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The Ruthless
A r a h k ’ n e
[[Image:Arahk'ne Similar crop.jpg|300px]]
· Science/Mutation Corruptor ·
Illusion Control
Player: @Photon Cannon
Villain Group
The Coral Reef
Real Name
Sonnet Baxter
Fear Factor, Arachne, Coral Spider, Monster of Hearts, Bloody Mary
April 19th, 1987
The Coral Reef, location hidden
The Coral Reef, location hidden
Survival, working with the Rogue Coralax
Marital Status
Loh'kar (unmated lover)
· Known Relatives ·
Blood relatives deceased; has adopted Coral Warden/Piran'haa as a brother
Physical Traits
Human mutated into an Arachnoid, then enhanced with Red Coral and the Crystal Amethyst (see below) and mutated further into a lamprey-Arachnoid.
Animal-Coralax, or a creature of some sort either turned Coralax or born Coralax, typically turned Coralax and/or Animal-Coralax because of a specific Coral Gem they got ahold of (Coral Gem idea formed by player)
@Photon Cannon
Apparent Age
25 (may take a five year old form)
Normal is 5’7”; child is 4’2”.
Unknown, though typically as light as a human skeleton.
Body Type
Disgustingly mangled and anorexic. Skin on bones unless she has just eaten. Being parasitical, her body appears collapsed as to hold as much devoured fluid as possible.
She lacks any hair on her body. She has five rows of red, serrated coral spines growing from her scalp to the back of her cranium. Child form has bleach-white hair, which appears to be falling out.
Eight, black arachnid eyes. They are spread across her face in the manner of a grass spider (ergo ∙:• •:∙) and have white rings around them, to resemble lamprey eyes. In her child form, her eyes are a pale, light blue, which are extremely bloodshot. (Optics in child form has the side eyes sealed shut; ergo -=• •=-)
Pure white and blotched with bright red splatters. In her child form, there are no spots, but faded red streaks on her body and around her eyes.
· Distinguishing Features ·
Six arms and two legs. Four of the arms (the "extra" limbs) have visible joints where they connect on her spine, with a nest of Red Coral ringed around the Amethyst. The Amethyst appears to be octagon-cut, with small triangles on each side, and is grafted into her spinal column. Mangled Red Coral grows from the bases of her wrists and ankles. Her hands and feet have four-inch claws made of sharpened coral, which are double-jointed. Body is built to move on all-eights, though she is able to walk upright. Jawless maw harnessing row after row of curved teeth with a small hole in the back that is the back of her throat. Has two sabertooth-esque fangs bearing Coralax runes, which in turn glow purple when her venom is active.
Powers & Abilities
· Equipment ·
CRYSTAL AMETHYST -- A Coralax gem which by tale has been enhanced with the Coralax goddess Merulina’s power, the Amethyst grants illusionary casts, two versions of shapeshifting, and enhanced Arachnoid venom capable of paralyzing and eating away most every form of flesh
· Other Abilities ·
Deaf to harmful frequencies, abnormal strength in jaws, super strength and super leaping (due to Arachnoid blood), inability to slice herself open, heartbeat tracking and decoding

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The Backstory

Corrupted Childhood

Her mother was a painter, and her father was an author. Sonnet Baxter was born into a creative household that was full of loving parents, easels, writing desks, paintings, sculptures, and stocked shelves. She was born with stunning sky blue eyes and snow-white hair. Often lost in an imaginative world, Sonnet was a very quiet girl, homeschooled and excluded from a harsher reality. She became too shy to uphold conversations, to the point that she was only able to speak to her parents, for attempt to speak to another would only bring frustrated tears. Yet her late parents encouraged her to move forward and interact with people.

Fatefully, Sonnet spent little time with her parents. Briefly after turning five, Sonnet's parents were blacklisted by Arachnos when they were unable to make their due payments. When the final demands were not met, a squad of Wolf Spiders were dispatched, and killed the adults for rebellion and conduct. When they located Sonnet asleep in her bedroom, they took her and transfered her to an Arachnos Laboratory in Cap au Diable. Shortly after, the agents tossed the bodies of the parents into a lake which had been naturally cut off from the main river. There, the skeletons of her parents were cleaned by the swarm of trapped lamprey.

Sonnet spent her days locked away with children of the ages 7-15, as there was no age group for children as young as Sonnet. The Laboratory served as a double-jointed function, where the first sector was housing for orphaned children, and the second sector was used for the errored Super Soldier research. A set of Arachnos Scientists worked in both sectors of the Cap au Diable Laboratory, and took care of the children there. For being so sweet, insecure, and exotic in appearance, Sonnet attracted the attention of a young woman named Misty Shore, who paid special attention to her, despite Sonnet's inability to speak.

Aaron and Leon

However, it was not only the group of adults that Sonnet attracted. Briefly after Sonnet was brought in, an entire gang of orphans were dropped off in the same age group as her. Their leader was a ten-year-old who went by Leon, an ornery troublemaker of a mixed Hispanic-Korean race. With him was his partner-in-crime, a more level-headed boy of eleven who served as the intelligence of the group and called himself Aaron. With them both was a gaggle of children of various skins, ages, and both sexes. Aaron was the first of them to grow friendly towards Sonnet, and managed to get a "hello" out of her after a few weeks. Sonnet clung to this newfound security, and followed Aaron about wherever he went. When Leon told Aaron to not pick up any hitch-hikers, Aaron refused and let Sonnet tag along with the gang. A couple of the girls in the gang fell in love with Sonnet's mass of white curls, and went to playing with her hair regularly, and Sonnet did not seem to mind being used as a living dress-up doll. Leon often tormented Sonnet until she grew upset, or pulled more creative pranks on the child until brotherly Aaron stepped in the way.

Within a couple of months, Sonnet was able to grow happy once again. With the special motherly attention from Misty and friendship of Aaron and the girls, Sonnet became right at home, and was able to thrive in her childhood glory once again.

The Nightmares Rise

A new order was issued by Arachnos about three months after Sonnet's enrollment. Arachnos wanted to test the Super Soldier experiments on the older children that were open to assistance. If an experiment was successful, then the adolescent was able to enroll in Arachnos as a successful agent and ensure a way of living for their future. However, up to that point, no experiments had ever been successful. Still, a few of the braver souls crossed over to the second sector of the Laboratory, but were never seen or heard from again. The Scientists insisted that they were doing well in the line of work, but among the wiser children, there was dismayed conversation. Soon the Scientists began to push for children to enroll for success, as they sought to be recognized by the higher-ups in Arachnos for a successful procedure. The world began to grow darker around Sonnet, as in-fighting between Misty and her fiance turned Misty to be more hateful of Sonnet. The Scientists began to force some children to be experiments, and after a few more months the children were no longer orphans in housing, but slaves in housing.

To Sonnet's horror, Aaron was one of the children chosen to be an experiment. Sonnet was unable to understand that it wasn't Aaron's choice, and begged him for the entire night before to not leave. Aaron gave up trying to explain the situation, and instead turned to Leon. He asked in his final wish that Leon look over Sonnet and make sure that she stay safe, before bidding farewell to his friend. The next morning, when Sonnet woke up, Aaron was gone. Sonnet grieved over the loss, and lonely, tried to cling to Leon for security. But Leon was stubborn, and continuously refused to be a friendly face. Sonnet tried and tried again, until she began to treat him the same way, and the two grew mutual. The change in Sonnet's childish behavior allowed Leon to grow friendly toward her and live up to Aaron's wish. Leon managed to grow a little closer to Sonnet than Sonnet had been to Aaron, and Sonnet founded herself a childhood crush. Still, Leon found Sonnet's crush to be silly and age-fitted, and ended up ignoring it.

When Misty's fighting with Jeremy ended in a break-up, she became a different woman and focused her hostility onto Sonnet. She chose Sonnet to be an experiment, despite her extremely young age, insisting that a younger age may be the key to a successful Super Soldier. Leon did all in his power to keep Sonnet safe, but when the time came, Sonnet was torn out of his arms and carried away by Misty's and Jeremy's squad of Scientists. The Scientists (mostly Misty) put Sonnet through excruciating experiments. Despite anesthetics, Sonnet still felt some pain, and because her body was so young, she did not adopt to the serums well. She began to mutate into one of the failed experiments, an Arachnoid, and she fell into critical condition. The experiments halted then, as it was another failure, and they kept Sonnet under medical attention and surveillance, with a life support on the side. Jeremy and Leon began to butt heads back in the first sector, and Jeremy refused to let Leon see Sonnet or have her back. After losing his best friend and then a second little friend, Leon made amends to get him and the other children out of the Laboratory and free Sonnet from captivity.

When Sonnet had recovered enough, she was escorted to an enclosed area separate from all other life, as to avoid disease and build up a better Arachnoid immune system. Aaron was located a few ten cells away from Sonnet, also an Arachnoid, but they were not allowed contact. Misty would take care of Sonnet begrudgingly, and when Sonnet tried to finally open up more to Misty and find motherly security, she was denied affection, and instead told of her parents' downfall and physically abused. This and previous traumatic experiences began to wear on Sonnet's five-year-old mind, until her psyche snapped and she grew empty on the outside and hid on the inside. Her fervent imaginary world grew darker, and joy in the world was found with the image of Sonnet repeatedly harming herself to find an end to the madness. Sonnet began to fight back when Misty hit her, and the moment Sonnet's instinct kicked in and she bit Misty's arm, Misty muzzled her and fastened her with a messy harness attached by enforced chains to the wall. Sonnet's mind seemed to leave her, and human thought fled her body. She became more animal than human, and grieved when alone for brighter times in her life. Her instinct felt her body collapsing under the strength of the harness, and horrifically, suicidal thoughts dwelt around the corners of a five-year-old little girl's mind. Sonnet began to mutate further, and soon she no longer felt the pain in her empty sorrow.

Suicide Attempt Gone Wrong

Freedom rolled around the corner. Leon showed up at Sonnet's cage but a few weeks later, and managed to hack the system to get inside. The rest of the orphans in his gang had gone rebellious against Arachnos, and were shutting down the lab's security. Arachnoid-turned children were set free, and Aaron helped Leon to break Sonnet out of her harness. However, by then the boys were too late, and Sonnet was no longer mentally responsive. Misty made it a personal job to show up to Sonnet's cell and stop the show, with a few more members of the squad following. Aaron posed a distraction while Leon escaped with Sonnet, and was shot down. However, his sacrifice was not in vain, for Leon was able to carry Sonnet outside of the Arachnos Laboratory and deep into Cap au Diable's woods. Sonnet came out of her head one last time to find security with Leon, and received it. Leon led Sonnet through the woods to try and reach civilization once again, but they found themselves at a lake which had been naturally cut off from the main river. Sonnet was always afraid of drowning, as she could not swim, but by this time her longing for an end had become too great. With the combination of longing to see her parents once again in that spot, and her fetile insanity taking hold, Sonnet fled from Leon, and flung herself beneath the surface of the lake, where she was engulfed by the lamprey and dragged under. Sonnet blacked out after about a minute, and remained in a mysterious coma for as much as a month. Leon went missing, having fled from the sight the second blood filled the water.

Cold Cases

(NOTE: The following reports are very gruesome. Caution is warned. Feel free to move to the next section, "The Topaz Rogue," to avoid gory details.) The following reports of the Cap Au Diable Massacre were accessed through the Arachnos database. Files have gone cold as of 6/20/1993.

Agent Misty Shore

Sex: Female

Species: Human

Race: White/Caucasian

Marital status: Jeremy Chase, engaged

D.o.B: 5/3/1964

Recruitment date: 7/28/1986

Date of death: 3/14/1993, approx. 1:23 am

Cause of fatality: Suspected animal/Homicide

Investigative notes provided by Huntsman Taylor

Subject was found slumped on the floor against a shattered mirror with her ribs pulled apart in the manner of a gapping maw. Arms and torso were cut 4" deep by five-fingered claws. Chest cavity appeared to be missing a heart, and the muscle was torn apart by either claws or teeth. Lungs were gleaming a purple hue; corrosive venom had melted the air sacs, best described as corrupted Arachnoid venom. Only blood reported on sight were stains on subject's back from contact with broken glass. Pistol was found in subject's hand, but was not loaded. Front door of apartment complex had a broken lock and several disfigured claw marks. Suspicion that an untamed creature entered the subject's housing around 1:03 am.

Capt. Jeremy Chase

Sex: Male

Species: Human

Race: White/Caucasian

Marital status: Misty Shore, engaged

D.o.B.: 7/19/1962

Recruitment date: 6/12/1983

Date of death: 3/14/1993, approx. 1:45 am

Cause of fatality: Suspected animal/Homicide

Investigative notes provided by Huntsman Taylor

Subject found underneath kitchen table of appartment complex. Flesh on face appeared to be eaten off to bare bone; cookie-cutter bite marks found on the skull. Body found less torn than fiance Agent Misty Shore's body. Chest cavity torn open in similar style; gapping maw. Heart missing, blood reported as lightly coated on clothing. Phone was located dangling from the receiver and dialing on hold. Several shots were fired into the kitchen wall and floorboards. Fingerprints on Arachnos rifle match to subject. Window was found shattered. Untamed creature predicted as entering through the broken window around 1:38 am.

Agent Rebecca Orchid

Sex: Female

Species: Human

Race: White/Caucasian

Marital status: Single

D.o.B: 9/30/1962

Recruitment date: 11/8/1981

Date of death: 3/14/1993, approx. 1:59 am

Cause of fatality: Suicide

Investigative notes provided by Huntsman Taylor

Subject found on kitchen floor with carving knife stabbed through throat. Chest cavity details matched to Agent Misty Shore and Capt. Jeremy Chase. Blood reported as being pooled in a mild amount beneath subject and scattered with small handprints and footprints, none of which matching to subject. Prints described as being the size of a child's. No fingerprints matched to database. Subject appeared to be preparing for bed. Bathroom window was found open; killer predicted as entering through window around 1:45.

Agent Barry Smith

Sex: Male

Species: Human

Race: White/Caucasian

Marital status: Single

D.o.B: 12/28/1963

Recruitment date: 1/12/1986

Date of death: 3/14/1993, approx. 2:30 am

Cause of fatality: Homicide

Investigative notes provided by Huntsman Taylor

Subject was found hanging from the ceiling in a noose made from Arachnoid webbing. The table implicated as being used was found turned over. Subject's chest cavity matched the other victims' cases of this serial killer, however subject was found dripping heavily with his own blood compared to the previous victims. Heart was missing. Purple hue inside of lungs as the rest of the victims. Subject was unarmed. No implications of the monster breaking into the house were noted. Subject--or subject's sister, Sophia Smith--may have let the creature into the house. Estimated time of entry lies between 2:10-2:20.

Agent Sophia Smith

Sex: Female

Species: Human

Race: White/Caucasian

Marital status: Single

D.o.B: 12/28/1963

Recruitment date: 1/14/1986

Date of death: 3/14/1993, approx. 2:37 am

Cause of fatality: Homicide

Investigative notes provided by Huntsman Taylor

Subject was found at the bottom of the house's staircase with her right foot's back ankle and heel eaten away, and dressed in a bathrobe--possibly preparing to bathe. Subject was brutally torn up by 4" claws; a struggle is implied. Chest cavity was another mark of the serial killer, as well as the missing heart. Blood was smeared across the hallway and down the stairs, appearing that the victim was dragged a ways before meeting her demise (hand prints in the path imply a struggle). The closet in the bathroom had its door torn apart; the subject may have tried to hide. The bathtub was discovered as being filled with water which was tainted red with blood. The blood types matched the fraternal twins Agent Barry Smith and Agent Sophia Smith. Entry time matches with Agent Barry Smith's file.

The Topaz Rogue

Within a week after the infamous Cap au Diable Massacre occured, Sonnet found herself sheltered and abandoned to hide out in an abandoned Arachnoid cave by Cap au Diable's port. There she was spooked of reflections of herself, wandering the empty halls of the underground cavern, and unable to tear herself apart despite her attempts. She had become terrified of the monster she awoke as, fully alive and fully animalistic. During that bloody week of torment, Sonnet eventually turned to hide in the deepest area of the cave, and hoped to rot away on images of the crimes she had committed only days ago out of instinct and fury.

On March 19th, a young powerful mage by the name of Xell'kurak sought out the spider-lamprey with full intention to take her under his wing. He was a Coralax as Sonnet had become, and wore a yellow Topaz on his shoulder as Sonnet held an Amethyst drilled into her spine. He was able to convince her to leave with him, and they journeyed into watery depths. Upon reaching their hidden destination, Sonnet was taught for twenty years how to be a cunning hunter, how to use the magic from her fateful Amethyst Crystal, how to follow after a prey's heartbeat, how to adapt to her new body, and taught of what exactly she had become. Emotion was pound out of her expressions, and Sonnet was shown the very essences of fear she could bend to her will. She became a con artist, appearing in illusion forms and personality as one thing while remainng something true but totally different on the inside. Xell'kurak gave Sonnet a new--though villainous--life under the name the Amethyst of legend gave to her: Arahk'ne.

As Arahk'ne grew in height and stayed bone-on-skin in weight, more and more outcasted Coralax were taken under Xell'kurak's wing. These were the Rogue Coralax, most of which being Coralax outcasted from their homes for use of their Crystals, or humans that had fatefully been infected by the Crystals and turned Coralax. Xell'kurak had a powerful army by the time that Arahk'ne was twenty-five, and while the Rogues did not function as a loving family, Arahk'ne considered the Rogues to be her home.

The Rogue Coralax

Xell'kurak: Xell'kurak was the electric eel-Coralax that had taken Arahk'ne in as one of the first recruits. He alongside of Col'stahlk had begun the Rogue Coralax rebellion when his destined Sapphire Crystal was taken by a human shark mutant. He was to be executed at a mid-teens age, but he escaped and stole away the Topaz Crystal. This followed by other Crystal-related catastrophes led the Coralax to believe that the Crystals were cursed, and therefore all that received a Crystal was exiled from their watery world. Xell'kurak made it a personal job to take in these outcasted Coralax, as to make an army to get revenge on the shark girl. This way, all things were made even between Xell'kurak and the Rogues.

Arahk'ne holds Xell'kurak in high esteem, but never shows her admiration to him. Xell'kurak always tests her, and scarcely speaks vocally to her; he speaks to her through his heartbeat, and she responds vocally to his orders. Arahk'ne is obedient to her teacher in all essences, and is not on as tight of a leash as some of the other Rogue Coralax.

Shaper Col'stahlk: Being one of the powerful Shaper Coralax mages, Col'stahlk worked with Xell'kurak from the very start. Despite his old age, this sea turtle's wisdom excels all other Rogues, as does his arcane power. He masters all forms of magic, ranging from elemental to necromantic to ancient Coralax to forbidden texts. He is one of the few Rogue Coralax to have no Crystal, however he mentored Fizzurnahk in dark magic and taught Arahk'ne of her own magic. He was of a high Coralax council before the Crystals were seen as forbidden, and as he did not agree with this view, he enacted a tactful plan using his student to destroy a few hundred Coralax with the release of two Deep Sea Demons. Col'stahlk shortly after brought in his student, the student's brother, the Demons, and one of the Demons' hosts to Xell'kurak.

Arahk'ne was put through vigorous training at a young age under Col'stahlk's supervision. Now that she has been fully trained, Col'stahlk seldom speaks with her. They equally spend many of their days reclusive in their living areas of The Coral Reef. Arahk'ne holds no doubt in Col'stahlk's power, and sees it reflected in his student, Fizzurnahk.

Fizzurnahk: Bearing the Citris Crystal, Fizzurnahk is a fiddler crab-Coralax that is the student of Shaper Col'stahlk and brother of Raakorahn. Col'stahlk gifted Fizzurnahk with the Citris Crystal, which was embedded with powerful dark magic. Using the Crystal, Fizzurnahk summoned the Deep Sea Demons Shah'doa and Me'roir to kill several hundred Coralax in a single day. Smug, inconsiderate, and devious, Fizzurnahk tastefully plays the role of a mentally challenged Rogue Coralax to hide the knowledge in dark magic he weilds. Beyond the mask he dons, Fizzurnahk is a wise relentless mage that grovels in the suffering of others. Upholding this play, he is looked down upon most of the Rogue Coralax who know no better, and Col'stahlk is questioned for his confinment in Fizz.

Arahk'ne--as a more adept con artist than Fizzurnahk--has managed to see beyond the guise that is he. Despite Fizz's secret threats to her in case she may give him away, Arahk'ne has no interest in blowing the crab's cover. However, she can hardly tolerate under her own guise the Deep Sea Demon twins that Fizzurnahk has summoned. The host of the Demon Shah'doa, however, Arahk'ne is able to tolerate well.

Raakorahn: Dubbed with a rocky, coral-infested leg, the orca whale-Coralax named Raakorahn bears the Ruby Crystal. The Ruby strengthens both Raak's physical strength and earth-controlling abilities. He has a very calm and sturdy personality, but is prone to growing hateful towards some of the Rogue Coralax. His body shape changes while underwater, to give him more of an orca-esque anatomy. Despite his personality, he can become very cruel in combat. Raak enjoys watching the expressions of his enemies turn to fear before he crushes their life within. Raakorahn is infamous for "playing with his food," occasionally giving chase or giving his prey time to squirm.

Arahk'ne and Raakorahn dwell on the edges a rocky relationship. Raakorahn is not fond of Arahk'ne, and has before lashed out at her in occasional fits of anger. Arahk'ne hardly gives the orca the light of day, as she holds no interest in him.

The Deep Sea Demon Twins: Shah'doa and Me'roir are opposite in personality and methods of power. Shah'doa has chosen himself a lover and a host in one to eat soul energy off of, while Me'roir gradually drains the soul energy from enemies by mirroring their movements and taking their shape. The default colors for The Twins are shadow-black and dull red, however with Shah'doa's possession, he has adapted the aura color of his host's soul--the default black with moonlight yellow. Shah'doa is a deep sea anglerfish; Me'roir is a deep sea dragonfish. Shah'doa dwells in the shadows of his surroundings; Me'roir appears in or as the reflections of his surroundings. Shah'doa plays the jokster and all-powerful; Me'roir plays frustrated and cold. The brothers hardly ever crawl out of their dwelling places, but appear distorted and twitchy when they do.

Arahk'ne despises Shah'doa more than Me'roir, but still dislikes both Sea Demons. Shah'doa often taunts Arahk'ne into torment. However, Arahk'ne relates well to Shah'doa's host, Onyx, and the two appear to understand one-another very well.

Onyx: Originally a human woman with metal-bending abilities, Onyx was found by Shah'doa at her lowest, and with time grew close to the Sea Demon before he took her as his lover-host. Onyx is a very gothic Coralax, often dressed in dark clothing on her pale, metal-coated skin and radiating dark energy. Onyx is never known to be loud, but rather keeps her mouth shut and dwells in shadows where she is more subtle to the eye. With her possession, Onyx was given the Onyx Crystal by Col'stahlk, which enhanced her control of metal substances and the dark casts of her Shah'doa. Her relationship with the Sea Demon is no secret, but interaction between the two in the open is subtle, Shah'doa gives Onyx freedom of mind, speech, and action. Onyx often stacks thin layers of metal to coat over her paled skin, as a form of armor. By this point, her skin has become a dull, dead gray.

As Onyx's personality meshes with Arahk'ne's display of empty emotion, the two are able to get along extremely well. They understand eachother's needs and wants, and occasionally Arahk'ne will crawl out from her burrow to be with Onyx in her shadows.

Piran'haa: Being the youngest of the Rogue Coralax, the ten-year-old piranha-Coralax mage was born shortly after the Coralax Crystals were deemed to be cursed. He was destined to weild the Bloodstone, which was known to be one of the three Horror Gems, so at the age of four he was trapped within a cave far from civilization with his Crystal. Piran'haa had snuck away with him a few books teaching of his Bloodstone's magic, and spent his years studying this with a mind beyond his toddler years. All alone with his books and mind to keep his company, upon reaching the age of seven, Piran'haa was shocked to find the seal on his cell destroyed by none other than Arahk'ne herself. The two regarded eachother with fondness, and Arahk'ne picked up the impish flesheater and took him home. Piran'haa had little fear of his "sister," as the Amethyst was one of the three Horror Gems he was meant to pair with.

Arahk'ne has taught Piran'haa for the last three years the means to hunt and helped him to understand his magic. Arahk'ne becomes territorial at times of Piran'haa, and shares similar ideals with the deceitful child. Recently her adopted little brother has managed to summon a Coral-Water Elemental by the name of Vyn'trikol, a summon meant specifically for his Bloodstone. Vyn'trikol appears jellyfish-like, with an obvious beating heart, and is nothing more than a young maidservant for the Rogues and an age-close female companion for Piran'haa.

Loh'kar: Known as The Eye of the Ocean and dubbed offhand as the Leechopus, Loh'kar is a cross between a vampire squid and a leech. His story isn't known up to a certain point, but evidently he was a human male at a time in which he was infected with Red Coral and became a Coralax. A local Shaper took him in, and forbade him entry upon the Horror Gem the society was guarding at the time. Naturally, curiosity killed the cat, and Loh'kar took possession of the Opal, only to have his human limbs be melted away. He underwent a transformation into the creature he is now, three-way split maw dripping with corrosive ink and eight tentacle-equipped limbs guiding him across the murky floor. Loh'kar's Opal gave off a presence, which gave him a disability in hunting for food, and so he accepted Xell'kurak's offer to take him in. Loh'kar is known to be mute and subtle in appearance, but can be quite impish and intrusive at times.

Secret unrevealed and unaware to the other Rogues, Loh'kar keeps the familiar name Leon between he and Arahk'ne. Their matured relationship, however, is not so much a secret from the Rogue Coralax, and the two are rumored to feed off of one another in the secrecy of the corners of The Coral Reef. Arahk'ne often has issues with personal space and will lash out when Loh'kar makes advances, but to the slimy leech, he only finds this all the more endearing and will force her into his submission. Arahk'ne was not taught to show affection by the Rogues, and therefore she is often troubled or confused with her lover. Loh'kar has made his desire to mate his queen clear, but restrains himself out of the threat of her possibly killing him by instinct.

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