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· Technology Scrapper ·
Player: @Kitsuiko
Real Name
Megan (Meifeng) Wong
Xenofillie, Xee-Fee, Fillie
November 18th, 1996
Chicago, IL
U.S. Citizen
Los Alamos, NM; Paragon City
10th Grade Student
Legal Status
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Dr. Lanfen (Lisa) Wong (Mother, Astrophysicist), Dr. Deming (Damien) Wong (Father, Engineer), Jenny (Jinjing) Wong (Younger Sibling), Aileen (Ling) Wong (Grandmother, Retired)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
Body Type
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Super human strength, super human speed, super human regenerative capabilities, kinetic manipulation
· Equipment ·
Uncategorized dermal implants along wrists and hands of alien origin
· Other Abilities ·
Ballet, hip-hop, fluent Mandarin, English, slang, classical and metal guitar

Looking for Contact

Looking for: A willing or semi-reluctant mentor and other potential teen peers or rivals
Interested in: Stories, in game role playing, static teams.


Though initially it had been difficult and the setbacks many, Drs. Deming and Lanfeng Wong completed their ten year research project on xenotechnology and the human genome. The results hit the scientific community like a megaton bomb. Almost immediately they were highly sought after by many different organizations. Copies of their latest theories ran in every scientific publication and they were flown around the world to speak at convention after convention. After a prolonged bidding war the two finally accepted the offer from the United States and took positions at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. For the two scientists it was a hard fought dream come true; working at the top of their field with other highly respected scientists, a stellar community with highly acclaimed schools where they could raise their two daughters Megan and Jenny, a low cost of living, and a remarkably high salary. No more two bedroom apartment in the mid west; a house was arranged for them to move into with all of the latest conveniences as well as a housekeeping service and a gardener. No more public transportation; two company cars were made available. All of their friends came over for a final going away party filled with cheers and congratulations to the hardworking couple.

Living in a place where everyone knew about her genius parents proved difficult. On the first day of 1st grade the teachers clearly expected the brilliant daughter of two famed scientists, not a dyslexic seven year old girl struggling with her ADHD. It didn't take long for Megan to realize the other students could all read at least a little... whereas all she saw were strange, bizarre things page after page. Her grandmother had always assured Megan that reading would take time and wasn't an easy thing with a knowing, comforting smile, but seeing so many other kids her age who did it so easily made that comfort fade rapidly. The first few days, Megan got by on shyness to read aloud with the class and quickly turning attention to the pictures she could draw or the songs she knew how to sing. After seeing another boy get teased for reading like a baby she made up her mind to hide it as best she could. She went to the bathroom or for drinks of water. She changed the subject. Anything to keep the teachers and students from realizing how little she could read. Megan couldn't help but imagine her parents were disappointed when their youngest child was reading as well as their eldest at three years younger. Megan had no problems reading Chinese; why would English be so difficult?

When Jenny started kindergarten she was named line leader and class representative her first week - something Megan was never allowed to do even though every kid was supposed to get a chance. Megan overheard teachers talking about how wonderful Jenny was; "Smart as a whip, focused and a good student. Nothing like her sister, thank God" as they came around the corner and saw her at the drinking fountain standing their in shock. She ran away before she could see their horrified looks about being overheard, sobbing underneath the stairwell as it all came crashing in on her. The idiot child, the failure kid of the genius scientists. Everyone was either laughing at her or going to laugh at her. It took almost three more years for Megan's reading disability and ADHD to be identified, but by then there was almost no real self-confidence left. She was the failure kid, the dumb one, the one that came out wrong no matter how much grandmother told her that she was a late blooming flower. 2nd, 3rd and even some of 4th grade were spent with few friends; just Megan alone.

Unawares of the source of their eldest daughter's malaise, her parents threw their daughter a huge party for her 10th birthday in hopes of cheering her up by showing she did have friends and people who loved her. Despite being oddly wary her grandmother even took a flight out to New Mexico for the first time and all of the students in her grade were invited. All of the games and activities involved multiple children; anything to make sure that Megan wouldn't go off by herself or be excluded. A clown, a magic show, a bouncy castle, dancing, Chinese children's games - things that Megan was good at so their oldest daughter could feel like a superstar. The second of two things that shaped Megan's personality happened then; though she was an idiot, Megan realized so long as she was laughing and giggling then it would be okay. Better to point it out herself and make a joke out of it than to have other people call her stupid.

Ballet classes came almost immediately after as Megan's parents called the other parents and asked what their daughters did with their free time to make sure that Megan's successful party would be followed up by building new friendship inroads. When hip-hop classes were offered a few years later Megan's name was the first on them. Better to keep their oldest daughter busy than to let her fall back into depression again. In order to help her grades improve with math they enrolled her in classical guitar - and it offered the young girl a means of communicating she didn't have before. Her grades picked up somewhat; 3's and 2's in Elementary school because C's and B's in middle school. Her reading improved, and she even started hanging out with other children after school on her own outside from activities. Still, the middle of nowhere New Mexico was a difficult place to become a teenager. With little to do and no place to go, Megan's teenage years began with a seemingly inexorable slide into boredom. Upon hearing their 13 year old daughter sigh and stomp about the house because she was so bored, Lanfeng Wong made the fateful decision to take her girl's on a camping trip where they could could better see a meteor shower.

The meteor that her mother brought back was odd. She immediately put it in a box for classification after Jenny brought back the strange metallic object with veins of silvery blue going through the stone. It wasn't hot to the touch like the other rocks, Jenny explained when she showed it off. Their trip was ended abruptly after that as Lanfeng rushed to take the stone into her office.


Maybe nothing would have happened if Megan hadn't decided that Take Your Daughters To Work day was a good way to cut class. She had been to the lab many times before without caring, but, it was a nice day in April and Megan was just itching to get out of the classroom. The office was busy as always. Lanfeng showed her daughter around with excitement; where they did things, where research happened. She introduced Megan to everyone and even had prepared real scientist stuff for Megan to do. Outside from getting to spend time with her mother and having lunch with the other scientists, Megan did it all with a cheerful absence of most high schoolers... until she recognized the rock from their camping trip.

There wasn't anyone in the second off the lab and Megan checked three times for cameras before she worked up the courage to reach over and pick up the rock her sister had found. Pain shot through her arm almost immediately. The veins of blue and silver in the rock shot out like needles into her arms and the rock deformed into a silly putty substance. For a moment Megan thought she would black out from the pain and after that had passed, immediately wished that she would. This is how I'm going to die. From a space rock disease trap, she thought as the grey flaked off the silly putty rock and turned gold, burning into her skin with a clear hiss and sizzle. Megan's mother came into the room too late to do anything but stare as the rock melted into her daughter's arms leaving a similar matching pattern to the one it previously bore on the girl's skin. Immediately Lanfeng drove her daughter home, throwing a coat over her so no one would see the girl's arms. While her daughter rested she carefully used glue and ground geodes to make a fake rock to replace the lost one with. Studies hadn't began too deeply - the rock was declared a hoax and that was that.

Megan, however, began to change. First she seemed to gain an odd control over her ADHD; what was a jittery disposition and a short attention span was refined into a hyper-focus. A glance and Megan could tell you how many lamps and pillows were in the room. She became impossible to sneak up on. Her hearing improved, her sense of taste and smell, her reflexes... Like all good scientists her parents began to run tests. They took her blood pressure, made her run laps outside, lift weights, jump, listen to sounds. Anything to figure out what had happened to her daughter without risking handing her in. Nothing, however, was so strange as when Megan first reflexively manipulated the kinetic force around her hands as she attempted to bat away a bird that had dived bombed at her. One exploded bird and a screaming little sister later, they began to work on their theory about what had happened to their eldest child. Clearly there was something special about Megan in general: Jenny had touched the rock, Lanfeng had touched the rock, countless other scientists in the office had touched the rock... but it only reacted to Megan.

Grandmother called almost as soon as it was said out loud.

It was time that Megan come to Paragon City, she said, where Megan could work on her own talents where people wouldn't be looking for her as someone was sure to eventually happen in New Mexico since it was now fully evident that Megan took after her side of the family. Of course, both parents were more than a little hesitant for their daughter to go; she needed consistency in her life. With Megan's dyslexia she needed teachers who knew her background and a good peer group so she wouldn't get depressed again. Her grandmother booked the first flight to New Mexico. Though both Megan and Jenny were banished from the house to 'go and get ice cream' when the adults talked about Megan's situation, Megan snuck back to listen at the window to find out what they were saying. Only a few snippets came through clearly enough: something about signs that she had the Gift in her blood, something about alien technology, heritage, learning to use her powers and Paragon City. Something happened then. Someone said something that sounded sarcastic or doubtful but with words that didn't carry loud enough from her eavesdropping point. Then her grandmother sighed and chuckled. The room got bright, pink light poured out the windows, too bright for Megan to see inside of when she stood up to try and look inside. When Jenny and she came back in her parents were convinced if still a bit startled. Megan was transferred to Paragon City schools later in the afternoon.

Since arriving in Paragon through luck and forceful personality Megan managed to form an unofficial, tentative super team with four of the other younger heroes that she met - Scr4ph34p, Danger Kid, Kid Ranger, and Miles; referring to themselves as Justice Teens (or Teen Justice, or Justice Teens, Go! depending on the day) when they go out on missions. Two hours in to their first jaunt, Megan already had logos drawn up in her mind. Things continued to look up as Megan threw her lot in with Teen Phalanx; all but begging to be recruited and go out on missions with them. She established herself quickly as not only the little gossip of the group but as the little sister - developing a firm attachment to Dread Light the moment she met him - whether the older teenager liked it or not. Duncan and Megan even took that next step of agreeing to go on dates with each other, and, over the course of the subsequent weeks that followed agreeing to officially date as boyfriend and girlfriend. Her friends were looking out for her difficulty with reading, her powers left her feeling confident and strong, and her boyfriend really did care about her. Things were looking up.

Then, the bracers vanished and Megan started to change.

It was subtle at first; Megan found that she wasn't getting tired very often and soon enough that she couldn't really bring herself to sleep at all. Next she couldn't taste anything. Then she couldn't feel hot or cold and eventually any sensation at all. Finally, her voice vanished and Megan found herself in an almost zombie-like state of fading in and out of awareness. Going first to Ceysth and Gremlin in Teen Phalanx and later to G.I.F.T and S.E.R.A.P.H medical quarters it was quickly established that the bracers giving Megan her superpowers had not vanished but instead gone sub-dermal. It was also discovered that the strange changes were an allergic reaction between her body and her implants fueled by the lack of amphetamines in her system which started to cause her energy to crystalize across her body leaving her hairless and... well, pink. An incredible high dose of amphetamines was the the first test.


  • Radiation Manipulation

Info Here

  • Flight

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There are few things in the world as cheerful as Megan, and even as Xenofillie the cheer all but bubbles out of her. A pure and good-hearted person, Megan's is extremely hard on herself. This is primarily because she believes that she is stupid, and an unfit choice for a superhero especially in comparison to her talented little sister. Outgoing, friendly and a bit silly, she is something of a stereotypical teenager and a self-avowed "idiot." Her kindness and selflessness was highlighted in battle when she cheerily pushes her bones back into place and state that she's glad that it's her that's hurt instead of someone else having to have these things happen to them. Due to her incredible healing and her impulsive nature she tends to not recognize danger and risk putting herself in awful positions to try the nice option - even letting herself get shot while she insists that they should probably talk things out instead.


  • Loves gummy bears and pixie sticks
  • Still struggles with reading due to her dyslexia
  • Has ADHD as a result of her demi-alien genetics interaction with her neurochemistry
  • Plays a great deal of video games - especially loving platformers
  • Never goes anywhere without her Nintendo 3DS and her DSi
  • Collects Hello Kitty merchandise like it was her job
  • Trained in classical guitar playing
  • Practices dance every single day
  • Similarly loves America's Best Dance Crew
  • Still sleeps with her Teddy Bunny: Mister Muffin Belly, that her grandmother made her for her 5th birthday
  • Is afraid of horror movies but watches them constantly screaming and running in and out of the room
  • Broke up with her first boyfriend in 6th grade when he threw up on her because got scared when they were put in the closet together for 7 Minutes in Heaven
  • Calls herself 'stupid', 'idiot' or a complete 'loser' almost semi-constantly due to buying in to what her teachers told her when she was younger.


  • Akiko has rapidly become one of Megan's friends for her bouncy cheer and having equal amounts of amped up super energy. Being generally oblivious to that sort of thing, she hasn't picked up on any of the longer looks that Akiko has given her.
  • Duncan is a rare creature; a boy around her age who Megan doesn't stumble while talking to - having been too distracted by his nifty machinery and the fact that he apparently made it himself. If one were to ask Megan, she would say that she's the lesser brawn to his brains and frankly greater brawn despite his continued protests that she sells herself short. For good or for ill the two of them quickly became best friends and spend as much time keeping Paragon City safe as they do chasing each other around - pulling hair and trying to lick each other's arms. The city is in good hands.
  • April it seems the best way to describe their growing relationship is sisterly bemusement on the behalf of April and wild eyed adoration on the behalf of Megan as the big sister she always rather wished she had with the intelligence she always wished she had. The two take no small amount of joy on picking on Duncan, together, and April takes no small amount of responsibility of making certain the two of them stay on task.
  • Power Flux was met while Megan was in Atlas Park, reading a book and wearing a backpack that shot out steam. It became rapidly apparent that the two cloud cuckoolanders were perfectly suited for each other - talking on a million tangents all at once.
  • Miles Mathis caused Megan to realize that the sudden appearance of a cute boy glowing with power and shining like a scion of a Greek god was absolutely enough to make her start yammering on about absolute nonsense despite her best efforts. She has yet to realize that he can't actually see despite him clearly stating this. He, probably has realized her tendency to stare all the same. Cleary Xenofillie is in awe of Miles' command of magic and has even taken a few preliminary steps which could be seen as flirting causing some friction with her friends.
  • Danger Kitten was met mostly by accident with Megan rather forcefully insisting the quieter girl was now her best friend. Thankfully, Riley was willing to go along with it - seemingly putting up with Megan's teasing and insistence towards her cuteness. Megan, despite her obliviousness picked up on Riley's sensitivity and actually makes efforts to try and make sure Riley isn't too embarrassed.
  • Rocket Fist is perhaps the normal person that Megan has met amidst a sea of time travelers, aliens, and the hopelessly weird. By the fact that both seem to have inherited powers that weren't really particularly meant for them by weird accident wasn't lost on Megan who kind of has taken the more sensible teenager to be the Ryu to her Ken.


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