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"A Blood Moon is Rising for You!"
Player: @Silverspar
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Brute
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Terra Silverspar
Known Aliases: T., Silverspar, Silver, Spar, SS, Puppy
Species: Werewolf
Age: 20
Height: variable (5' 8" to 7' 2")
Weight: variable (103 lbs. to 256 lbs.)
Eye Color: Left - Red; Right - Blue
Hair Color: Charcoal Grey
Biographical Data
Citizenship: Confidential
Occupation: Director at the Academie de Vindicta
Place of Birth: King's Row
Current Residence: Confidential
Marital Status: Married
Known Relatives: Lisa Silverspar (Mother, Deceased), Father (unknown), Fiona Silverspar (Daughter), Merru Silverspar (Daughter)
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Incredible strength, highly regenerative, heightened senses, capable street fighter, and known to employ various items and weapons she finds.
All-Purpose Utility Comm (A.P.U.C.), Diamond Studded Collar, Ghost Slaying Axe, Stolen Immobilizer Ray, Portable Workbench, Pocket D VIP Pass, Jump Pack, Ouroboros Portal, Snake-B-Gone, Stolen Arachnos Mace, Midnight Squad Signet Ring, Vanguard ID, Base Teleport Beacon
Achieved Threat Level 50 on October, 2006. Achieved Threat Level 50, on Terra v.2 on 02/29/08. Achieved Security Level 50 on 05/15/08.
Terra by Drunkfu October, 2006

Terra was created a long time ago, long before even City of Heroes was a twinkle in Jack Emmert's eyes. I've been a long time tabletop PnP RPer, and of course, my roots in the genre lie with Dungeons and Dragons. I also have a deep fascination with horror stories, probably an unhealthy one, as I would tend to watch a lot of horror movies and such. Werewolves I am always fascinated in, since wolves were my favored animal, thus the ability to become a wolf and take on their abilities, strengths and such, but still retain the mind a human's and their capabilities as well was always very fascinating to me. I guess that would classify me as a furry in some minds, but oh well, people will always think what they want to.

The original concept of Terra was actually radically different from the one today. Even the name was spelled differently. The character was originally born in Ravenloft many years ago, I believe actually back in 1986 in fact. Of course, as all things do, the stint in D&D came to an end as I discovered RPG types to, most notably White Wolf's Werewolf: The Apocalypse which let me actually play a werewolf. This is, of course, when I actually learned firsthand that trying to mix a genre around a character, instead of mixing the character in with the genre, was usually more work than necessary. Hence my steadfast rule of never mixing genres and why the current Terra is not a WoD werewolf, despite many people trying to convince me otherwise.

When I got into MMOs ten years ago, of course I tried recreating Terra within those games. And she's made an appearance of one kind or another in several MMOs to date, but I could never really recapture the feel I wanted, even though I tried to mold her to the setting. Finally, I gave City of Villains a try. I originally had beta'd City of Heroes, but never actually liked it because even as robust as the character creation system was, I never liked the ATs, or the rather bland missioning system, and the costume editor at the time still did not possess the looks or outfit styles I liked. But now, Terra is pretty much a full character within City of Villains and I have no intention of her leaving.


Meta-Human Powers

Terra is a natural born lycanthrope. This grants her the ability to use her powers in various ways, though in certain forms are not as versatile as others. In her human form, Terra seems to be a bit more agile and somewhat stronger than an above average human. Her sense of smell and hearing also seem to be sharper. She also regenerates much more rapidly, but is not as resilient as her wolf form is. She stands at a mere 5 foot 8 inches tall and weighs in at 103 pounds. She's rarely seen in this form but for occasional get together and situations she actually feels’s her appearance might be too distracting for others.

Terra's second form is an intermediate form, with very little change. In fact, if it wasn't for the light fur that sprouts on her skin, it would be difficult to guess any change occurred at all. However, her ears sprout up becoming more wolf-like, while claws sprout from the tips of her fingers and toes. She gains some of her innate wolf powers, such as the increased regeneration, superior sense of smell and hearing and some of her speed and agility. In this form her height only increases slightly to about 6 foot 2 inches tall, not terribly noticeable but due to her increased muscle mass her weight goes up to 172 pounds. When encountered, this is the form she is typically in, even socializing. She rather enjoys the freedom this form gives her in speed and strength, allowing her the sense of always feeling ready.

Terra's third form is the monstrous werewolf. In this form she gets all her strength, agility and regeneration. All the things some would attribute to legend come true in this form, such as blindingly fast, incredible agility, sense of smell and hearing, and super strength. The best description of Terra in this form is a Claws, Teeth, Fur and Muscles. In this form, Terra grows to a staggering 7 foot 2 inches tall as well as gaining such an amount of muscle mass that her weight goes to 256 pounds. When Terra is fighting, she assumes this form for the increased strength, speed and power. Rarely is she seen in this form outside of a combat situation, but typically whenever she enters this form, a fight is about to start anyways.

Rage.jpg Fighting Prowess

In her normal human form, she has above average strength, but when Terra is in her wolf forms, her strength grows phenomenally. She has never tested the limits of her physical strength.

DarkArm.jpg Resilience

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Like the werewolves of legend, Terra proves to be quite resilient and resistant to pain that would cripple others. She can withstand all manner of attacks and shrug most of them off. This is also heightened by the fact she has incredible regenerative capabilities that make's even the most lethal of gashes and cuts disappear within seconds after being inflicted.

Agility.jpg Agility

Her werewolf abilities promote her physical prowess past its strength, also giving her heightened speed and agility. This gives her the ability to run fast and cover large amounts of terrain in the blink of an eye, or recover very quickly.

DaOb.jpg Various Items

Terra is known to employ various items in her daily life is she needs to. This is a list of the most common items she will employ when she needs to.


Terra is not vulnerable to the legendary things that old wives tales attribute to werewolves. Silver bullets, wolfs bane, the full moon and other such things are just like any other substance of its type on her. She can suffer from massive trauma however, and this can cripple her, but her regenerative capabilities typically allow her to recover fairly quickly. Of note, however, her heightened hearing and olfactory have been noted to actually be a weakness in some cases. Her ears are especially sensitive to very loud or high pitched frequencies which can even hurt her.

Another weakness, at least it's believed to be one, is that Terra does not possess her incredible strength or excessive speed outside of her wolf form, though her regeneration and endurance remain, and seemingly she is able to gain the abilities of her heightened senses. She is reportedly still a capable fighter outside of her wolf form, however, suppressing her ability to shape shift at all would prove a task in and of itself.

Another weakness portrayed to her it seems that powers based around tiring individuals and tranquilizers have an effect, though with her high metabolism and rate of recovery such effects are difficult to make long lasting.


Terra by RCajunman November, 2006.
Terra's personality can be best described as care-free. She enjoys life for all it can offer her, and strives to continue keeping that fun and happiness she has towards things. She would never really consider herself a hero or a villain. She just goes where she feels like and however she feels she can find fun. This personality tends to put her at odds on both sides of the law, as many seem to be confused by her sitting in the grey area instead of actually being either white or black about things.

As far as Terra's belief's go, there are just as many bad things about those who proclaim to be heroes as much as any villain does, and in her own personal adventures she has seen some heroes do worse things than any villain could do. To her, she stays Unaligned, as it were, neither backing either side, and only defending those she cares about, and coming to the defense when it is of the most dire.


This section will undoubtedly contain spoilers pertaining to Terra herself, so if you want to find out directly about the character personally, through RP, I suggest not reading any of the history. Furthermore, the history also contains story arc spoilers to, so be warned when you are reading them!

Early Life

King’s Row

Terra Silverspar was born on April 7th, 1988 in Kings Row, Paragon City. When she was born, the doctors thought she had a limited case of albinism in her, due to her unnaturally colored eyes, but after a few hours of examination, passed her off on a clean bill of health.

Terra's home as a child.
Living in a pitiful apartment complex between Freedom Plaza and Industrial Avenue, Terra grew up being what many would come to call a latch-key kid. Heavily neglected by her mother as a child, her mother spending most of her days working, then most of her evenings partying. Terra really only remembers what her mother looked like because of a couple of pictures around the apartment. She never knew her father, and the few times she was able to actually try and talk to her about him, she would always change the subject, or just not answer at all.

Always feeling like an oddball around other kids, Terra usually only stuck to herself. This tended to get insults and pranks pulled on her quite regularly as well, which was only heightened by her abnormally colored eyes. Remarks such as that "strange kid" or "the freak" were common place words and phrases Terra typically heard in school yard conversations. It even got to the point she overheard one of her teachers even call her that, which hurt her more.

The more she tried to stay out of everyone’s way and just be left alone, the more everyone seemed to want to pick on her. She tried to go to her mother and even the teachers, but they kept saying she was paranoid. This started sparking in her a bit of growing anger, an anger she was starting to find comfort in. Like a voice, she more felt it than heard it though, that deep down she was changing. She didn't know whether it was a good or bad feeling, but she did know she wanted the cruelty being levied against her to stop, and she was beginning to want a change more and more.

Terra and FelFox, by FelFox November, 2006
It was getting towards the end of summer and Terra was twelve years of age. School had already been back in session when she was walking home to her apartment when a couple of the local bullies decided to stop and have fun with Terra. Most of them were in her class, but a few were upper classmen, none of them Terra liked since they picked on her being the strange little freak of a girl. But today, Terra had been feeling especially fowl, and when they came within view, the anger was already starting to build in her. She could hear it deep inside her mind, as if it was screaming and clawing to get out, but she kept trying to ignore it.

She hoped they would just keep walking and leave her alone, but deep down she knew that was an impossibility, and right on cue, they walked straight up to her. But this time, it looked like they were going to do more than hurl insults. This time they started trying to push her around, but a surprise came, not only to the bullies, but to Terra herself. She pushed back with all her strength, sending one of the bullies flying down the street. The rest of them looked in astonishment, then charged. Terra didn't remember much when she awoke, just the horror of seeing that she had droplets of blood on her that wasn't hers as far as she could tell and her clothes were had been torn in some places, not to mention her shoes were completely gone.

She ran home as quickly as she could, though confused why she was so far away, and also that the sun was setting. When she got there, she saw that the police were at her apartment, and her mother was outside talking to them. She hid behind a nearby wall, and surprisingly could hear everything that was being said. The police, she could hear, were saying that a few kids had been injured by her, that they were claiming she was some kind of monster now, which totally shocked Terra, but the pain of what her mother said to the officer in turn devastated her. She called her no good, just like her father, and she knew she would do something bad eventually. She hated her now, more than ever, and she just turned and ran, not looking back at all.

First Rikti Invasion

Two years later, Terra had been living on the streets of Paragon as little more than a child vagabond, wandering from place to place nicking any food she could or stealing what she could to survive. She tended to sleep within abandoned buildings and under bridges where ever she thought she could keep out of the public eye. She just wanted to stay away from others as she was able to figure out what she was during the two years since she ran away, and she wasn't sure she could control her anger. That was going to be put to the test on May,23rd of 2002 however.

Terra was not alone in the awe and amazement she felt when thousands of lights started appearing over Paragon City on that fateful day. But the shock that came next as swarms of alien invaders, known as the Rikti, started pouring out of those portals, attacking the city with a ferocity that had never been felt before or since. Within a day the city was divided into human and Rikti controlled sectors.

Unfortunately for Terra, she found herself stuck behind enemy lines, and for the first time in her life she had to master her self control and learn how to transform quickly and effectively. Within a matter of days she found herself almost constantly in her wolf form, using the speed and agility to evade the sight of the Rikti invaders. Travelling from destroyed building to destroyed building, she tried her best to return to the human controlled sectors of the city.

By this time the UN had formed the special counter alien group called Vanguard to fight back against the invaders. The encounters were exceptionally violent as the Rikti began to attack the world's heroes directly in a gruesome fight. Whatever malice the Rikti held towards earth seemingly was directed at them. Terra did her best to stay out of the fighting, what could a fourteen year old girl, who barely understood her own powers, do against an invading army of such scope.

For a long time she could hear nothing but the explosions and sounds of people dying outside, then without warning, the building she was hiding in collapsed and all was quiet and dark and peaceful in her unconscious mind.

Pirates 'o the Rogue Isles! by FelFox, September, 2007
When Terra awoke, she found herself on a street gurney, along with several others. There was still chaos going on, but it seemed the Rikti and their attack had been stopped as many people from regular citizens to heroes were helping to rescue people trapped within the fallen buildings and structures. She hadn't quite moved yet, as she listened into the people around her, she could only guess some were EMS, as they were talking about the condition of several people, and by the sounds of it they also were talking about her. Statements of she was in a critical condition and by the time they wheeled her out into the open, her condition was practically healed.

Hazarding a glance around, because she was still worried concerning all the Hollywood babble about werewolves, she could see the men were occupied with someone else and quite a ways away. She carefully slipped off the gurney, though still slightly dizzy, and she took off away from the chaos that was still going on around everywhere. She didn't want to be around people right now, not when she considered herself a potential danger to most as is, and she didn't want to hurt anyone else.


A rough sketch of Silverspar by Kaiserin, May, 2008
She wandered the streets for a couple more years, by now she had learned to control and makes use her abilities, but she still felt like an outsider, despite all the weird heroes and super powered villains that were showing up within Paragon City itself. Everything from a drug Outbreak that caused an entire city section to be quarantined, to a ghost ship that sailed the streets of various city sectors to a war for power between an old World War II group known as the 5th Column and their usurpers who called themselves the Council. It was also during this time that many new heroes had appeared to combat the growing danger on the streets of Paragon City. Though many of the heroes actually seemed to be more concerned with the fame they could garner instead of actually helping the populous out.

During May 2006, Terra was out and about in Talos Island, scouting out a place to stay for the night. She came upon a warehouse around the docks area when she noticed men in uniforms getting out of the back of a truck. All heavily armored they were grabbing crates with a strange symbol on them from the warehouse itself. Despite her usual cautiousness, curiosity had gotten the best of her and she wandered up to watch what the men were doing exactly. Before long, chaos erupted at the warehouse as the newly commissioned Longbow group came in. Evidently they had been staking out the place and were ready to make their move as they appeared all over the building. But the soldiers, who showed they were a part of the Council, weren't going to go quietly. Some of them transformed into wolf-like creatures, Terra's mind said werewolf but her sense of smell told her they weren't. From the back of the truck pale, thin creatures sprang from the back and began attacking, while gun-fire, dark energy blasts, and super powers erupted all over the place.

Ducking behind a low hanging wall, she covered her head as bullets and blasts of energy whizzed over head. Several minutes had gone by before the sounds of the battle died down, voices yelling out to round up all the Councilors. Terra sat behind the crate, waiting for the sounds to die down, but as she happened to glance over, she saw one of the Longbow operatives staring back at her. Instinct and panick took over as she involuntarily shifted into her wolf form and started to run. Before she knew what was going on, she could hear them shouting that another warwolf was escaping, and she felt pain like she never felt before begin pelting and peppering her across the back.

She turned to see that the Longbow agents were firing at her, grenades and guns unloading everything they had at her. She backed herself against a wall doing her best to try and shield herself. But they kept firing. Soon one of their ballistas appeared in front of her and launched a full out assault on her. She soon passed into blissful unconscioussness.


Art by Dragonberry, May 2008
She could only remember vague things, such as the bright lights of a sterile room, and the cold, hard surface of the table she had been on occassionally. The few conversations she heard, she could only vaguely make out the words Council, Warwolf and every now and then Nictus. However, one encounter she heard she made out quite clearly; "Requiem's dogs." She had no idea who Requiem was, but she was quite sure the comment was directed at her. She was also quite sure they were keeping her heavily sedated, she remembered one commenting that the amount needed to keep her under would of killed any normal person.

She didn't know how long she was there, she just remembered the strange air about the place when the alarms started roaring to life. The words of Arachnos and Attack were being screamed about as she could hear the sounds of muffled explosions and gun-fire. She willed her body to move as best it could as she slowly leaned up. Pain instantly shot through her body as she felt the sensation of what felt like hundreds of needles in her skin. She quickly looked down and could see several IVs in her arms and legs and without a moments hesitation begin taking them out of her body.

Swinging her legs around she tried to stand on the cold floor, but as soon as she put weight on her legs, she collapsed down, hard, onto the ground. The pain made her gasp, losing her breath as her vision blured from tears. But she didn't have time to think about it, as she heard the sounds of gun-fire and explosions getting closer. She put all her strength into her arms and slowly began dragging herself across the room, towards what appeared to be a metal door. Placing her hands against it, she slowly began to push herself up, using the door as leverage as she put weight on her legs.

The door itself had no visible handle, and the control panel itself seemed to be off-line. She tried pushing on the door with her all her might but it didn't budge. After several attempts she punched the door in anger, but as she did an explosion rocked the room she was in and a section of the wall to her left collapsed. Without a moments thought or hesitation she climbed through the opening and slowly made her way down the smokey hallway. She could see people running around the hallways, so without a thought she ducked into a room.

It appeared to be an office, and she saw a coat hanging on the rack, and just came to the reallization she wasn't wearing anything. She quickly grabbed the coat and put it around her, tying it close, as she went to the window. She looked outside and saw a strange vehicle landed on the grounds outside. Pushing the window open she climbed at and snuck over to the vehicle and climbed into an open hatch. Several containers were in there, so she hid amongst them. She didn't care where the craft was going, she just wanted to get away, and saw this as her oppurtunity to do so.

Several moments later the hatch closed and the craft began to move. It felt like an eternity as Terra sat there with all the crates and boxes but soon the craft lurched to a stop and the hatch opened. She hid behind watching carefully, and when she thought it was safe, she dashed out of the hatch and ran out into the new world that awaited her: The Rogue Isles.

Everything that has a Beginning,...

The salt sea spray blew past Terra's muzzle as she sat on her haunches red, glowing eyes gazing absently at the rocks below as the waves from the sea crashed upon them. The sky was a beautiful reddish orange color as the sun slowly set below the horizon, the scent of the sea filling her every nostrils as she gazed out over at the city she'd called home for the past several years. Things were changing, but they were changing in a way that Terra would no longer be able to fit into. Very little remained of what she once remembered, many of her friends had gone or retired, Recluse and Statesman themsevesl were hollow, empty shells of their former beings brooding over what move they won't bother to try next, and Positron had become rather insane attempting to hatch some mad scientific breakthrough after another to spark some semblence of things happening in the world at large. And ironically, it was the mad scientists making away with all the money, and not through some crazy heist scam, but through projects. Dr. Brainstorm was making a killing in the invention market, and Dr. Aeon had created some virtual reality system that a lot of people flocked to for a great while.

It seems that all the heroes and villains had reduced themselves down to taking care of illusions and fantasies, or instead of trying to defeat the big threats, just hang out in little shanty areas making little back alley deals for quick trips to power instead of becoming the real hero or villain they claimed to be. The world had fallen and it had become a disgusting, mockery of a shell that it use to be. The adventure and challenge was now gone, the thrill of the fight of finding the next opponent, all that was gone. And it left a bit of a sting deep down, as Terra reflected on the people who had come and gone before. Everything felt contained, no new threat would be presenting itself, no new challenge to overcome, and even if it did, it would already be decimated in some imaginary playroom.

Standing up slowly, Terra looked off into the distance. She could make out the outline of the city she had called home for a few years, but now it was time to move on, to other endeavors. Who knows where she might turn up next on this world. Turning slowly she looked back one more time, the un-uttered goodbye evident, but it was time to move on, her shadow slowly creeping into the sunset behind her.

Meanwhile, in another Dimension

Terra's back was against the wall as a grin slowly crept across her half-lupine features as she stared the Dogz gang member down, the Windsong Mall building directly behind her. They had her cornered, but these amateur mutts had no idea how to really tap into their power. "So, you want to be werewolves do you?" she asked with a sly grin. The over-sized wolfman rejects just sort of glowered, letting out growls as they pulled out there guns, orders to take her in so the gang could unleash the full potential of the wolf. "Well first, you have to actually know how to treat it!" Terra clapped her hands together then let out a howl before charging the lead gang member her features contorting in mid charge as her body grew in stature and size. The look of shock and panic covering the Dogz face just heightened Terra's eagerness for the fight.


Allies and Friends



Academie de Vindicta

Terra joined with the Academie shortly after she came to the Rogue Isles. The Academie has been her home for the last two years as she helps out it's members and the school as a whole and helping them fortify their defenses. The school itself has grown into more in the last few months, with it's members taking out more mercenary roles.



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