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Origin: Magic
Archetype: Blaster
Threat Level: 20
Personal Data
Real Name: Aason Blades
Known Aliases: "Astro"
Species: Unknown
Age: 1012
Height: 6 Foot, 1 Inch
Weight: 176 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Unknown
Occupation: Astronomy Professor: University of Steel Canyon
Place of Birth: New York City, Earth 2366 A.D.
Base of Operations: Evergreens Sanctuary
Marital Status: None
Known Relatives: None
Affiliations: Evergreens
A Galactic Guardian from the future, now trapped on 21st Century Earth due to a time paradox created by a demon.



In the 24th century a scientist known as Aason Blade was excavating the remains of an old super-hero base in the Arctic Circle, (the former headquarters of a 21st Century super-group known as Alpha Squad).

Amongst the many ruins and discoveries in his archeological dig, was a mummified corpse. The corpse belonged to a bizarre extra-dimensional entity and super-hero that was the biological form of a race known as Pi Tau.

Aason Blade soon became obsessed with learning more about the creature. Aason decided to exhume the corpse and perform laser surgery on it to reveal more information about the biology and anatomy of the alien corpse. It was during this procedure that he unlocked the Tau crystal embedded in the creature’s chest. The crystal then emitted a strange arcane beam of energy that would forever change Aason Blade’s life.

The Tau Crystal

Within moments of being struck by the Tau Crystal, Aason Blade was transported to another dimension, deep within a mysterious nebula of a distant galaxy. Here, the true living organisms of Pi Tau’s race thrived as invisible dark energy (that Earth scientists refer to as “dark matter”). The organisms began to transform Aason Blade and grant him arcane powers and abilities so that he may serve Pi Tau’s people.

After the transformation, Aason spent several centuries serving as a “hero” for the Pi Tau dimensional race, and was honored time and time again for his heroic adventures. He became known throughout the galaxy as Astro Nova, a name bequeathed to him by the last living remnants of the Xtiplik race – (the only race that knew how to fuse the living energy of the Pi Tau into biological forms that can live in our dimension).

Trapped By Demon Wing's Creation

In one of Astro Nova’s last battles serving the Pi Tau, he was pitted against a mysterious foe known only as Torquil. Torquil was a dangerous demon who constantly sought the extermination of the Xtiplik race. Torquil apparently wanted the Xtiplik destroyed so that only he bend the Pi Tau to his dark and sinister will.

During the battle, Torquil traveled back in time to the 21st Century in order to lure Astro Nova to travel back to find him and thus trap him inside a time-paradox.

In the 21st Century, Torquil created a demi-demon known as “Demon Wing”. He did this by transforming a disturbed mental patient. Torquil then convinced Ghost Widow to take credit for the creation and monitor Demon Wing's growth and stature. The creation of Demon Wing, set about a spiral of time/space corruption that ensured the biological form of the Pi Tau would not die on Earth, and would instead live forever in biological form.

This meant, that Pi Tau’s corpse could never be discovered in the 24th century (since he did not die), and thus the creation of Astro Nova no longer had any space/time integrity (for Aason Blade could have never discovered the secret of the Pi Tau race).

Time Space Integrity

The dimensional race of the Pi Tau thrive on space/time integrity, it is the essence that keeps them alive. So when Aason was now trapped in a time paradox, it meant Astro Nova’s powers were destroyed. It also meant Astro Nova could never return to his current space/time, for it now no longer existed. He was now trapped in the early 21st century.

Powerless and stranded, Astro Nova went to Doctor North for help. North immediately recommended Nova seek out the earth-bound form of Pi Tau (who was now alive and in his 21st century biological form).

The earth-bound form of Pi Tau agreed to help Nova slowly regain his immense power. He promised to use whatever power he regained to repair the time/space corruption that kept him trapped in the 21st century. In return for Pi Tau’s help, Nova had to agree to join the Evergreens – a new super group focused on saving the Earth from environmental decay. Pi Tau felt this was a good move, since Torquil had recently dispatched two of his minions, (Red Widow and Demon Wing) to fight the Evergreens. Both of these sinister agents that also had strong ties to Arachnos, and Ghost Widow in particular.

Now Astro Nova lives as Aason Blade again, only this time in a small apartment in Steel Canyon at the start of the 21st century. At this current moment, he can only tap into a small portion of his original super powers. Thus the 21st century version of Astro Nova is severely limited in power. However, Aason has noticed that the more he practices and gets familiar with his new form, the more powerful he becomes.


When called upon, Astro Nova is a willing and loyal member of the Evergreens super group.

Little does Astro Nova know however, that the enemies of the Evergreens, (in particular the dark and sinister Torquil), are plotting a massive scheme to destroy him and the Evergreens super hero group...

Time Crystal

Astro Nova is constructing a Quantum Telescope, that can help trace and source, time-space corruption in distant galaxies. He hopes his research will help him repair the time-paradox that has him currently trapped in the 21st Century.

Astro Nova is also seeking a strange amber crystal, that created another time paradox, between Psycho Boy, Loca,Chaos Red and Doctor North. The crystal was recently stolen by Psycho Boy


When Astro Nova is not fighting crime or aiding the Evergreens in their quest to save Earth, he assumes a low-key alter-ego by the name of Aason Blades.

Aason works as a professor at the University of Steel Canyon, and lectures on Astronomy and its relation to Quantum Physics. He preaches the danger of time-travel and illustrates in his high-level lectures how the corruption of the time-space continuum weakens the human race, and aids the Rikti (among others).

Aason has no romantic interests at this time, and lives in Doctor North's penthouse in Steel Canyon, (Doctor North himself now dwells in Cobiness).


Astro and his alter-ego Aason are both egotistic and loud with their opinions. He is also very officious and loyal. His voice is booming and resonates ever so slightly with a celestial quality. He detests all things trivial, and this often makes him rather humorless, although he appreciates irony - and is fascinated with art, cinema and music.

In a movie, Astro Nova would be played by a youthful Gary Sinise.

Astro has endless energy, and is constantly working, reading or improving his fitness.


First Issue of Astro Nova described the events that lead TORQUIL to trap Astro Nova in the 21st Century.
Issue #2 - Astro Nova discovers a key link between TORQUIL and a 21st Century organization known as Arachnos.
Issue 3 of Astro Nova, in this issue Astro learns he is forever trapped in the 21st Century.
Issue 4 Astro Nova finds Astro resigned to his new fate and forging a new commitment to saving Earth from peril.



Astro Nova battle Arachnos in Issue #2, his first ever battle on 21st Century Earth.
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