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Player: @FelFox
Origin: Science
Archetype: Stalker
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Fiona Merru
Known Aliases: Snow Demon, Dark Animal, Felly, Foxy, House Fox
Species: Meta-Human ‘Fox person’
Age: 19 (appearance)
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 63lbs (appears 113lbs)
Eye Color: Dark Purple
Hair Color: White
Biographical Data
Nationality: Rogue Isles citizen
Occupation: Headmaster of ADV
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Changes often
Marital Status: Married
Known Relatives: Fiona Silverspar, Merru Silverspar *daughters*
Known Powers
Control of her own cellular structure, extendible claws, able to consume living energy from her surroundings, limited shape shift, stealth.
Known Abilities
Knowledge of genetics and robotics, stealth and recon.
Multi purpose comm. Scarf *wrapped over mouth and shoulders*
Fel’s powers stem mostly from the Xenos attached to her.
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FelFox was my first and probably best attempt at Role-Playing. Created from Sci-fi aliens and fantasy lycans, Fel was a long standing character for pen and paper games. When hearing of the upcoming CoH game, Fel was modernized from fantasy were-fox to science experiment gone wrong. Fel is very much derived from DC’s teen titans, except for the symbiotic Xenos which shares perhaps too many similarities to Venom and Metroids. Besides this, her personality and way of reacting were heavily influenced by my favorite characters, StarFire and Raven.

You can find me on my home in virtue using the global @FelFox



Real Name: Fiona Merru

Known Aliases: FelFox, Snow Demon, Dark Animal, Felly, Foxy, House Fox

Identity: Public

Occupation: Former geneticist of Crey industries, Former licensed Super-Hero

Affiliations: Academie de Vindicta

Physical Attributes

Height: 5'10"

Weight: Due to Fel’s ability to alter her cellular makeup, she can pretty much change her weight at will

Eyes: Dark Purple (upon close inspection they appear to glow from time to time)

Hair/Fur: White (grey undercoat)

Meta-properties: Large fox ears and fox tail


Before the incident that caused Fel to be sent to the Zig, she was often cheerful, curious and full of energy (often getting her into trouble.) With all knowledge of her previous life gone after her merger with the Xenos, she relied on to her friends for insight on the world she no longer understood.

After being freed from the Zig, the years of solitude had already taken hold. Fel had become dark, cold and reserved, covering her emotions for fear of the Xenos taking over her mind again. She became paranoid and distrustful of everyone, however, the truth was she was afraid of herself and feared hurting more friends.

Fel is still often gloomy or cynical but she is fiercely loyal to her friends. Her friends have had a strong effect on breaking through her shroud and at times her past personality comes through (often getting her once more into trouble.)

No matter what, Fel is still often clueless timid and a scutter head, easily distracted and often silly. Something she tries to cover up when in the company of strangers.

Likes / Dislikes

Weaknesses and Limitations


Fel is a meta-human. Once human she helped Dr.Gerrald uncover a strange alien substance found around the time of the Rikti mother ship crashing. The Xenos is a living colony of cells capable absorbing and forcing evolution within any creature it merges with. Originally planning on using animal testing, Fiona was betrayed and used instead, merging her body with that of the xenos and the test animal (an arctic fox)

Claws AssassinClaw.pngClaws

Like most wild animals, Fel fights with her claws. However, the xenos grants a few differences. Instead of hardened fingernails or retractable claws, Fel can alter the cells in her hands to extend and change her fingers into razor sharp blades. Her claws are incredibly sharp and she can extend them accurately up to almost 40ft, harpooning her target.

Arachnos Patron PBAoEBuffEndurance.pngThe Xenos

Because of her mixed DNA and cells, Fel can unconsciously call upon the xenos to defend her. The black cells leave her pours and shield her from oncoming attacks that she would otherwise miss. This defense is often seen as a black cloud of mist swirling around her. However, these dark cells can also be used offensively, draining energy and life force from those around her to boost her own, she also does this regularly to feed herself since natural foods arent as needed. The Xenos also allows her to disperse her cells, effectively vanishing from sight as well as grant her a very limited shape shifting ability, allowing her to take on a more human apearance.

Xeno sight

Because the xenos doesn’t need conventional food to live, Fel consumes energy from fallen victims. Because of this, the xenos gives her a sixth sense about living beings in close proximity. Fel can somewhat determine the targets energy value, however magical beings completely mess up her senses.

Xeno symbiotisme

Because of the Xenos merging fully with her body, many of her internal working has been changed or eliminated. She is able to sustain hersel on energy, her body having large difficulty digesting protean based foods and instead, due to her metabolisme, consumes large amounts of sugar if no energy has been stored. Though she does sleep, her body is very self supporting, instead Fel would spend the nights medditating. She has since then tried sleeping at her friends request.

Ninjitsu BlindingPowder.pngAdditional Powers

Super Jump

Because of her light weight and strong legs Fel can easily jump long distances.

Heightened Senses

Being part fox also has its advantages. Fel is faster than most humans, has incredible hearing due to her large ears and an amazing sense of smell. However, due to her light weight and large tail she seems to have terrible balance.

Crey Savvy

Though her memories are few and far between, Fel seems to display a knack for genetics and limited robots that should otherwise be unknown to her. Fel has since built the clockwork robot known as Abyssal Cog.

Associates and Friends

Character History

The Beginning

Before Felfox, before the end of the Rikti war, Fel was better known as Dr.Fiona Merru, one of the Countess' leading scientists. Along with Dr.Edgar Gerrald, the two settled on Rikti technology and science, looking for ways to improve the Paragon Protector program. Seeing their chance as the Mother ship plummeted downwards, the two and a small team of Crey tanks and infiltrators made their way moments after the crash under cover of chaos. Salvaging crash material they came upon, when a tank or test tube containing vast amounts of dark slime. When the slime lashed out and killed two of the guards, Merru and Gerrald knew they had found what they needed.

Back at the labs and many tests later, not only could the cells act independently, but could also merge with a host. Since it feared radiation it would seek a body to hide within, however this merger was permanent and the being could even take over long dead bodily systems and basically reactivate the host. After several successes, Gerrald and Merru tried something larger. A long dead fox would be reanimated, but when Merru volunteered to place the animal in the radiation chamber along with the xenos Gerrald trapped her within. Pressure from the Countess had demanded results and Gerrald would give them, instead of yet another test with animals he'd deliver a human. With the xenos panicking, the chamber that held the sludge ruptured, tearing Merru's hazard suit. Dying from radiation poison, the xenos devoured the fox's body, too small to host it, so it went for the other dying being, Merru.

However Gerrald miscalculated the power Merru would gain, and with her mind in chaos as the creature tried to fuse, she began to destroy everything in sight to escape. Gerrald and the other scientists tried to escape as the guards and crey soldiers fended her off. With chaos engulfing the complex, Gerrald put it in lock down and the entire research team as well as himself were never heard from again. (or supposedly)


Weeks maybe months after the crash Paragon city is in reconstruction. The crash site is secured to only the highest clearance. And so, the heroes Manticore, Sister Psyche and Psychomatic begin their search of the area when they stumbled across an old Crey lab. The inside was littered with bodies and scorch marks and bullet holes. The heroes began to question if it had been a Rikti attack or maybe something else. From the shadows, blocking Psyche's mind powers, a white fox like girl in rags attacked them. After a nasty fight and nearly downing Psychomatic, Manticore managed to drop her with an electric arrow while shielded by Psyche. Recovering, the three brought the strange creature to medical in Bricktown. When she awoke, the xenos retreated in the back of her mind to recover. Confused and in pain, Psychomatic would volunteer to help her in exchange for making her a hero under his guidance.

Joining Psychomatic and his group, Fel would come to know Myre, Mutant XX, Razor Jay and others under his guidance.

Rise and Fall of a Hero

Over the following year, Merru now named FelFox due to her appearance, became part of the team of heroes that quickly rose to defend and help the citizens of Paragon. During the many adventures and close calls, a bond would grow between Psychomatic and FelFox. However, memory gone from her merger, she eventually began to seek out her origin. Finally tracking down the lab, Fel began to gather clues and harped Psy until he would help. Fel would only figure the name of her alleged creator Gerrald before being called back to defend against an army of Nemesis. Caught by surprise heroes all over were called to defend along with Psy and his team. As things got worse and more and more PPD and soldiers fell, more heroes were sent to rescue civilians caught in the crossfire. Finally, unable to fend back so many Nemesis soldiers and with no one to spar, Psy and his team were asked to go in and figure out a disturbance. The disturbance proved to be the focus of the whole assault and Fel and the rest found themselves against Nemesis. Outmatched, the team fought as best they could but things were looking bad as Mutant XX and Claw 13 were downed quickly. A shout from Myr was all Fel would hear as Nemesis' cane knocked her out cold.

At this point, the xenos, dormant within fel had been gorging on the fallen fel defeated. It's power reaching its peak and with Fel unconsious, the creature saw its chance to take over. Empowered and using her full potential, Fel raged and decimated the soldiers of nemesis and drove the tyrant back. However Fel wasn't well as she began to strike out at her friends, the dark mist of her body eating away at their life as she became faster and stronger by the seconds. Fel began to kill her friends one after the other, Jay's blade cutting her eye as her claws finished him. Panicked and confused, Myr ran to warn Psy, leaving Fel to slaughter everything around her.

PPD, Nemesis, Heroes and civilians, all fell to Fel as their essence fueled her. Myr and Psy ran back to stop her, Fel now overcome completely as even her appearance had changed to the creature Dark Fel. Psy tried to reason with the crazed Fel as they exchanged blows. Finally, realizing there was nothing he could do, Psy told Myr to leave as he stood and gazed at the demonlike form of his loved one. Bowing his head, her claws tore him in half just as Positron appeared. Sudden realization stirred in Fel as her unconscious mind howled in anguish and Positron, horrified by what he had witnessed, unleashed a full wave of radioactive energy over her. Enraged and in pain the two fought fiercely until Fel was finally overcome.

When Fel regained control, the xenos retreating back into her mind, tears filled her eyes and she became horrified at the blood on her hands. Seeing her distress, the rest of the heroes had no idea what to do. And so, unable to cope, Fel begged that she be locked in the Zig forever. The Phalanx complied and Fel was sent to solitary for the remainder of her existance.

Rise of Vengeance

With the assault from Arachnos on the Zig, Fel would be freed along with the others. Though not originally on the list of inmates it's unknown if Recluse had known or not of her presence. During solitude Fel began to converse with the xenos, hearing it's voice for freedom and food. Nearly driven mad she swore death to Gerrald for creating her and vowed to destroy herself along with him when suddenly the walls of her cell collapsed from an explosion. Seeing it as a sign she left and would be transported to the Isles.

However, it wouldn't be long before Fel was singled out by a psychic name Chanson Cygne in Port Oakes. In her Cold and emotionless voice she told him she would be nothing but trouble and a danger to his group, but perhaps his psychic mind told him more then she said for he simply smiled and asked for her to come anyway. Unsure, Fel decided to go with him and join the COIL institution, using them simply to get towards her goal of finding and killing Gerrald.

Within COIL, Fel met Petite Le Morte and her massive friend Bench as well as other like Fearen Lock and Ashygaru. With Bench's help Fel began to master her powers and even became a leader along with Cygne. Only the true founder Melody would be higher.

As Fel began to have a soft spot for the dashing and charming Cygne, so too was Melody's growing madness a warning that things were going go go bad again. With the stirring of her emotions the xenos was once again able to gain a small foothold, however this time with the help of Bench and Morte it was prevented before anything serious could happen. However, with Melody's growing madness, it was evident that the COIL would soon be broken.

The Academy de Vendicta

For reasons unknown, Melody's madness grew and began to so see Petite Le Morte as a threat to her organization. In a coup, the Headmistress of COIL began to harbor a plot to whip out those responsible. Discovering the plot, Morte warned Fel and the others and as the institution fell apart Cygne was last seen waving farewell. He would remain by his mistress' side to the end, the man that knew all would never have the chance to reveal any truths to Fel. Cygne was never seen again.

With the destruction of COIL the remaining members found themselves without a safe place or haven in the isles. Fel, Morte, Fearen Lock and Ashygaru, now joined by the enigmatic Scylen and an ex-gang leader Janus Loren prior to the dismantling of COIL decided to recreate a home in their image and ideals. They decided to continue with the original plans of COIL, creating an institution for those seeking heaven in the isles. The Academy de Vendicta, or the academy of vengeance for those needing a place to hone their powers or refuge to continue their experiments without Arachnos or Hero harassment. Morte, Scylen and Fel would become headmasters of the new school and from there, Fel would find herself becoming more and more friendly to those she had sworn to use.

The school gained in prestige, Recluse sanctioned the school since the policy allowed graduating students to seek their own path, some becoming heroes, but many more became villains with allegiance still to the neutral school. It was during this time that Fel met Terra Silverspar and the hero Sapphire Arrow in the Club D. Terra was a true werewolf and was trying to explain that non-warwolves existed just as non-vampiry vampires existed as well. Ironically Sapph would late be bitten by a true vampire and it would be this that sealed a bond between the three, if not sometimes stress due to different ideals. Terra and Janus and even Bench time to time would assist Fel, each leaving their mark on her as her heart softened. Fel began to question if maybe her vow for vengeance was unneeded.

Rise of Gerrald

The xenos is an amoebic slime still speaking in the back of Fel's mind, her meditation waining as she attempted to act more and more human, breaking away from her very gloomy and dark self. Sharing what little she knew of herself to Janus, seeing in him the same good qualities of her past friend Psy. The two enjoying each other's company as friendship and trust grew, Sapphire Arrow came forth with info on not only that Gerrald may well be alive, but that he was hiding in St.Martial. Fel, surprised, reluctantly asked for the aid of Janus and Terra who accompanied her to Gerrald's lair. The base harbored all manner of xeno-beasts and creation, learning that not only had the Countess no knowledge of the experiments occurring but that Gerrald viewed the substance as the key to humankind's next step in evolution. Confrontation with the doc only gave a glimpse to the madness as his experiments hung in tubes littered around the room. Enraged, Fel assaulted the mad doc making quick work of the bionics that had kept him alive since her destruction of the lab in the Crash site. However all was not as it seemed as the doc laughed and fought back with inhuman powers. Gerrald had been spending time perfecting the xenos with himself and promptly beat back Fel's attacks. Quickly helping Terra joined the fight as the two were beaten time and again as Fel was nearly knocked out. Janus, with no actual powers, searched the lab and reading the files of Gerrald, came across the radiation weakness and re-figured piping on the failure tanks. Fel, pushed to the limit as her consciousness wained, the xenos aware of its impending defeat began to aid her as her body began to resemble the dark beast. Tearing Gerrald apart she was still unable to sustain the assault as Gerrald finally took her down only to get a full dose of the radiation energies and howled in pain. Body degrading the mad doc retreated and barely escaped, giving Janus and Terra time to recuperate and revive the unconscious Fel. Going through the rest of the files, it became clear that Gerrals was going to use the xenos on Paragon city. So, the three made their way, trying to track down the wounded if not dying Doctor Gerrald.

Alls Well that Ends Well?

Waking up in Paragon, Terra took Fel to see Melissa Mingan, a shaman and on of the leaders of a coalition of anthropomorphic heroes in Paragon city. Taking the time to recover Janus disappeared temporarily to not only find info on Gerrald but some Yakuza gang problems in Tokyo. Fel explained as best she could to Terra what all the events including Gerrald, the Xenos, and herself, were about. The two, undercover as heroes, aided the hero group while slowly regaining strength. Returning to the Rogue Isles, Terra and Fel would go about business with Bench and the members of AdV (academy do vendicta) but Janus failed to return as well. Time past matters in the group slowed, finally time to relax and celebrate Gerrald's demise. Bittersweet though as Janus was still in Tokyo and still no news.

Chaos, Xenos and Dark Fel

Things had been slow for sometime and Fel and Terra's friendship grew. Bench became more and more distant as the big man decided to hang up the mantle of villainy and open a fitness gym. Things looked like they would stay calm for some time. This naturally would all change as a distress by Morte caught Fel's ears. During the days of COIL Morte had been asked to sneak into Paragon under the guise of a hero, needing new powers to complete the illusion she had asked for a small sample of Fel's blood to grant her the dark powers of the xeno. Not enough to actually do anything nor was the symbiotic being actually merged with her friend, Fel agreed granting Morte minor powers over enemy lifeforce.

However Fel's xeno vision had allowed Morte to see her own tarnished soul and horrified, attempted to remove and 'clean' it. The now visible essence beginning to deteriorate caused panic in the group, Fel believing she had once again caused the death of a trusted friend. Only with both Fel and Loner's help (Loner being possessed of a demon and wielder of true dark force) repaired and forced the soul back into Morte. However the shock was the beginning of Fel's crumpling barrier. After the events, Fel's grasp on her emotions now being slightly guided by the emotional xenos, became the target of affection from others. Though Janus would never openly say it Scy did, however a spell gone wrong (nearly killing him and destroying his ancient katana) turned him into a woman. Still attracted to the man that was Scy causing an awkward confusion as the xeno, unable to understand continued to whisper in her head. Advances from another dear friend would tip it further as her mental barriers snapped further. Emotions running rampant, Terra confronted Fel with her own friendship and love. However in Fel's shattering mind she turned on Terra who fled. Realizing she was being influenced by the xenos she attempted to flee but was caught by Janus' return just as Terra managed to scream a help over the comm before capture.

Janus and Fel reached the scene, blood and longbow footprints. Terra's shock at her friends spiteful words had left her open to ambush. Unable to believe what had happened, Fel finally snapped, her affection for her friend being the last straw as the xenos tossed her consciousness aside and sprang forth in all her rage. But Janus was smart, he had read the signs and the experiments at the labs and just before the laughing dark being could destroy him he sedated her with a chemical of his own design. The xenos now in control chuckled and taunted him, having gained true sentient from it's merger with Fel and it wasn't about to be stopped a second time. Janus searched for ways to revert the process but was too late as Fel broke free upon the Isles.

Perhaps by fate and chance the first human she would attempt to devour was Scy. The ancient enigmatic swordsman, now in control of his shape shifting powers, squared off against the dark force of Fel. Not wanting to hurt her he continued to dodge and weave, attempting to avoid her lethal claws as well as the growing darkness spreading from her body. However as his force was slowly drained her speed and strength continued to grow and it was evident that a battle would have to happen. Using a new blade the two darted from rooftop to rooftop, speeding through alleys as her size and the aura grew in size and tenacity. Black blood spewed from Fel as the blade dug in her body and after a while it seemed he had won. A ruse as Fel's body regenerated and she grappled the swordsman, claws digging into his wrists as the xenos taunted and snickered at the thought of eviscerating his hands. In one last act Scy drove his legs around her head and with regret, snapped her neck. Coughing and moaning, dark Fel laughed as she arose, limping as her body tried to repair the broken neck. Seeing this as his chance he wove a spell and paralyzed her long enough to take her to the D. Whereupon Fel was subjected to a psychic and the AdV friends entered Fel's mind to confront the Xenos once and for all. Able to barely defeat it, they locked it away in the depths of Fel's mind and saved their friend. Janus thanked the psychic and with a few last words, returned to Tokyo to finish what he could. Fel knew this time she would not see him again.

All Loose Ends?

Fel, her sanity back, quickly asked for Melissa's help as the two attempted to track down Terra. Unsure if she should be trusting her emotions, Fel still knew she owed it to her friend to apologize and get her back. The two raided the longbow facility in Warburge. Longbow had planned to transfer the weakened werewolf to Paragon for study and trial. Terra would reach Paragon but not in the hands of Longbow as Melissa and Fel succeeded in rescuing her and taking her back to Melissa's home. Fel and Terra recovered and Fel, feeling good about herself for what felt like the first time in her life since her days learning to be a hero, confessed that she loved Terra as well. The two would aid Mel and her group for some time before returning to the Isles.


As Fel's powered continued to grow and her control over the trapped xenos continued, so to did her powers in the light of Recluse. Along with Terra they would join project destiny, but a view of the world shattered by Dark Fel horrified her and in an effort to never let that happen, the two killed the Recluse of the future as warning to leave them alone in the present.

However there was something Fel hadn't counted on and a proof that the future would not come to pass. With Terra ever present, the xeno cells in the air would inadvertently steal some of Terra's DNA. Since the Xenos is able to adapt and change on a whim to thwart disease and viruses, Fel found herself feeling sick for the first time in her existence. As the illness lingered and lingered Fel eventually asked Mel for aid. To Fel's immense shock, she was pregnant with twins. The two girls would be the next step in the xenos' evolution along with traits from its host and genetic theft from Terra. Feeling uncomfortable being called by her original human name Fiona Merru, the two decided to call each child by the first and last name. The two are named: Fiona Silverspar and Merru Silverspar. Ecstatic, Fel and Terra would be later be tested as the the coming Rikti invade once more.

Rogues and Nemisis


Doctor Edgar Gerrald was one of Countess Crey's top branch. These are the people that plot and forge what the public will never see. These are the people that work in unmarked labs of the highest security creating horrors and advancement in the name of science, or maybe just the Countess herself.

Edgar and Fiona had worked together on the Rikti project, trying to find ways to use their technology and ultimately resulted in the experiments that created FelFox.

Gerrald has become blinded by his own power, like Vahziloc or Nemesis he toils perfecting the nightmarish slime into what will be humanities future. Mad and calm he has fully merged with the xeno so perfectly that they are one, his ambition grows with each encounter. Powerful and deadly his powers easily rival that of fel and even well beyond. If things continue he may become a threat on par with Hamidon or the gods of the Shadow Shard.


The xenos is not something well known, in fact its presence on earth is all but kept hidden by Dr.Gerrald. The Xenos is actually a black amoeba tic slime. It was first encountered in the Rikti dimension, brought over as they entered earth. It would later be surmised by Dr.Merru and Gerrald that they planed to use it as a weapon against the heroes, but instead were unable to gain the results they wished for. It is also surmised that the Hydra are a failed experiment based off the slime, but this was never confirmed.

Though the two and their team would never unlock all of its secrets, they did discover some fascinating effects. The slime could change from a more semi-solid amoebic state to a free form gaseous state almost at will. All cells are identical and infinitely complex, even changing and adapting almost instantly. This makes it almost immune to all forms of poison, disease or viruses. However, it makes it highly susceptible to radiation, small amounts able to kill it at fa nominal speed.

Although each cell appears to be the same, it was determined that they must operate on a hive mind effect. Even in an amoebic state it shows cunning and intelligence rivaling some of the smartest animals on earth. It however is important to note that any contact with it can be very dangerous even to humans and supers. During long hours of research, it was never determined what the cells consumed. It drains its prey of something yet nothing ever indicates a lose of anything, yet the being seems able to use kinetic energies to empower itself. It is assumed it is this energy that allows it to move in the air during its gaseous state so easily.

Another interesting note was that when confronted with a much more powerful predator, it will attempt to fuse with it, using osmosis to enter the creature and replace its functions with improved versions of its own. This allows it to evolve the creature dramatically. Signs that a creature has been merged with is a a darkening in it's pigment, eyes begin to glow as if kinetic energy is being stored. The creature may sometimes grow in size and have improved speed and strength. But most importantly, it seems to evolve the creature naturally, down to its DNA, improving all aspects of the creature.

Another form of fusion was discovered later after it was discovered that though at first beneficial, it is still a parasite and would devour the host before leaving, keeping its DNA so as to improve the next host. And so, Gerrald realized that radiation could force a more permanent merger, turning the parasite into a symbiot. It was theorized that it could even revitalize dead cells, even replace whole defected organs to improve the host, even well after the host's death. All this was true, and came about the creation of FelFox.

((the following information is not known information, and is in fact background and spoiler information that may appear later on))

Comming soon

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