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Player: @Shelly
Origin: Natural
Archetype: MA/SR Scrapper
Security Level: 12
Personal Data
Real Name: Briana Wayne
Known Aliases: Rachel
Species: Human
Age: 30
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 140 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Businesswoman
Place of Birth: New York City (alternate dimension)
Base of Operations: New York City (alternate dimension)
Marital Status: Dating Capt. Rogers (alternate dimension)
Known Relatives: None living
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Highly intelligent, skilled detective, expert mechanical engineer, and trained reflexes and martial arts
Black protective armor suit
Hero classification: Extradimensional Entity

Camazota is a Batman salute character. With a different name and background, she's evolved into something unique, but many things about her are easily recognizable as being the Black Knight. She comes from the same world as Shelly Lightfoot, where Bruce Wayne was born female, and eventually worked under the name of Camazota instead of Batman. Briana was born much earlier than Bruce on Shelly's World - 1908 to be precise. She is used to living in the year 1938, so current Paragon Earth is a little startling for her, and many of her trademark gizmos are about 50 years behind the Batman equivalents. However her desire for non-lethal combat and justice remain firm.

...and yes, the butler at the family estate back home is named Alfred Pennyworth. It just wouldn't be the same without Alfred, after all. :)



Camazota is a woman haunted by her family’s ghosts and full of a desire to make things better.



Division 11

Camazota was born Briana Wayne to loving mother and father, both very well-to-do in New York City on the earth that we commonly refer to as Shelly's World. Her parents were killed when Briana was still little, right in front of her, by a secret spy organization known as Division 11, that her parents had helped establish to try to reunite the divided states of America on their world. Her mother and father were both shot execution style. The police records on the murders conveniently disappeared.

Bereaved and lost, young Briana inherited her family’s company – Wayne Enterprises. She was showing a lot of signs of having her father’s brilliant engineering mind, but something stirred in her. A longing and restlessness. At first she wanted revenge for her mother and father’s murders. However as she grew up she learned the difference between revenge… and justice.


As she grew older she traveled the world trying to understand this organization, Division 11. She met road block after road block. Contacts she met would end up dead. Determined to be a better person than they were, Briana learned all she could – training her reflexes and becoming very skilled in unarmed combat. She was determined to use non-lethal techniques, the memories of her mother and father’s murders still haunting her.

Looking into the run down sections of New York City, and the police’s apparent inability in a war torn country in the year 1935 – in the middle of the depression – to deal with the poverty and crime, Briana used her engineering knowledge, her corporate assets, and created for herself some protective armor and fashioned herself as a black masked vigilante known as Camazota. She had always feared bats as a little girl, and as an adult sought to put that fear into the criminals of New York’s underbelly. By 1938 the image of the black bat woman with the curly blonde hair made criminals and thugs alike tremble in fear. Her methods were ruthless but non-lethal – the police always getting the criminal and the evidence to convict the criminal.

Air Piracy

Things changed in 1938 when she discovered that magical artifacts were being mis-used by criminals. She didn’t have the ability to fight magical threats, but luckily she knew someone who was. Sneaking on board an air pirate zeppelin, she made a deal with the captain to let her stay on board under the guise of a mechanic, in exchange for help dealing with magical criminal threats. The captain agreed, on the condition she did not reveal either her real or her vigilante identity. She was simply called ‘Rachel’.

She made a number of friends on board the NX-STRONGHOLD, including Shelly Lightfoot, a Kitsune in human form who had been raised as a human. They became fast enough friends that she took her friend ‘Rachel’ to what we know as Earth Prime and introduced her to the workings of Paragon City, full of heroes and vigilantes just like herself. Her visits to Paragon Earth are infrequent as she has many responsibilities back home on Shelly's world, namely the company she owns, Wayne Enterprises.


Camazota has three major strengths – martial arts and reflexes, detective and engineering skills, and money in the form of her company and personal inheretance. She’s highly intelligent and quick-thinking. However her weakness is that she had no super powers of any kind, and is emotionally haunted by the death of her parents. Their death motivates her still to this day.

Fierce Independence VS The Zenvious Foundation

Shelly Lightfoot had an arguement with her old friend Briana over the topic of The Zenvious Foundation. While Shelly has love and respect for her allies in the foundation, Camazota is reserved and won't apply despite Shelly's pleading. Camazota has learned about the fabled comic book hero on Earth Prime - Batman - that shares a lot of similarity to her. She read all the legal and public documents she could find on the Foundation and when in a social situation with them felt mostly ignored except by one man - Chris - who just wanted to show off his skills with his gun. (Camazota *HATES* guns.) She described the Foundation to Little Miss Vagary as a 'Members Only Club'. Her official stance is she'd prefer to work alone, and the Foundation's non-confrontation policies go contrary to her vigilante nature. This stance could change if the Foundation leaders sat her down and explained the non-public side of matters to her.


Camazota's abilities are purely through training, self discipline, and gadgets she invents. She refuses to use lethal tactics, so uses many aikido techniques to disable her enemies and not kill them.

Origin of the name

'Camazota' literally means Batwoman, from the root word Camazotz, the Southern American Zapotec Bat God who embodied death, night, and sacrifice.

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