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That's me! Aren't I awesome?
Breakveil, duh.
Player: @Gurei Hasu, whatever that means..
Origin: Science!
Archetype: Warshade? Nope, totally normal.
Security Level: 20? 11? 50(4)? Hike!
Personal Data
Real Name: Alexis Ingram, He said.
Known Aliases: The Suqid, HMM, Butts, Breaky
Species: Totally human. What's a Nictus hybrid?
Age: Aging for other people. Mhm.
Height: 5'7 or so. Maybe.
Weight: 130 lbs. That's 9.29 stone!
Eye Color: Blue! Blue like the Trolls in Skyway!
Hair Color: Suqiiid~
Biographical Data
Nationality: Countries are silly.
Occupation: Professional Basketball Player
Place of Birth: Independence Port, Paragon City
Base of Operations: The Maximum Fun Chamber!
Marital Status: You're all icky and taste bad!
Known Relatives: Everything's relative, silly!
Known Powers
Suqiiiiiiid powers!
Known Abilities
Squids, lobster, and pewpew!
Classy suit, monocle, power level scouter
Yes, yessss.

Hello! I'm Breakveil and you're reading my VirtueVerse page! Yes, THAT'S RIGHT! I made this myself. Ho ho ho, who's laughing now? Me, just me! Like always. Yes. But wait, wait wait wait. Tell me, you. How is life in the world of PUPPETRY AND LIES? Is it FUN treating people like your personal TOYS?! I bet it is. Reminds me of when I played with lego people. They were all assaulting a castle with lunar rovers with built-in cannons. Oh, wait, am I allowed to say legos, or are legos copyrighted or something stupid like that? I guess I'll find out in the mail.

Anyhoudini, I haven't been a hero too long and I'm NOT REALLY a Rogue yet. I want to be one though, so I made it this template instead. Nobody will ever realize my true plans, nope nope! Oh, I should make a Hero category at the bottom later to keep my COVER. Yes. Wait, hey, stop it! Stop making my head hurt! Argh!




Once upon a time, two relatively success people - a man and a woman- met up at a low-stakes poker tournament in King's Row. One was a statistician and consultant, the other chef for a local restaurant. They got along very well, ending up playing directly against each other for a substantial pot. While the woman won, the man ended up asking her out after the tournament was over. They ended up becoming part of each other's lives and had a kid.

This kid wasn't the smartest, the fastest, or the strongest. Too busy being a hometown girl living in a lonely neighborhood, taking the mid-morning monorail going anywhere but to school. The few friends she had were slipping through the cracks of the world, wanting to be part of the Hellions, the Skulls, the Warriors, and so on. This kid though, she didn't care about all that. She just wanted an interesting day.

That was exactly what she got, walking home with a terrible report card in her backpack one day in Independence Port. Along the way home, she decided to cut through an alley to get home faster. Turns out, some Council people didn't like having a witness to a forced Nictus possession and tried to kill her. An ordinary human was no match for supersoldiers with expert training, after all. While the Council fled the scene afterwards, the kid was badly wounded and bleeding out. The intercession by Umbrage Shift, one of the Nictus offered a host for possession, eschewed it in favor of helping the kid. Umbrage Shift, trying to ease the kid's mind, tried to tell her soothing things; that he may corrupt and darken her, but that he was not unkind. The wounds would heal after the merging, mercifully, and that saved the kid's life. The combined trauma of the series of events, however, would prove too much for her psyche to withstand and that subsequently shattered. This, it would turn out, was beyond Umbrage Shift's repair and he could only offer guidance instead.

At least she had an interesting day, right, Breakveil?

Ugh, my head... stupid jerk dumb voices. Whatever. Where was I? Oh. All that stuff up there? Lies, all lies. Don't believe it! I'd get rid of it, but He's not letting me! I'm totally normal.

Recent Shenanigans

Stop in the Name of Taste

I've met all kinds of people in the Pocket D with their silly drinks and bars and edible money and weird stains on the couch. But this one girl kept disappearing when a suit of armor showed up and then vice-versa! It was really, really weird. So I got curious about her and then hungry for pancakes. Since I couldn't actually make her go splat to try pancakes that way, I wanted to taste her while a SUQIIIID to make it easy.

She ran screaming and I gave chase. It's fun chasing people, plus I could've sworn I heard a funny sax play in the background instead of Pocket D's normal rave music. So I end up finding this girl as she's putting on awful-tasting armor. i tried to pry it off, but then she was a jerk and started punching me so I showed her my pewpew! She was a lot more cooperative after that and I poked her head to find... she tasted like sweaty gym socks and despair. It was awful and an enormous waste of time!

The 1% of Air Breathers

Oh, oh, I was flying through Atlas Park when I found a bunch of people PROTESTING AIR! It was downright silly and they liked tea too. I could not let this stand! Donning my fanciest suit, a stealth suit so sophisticated nobody would know who I was until I said something, I grabbed a protest sign off the ground and got to work. Even though the sign was going on about 1%ers being evil and liberal arts degrees - whatever those are - I started shouting them down like a champ! I had to flaunt all my money and take deep gulps of air, but eventually they totally backed down. And by backed down I mean IMPULS asked me to take pictures of him making a bad decision and so I dropped the sign on the ground. I mean come on, was I supposed to say no? It was totally more fun than the protest anyway.

Modus Operandi


Some people are stupid. They want to rule the whole world, kill everyone, blah blah blah. Me, I just wanna have fun fun fun and not have to have my t-bird taken away. Money does that. It doesn't taste good, like crushing hopelessness and capitalism, but people like it and will trade stuff for it so I want LOTS AND LOTS. All the money ever. Then I can do whatever I want and have as much fun as I want. Yes.

So when not blowing up doors and stopping hordes of vampires with big books, I work for people and they pay me to do stuff. It's fun! Mostly. Let me know if you need me to do stuff for YOU!


Steel Darksaver doesn't taste good, but we fight a lot and it's really fun! I like hanging out with her, even if she gets all quiet. Oh, oh, what if she's just shy? I better be extra chummy now, yes.

The Bad Decisions Team!

Impulsive Man is totally IMPULS. He and I are RIVAL POKEMON TRAINERS and I'm also a HMM that he started with. He's kind of a jerk as he nicknamed me BUTTS, but then we have fun adventures and mad dance raves in a base full of vampires and it's all okay again. He also forms the second part of the Bad Decisions Team! It's a team I thought up to represent our AMAZING FRIENDSHIP even if IMPULS is a total noob at pokemon. Seriously he can't even catch more than 15 Pokemon and that Pokemon Professor guy is a liar, he so doesn't have more Pokemon than I do. Even if we fight though, I make sure to buy some jetfuel and tequila with him and we hang out. It's awesome.

Ms. May I mostly just ignores me now, but she is fun to fight too. She says a lot of words I don't know and confuse me, but I'm sure they're nice words. Yes.


The Council are stupidfaces and full of jerks. Oh, and the Circle of Thorns called me unwanted and stuff. They're jerks too.

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