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Genkai Fist
Player: @BaronAzala
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Tank
Security Level: 44
Personal Data
Real Name: Classified
Known Aliases: The Green Guardian
Species: Human
Age: 25
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 197lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Hero
Place of Birth: Classified
Base of Operations: Classified
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Classified
Known Powers
Energy Melee, Willpower
Known Abilities
generating chi energy, invulnerability
Bracers that enhance his energy powers
No additional information available.



Genkai Fist is a hero thru and thru. He keeps his secret idenity just that. A secret, something very few people even bother to do in this city. He's kept his true identity from his close friends and even most of the public. Although his real idenity is recorded in the Cities database of heroes it is classified and requires Omega level Security clearance to access it. He takes crime fighting very seriously especially when he puts his mind to fighting a foe and tends to hold a grudge against anyone he thinks is a criminal with no remorse. However he wholeheartedly belives in giving people a second chance if they seem like they are actually willing to change.

Archetypeicon tanker.png

Genkai Fist has control of his internal Chi. This spiritual energy is a powerful force called "Guardian energy" by himself and his grandfather but originally termed "Genkai seishou" by his ancestors. The energy flowing thru him grants him the power to take on numerable foes at once and fight to the very limit each and every time.

GenkaiPowersEnergyMelee.png Power Punches

His first and most signature power manifests itself in his brightly glowing energy fist strikes, or Power punches. Genkai Fist channles his energy into his fists and his strikes are given and extra boost of power in each strike. The energy increases his power so much that a single strike can send an opponent reeling in shock from the blow. He can even take the energy and charge it back into himself making his next strike twice as powerful. His most powerful punches are so potent that he can drop most foes with a single attack!

GenkaiPowersWillpower.png Will of the Guardian

his other power is not nearly so noticable as it only manifests itself by being able to take copious ammounts of damage and still keep moving. As an avatar of the guardian spirit he can take all kinds of damage and keep going. Pain is felt less, his body has a near impenetrability and very few things can peirce his skin because of this. His body is constantly regenerating his energy so that even after a hard fight a moments rest is all that is nessicary to keep pushing himself. He can even bolster his resistance and push his body to the limits to keep going even when things seem hopeless.


let the legend begin!-By PyrasTerran

The Origin

The beginings of Genkai Fist start way back in the 1930's a new hero had been on the scene named Midorrio Genkai, a hero fighting the Family and other Bootleggers gaining illicit funds from the prohibition of alcohol. Middorio Genkai was a martial artists known to practice a form a shaolin kung-fu. His dedication to his craft and heavy meditation managed to unlock the powers hidden within him. Hidden within each human being is the potential for great power, it is different between each bloodline, and may manifest it self different. In the Genkai bloodline they had the power of the guardian within them. Their inner energy or Chi, allowed them to focus their powers to fortify their bodies and strike out at their foes with tremendous power. Middorio Genkai unlocked this skill and used it to protect the people of Paragon City's Independence Port district. In the 1940's the Second World War had begun and Middorio Genkai, out of an inner need to protect his family left the country and set out to Canada, contacting a sect of Mystics. These Canadian Mystics, a brotherhood known as Ordo Borealis. These mystics worked with Midorrio Genkai to craft several books, magically sealed to work only with those of the Genkai bloodline and imbue them with the knowledge Midorrio had gained to unlock their secret power. The mystics also created a pair of bracers attuned to the Genkai energy that would bolster and strengthen it. The first book was given to Midorrio to be given to his son so that he could watch over the city in his place should he fall.

The True Begining

After Midorrio returned home he was drafted by the 1st Hero brigade and sadly died in action overseas. Lost to an unknown foe. Back at home Midorrio's son never knew of his father's books, too young to even take up the powers even if he did, and lived his life as a normal citizen of Paragon city. As time went on that son grew up and had his own son. This son, at the age of 18, found the first book. The man known as Genkai Fist, had gained the powers of the Genkai, but he did not posess the martial knowledge his grandfather possed. Genkai Fist, took to the streets and began fighting crime on the streets of Paragon's Galaxy City district. He valiantly fought off Hellion's and Skulls in secret for two years before the Rikti Invasion hit in 2002. After the loss of so many heroes, Genkai Fist was one of the first to stop skulking in the shadows as a part-time vigilante and become a registered hero. However his identity has kept his true identity a secret. Donning his Grandfather's old costume, modified to fit the times and his own tastes, Genkai Fist now fought foes in the light. His bright green costume, and glowing fists quickly attracted the attention of other heroes, and villains alike. The Skulls had just decided to stage a coup against him when Genkai Fist was approched by the Emerald Legion

The Emerald Legion

When he became recognized as Security level 5 hero, he was contacted by Absath and the Dark Mystic. Leaders of the Emerald Legion a group of dedicated Meta-Humans set to take down evil, and take up justice! They also had a small obsession with pancakes. Genkai Fist was welcomed into their ranks and they assigned Morangie, a self-healing martial artist, fused with spirit of drink from the irish highlands. Morangie taught Genkai Fist everything he knows today about fighting the good fight. Genkai never had the skills to learn his drunken boxing style, perfering to use his fists like a brawler, but he did learn how to punches that would cause his foes to reel drunkenly! Morangie, Genkai Fist, and Lightning Taifa, became known as a great trio. Morangie lending his expertise to the inexperianced Genkai Fist, let him join the two places of great risk, like the Peregrine Islands. Working together the trio became the first members of their group to become reserve members of the Freedom Phalanx! When Genkai Fist has earned the recognition of the Freedom Phalanx, Morangie and he ceased to be Hero and Sidekick and became equals. Genkai Fist was in for a shock however, as Morangie soon stepped into the Shadow Shard and never returned.

Freedom Phalanx! Allright!

The Sidekick gets his own

Genkai Fist, saddened at the loss of his mentor, dove into his duties as a Hero trying to stave off his own greif. Lightning Taifa unable to cope with the loss, and Genkai Fist's sudden distance, left the city for another town. The Emerald Legion was facing hard times. Their leader Absath was nowhere to be found. He had vanished and left the organization leaderless and unable to function. Dark Mystic held rallies and tried to boost the moral of his team and after month of protest from the city, was leadership of the team transfered to him. His first official act was to induct new members. The first of which was a young hero named Zikar Zeff. Zikar, was a man who could channle energy much like Genkai Fist could but his was a more destructive nature. Dark energy that came from his very core. Genkai took him under his wing and taught him the same lessons that Morangie had tried to teach him. Zikar Zeff and Genkai Fist soon became a mighty duo. Together they took on the Family in Independance Port and cracked down hard on them. Their actions in part helped spurr their mass move to the Stirga Isles. After working together for nearly a year, Zikar Zeff soon rose up and became the leader of the Emerald Legion. Zikar was leader for the rest of the Legion's days however this was not for too much longer. The group had grown sparse and inactive and officially disbanded. Genkai Fist set off on his own and began to get into a mess of trouble.

The Tsoo take notice

The Tsoo send a new foe!

With his success as hero, and mentor. The Tsoo began to take notice of Genkai Fist. His energy punches were sending even their fiercest Dragon warriors to the Zig. The Tsoo approched Genkai Fist with a deal. Join them or die. Clearly Genkai Fist had no intention of doing either. The Tsoo ambushed him in the night outside of the Steel Canyon hospital. A swarm of twenty Tsoo foot solider were on him, countless ninja, Sorcerors and Ancestor Spirits came to end his life. Genkai Fist was caught unprepaired, and was forced to retreat, throwing up a quick sheilding of his Guardian powers, he leapt from the ground to the air landing on the rooftops and didn't stop till he had reached the War Walls on the other end of the city. Panting for breath, Genkai Fist looked up and saw a terrifying sight. The Ninja horde had followed him! Led by an Ancestor spirit, Genkai Fist was now prepaired. He threw up his sheilds and powered his fists. They swarmed the rooftops and Genkai Fist managed to defeat all his foes! The attack was mearly a ruse though. The Tsoo had wanted to observe the extent of his powers and from it crafted their Green Ink men! Genkai Fist had fought many of the Tsoo since then and has proven time and time agains, their cheap copies are no match for the original. Genkai Fist soon managed to shame the Tsoo into officially declareing him a man no longer to mess with. While he takes their so called "truce" at face value only, he has had several attempts on his life by cloaked assassins, no direct evidence links these people to the Tsoo but sometimes they have strange tatooes and powers reminicient of his own energy fighting style.

The Crey take notice

Recovered Crey files on plans to clone Genkai Fist, Crey of course denies involvment

Crey Corp was impressed with Genkai Fist's performance and had tried many times to recruit him. Genkai Fist, was not a hero willing to sell himself to a corporation, and didn't want to leave his family in the Legion. Crey, however, did not take the rejections well. And initiated a plot to capture Genkai Fist and brainwash him. Their plans to clone him for their Paragon Protector program was foiled as Genkai managed to engineer an escape from the research facility. Crey Corp of course maintains that the scientists involved had gone rouge and were in no way authorized to do any of their actions by the parent corporation. Genkai Fist does not maintain this view. After his escape from Crey and a relentless campain against their Paragon Protectors ending with Genkai Fist himself leading a team of heroes against the Countess Crey herself. He tracked hers to a cave and had her placed under arrest. A two month media circus eventually had her aquitted of charges and released on a temporary probation and soon fled the country to the Rogue Isles.

Making new friends

Genkai Fist and Terra-Pulse - By PyrasTerran

After losing his team, and battling the Tsoo and Crey Corp, Genkai Fist decided it was time to seek a new way. He left Paragon City and headed to New York! While there he formed met with several heroes including Goji Zilla, Terra-Pulse, Kilana, and Daegre. Goji Zilla, a lizard-man created in a hero breeding program soon shut down for their shady dealings, and him formed a friendship and a temporary team up. They fought against a villain known as Faer aka The Pumpkin King! The two defeated him and went their seperate way, Goji intent to marry his childhood sweetheart, a plant-girl, another victim of the same company as Goji. Genkai Fist headed south and ended up in Miami, FL where he met Terra-Pulse a kinetic speedster, capable of transfering energy from his foes to himself and to his team. The two teamed up with a large hulking monster named Daegre. The trio fought together in Miami for a year or two and often met up with African native, Kilana. She was a member of an old tribe of meta-humans in the wild and was sent abroad to harness her powers and become a fit ruler for her people. They teamed up once or twice, taking on a giant monster that wreacked havok in Miami before parting ways. The Monster it turned out was the brainchild of a madman villain called The Legion. A metal controlling mutant, whose insanity caused him to slaughter his own family and friends and seek out foes he felt worthy of his "genius." the Villain kidnapped a small child, and took him away to the Rogue Isles challenging Genkai Fist to follow...

The battle against Legion

Genkai vs his nemesis -By PyrasTerran

Genkai Fist set out alone, parting ways with his friend Terra-Pulse who couldn't leave Miami due to his powers, mystical hold on him. Daegre had vailiently fallen to the monster. While in the Isles, Genkai Fist tracked his Nemisis down and in a final battle managed to defeat the foe, the fight left Genkai's powers strained and marred however and he returned to Paragon a weakened hero.

Hunstman Fury and the Wraith Spiders

When Genkai returned to Paragon he found a surprise. His old friend Goji Zilla! He had news. His son had come to Paragon and had turned to evil intentions. He had defected to Arachnos! Genkai Fist tracked down his friend's son, Jack Zilla, now known as Huntsman Fury! The two have clashed many times and have a begrudeing dislike for each other, but each respect the other's ability to fight.

The Neverenders

While helping Goji try and get his son back, he met The Graffiti Samurai and was invited to join The Neverenders. While on the team he was constantly surprised at the teams Mercenary attitude and willingness to get things done "at any cost." Genkai Fist maintained his own set of ethics and tried to keep Graff and the crew from acting too impulsively. This eventually left to him leaving the group.

The Second Rikti Invasion

The second Rikti invasion hit and took everyone by surprise. Vanguard began calling for heroes, and Genkai Fist, jumped at the chance. Helping fight back the invasion force in at the Crash site, with the help of even his new foe, Huntsman Fury, Genkai Fist was made a full member of Vanguard and given the codename Green Thunder. During this invasion Genkai's ability returned to him in a flash of power, destroying his Vanguard armor. He is still a member of the team but has been put on inactive duty now that the invasion has died down somewhat.

Return to Duty

While the Invasions come less frequently, Genkai Fist has redonned his new Vanguard Armor, still known within the initiative as Operative Green Thunder.

Joining the Zenvious Foundation

After the Rikti Invaded he was approched by leader of the Zenvious Foundation Kaijitsu! after a brief discussion he joined their ranks and began working with them sporadically. After some time with them he was contacted by Cloudgazer and left the group to help mold new heroes.

A new development and new Neverenders

Cloudgazer, a hippy hero but still a worthy one, approached Genkai Fist with a request. As one of the few remaining members of the Neverenders after the Rikti Invasion, he was hopeing to breath new life into the group by turning it from a band of mercenaries into a flying school for aspiring heroes! Genkai Fist agreed and rejoined. There he met several new faces including Giga Gal and Volo two of Paragon's most respected heroes.

The G-Force

After leaving the Neverenders again, the group just never could seem to keep its doors open and its students in school, he left the group again and joined his longtime friend Goji in a new group founding, G-Force. Together with his new friend Para, they formed a group. The group however became inactive soon after and Genkai Fist left again to pursue his solo carreer again.

At midnight you relive the past

Genkai Fist joined the Midnighter's club when they began looking for new blood to help them. Using an Oroborus crystal he travelled back in time to see the romans and fight off one of his old foes, the 5th Column!


Graffiti Samurai - a bit of a punk, but still a good guy. Genkai Fist thinks he has great potential but wishes he wouldn't run off to pal around with his shady friends from the isles so much.

Zeal Drain - A bit of an odd one, never the less a great guy, and nothing is funnier than watchimg him squirm after being reminded that in the future he'll be a god.

Giga Gal - Power, Brains, and not too bad looking to boot! Genkai Fist has enourmous respect for her and possibly a bit of a crush as well.

Goji Zilla - Old time friend, but still a good chum. He's his BFL, Bro for Life

Volo - Only met him a few times they seemed to hit it off.

Chase Styles Genkai Fist fought him in a friendly match the first day they met and even though it was a draw, he knew Chase was holding back, especially after watching him unload a real fight against a villain right after. He respects his fighting ability and hopes to one day be even better than him.


Arachnos - Yep as cliche as it sounds Genkai Fist is an enemy to everything that is Arachnos, he hates Arachnos more than anything and wants nothing more than to help bring down their terroist threat once and for all!

Wraith Spiders - a section of Arachnos's troops under the command of Ghost Widow herself. These are some of the most elite troops in Arachnos, but they all have the personalities of egomaniacs and thugs. The biggest thug of all being their leader....

Huntsman Fury - The leader of the dreaded Wraith Spiders these are one of Arachnos' most notorious soliders and a threat to all the worlds safety. Genkai Fist dislikes and even hates him. He's torn between his loyalty to his friend and this fiend's father Goji, and his own hatred. One day he plans to take him down and put him and his entire group into a prison they can't escape from.

Night Widow Scourge - The wife and horrible second-in-command of the Wraith Spiders. Clearly the brains behind the brawn, she is no push-over. a master of Lord Recluse's sick and inhumane Nightwidow training, She is a monster thru and thru. She has some kind of strange parasite power in addition to her own formidible physical prowess.

Trevor Pillman - One of the three villains involved in a kidnapping where he was defeated and sold to Arachnos for some nefarious plot. Genkai Fist probly won't ever forgive him and plans to repay him for the ambush one day.

Go Go Genkai Fist - By JessandPencil

Coming soon.


The Zenvious Foundation and the Neverenders, Formerly of the Emerald Legion.


Genkai Fist's theme song is Thunderstruck by AC/DC

Isn't he good looking? - By PyrasTerran

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