Grim Lynn

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Lynn hanging out at Pocket D.
Grim Lynn
Player: @NightGoblyn
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Master Mind
Threat Level: 39
Personal Data
Real Name: Lynn Catherine Collins
Known Aliases: Confidential
Species: Human, mostly
Age: 16
Height: 5'2"
Weight: confidential
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Red (or Black No.1)
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: MetaCriminal
Place of Birth: Atlanta, GA
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: none
Known Powers
Lynn summons and controls a horde of undead, which are suspected to be the remains of her former schoolmates. She is also able to tap into the Nether and call forth enshrouding darkness and waves of dark terror.
Known Abilities
Lynn has an excellent memory and excels at reading comprehension and language arts. She is known to speak at least one dialect of Latin.
portable mp3 player, laptop computer, and a lot of moldy old books
No additional information available.



Inevitable Evolution


In a word: bitch. Lynn is a very intelligent young woman and delights in pointing out the flaws and mis-steps of those around her. She spends most of her time on the sidelines keeping up a running commentary on what's going on around her. As a rule, people find her highly entertaining or extremely irritating with little room in between.

It's apparent that she goes out of her way to push people away, and seems to have little or no interest in anything beyond casual friendships.


Primary Set

Necromancy: Lynn summons and controls a group of undead minions. All of her minions are teenagers, and are presumed to be her former schoolmates.

Zombies: Joey, Jeffie, and Jamie. They appear to be typical zombies, each one wearing a cardboard tree air-freshener on a string around his neck.

Grave Knights: Kevin and Mack. Typically wear spiked shoulder pads, and Kevin occasionally can be heard muttering something about being 'the QB.'

Lich: Tom. Lynn seems to give Tom a little more leeway than her other minions, even occasionally sending him out on missions without her. He seems to share her cranky, sarcastic world view.

Ghost: Lynn also occasionally calls up a ghost named Brittany. She mostly just flies around and attacks people, although between fights she can be seen twirling her ethereal hair around one finger and staring vacantly.

Secondary Set

Dark: Lynn is able to channel the Nether into the physical world for a variety of effects. She typically uses these powers to frighten, demoralize, and otherwise hinder her targets while her undead minions move in for the actual physical beat down.

Additional Powers

Levitation: Lynn is able to levitate herself and fly at moderate speeds by shunting most of her body mass into the Nether. It is quite unusual to see Lynn walk anywhere, and she has been heard to make the comment that the ground is 'dirty' and beneath her.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Lynn is a bitter, angry loner. She has a bad habit of dashing off into situations alone when the wiser course might be to await support from her allies. At a fairly fundamental level she has no trust in anyone - every person that she's tried to connect to has either betrayed or abandoned her.

Friends and Foes

Lynn's commentary on the population of the Rogue Isles and Paragon City:

Woefull: I love Woe . . . I just don't love Woe. Not that she hasn't tried . . . and if I went that way, or any way at all, really . . . I totally would. She was my first real friend, ever.

Run Riot: He means well . . . seriously, the guy has some great ideas. The problem is that he loves eating omelettes but cries over the broken eggs.

Ink Dyne: Inkie has a deep appreciation of life, and I can watch her for hours.

The First Person Shooter: He's a real nice guy, he just shouldn't be so hard on himself. Sometimes I really wish . . . . . nevermind.

Dr Von Dread: Dread is great. He's fun at parties, he's fun at Pocket D, he's fun to kill with, and he fixed my throat after I blew out my voicebox. So, for all you people who are tired of listening to my smart mouth: blame Dread.

Sergeant Prentice: Dick. Asshole. Bear in mind that I self-describe as 'bitch.'

Hallow Finish: Holly is a trip.

Chaos Ex Machina: Ritalin. Seriously.

Strawberry Poundcake: A drama bomb wrapped in a social earthquake wrapped in an immense martyr complex. I refuse to believe she's a dumb as she acts, unless she's been electrocuting her own brain cells since puberty. Hmmmmm.

Ani Reaves: Ani is the only vampire that I can stand being around. She's also my evil lieutenant in the subversive organization Redheads in Short Skirts, but don't tell anyone. If you don't believe me, go ask Infernal about the assbeating we handed down to him. Oh, and make fun of his Mom while you're there. Anyway, yeah. Ani rocks.


- a former member of the Catholic church

- will happily lecture on the differences between goth and emo

- listens to The Cape


"Best not to ask questions."

"Yes, I'm a bitch. I'm ok with that."

"Of course we don't get along. You know how dangerous it can be to mix matter and don't matter."

(at Pocket D) Oh, look. Mating time at the zoo, how romantic.

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