seeds. These can burst through her skin in great clouds, either intentionally or as a reflexive defense mechanism if she is startled. Different seeds have different effects. The most common merely restrain her enemies by growing into thick vines which wrap around an enemy and bury themselves in the ground. Other seeds will affect the victim's nervous system, making them attack their former friends, or simply put them to sleep.

She is also able to plant a special seed which quickly grows into a mobile plant strongly resembling a venus flytrap, which will follow her around and attack her enemies with spines or its great flesh-dissolving maw. Whenever Wildhoney remains in the same place for some time, spores will spontaneously grow into flexing tentacle-like vines, surrounding her with a small but lethal garden.


  1. Possibly an alias.
  2. Irradiated by the strange radiation from the Shivan meteors.
  3. She quickly reverts back to a relatively dormant and seemingly normal human form if she is deprived of these energy-rich substances, rather than starving to death in a few hours.
  4. They appear in form and function to be grossly enlarged nettle cells or nematocysts.


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